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  1. While the ultimate conclusion may not be wrong... you do realize that a ranking list in Baltimore Magazine being city-centric isn't necessarily the strongest support for your position, right?
  2. I think it's a tough one to evaluate because those who do it are likely to already be much more conscious of health/weight-loss or actively working toward it than a random person on the street.
  3. I think I remember seeing that MSA is flush with money, which is why so many bond deals are originated from there even if they aren't completely related. I also think both teams being downtown has been accretive to the recent boom of young people moving into the neighborhoods along the water (Fed, Fells, Canton). Even if people aren't going to the games on a nightly basis, they definitely contribute to the vibe/character of downtown and help make it an attractive place. Arguments around the ROI on stadium financing are fairly divergent w/r/t positions, but overall I think it would be tough to argue that the state has suffered in any way from its participation in OPACY.
  4. I think his option vesting under those circumstances is something that most teams would consider "good news money."
  5. Yep. I would imagine that the succession plan for at least 3/4 of them involves family taking over (with the exceptions being the corporate-owned teams).
  6. I seriously doubt that owners have any interest in setting the precedent of blocking inherited ownership transfer. Absent something like not being able to make payroll, etc. that seems like it would be pretty extreme.
  7. That makes was more sense.
  8. There have been legit concerns about his health and effectiveness to start the season. Would seem a bit foolish to push him right now.
  9. Why would you get worried over that one outing to begin with? Yea he gave up the two runs on a homer, but still more Ks than innings pitched and less walks + hits than innings pitched.
  10. It could be that the average production/value is nearly identical, but there's a higher variance on the HS players, which would make sense. The truly elite guys often declare early as possible, making up the far right side of the distribution, while there's some far worse outcomes because one is operating with substantially less info (and making more assumptions about maturity, body development, etc.) vs. the college guys.
  11. This is certainly a valid POV, but I would say it wanders into bad opinion territory when folks start using their suspicions re: something that's yet to happen as affirmative evidence AGAINST the new regime.
  12. Wieters had about double the WAR of Zunino during his control years (in his 7th season now I think).
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