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  1. No chance any of them sign anything other than a ML contract. They may not get the money they want, but they will get ML contracts. There's roughly 3 weeks of spring training left so they should have enough time to get ready if they sign in the next few days.
  2. Have the best season of their careers
  3. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    My expectations for the season aren't very high, but I am excited for the season to start. That excitement will change pretty quick though if the team starts out horrible and it continues past the first month. If that happens I'll just hope that someone in the warehouse can finally make a decision on what the plan for the future is.
  4. Vargas to the Mets :(

    Not upset about Vargas signing elsewhere. After his second half last season, I'm glad we won't have to find out if it was a sign of things to come.
  5. Cashner signing

    I can't complain about the signing, it's cheap, short, and fills a massive hole in the rotation. I still don't see Lynn, Cobb, Arrietta or anyone else better than Cashner being signed at this point, and I don't see him being worse than Ubaldo, Miley, Hellickson or Tillman last season so he should be an upgrade to what he's replacing. If he pitches well and the team is playing poorly by the deadline he can always be traded for some sort of return.
  6. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    I agree 100%. I think Angelos has shown he will spend money, just not always on the right players.
  7. What if Arrieta falls to the O's?

    I'd pass unless it was a one year deal. As much as we need pitching giving Jake 4-6 years and $120 or more million would be a huge mistake, I think it would end up making Davis contract look like a good deal.
  8. Here’s a chart that might surprise you

    I think it's probably more of we are too cheap to spend on premium FA pitchers. I don't think the organization as a whole is really all that bad at developing pitchers, it's just we don't develop enough TOR types, mostly guys that would be 4th or 5th starters for us, and probably not good enough to make most other teams rotations. One thing this team needs to do quickly IMO is start spending more internationally. If we are not going to be players in FA we have to do more to increase the talent in the system, and the only way to do that is internationally, just relying on the draft isn't enough.
  9. Where is the starter market? Where are the O's?

    I honestly don't think there is any colluding, I think it's owners being less willing to give out big long term deals to players, especially guys that are over 30 or ones with injury history.
  10. Orioles Farm: Good, Bad, or Ugly

    Great article Luke. Personally I'm pretty high on our farm system and think it's in the best shape it's been in a long time. It looks like we have quite a few SP's and OF's who could be ready by 2019. I think we are lacking at 2B, SS and 3B, but that could also change if guys like Mountcastle and Reyes can stick at their current positions. Depending on how this season goes, the farm could see an additional boost if anyone from the ML roster is traded by the deadline. Overall I think we are in a better position to hopefully avoid another 14 year stretch of losing seasons.
  11. We Couldn't Match for Colon?

    After the season he had last year I'm glad we didn't. Plenty of guys still available that could give us better than he probably could.
  12. Moves to Make You Feel Positive About THIS Season

    I disagree, it's Angelos that is doing that. He has final say in any big moves, FA signings, trades, signing big money foreign players, etc, etc. Until he changes, one of the sons controls the team, or he sells it, I don't think any GM will be any different here. Honestly I really don't think there is much he can do to give me hope for this season. I think we missed our window to get the best return on any trade assets we have, and that window will close soon on Schoop too. I'd like to be wrong but I just don't think Castro, Cortes or whoever fills out the rotation will be good enough to make this team competitive in 18. If we are not competitive, I can only hope we make smart decisions at the deadline and get some return to speed up the rebuilding process.
  13. Who’s our GM & Manager Next Year?

    What's the fascination with Brady? Is he only an option because how close he is to Angelos? I honestly have no clue who will be GM or manager next season. I'm only hoping that some decisions are made a little sooner than decisions to build the roster.
  14. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    At this point I think we may see Tillman back and fill the other holes internally. If the reports about the front office not liking medicals on guys is true, we all know how that will work out. Honestly I'd rather see Castro and other guys get a chance before we waste money on Cashner, Miley etc, might as well let the young guys try and prove themselves.
  15. Luke's Top 50 Orioles Prospects!

    I was thinking similarly, except I thought he hit 50 HR's in a season somewhere, but I couldn't think of any leagues playing right now. Looking forward to the rest of the list Luke