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  1. https://twitter.com/JoseCanseco/status/1115427644747599872?s=20
  2. Any thoughts on Trejyn Fletcher? He could throw a wrench in things(not saying he is 1-1). Could he fall to 41? He hasn’t played yet this year but was an early favorite for next year or at least a potential top 5.
  3. Where is Trejyn Fletcher drafted if he is able to petition for this years draft?
  4. I would be disappointed with this team if they somehow won enough games to not get a top 3 pick.
  5. I hope he has a Cy Young season and is traded for some phenomenal prospects.
  6. Although orthodox in the stats, the two 6-4-3 and 5-4-3 were pretty decent. Not amazing, but not ho hum. Rickards diving play was pretty good, DSjr catch at the fence was nothing really. He jumped a little leaning against the wall but not like he was on a dead run or climbed the wall. Yes, on both. It was barely to the SS side and was a tough play either way. I agree that Martin should have taken it but it wasnt like it was Manny or Schoop out there. If it were either of those two, they would have scooped it up and gunned him down. I dont think anyone was in a better position than Sucre. It is true that the third baseman should have been there, but should we really complain too much that he dropped an automatic out and it turned into a double play? Kurkjian commented that every infield fly should be dropped to catch the runners being stupid. Really, there is nothing to lose unless they throw it away after the automatic out. Another note. Everyone hopes Davis gets released(my vote) or retires(not going to happen) but I felt that even though he didnt do anything, he looked pretty good at the plate. He didnt look lost, and his first strike out was BS. He went 3-0 and the next two strikes he clearly watched them go out of the strike zone and got crappy calls on them. He was fooled on his swinging strike three but the rest of the at bat looked good. I dont remember his second at bat as well, but feel as though he looked good at the beginning of it.
  7. 1-At least the Orioles drafted Matt Hobgood that year. Saved half a billion dollars B. Trout could have 5 seasons like his last 5 and the Angels have almost gained full value for the contract Penultimate, The Angels have a $3 BILLION tv contract. If they dont give Trout half a billion, then everyone is going to call the owner out for pocketing all the money and not keeping Trout. Last-The owners of these teams are business owners, they deserve the money they make or lose.
  8. No reason for it to be two separate camps, because they are all minor league quality players. 😀 Serious note, I like that Elias and Hyde are pushing for organization wide buy in rather than the good old boys club Buck was running.
  9. sevastras

    Luke Heimlich

    The story is that he wasnt guilty but his lawyer told his parents that if he just pled guilty and didnt fight it, it would be sealed and once he was an adult he could move on and live a normal life. However, if he fought it and lost then he could be tried as an adult and it would haunt him for the rest of his life. So his parents chose the first option, in order to give him the best opportunity to move past this and live a normal life. I dont know if he did something or not, but I cant help to feel a little bad about the whole situation. Dont get me wrong, if someone touched my daughter I would either be behind bars or they wouldnt find the person again. I just feel there is way more to this story than what has been told and the writer who put it out there got his 15 minutes of fame and now who cares about that writer any more and I am sure he doesnt even think about the article. If I owned the Orioles, no I wouldnt sign him. I dont want to deal with the public backlash in this internet age. If I was the GM, I might plead my case if I had a solid plan to deal with the backlash.
  10. Looks like you are correct. I guess my theory is wrong, unless he got smarter with his Adderall use that season(I dont know the length of time it can be detected in your system and dont care to look it up). At any rate, the Orioles over paid for him and he isnt hitting the HR that got him paid to begin with. He did have a season, I think it was 14, that he hit .190 but had 36 home runs. It isnt like he hasnt hit under .200 before the contract, he just hasnt been this historically bad before and it looks like a quick decline over the last two years. I think they should keep putting him out there, maybe DH after trading Trumbo(hopefully he is worth getting something in return this year). But if someone needs his spot or they start competing again, they should cut him and suck it up.
  11. My thought is that he promised his wife or God(only mention because I think I remember reading he was pretty religious) that he would quit abusing Adderall and tobacco after he signed his next deal. While I am guessing it is his wife, I bet he wishes he was still taking Adderall so he wasnt playing so bad. I feel sorry that he fell off a cliff, but I dont blame him for the contract and am happy he got it(wish it was with someone else). I also feel as though he should get every dime and not retire or accept an early buyout unless it is mutually beneficial. These guys work harder than almost anyone out there to get to a pay day and run the risk of losing everything with one injury. Some of their best years are the most under paid before hitting arbitration or free agency and could win ROY and MVP out performing a $32.5 mm player while getting paid league minimum and then get in a career ending accident and have nothing to show for it. And for the record, the Bryce Harper contract will prove to be the worst contract in history. He batted .249 last year with a 1.3 war and is going to be paid off his potential to produce his 2015 and 2017 seasons.
  12. The question is, do you want Wieters or Dee Gordon? I really only care as long as the Os pick correct on this one. There isn’t a clear stud at this point. But if I had to pick someone right now. I’m picking CJ Abrams. Still. Especially if I could sign him $1m under slot.
  13. A three-batter minimum for pitchers-I end my mlb subscription and watch casually if nothing is on and I have nothing else to do A universal designated hitter-I am not happy A single trade deadline before the All-Star break-good A 20-second pitch clock-I am not happy The expansion of rosters to 26 men, with a 12-pitcher maximum-26 good/12 max seems silly Draft advantages for winning teams and penalties for losing teams-not happy A study to lower the mound-More offense=longer games, I don’t care either way but why put these other stupid rules in to keep pace of play? You can’t add more offense for excitement and sacrifice other aspects to move the game along A rule that would allow two-sport amateurs to sign major league contracts-doesn’t matter , Bundy was one of the last to sign an mlb contract and all it does is make a deadline to be out of the minor league system I am 37, so not old. Leave the game alone, I love this game but I am about done with it. Manfred is the biggest d-bag. I am not a fair weather fan either, so don’t think I am souring because the Os suck. If done right, I prefer they suck a couple years and build something solid. I am serious though, if some of these changes happen, I am going to focus all of my baseball watching on Cuba, DR, Venezuela (when things improve) and other Latin American countries.
  14. That would suck and they would get a supplemental pick the following season(end of first round). Chances of it happening, 3% I am disappointed that they couldn’t separate vmjr. As great as it would have been to add all three to the team, they are just prospects and it isn’t like vvm is going to be trout. Vmjr might have a ceiling of Benentindi(nothing to sneeze at), but that is 4 years away. I don’t think any of these guys are franchise players, but the hope was to add quality prospects. Almost like adding virtually free draft picks. This is disappointing, but not heart breaking. The team doesn’t have anyone at the helm, so it isn’t surprising. Unless someone steps up internally or Gaston waits until the winter meetings, I can see the Os losing him as well.
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