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  1. They were saying the middle relief is their weakness. But that the 8th and 9th guys are unhittable.
  2. They were saying the middle relief is their weakness. But that the 8th and 9th guys are unhittable.
  3. Miguel Castro throws 98-100 with sink. Talent isn't the issue.
  4. Hess threw almost 90 pitches on 3 days rest. He's had the best start so far. It's unfortunate for Hess, But he had a hell of a game.
  5. Can't have the Yanks going 1-2 against the pick to be the worst team ever.
  6. Buckner is a joke of an ump year in and year out.
  7. Normally I'd be part of the crowd having the tough time. Lol
  8. Bird was called out on a worst pitch than he took for ball 4. Have no clue how Buckner is a major league ump still.
  9. I can tell reading this thread, some are going to have a tough time this year lol
  10. I think that's the case with most pitchers. Especially tall ones. Can he repeat his delivery? That's another issue Wright has had.
  11. I wasn't sold on Wright's early ST dominance. Once he started seeing the regulars more later on, he struggled. I hope Wright is successful. He seems like a good guy and I really like the cause he pitches for. I just don't think all of a sudden Mike Wright is going to find fastball command at 27 years old. Hope I'm way off.
  12. I do like the addition of the cutter. It has nice movement. But it seems Wright was back to worrying about velocity. He had no idea where the fastball was going.
  13. I doubt Hyde sees it that way. He wants to win every game he can. He's not thinking about draft picks or experimenting at the cost of a win. He wants to build a winning culture. I agree with your point. I just don't think Hyde would lol.
  14. Other than hitting 96-97 again, he looked like the same Wright. No idea where the ball is going, but has flashes of dominance. Maybe they can hide that better in 1 inning stints. Side note, when Blier was struggling, you could read Givens lips in the dugout. He said "I should have went back out there ".
  15. I think he's talking in a perfect world type situation. What team wouldn't want a situation where your SP goes 6 innings, then you can match up on your terms and have a shutdown setup man and closer? I think Hyde is right. Does that mean that's how he plans on doing it? I think he will see what he has to work with, then go from there.
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