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  1. Is it a single ticket admission double header?
  2. Im sorry, that is where our lines crossed. I was saying that he belonged in AA and he would benefit from those pitchers more than the lower level pitchers because he would see more consistent and better pitches. He probably saw a couple pitchers of AA caliber or they had an AA caliber game against him but I wasnt saying that that is what he is use to seeing. Right now, he is facing pitchers working on command or secondary pitches and that doesnt challenge him other than his batting eye. Kind of like Bonds when they either threw him garbage or intentionally walked him(not saying he is Bonds). He just has to wait for pitches that come into the strike zone more than he would in AA.
  3. Bryce Harper played 9 games at 17 years old in the AZ fall league. The next year he played 72 games at A, 37 games at AA and 25 games at AZFL. The following year at 19 he played 18 games at AAA and then the rest of the season with Washington. Ken Griffey Jr about the same path. Mike Leake pitched 19.1 innings in the AZFL after he was drafted out of college and started the next year with the Reds. Walker Buehler pitched 5 innings in 2016 and then went through A+, AA, AAA and the Dodgers the next year. I am not saying it is common, I am just saying that the skill set of Rutschman is best fitted for AA. Argue all you want that he isnt there yet, but it is my opinion. I wanted to draft CJ Abrams and think that he is best suited for A ball right now, not every top player in the draft is the same, just like not every high school kid is the same.
  4. Fair enough, but this whole thread is speculation and absurd suggestions on how to make the game more interesting. I think my argument has more merit than 3 balls equal a walk, foul balls in play are now fair, you can steal first, moving the bases, adding a base, moving walls in, no pitches over 93mph, dancing girls in cages at the park
  5. And all but about 13 of that was with the Cards, so I guess you could say if the Cards didnt take him then it would change things as well. My point was a huge chunk of why they have kept so much of their WAR was because of Trout. If you look at the Cards, they have a lower percentage of WAR retained and the Angels have the second highest. If you look at the Giants, they havent drafted that well according to this but have retained the most. That is interesting because they have traded away some top prospects in the past to supplement the team in their nice stretch.
  6. No source or studies, just my observation. I always loved those take out slides at second, it is a completely different game now with out the things I mentioned. How would I begin to quantify the small changes that have turned the game into what it is now? The only thing I can compare it to is what has happened in football with them protecting the QB and receivers. It has effectively slowed the game down because you dont have that QB getting smashed and losing the ball creating a micro excitement within the game changing momentum. If you have a routine double play to end the inning, then ho hum, inning over. If you have a guy take out the second baseman causing a throw to go into the dugout and a run scored with an extended inning, then things get interesting. Then you may also have a team take exception to what happened, causing tension and excitement for the fan because they are mad too and get more invested. Why do people watch soap operas? They get sucked in and invested in the out come and part of that is the twists and turns that dont fit into a PC narrative. Who slept with who and who killed JR?
  7. And remember that Trout accounts for about 80 WAR for the Angels, that is a very different looking graph for them if you take out the best player in the game and put him on any other team.
  8. I think that the interesting part isnt how bad they have done(development and injuries definitely play in as well) but the amount of WAR that was retained is better than 9 other teams. So for as little WAR has been produced by their draft picks, they are getting more out of those draft picks than say Texas who has done very well but traded off or lost the players.
  9. With his skill set, I really think he could have come straight in at AA minus the mono. AA is where things will get interesting because those pitchers tend to have better control and more developed off speed pitches. The control will give him more pitches to look at and I honestly think that the level of pitching will be more on par with what he is use to against the tough teams and college WS experience.
  10. The league and people who complain and want changes in baseball are looking at the wrong things. The games arent too long, there isnt too many home runs or blah blah blah. The reason baseball has lost viewership and declining attendance is the "wussafication" of the game. Bring back take out slides at second, collisions at home plate, bring back hitting a batter for showing a pitcher up, bring back hitting the other teams hitter for hitting your guy, bring back chewing tobacco, bring back managers who get ejected, bring back benches clearing, bring back hitting a batter 2 months later because you didnt get your chance last time. Bring back the unwritten rules that have been lost. I was waiting for one of the Os pitchers to hit a batter after whoever it was ran into Sisco last night and it never happened. I doubt anyone in the bullpen even thought twice about protecting his catcher. They basically said, "We dont care about each other and just walk all over us." That is the baseball that these old guys are missing and cant figure out why this baseball is not entertaining to them any more. I am not a violent person, but I really enjoyed watching the Steelers and Ravens play pre"wussification" of football. I am just not into football as much as I use to be now that it doesnt have those hits that make you cringe and want to look away. And I dont think there is many small things within baseball that are as fun as a hard slide into second or knowing in the back of your mind that the next time the Red Sox come to town, there are going to be some words.
  11. Watched the entire game today. Between being bean bagged and the collision at the plate, I would shut him down for the year and let him rest and get ready for next year.
  12. I just got back from Cuba and they have the 1 cuc coin and paper(basically equal to a dollar). Most people gave change back in the coin. I found it more convenient there than I do in the US.
  13. His first hit of his career was a HR, unless you are specifically referring to his time with the Iron Birds
  14. I would say: Rutschman & Rutschman 🤣 But seriously I would say Mullins. Hope he has a bounce back year next
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