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  1. Os checking with Dickey

    You like Ubaldo but have had it with Tillman? Interesting.
  2. Os checking with Dickey

    I hope so too. I'm a huge fan of Tillman and want nothing more than for him to succeed in an Orioles uniform.
  3. Os checking with Dickey

    I never said he was. I said he's not getting a MLB contract with another team at this point. There's other better options out there at this point. I'm saying if he's going to have to take a MiL deal now, he would be better stating in the Orioles organization pitching in a pitchers park in Norfolk. Again, he's breaking camp with the Orioles. Buck has too much respect and appreciation for all Tillman has done not to have him atleast start out on the 25.
  4. Os checking with Dickey

    It doesn't matter what he thinks or wants. He's not getting a major league contract with another team. He has a MLB with the Orioles. That doesn't guarantee him one with another team. That's my point. I personally rather he pitched well for the Orioles at the major league level. Not sure how you came to the conclusion I "dream" of him being in the Orioles minors.
  5. Os checking with Dickey

    He's not getting another MLB deal coming off an injury and a bad ST. So, he's going to probably be in the minors somewhere else. So, it would be in his best interest to be with coaches that have worked with him and know him. The Orioles aren't releasing him either way, so it's a moot point.
  6. Os checking with Dickey

    Why would he leave the organization he's familiar with just to end up in the minors with another organization? If he wants to get right, wouldn't it be in his best interest to do it in the organization that helped make you right to begin with?
  7. Welp, are we officially worried about Bundy?

    Bundy looked bad last ST and I believe we had a similar thread. Bundy last year said something along the lines that he experiments during ST. Then he turned it on once the season started. I'm not worried until ST struggles carry into the regular season or a few weeks into it for a pitcher.
  8. It is time to give Dan and Peter Angelos credit

    Brady also took a shot at Duquette in a way by saying "we should never be chasing our own free agents". I'm not a big Brady guy, but he feels Manny and Schoop never should have made this far without an extension...and I do agree with him there.
  9. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    What are you confused about?
  10. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    Luis Sardinas is batting .326 with an OPS over .750. That's not stepping up enough for a utility IF who on this team will ride the bench most of the time? I like his versatiliy as a SH.
  11. Go Get Greg

    Imagine Doolittle-Madson-Holland pitching the 7-9.
  12. It is time to give Dan and Peter Angelos credit

    By itself, but maybe it affects everyone around him. And if this team was .500 before, 4 or 5 wins may be the difference in the 2nd WC.
  13. Flaherty Executes Opt Out (Released)

    I don't hate Flaherty, I just don't see the point of bringing him back. I'd actually like to see Luis Sardinas get a shot. He's a SH and has had a really good ST.
  14. Go Get Greg

    Holland will end up in DC. Just a hunch.
  15. We don't know how much say John had though, and we've never seen (atleast I haven't) John or Lou specifically linked to a signing. In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen Lou Angelos name mentioned to anything that involves Orioles personal moves. As far as Davis, that seemed to be by all accounts a Peter Angelos move.