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  1. There is nothing clutch about this team

    Roy, Beckham had two hits I think.
  2. Tim Beckham Named AL Player of the Week

    To me too....DD did a great job on this one IMHO.
  3. Interview with Marc Topkin/Tampa Times on Beckham

    I agree, wow, this guy's gonna have a hard time being an " Oriole".
  4. Edwin Jackson

    Edwin just completed seven innings for the Nats against the Rockies.....one run....and that's the second time in three starts. I have my own theories, what are yours?
  5. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Nope, probably already in bed.
  6. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    I agree.....runnun Ubaldo and Miley out there pretty much fits the definition of insanity.
  7. Release Ubaldo Now

    It may not have anything to do with the pitching coach, but the fact that they all (starters) look pretty much alike and have the same problems, does not look good.
  8. I need a new hobby

    This pretty much sums it up for me too......they're so predictable and hard to watch.
  9. Giavotella Recalled

    I've never liked the idea of moving Manny to short but we have absolutely nothing to lose....good idea imho.
  10. Tonight's Game

  11. My son and I were sitting beside the left field foul/fair pole when Delmon hit the double.....give up, hell no.
  12. McDowell

    Just wondering how you could/would blame Alan Mills for these relief pitchers.... he's the "bullpen coach" right? Most of em with the exception of the few we all know about, wouldn't even be in a major league bullpen (Nuno, etc.)
  13. Time to start talking the f word

    Smith and Kim are gone, I think. Castillo's on a one year contract, Tillmon's a free agent, Hardy has a buyout (if he doesn't vest at 600PA's) and Ubaldo's contract is up....I think I'm right on these.
  14. How would the Orioles have done against Texas?

    I think we're a better team than a lot of people gave us credit for....especially in the pitching department.