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  1. Will the Orioles resign Jeremy Hellickson?

    Hellickson on a 2 or 3 year deal wouldn't be bad. He doesn't rely on velocity and has had success in the AL east. Hes basically a healthier Chris Tillman. I suspect Tillman will want to go to a team with a bigger park on a 1 year deal to prove himself. I could see him going back home to CA with the Angels.
  2. How is what Rosenthal wrote anything breaking or inside information? He danced all around the topic and all we know from it is what we already knew. The Orioles didn't like what teams were offering them. Maybe the Orioles were trying to light a fire under the team. It seems to have worked for now. And if the season does flame out, Britton, Brach, and Machado can be traded. If Castillo does opt to stay, he can be dealt too. It's not like he will be owed a lot for a team needing a C. Nothing in this article has me furious, because it's just re-hashed information. Kind of on par with what Ken Rosenthal usually puts out there.
  3. So if Buck went behind DD back and went to Angelis, and said something along the lines "I'm not managing a rebuilding team" is Buck clueless and needs to go to? Just curious, since all the venom is towards PA.
  4. Some people only care about shedding salaries. I'm not giving Britton away, especially with a year of control left. The division races are over in 4 of the 6 divisions, and their is no really good team in the WC hunt. Teams weren't willing to go all in right now. The off-season is probably a better chance to get a decent return.
  5. Gausman option?

    Guys that throw 97-99mph can overpower minor leaguers. Major leaguers eventually catch up. The Orioles didn't develop Gausman. He came to the majors relying on throwing hard. Gausman isn't hitting 97-99 like he did 2013-2016. At Least not as regularly.
  6. Gausman option?

    The same Scott McGregor that supposedly found Mileys flaw? It's not who they talk to...its who's talking. They just aren't major league starters.
  7. Gausman option?

    And if Griffin can fix these guys and make them better...why doesn't he have Roger McDowells job?
  8. Gausman option?

    And you think the minors can do that? What have the Orioles developed pitching-wise, that makes you think they are capable of doing that? He needs a their pitch for starters. The guys in the minors will see that, but the the guys like Roger McDowell?
  9. Gausman option?

    What's the point of optioning Gausman, if you still got Tillman and Jimenez in there. At this point, just keep trotting Gausman out there every 5th day. This season is toast.
  10. Would you trade Manny to the Sox?

    So, you take lesser prospects to keep from trading him to the Yankees or Red Sox now..then after next year he signs a 10 year deal with one of them either way...then we have guys that may not amount to anything AND the Yankees or Red Sox have Manny anyhow. Sounds like a solid plan.
  11. Please do not use adblocker on our site

    There was a time a few weeks ago where I was attacked by pop ups so bad I couldn't even look at this site for days. A few times I have had to reset my phone completely because of it. I too started using an ad blocker specifically because of this site. I can't enjoy your site without one and I now feel bad even coming here. I guess my postings here will become less. Thanks for all you do. I hope things work out for you guys and I've enjoyed the past few years I have been here. Take care all.
  12. The Roger McDowell effect

    Ok...So what has happened to Jake this year? Has the pitching coach that magically turned Jake into a Cy Young award winner all of a sudden become a bad pitching coach? Or is Jake just stinking it up this year? If it's the latter, I'd say the pitching coach hasn't made much of a difference this year, huh?
  13. vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/21

    Seth Smith time
  14. vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/21

    2 out of 3 always seems bad when you win the first 2 and lose the 3rd.
  15. vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/21

    If only Schoop would have made the routine play.