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  1. Bird Dog

    Texas Rangers Open for Business

    Why not just trade teams and take a shot.....how many Rule 5's do they have?
  2. Bird Dog

    Happy #81 Brooks..the finest man I ever knew in sports...

    Great posts Roy, my uncle knew him too and I "almost" got to meet him one day, but he wasn't at home.
  3. Bird Dog

    Connolly: Heads may roll today

    Some do, some have five and I have one that belonged to my Grand Dad that has three.
  4. National league makes a difference.....Hellickson looked real good today too.
  5. I've said many times and I'm not glad that it's true.
  6. Bird Dog

    2019 Orioles

    They weren't and didn't.....I doubt they get much for a two month rental.
  7. Bird Dog

    Local media is a joke

    To me , the team batting average at least reflects on the hitting coach.....the guy that was brought in to straighten Davis out.
  8. Bird Dog

    Some things a bit overlooked

    I think Adam will be here, hard to tell how much Britton will be missed......Not too sure Brach will be missed that much.
  9. Bird Dog

    Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    Me too, my all time favorite.
  10. Bird Dog

    The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    When Manny gets to the Yankees, whether it's in the very near future, or after the 2018 season, he won't be leaving for a long time.
  11. Bird Dog

    Ranking the O's starting depth

    Just think back to how bad it was before Buck......it was BAD.
  12. Bird Dog

    Zach Davies

    Me either but he probably wouldn't have succeeded here....hire the Brewers pitching coach(s).
  13. Bird Dog

    Tillman is a crucial game to start a crucial series...

    Can't believe he's out there for the sixth but he's got one out.