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  1. There was a time a few weeks ago where I was attacked by pop ups so bad I couldn't even look at this site for days. A few times I have had to reset my phone completely because of it. I too started using an ad blocker specifically because of this site. I can't enjoy your site without one and I now feel bad even coming here. I guess my postings here will become less. Thanks for all you do. I hope things work out for you guys and I've enjoyed the past few years I have been here. Take care all.
  2. Ok...So what has happened to Jake this year? Has the pitching coach that magically turned Jake into a Cy Young award winner all of a sudden become a bad pitching coach? Or is Jake just stinking it up this year? If it's the latter, I'd say the pitching coach hasn't made much of a difference this year, huh?
  3. Seth Smith time
  4. 2 out of 3 always seems bad when you win the first 2 and lose the 3rd.
  5. If only Schoop would have made the routine play.
  6. I agree. I really wish the O's would tap into the Latin pool more. I don't understand it at all. And it's not like it's taking huge amounts of bonuses to get these guys.
  7. Did PA force DD to sign Gallardo and give up a 1st rd pick after the failed physical? Did he force him to waste $50m and a 1st rd pick on Ubaldo? Let's not pretend DD has had no money at all to work with and hasn't made bad decisions. I'm not a huge PA guy, but PA seems to have given DD more to work with then he did anyone post Gillick.
  8. The Orioles and Yankees were expected to have weak SP. The Yankees started off hot, but their weakness is starting to show through. The Blue Jays and Red Sox have a lot of injury issues. Hopefully they can be put in a deep hole before they come back. If they can stay afloat until then, the O's are in trouble. They pretty much have the rotation they were planning on having right now. Unless a major trade happens, it's sink or swim.
  9. Guys like Flaherty and Janish aren't good enough to make it worthwhile to remove Hardy from the everyday lineup. If your putting a guy like Mpuntcastle in and seeing what you have then ok. But neither Flaherty or Janish are improvements imo.
  10. I agree with all of this. I only brought the subject up because I've seen people (not necessarily on here) blaming McDowell. Just wanted to see some thoughts from you guys. Seems pretty much everyone agrees. It's on the players in the end.
  11. Well, Castillo and Joseph have caught close to the same amount of games. The pitching struggles really started under Joseph's watch. I agree, it's just pitchers making bad pitches. I don't think a pitching coach makes a huge impact. I just think it's more important to keep a familiar face. And the Orioles haven't done that.
  12. How much of the bullpen struggles are relayed to McDowell replacing Wallace? Has Gausman regressed because of Wallace leaving? I know Jimenez gave Wallace credit for fixing him last year, but Ubaldo has been hit or miss no matter the pitching coach. I guess what I'm getting at is do these guys just forget everything they learned? Do they constantly need reminded how to pitch? Didn't anyone in the organization pick up on Wallace's coaching style? I guess I thought coaching was always overrated in a way, but now maybe there is more to it. At least at the majors. I figured most of the coaching up came in the minors and by the time they reach the bigs they should have a general idea on their own.
  13. Bordick*
  14. Nordic building up Bolsinger in the likelihood he shuts the O's down
  15. Could've been worse