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  1. Dark Helmet

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    Anything that allows Hunter to be heard more is bad news.
  2. Dark Helmet

    Davis a two-way Player?

    I guarantee 2 things...he would hold hitters to a higher BA than his own. And his K rate as a hitter would be higher than his K rate as a pitcher.
  3. And now that you know...you can move on then.
  4. Obviously I meant without paying him the rest of his contract. I'm aware nobody forced them, but most jobs don't guarantee pay when you don't perform. It is what it is.
  5. You're correct. It's just that the Coolbaugh incident has lessened Davis getting the benefit of a doubt. I hope Davis has a monster year. I still like Davis. He and his wife do alot of good in the community.
  6. We know Davis lied about working out with Coolbaugh in the past. And Tillman had an injury that led to his downfall. Do you think Davis has a physical issue causing his problems? Other-side I don't see the connection to Tillman.
  7. It's ashame as an employer, thwy can't make Davis do off-season programs. He is under contract and not living up to the huge commitment the Orioles gave him. In the real world, employers can make you further training or what-not if you are lacking...otherwise it's insubordination and you're let go.
  8. Dark Helmet

    Britton Staying In NY

    They have Chapman and Bettances. Zach is 7th inning.
  9. Dark Helmet

    Britton Staying In NY

    Always liked Zach. That said, hope he gets lit up as a Yankee.
  10. Dark Helmet

    Which ex-Oriole would you have coach a current Oriole?

    Jack Cust to coach how to run the bases. Daniel Cabrera to help pitchers work on their command.
  11. Dark Helmet

    Adam Jones to Queens?

    I've told you once. I'm not repeating myself again for you. I've also told you if you don't like what I said then ignore it. You choose to keep responding. And I'll keep responding to keep wasting your time.
  12. Dark Helmet

    Adam Jones to Queens?

    I can see why. I gave him an opinion and my reasons for said opinion. And he accuses me of "just wanting to argue".
  13. Dark Helmet

    Adam Jones to Queens?

    And once again you missed it. I'm not arguing anything...its pointless arguing with someone like you. I can't dumb it down any further for you.
  14. Dark Helmet

    Anyone Following Manny?

    That was their point. They talked the talk, but haven't been able to land anyone they wanted so far. I think Harper ends up back in DC.
  15. Dark Helmet

    Anyone Following Manny?

    They talked about that on MLB network. They were saying you don't say that, then get outbid on your #1 (Corbin) and your #2 (Happ) SP targets. They have the money to outbid the Yankees for Machado. If they meant what they said, they will.