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  1. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    Me too, my all time favorite.
  2. The Yankees Know The Orioles Want Two Starters

    When Manny gets to the Yankees, whether it's in the very near future, or after the 2018 season, he won't be leaving for a long time.
  3. Ranking the O's starting depth

    Just think back to how bad it was before Buck......it was BAD.
  4. Zach Davies

    Me either but he probably wouldn't have succeeded here....hire the Brewers pitching coach(s).
  5. Tillman is a crucial game to start a crucial series...

    Can't believe he's out there for the sixth but he's got one out.
  6. There is nothing clutch about this team

    Roy, Beckham had two hits I think.
  7. Tim Beckham Named AL Player of the Week

    To me too....DD did a great job on this one IMHO.
  8. Interview with Marc Topkin/Tampa Times on Beckham

    I agree, wow, this guy's gonna have a hard time being an " Oriole".
  9. Edwin Jackson

    Edwin just completed seven innings for the Nats against the Rockies.....one run....and that's the second time in three starts. I have my own theories, what are yours?
  10. Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    Nope, probably already in bed.
  11. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    I agree.....runnun Ubaldo and Miley out there pretty much fits the definition of insanity.
  12. Release Ubaldo Now

    It may not have anything to do with the pitching coach, but the fact that they all (starters) look pretty much alike and have the same problems, does not look good.
  13. I need a new hobby

    This pretty much sums it up for me too......they're so predictable and hard to watch.