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  1. Bundy looked good. Was hitting 93 on the gun. Palmer noted he seems to be regaining some velocity. He had to learn to use his secondary pitches. If he regains a little more velocity, he could be really good. Maybe he has a year over the next 2 that they can get a haul for him.
  2. That doesnt solve the logjam at first. And if Mountcastle is capable at 2b, it would be foolish not to try it.
  3. He came up a SS/3B, it's not like it's foreign territory. And who said he can't work on it before he's promoted. I never said promote him then stick him at 2B. Just because I said put Villar at SS and Mountcastle at 2B, doesn't mean right away. I doubt the Orioles are trading Villar.
  4. Melewski said the knock on Mountcastle is mostly his arm. He makes the routine plays. 2B would hide the arm some, as long as he's not a complete butcher. Especially if his bat plays.
  5. Is playing 2b that much more dramatic than SS or even 3B for that matter. Did Manny play much 3B in the minors?
  6. What does Martin do well that impresses anyone within the organization? His glove hasn't been nearly as good as advertised, he doesn't hit well enough to cover up anything less than spectacular defense. I hear Mountcastle makes plays, he just doesn't have a 3B or SS arm. Can't Villar play SS and try Mountcastle at 2B? Is that a realistic option?
  7. Every time I take time to watch the O's this year, they can't hit their way out of a wet paper bag.
  8. Chris Archer isn't much if any better than Gausman, and they got Glasnow for him. The Orioles wasted if not a great, atleast a good SP in a pitching starved market to save money on O'day. It was a bad trade no matter how you slice it.
  9. Every team Nelson Cruz goes to, the hitters around him all of a sudden become power hitters. The bigger mystery is how he keeps passing those tests.
  10. I finally found out what's worse than a team that either HR or K' s. A team that K's alot and has no power or ability to hit whatsoever.
  11. They were saying the middle relief is their weakness. But that the 8th and 9th guys are unhittable.
  12. They were saying the middle relief is their weakness. But that the 8th and 9th guys are unhittable.
  13. Miguel Castro throws 98-100 with sink. Talent isn't the issue.
  14. Hess threw almost 90 pitches on 3 days rest. He's had the best start so far. It's unfortunate for Hess, But he had a hell of a game.
  15. Can't have the Yanks going 1-2 against the pick to be the worst team ever.
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