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  1. I'm out guys. The Orioles have ruined enough of this weekend.
  2. Caleb thinks RBI are overrated.
  3. Can Caleb finally get a ribby?
  4. I was agreeing with you.
  5. Yeah. Miggy actually did it here. Hard to say what Davies would be doing here.
  6. And he was a Yankee killer.
  7. The Yankees won't blow a 7 run lead. Girardi gonna bring in his guns...even up by 7.
  8. Bench him until June then
  9. And since he got us the only other starter pitching well in Miley, that offsets that one
  10. Ellsbury...one big HR year..big contract...now sucks...hmmm.
  11. Now Nuno decides to pitch.
  12. At this point, add Sedlock to the 40 and let him have at it. Ubado is a guaranteed loss anyhow.
  13. Is Edwin Jackson ready yet? Is he still an Oriole? At this point, I'd give him a shot over Ubado.
  14. But...he...will.
  15. In all fairness, I'm not sure what McDowell can say at this point anyhow.