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  1. Honestly, I thought Arrieta could be great, just not with us. That ship had sailed unfortunately. I'm not 100% convinced that Gausman is the same way, but I definitely see the argument.
  2. Mondo Trasho

    2018 Trade Deadline

    Wouldn't have done that deal either.
  3. Mondo Trasho

    2018 Trade Deadline

    I don't think they should have kept O'day or Miller. Teams on a fixed budget should not be paying top dollar for relievers. Invest in other more impact type of players if you're looking to spend.
  4. I'm old enough to remember when Erik Bedard looked like he was going to be an ace. I was against trading him at the time. In retrospect, keeping him would have been a huge mistake. The O's need to do some sober assessment of where the team and organization stand when it comes to competing near, moderate, and long term. If we aren't competing in two years, we'll be trading Bundy then. If someone gives us a good package now, why wait?
  5. Mondo Trasho

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    "If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything." - Ronald Coase
  6. Mondo Trasho

    Fangraphs: Missing Fans

    Great points. Also, in the NFL, most of the time a team only has to win 10 out of 16 games to make it into a single elimination tournament. Much easier for a mediocre team to luck into 10 wins than 90+ wins required most years in MLB. People who look at the NFL are ignoring the sample size issue, among other factors. I will say it's possible that there are too many teams. At one point baseball did look at contraction, perhaps it's time to revisit that issue. Note the italics. I'm not saying I have the answer here, just a musing.
  7. Mondo Trasho

    30 wins or August 1?

    This team is averaging what, 2 wins a week? We got 6 weeks left before August 1st. It's gonna be close if they keep the pace up.
  8. Mondo Trasho

    SABR Sentiment for the NL DH

    I have no strong feelings about the DH, but I have strong feelings about pitchers hitting. If I were an owner, manager, or executive, I wouldn't want a player I've invested a great deal of value in (either as a young player under team control, or as an ace I signed to $100+ million deal) getting injured doing something that wasn't a primary part of his job. If forced, I'd probably instruct the pitcher to not swing during any at bat at all, and if walked, to simply saunter around the bases. So, either do a DH, or have 8 people hit.
  9. Mondo Trasho

    Call it now: Who Will We Trade?

    I would be surprised if anyone of any significance (meaning anyone on this list) gets traded.
  10. Mondo Trasho

    Random Thought Thread

    Your assumption is that the salary cap is responsible. But, we also have to account for sample size. An NFL team only needs to win 10 or 11 (sometimes less, sometimes more) out of 16 games to qualify for single elimination playoffs. A baseball team has to win 90 or so out of 162. It's a small sample, but consider the past 10 champions in either sport. 8 MLB franchises have a won a WS, 9 different NFL franchises have won the Super Bowl. The numbers are almost identical.
  11. Mondo Trasho

    Random Thought Thread

    Is there evidence that salary capped leagues like the NFL or NBA have had more championship level parity than the MLB? Because from what I've seen, the evidence seems to run the other way.
  12. Mondo Trasho

    Random Thought Thread

    Some random thoughts. Remember Ryan Kohlmeier? He was supposed to be the closer of the future back in 2001. Or at least that's what I read in the Seagram's baseball preview pamphlet I got from my dad after one of his trips to the ABC store. Back in 2007 I actually thought the O's best chance was to sign Johan Santana, to give them a 1-2-3 punch of Bedard, Guthrie, and Santana. Speaking of 2001, I remember hearing that offseason that the O's were rumored to be interested in Tino Martinez and Brett Boone. Glad they didn't sign them. If the rumors were even true in the first place.
  13. Mondo Trasho

    PED Suspensions Coming

    I wish MLB wouldn't have any rules on their use.
  14. Mondo Trasho

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    While I'd love to be wrong, I don't think Manny gets traded.
  15. There's really no way to deal with the issue. They owe him the money and he appears to have fallen off a cliff in terms of production. In theory, I suppose the O's could try to field a really terrible but really cheap team next year and just pay Davis the full remainder of his contract as a lump sum to avoid paying him for multiple years. But to be honest I don't think it really helps at all.