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  1. Mondo Trasho

    When will the O's return to the playoffs?

    Yeah I think when he was with the Saints that's when he said the "diddly poo" line.
  2. Mondo Trasho

    Memorable O's Lefties

    He was the best I had seen since Mussina. But then again, I'm not a baseball expert and I was born in 1988, so...
  3. Mondo Trasho

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    I always get on these threads after they've got going for a bit. But I scanned through and didn't see his name anywhere. I was a little worried that I have overlooked it because there's no way he'd be forgotten.
  4. Mondo Trasho

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    Well I guess it's possible that there's a team out there who has a 1B/DH now but has an injury take out that person and they're for some reason willing to take on Trumbo's contract just to have him as an extra bat. Likely? I don't know. But it seems more likely that such a thing happening with Davis.
  5. Mondo Trasho

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Did anyone mention Andrew Miller?
  6. Mondo Trasho

    Can you name the playoff Orioles of 2012-2016

    Wasn't Steve Johnson on the playoff roster? Not sure if he played though. He was warming up when Saunders was having a rough 1st inning against Texas in the WC game.
  7. Mondo Trasho

    Duquette Communication

    That's true. And I would hope that said agent or the player himself would make those intentions known to the team or at least not give any indications otherwise, as to not give false hope or miscommunication. Not saying anyone did that or didn't do that. Just saying communication is nice.
  8. Mondo Trasho

    Duquette Communication

    I don't know. I'd like to think that Duquette and the O's at least had cursory conversations with Machado's camp regarding the potential for an extension back in 2015 or 2016, and that based on these conversations the O's determined that they were too far apart on the numbers for any deal to make sense. But, for all I know, maybe no such conversations happened. Wouldn't put it past the organization. As for Schoop, I have no idea if the O's wanted to keep him, but personally, I do not think he's a guy who projects to be a great player long term. I think it was reasonable to expect that the O's could bring him back at a reasonable rate but it didn't make much sense to be bothered by it.
  9. Mondo Trasho

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    I voted A-/B+. I think they certainly could have gotten more (hypothetically) by trading earlier/later, and I think it might be a mistake to keep Bundy but trade Gausman. But, all things considered I think they made good decisions and decent trades. The thing is though, the work is not finished, it's a start. If the effort isn't kept up to acquire and develop talent, we'll just be back here at some point. So whoever it is who ends up being the guy building the roster, they need to keep going.
  10. Mondo Trasho

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    I'm not sure why he'd take a buyout that would be anything less than what he's owed. It's not as if he can go out and get another high paying MLB job after this.
  11. Mondo Trasho

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    If they "dump" Davis, they're still on the hook for his paycheck. No one is taking his contract off our hands. I don't see the O's front office paying Davis and not playing him.
  12. Mondo Trasho

    How Waiver Deadline Trades Work

    Well, I hope Duquette wouldn't make that move. I don't think Jones is worth keeping here, even at a discount.
  13. Mondo Trasho

    How Waiver Deadline Trades Work

    But if the O's don't re-sign him, he's going to be uprooting them in November or so (unless he retires). Isn't it easier to make a move in the summer than the fall/winter?
  14. Mondo Trasho

    DD is not under contract next year and

    Letting Markakis walk was the right move. 30 year old corner outfielder without much power, nor speed, whose only asset on defense was his arm. While we're on the subject, letting Cruz walk was also the right decision. This doesn't necessarily mean Duquette should be kept on though. I'm open to replacing him, but I'm certainly not part of the mob demanding their pound of flesh.
  15. Mondo Trasho

    Buck's Legacy

    Worse than leaving Cone in back in '95?