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  1. Dark Helmet

    Renato Nunez the likely Machado replacement

    There is no reason for Valencia to still be here. I would think he could net something.
  2. Dark Helmet

    Dan Duquette -- any chance he stays?

    I want Dan to stick around and I think it's best if he does. I would really like to see what Dan can do when he has control and his hands aren't tied. I know Dan is a big believer in International talent, so I would like to see what he can do on that front. I think after the years of abuse he's taken in Baltimore, I think he deserves a chance to show what he can do. I do however believe Buck needs to go, and Brady needs to go or have a lesser role in the organization. Preferably, they both go.
  3. Dark Helmet

    Orioles Ratings Down 50%

    They have been a boring team to watch for awhile. Win or lose, the all or nothing offense doesn't excite me. Sure, a season of contending baseball is fun to watch, but that doesn't mean their style of play is.
  4. Dark Helmet

    Orioles Ratings Down 50%

    The Indians are averaging less than 3,000 per game than the Orioles, and they are a really good team. They used to sell out like the Orioles. Imagine If they were as bad as the Orioles. Interest in baseball is down in general. I know times change, but i can't get into it as much anymore. I get sick of watching weak rollers into shifts...all the new rules. They show more in-game interviews than they show the game. It doesn't help you have these guys waiting to make hundreds of millions of dollars, and the average blue collered fan has to save up to attend a game. I know tickets aren't pricey, but it's not a necessity if you live week to week.
  5. Dark Helmet

    I think we just saw the passing of the torch

    Or maybe the Angelos sons have made the decision to give Dan the promotion he wanted then, and the freedom to do his job. I for one hope Dan stays
  6. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    As far as the Orioles go...yes. I feel the Orioles giving into his demands had a negative effect on the team. It definitely hurt the infield product defensively.
  7. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Manny has been gone for some time in my head, so I've been kinda over Manny. After basically demanding to be put at SS and the fan fest debacle, and the not hustling at times...im kinda over Manny. Hope he does well...but yeah. Wasn't trying to come off as a dbag. Sorry if it seemed that way.
  8. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Im guessing #13 and #3 were taken then.
  9. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Actually, i was being sincere when i said maybe i missed when he did. And at this stage of my life...both sides of the bed are the wrong side lol.
  10. Dark Helmet

    Business as usual for the O's. LOL.

    I was expecting to read that the Orioles did something that went against what Dan said after the Manny trade...like trade DL Hall for Parra for a second half playoff run
  11. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Manny has never mentioned Cal as far as I know. He wore 13 because of Arod. Why would he pay tribute to Cal now, when he never did as an Oriole. Maybe he did and I missed it. If he wanted to pay tribute to Cal, he should have made sure he could play SS before pressuring the team into putting him there.
  12. Dark Helmet

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    Why should this hurt and how would it be a tribute to Cal? Arod was Mannys idol. Manny was like 9 when Cal retired, and Cal was well into decline. Manny isn't an Oriole anymore...he can wear 4, 5, 7, 8, 20...I don't care what Manny does anymore. Hope he and his wife eat up LA until he either signs to stay there or go to NY.
  13. Dark Helmet

    Updated Farm System Rankings After Trade

    What team are you a scout for? Since you can come to such insightful conclusions from not even a full season in the majors. Why do you even continue to follow the Orioles...obviously you know they have zero talent going forward. And everything I've heard has said Mountcastle has improved his defense at 3B. Again, what are your qualifications to go against actual baseball people?
  14. Dark Helmet

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Britton and Jones to the Indians for SS Willi Castro and RHP Luis Oviedo
  15. Dark Helmet

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Willi Castro from the Indians.