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  1. A Little Redemtion

    I'm not sure I blame him for not dealing Britton and Brach, who really knows if Angelos vetoed the Britton deal or if the Astros just didn't offer what DD would accept. I didn't like the Hellickson and Beckham deals when they happened, but once Britton wasn't traded they made a little more sense to me. We potentially got a replacement for Hardy and Hellickson will help the rotation. I'm not as high on Tobias Myers as some, but neither of these deals hurt the system as much as losing Hader and Davies so I'm ok with them. I won't blame him for Conlon. I think the decision on what happens after a failed physical is all Angelos. I do think we should have offered him the $140k to prevent him from becoming a free agent though. I won't blame him for the international draft spots either, that's another decision that I think is all Angelos. I absolutely hate that we do not participate in the international signing period, and I think it really hurts the amount of talent we have in the system. I guess he at least get's something for the slot money. Without those slot trades I'm pretty sure not one cent of that money would be spent.
  2. Don Baylor has passed away

    Very sad news, RIP Mr. Baylor
  3. I say no to all four. Beckham should be ok replacing Hardy, and even though Tillman, Miley and Jimenez have been pretty horrible they may be harder to replace, but it's time to move on from all three.
  4. Orioles acquire Brallan Perez

    Just once I'd like to read about an actual international signing. This is one policy with this organization that really baffles me. I've never understood completely ignoring the international guys, we are passing up an opportunity to add more talent to the system.
  5. You just answered your own question. Whether DD agreed, or has a deal HE likes is irrelevant, because until Angelos gives the ok and accepts it, it doesn't matter. I've been saying that all along. I think were both smart enough to know that Angelos has the final call.
  6. I disagree. They may not have been offers he liked, but I'm gonna assume that Angelos wants all deals like this ran through him, especially if questionable medicals are involved because we all know that not everyone will pass the Orioles physical. It said that the Dodgers turned down a lesser offer from the Astros for Darvish, would you be willing to take less than what they got for Darvish for Britton, I doubt I would. If it's true they had as many as 7 guys unavailable thats not leaving much IMO. Let's assume Moran was the questionable medical player, I wouldn't want an deal centering on him and other guys 8 and lower, to me that's not enough for Britton because he's not a rental.
  7. After reading that article it sounds to me like the Astros were trying to get Britton, Hand and Darvish for little to nothing. If the Rangers felt the offer for Darvish was non competitive, I can only imagine that DD and Angelos probably felt similar about the offer for Britton. If you add in they didn't want to move 2-7 of their top prospects, and the possible medical rumors, I'm glad Dan stuck to his guns and didn't move Britton for basically pennies on the dollar.
  8. Dan could go from goat to hero in a hurry

    Wouldn't Angelos be the hero since the reports say it was him that didn't ok any trades? Either way I'm hoping this team goes on a run the rest of the way, I'd much rather watch winning baseball.
  9. Unfortunately I'm not Peter, if I was we probably would have made a few trades Monday. I wouldn't have been that thrilled with Gray's return either, Fowler and Kaprielian are both out for the year so they did take on a little risk with those guys. I actually liked what the Rangers got for Darvish a little better right now, mostly because of the injury issues. It was a buyers market though and I think teams were a little more hesitant this deadline about trading their top prospects. I'm not sure when Paulino can return. The only date I can find is July 1 when the suspension was announced, so it's possible he may not play again this season, and I'm a little too lazy this morning to count games on a schedule lol.
  10. I'm going to disagree that its uneducated. Of their top 5 two are OF's and one was just drafted, and unless I'm wrong the drafted player can't be traded until the off season, and I'm not sure if they can be made a PTBNL anymore. Tucker and Fisher would be great adds for our system, but IMO they don't necessarily fit a need because we do have a little depth on the farm in the OF. I don't think asking for one of Whitley #40 or F Perez #46 to be the main piece is asking for too much. Moran I'd be perfectly fine with as a 2nd piece even though he out with the facial fracture, then maybe Hector Perez as the last piece. That's only one Top 50 guy for Britton, it's not like I'd want Tucker, Whitley and F Perez. Paulino I wouldn't even bother with, to me he has no value right now because he's serving a 80 game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. Moran would be the only positive to your trade, and I'd like to have him, but he's out now with the facial fracture so he's of no help right now either.
  11. Happy Birthday Adam Jones

    Happy Birthday Adam, we share the same bday
  12. Knowing Angelos, every single move has to go through him. I'm not saying it's right he probably nixed a deal with the Astros for Britton, or who knows what other deal he didn't ok, but is it any surprise that we are hearing this? I know I'm not surprised by it, and the other owners probably aren't either. I honestly don't think we had any real intention of selling either, the FO believes this team can win this season or next and they were not moving anyone unless the return was exactly what they were asking for.
  13. I won't disagree with you on that, I'd rather he just signed the checks and let the baseball people handle everything else. It's nothing new though, he's been doing it since he's owned the team and I'm sure the other owners, agents and players know that too.
  14. Maybe not as much as anyone then, but we will never know what the offer was. If it didn't include anyone in their top 5, I'm glad the deal didn't happen.
  15. If he's talking about Angelos it shouldn't come as a surprise, he's always made the final call. With that being said, if the Astros didn't offer anyone in their top 5 in a deal for Britton we should be glad that the trade didn't go through. I wanted to move Britton as much as anyone, but only for the right package, a significant return.