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  1. In my softball days, A league in a minor league city with Dominican teams that no longer played minor league baseball, we had a SS that was left handed. Despite my arguing with the coach every spring, he still stuck at short. Coaches son, so there was that. Left hand throwing SS should be against the rules at all levels. But if you want to know just how far you were from playing pro ball, just play against the fall outs from the minors. (thinking of years ago when Collin Cowherd said that something like 70% of sports radio listeners thought they could have played pro sports if it werent for a coach, or injury or whatever.
  2. Wasnt even suggesting that I wished Brady dead. I was suggesting that the further away from the warehouse, the better. As for not being able to pay me enough to go there: There is something seriously screwed up with a country where Yordano Venture gets in a car accident and instead of helping him, someone steals his jewelry and leaves him for dead. And dont tell me it is because it is a poor country. There are countries all over the world who are poor and people would ban together to help others out any way they could.
  3. Couldnt pay me enough to live in the Dominican, not that I am qualified to be a strength and conditioning coach. Maybe they can send Brady down there!
  4. Best available, best available, best available, best available......... Even if it is another great catcher, some fall through and you can move people around. Posey was an athlete, plain and simple. That was the problem with prior drafts. They drafted for position. If you draft for position, you are possibly taking someone not as good. Give me 10 Buster Poseys and I will show you 5 that turn out because of various reasons, a couple that can change positions and a couple that can be traded for positions of need.
  5. Good call! It was nagging at me and I was going to google it. Sounds like a good pick this far down. I seem to remember a player or two who only threw a slider and was unhittable out of the pen. I think his name was Sergio Romo, then some other guy but his name escapes me. I think it was a Yankee, number 42, but whatever. Romo had great success with a slider and I hope Gillispie can become just as good.
  6. I like that it seems that they are taking who they like best and not just drafting 35 pitchers because they lack pitching. Some drafts it seems like they are throwing stuff at the wall for a position of need rather than best available.
  7. Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 50 | Run: 55 | Arm: 60 | Field: 50 | Overall: 50
  8. I wanted Abrams, but I am not disappointing at all. With this draft, the O's are getting a new number one prospect and next round should add a new top 15. The benefit with picking Adley is you get a very polished, close to MLB ready guy. I am more excited for the next couple of picks than the number 1 because there were some solid choices at the top. The next two I think is where the gems might come in.
  9. Nice work Luke. I was afraid Trejyn Fletcher would be way down or not on your list because there isn’t a whole lot of video out there and it rained all spring in Maine. What do you think are the chances of over slot on him and getting him to not go to college?
  10. Hahaha. I can’t believe some of you block atomic. The entertainment value.
  11. By proxie, now Witt jr is the spawn of satan. Anyone who worships lew Ford is obviously the worst human since lew Ford and I am pretty sure ford isn’t human. What a terrible person Witt is. I think whoever drafts Witt obviously doesn’t have any regard for humanity and will be the end of mankind as we know it.
  12. I like Bleday, I just think he is out for 1:1. Abrams can hit, he just didnt put up 25 homeruns in his freshman year of college. Abrams just isnt getting the media hype. He has tons of potential and with some work and about 20 pounds on his frame he has the chance to really be something.
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