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  1. Papeete

    Who should be dealt this winter/off-season?

    This is what I am hearing from you all . . . every time a player's value goes up, let's trade him. Sounds like a Perennial Loser of a Team.
  2. Your logic of "keeping the inning going" has been followed very well by the Orioles . . . unfortunately, the Orioles failed to have enough productive batters that could keep the inning going! But they did have sufficient number of HR hitters, who also failed to produce!
  3. Although I am sticking to the subject of this thread (AJ and Nick), but, I would prefer to see Davis over Ichiro trailing in the 9th.
  4. Anyone who knows baseball, knows that you want your best hitter at the plate that can deliver a win in the 9th inning when trailing. Analytics is just like computer programming, you determine the criteria that will deliver your desired output . . . its far from objective. Anyone who understands baseball or any competitive situation, wants the person at the plate that can win the game with one swing. Both of them can create an out or base hit, but its a fact (not stats) that AJ has hit more HRs than NIck, therefore its a higher probability that AJ will hit a HR than Nick at any given time. You selected the 9th inning for your stats to deliver your desired results. I selected all data. Which one has the most credit-ability!
  5. Taking Nick is a true reason why Stat people don't know anything about the game. It's not who might get a hit, it's about who is more likely to tie the game with one swing of the bat and AJ hits more HRs than NIck.
  6. The Bold is by accident . . . it doesn't mean anything.
  7. Nick will stay where he is if they want him, because no other team will want a non-power-hitter in RF. Regarding Analytics, nick played for a team that did not go downhill, and Nick never improved . . . Free Agent/Walk Year Stats don't equate a big or long-term contract. AJ playing on a team in which everyone produced low production, but his stats are not bad compared to the other Oriole players. AJ will get a better contract because he offers more versatility (a CF can play all OF positions; Nick can only play RF), more offense (HR, RBIs; Nick can hit but no speed). Nick's skills are generic. You are down by 2 runs and you have 2 men on base, who would you prefer at the plate in the 9th, AJ or Nick?
  8. Mesa's are not coming to Baltimore! It's time to celebrate! Now, we can add Yas to the roster!
  9. Papeete

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    "O's need to a plan for SS this season" When the Orioles have various internal options for SS, why is this an issue! With Davis stinking up the team for years, the topic should be "O's need to have a plan to get rid of him" Regarding Beckham, only those with a small brain would want to get rid of a player who has been flip-flopped between SS and 3B for the sole benefit of the team . . . he's a SS and has never played a full season at SS in Baltimore, but some fans want to replace him.
  10. Papeete

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    Logic: You don't plan on winning immediately, therefore a closer is less important. After the young players on such team puts in 200% effort to win games, to only lose frequently due to the lack of a closer, how motivated do you really think the young players will be motivated to put forth the extra effort. Logic: Let's trade Givens for prospects. Every time that you produce a player with value, you want to trade him for prospects . . . sounds like a perennial losing team. The Orioles don't have anyone on this team that is closer material. No proven MLB pitcher on this roster!
  11. Papeete

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    With all of the obstacles working against the Orioles in signing the Mesas, I would have stacked the odds, by recruiting like the colleges do . . . work the parents, who are the real decision-makers!
  12. Papeete

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    Every team has a Fanbase, but the Marling Fanbase is more diverse because Miami is more diverse than Baltimore, and sense Miami has a strong Cuban presence, the Marlins are more favorable to the Mesas.
  13. Papeete

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    1. The Orioles have someone in charge . . . WHO! 2. Did the Marling win a World Series since the Orioles won a World Series! 3. 4. Do the Orioles have any! 5. Neither team has a fanbase, but the Marlins fanbase and city more reflects the culture of the Mesas 6. You ask why is attractiveness a concern . . . its not a concern, its a selling point for a city. Each and every, of the near 40 countries that I have visited, men have asked me "are the women in the US attractive". We (you and I) live here, so it might not be in our 100 top questions, but it is discussed by people who view the US or plan on coming to the US. Social is equally as important as your job, unless one is a computer nerd. Singles seek other singles. 7. FACT . . . 20 MLB Teams viewed him 8. Name the Cuban Stars on the Orioles MLB Team that were drafted by the Orioles 9, 10. Who represented the Marlins and who represented the Orioles. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I thought Jeter represented the Marlins . . .
  14. Papeete

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    1. Marling have a GM and Manager 2. Marlins won more than the Orioles 3. 4. DIaz is not on the MLB Team 5. Miami has a diverse Fanbase that the Orioles don't have when attempted to attract Cuban Prospects 6. Both cities have attractive women but Miami has more diversity 7. 20 MLB Teams wouldn't send people to view them if they weren't elite prospects 8. Orioles have none 9. "Recently", meaning, since Davis and Trumbo signed 10, Hint, Brady WHO!,