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  1. Every single time an Orioles Prospect gets hot, selected fans think that he should be promoted to Baltimore! Reality Check! He's hitting AAA Pitching . . . Not Major-league Pitching! Let's see what he is producing August 1.
  2. Regarding Severino . . . if you want to retain a player that is out of options, you DFA him when the rosters are set, thereby no other team selects him. This is not rocket science!
  3. Wilkerson is another mediocre Orioles player who is only valued by Orioles Fans!
  4. Name a player on the roster that does not have flaws!
  5. What are you afraid of if he is on the team . . . he might prevent the Orioles from winning the World Series! . . . he might be taking a spot, temporarily, that some mediocre player might have got! For 17 days, what difference does it make?
  6. Papeete

    Austin Hays

    I would love to see an OF that includes Stewart/Mullins/Diaz/Hays (with the best 3 playing at any given time, but all 4 play regularly), Mancini at 1B, and platoon Davis and Trumbo at DH
  7. WOW! Davis hit a Homerun! Reality Check, it's not a Free Agent Year . . . sorry for my over-reaction for his 1 HR!
  8. This is a no brainer! Is Sisco your cousin or neighbor or something! Draft the Best Player available. If Sisco is that hot when the newbie arrives in Baltimore, trade SIsco for prospects.
  9. This is what I am hearing from you all . . . every time a player's value goes up, let's trade him. Sounds like a Perennial Loser of a Team.
  10. Your logic of "keeping the inning going" has been followed very well by the Orioles . . . unfortunately, the Orioles failed to have enough productive batters that could keep the inning going! But they did have sufficient number of HR hitters, who also failed to produce!
  11. Although I am sticking to the subject of this thread (AJ and Nick), but, I would prefer to see Davis over Ichiro trailing in the 9th.
  12. Anyone who knows baseball, knows that you want your best hitter at the plate that can deliver a win in the 9th inning when trailing. Analytics is just like computer programming, you determine the criteria that will deliver your desired output . . . its far from objective. Anyone who understands baseball or any competitive situation, wants the person at the plate that can win the game with one swing. Both of them can create an out or base hit, but its a fact (not stats) that AJ has hit more HRs than NIck, therefore its a higher probability that AJ will hit a HR than Nick at any given time. You selected the 9th inning for your stats to deliver your desired results. I selected all data. Which one has the most credit-ability!
  13. Taking Nick is a true reason why Stat people don't know anything about the game. It's not who might get a hit, it's about who is more likely to tie the game with one swing of the bat and AJ hits more HRs than NIck.
  14. The Bold is by accident . . . it doesn't mean anything.
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