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  1. Important distinction: even if you think the players at Norfolk are better than those at Baltimore, that doesn’t negate claims that further development at AAA is the best thing for those players and the long-term of the club. One of the worst things about 1998 - 2011 was fast-tracking of prospects to the bigs simply because there was nothing better in front of them.
  2. Team’s math on player acquisition changes when they have a better idea of their playoff outlook (relative to beginning of season) injuries occur and players in Baltimore outplay previous expectations/having great years.
  3. You’re right. My numbers were based on split/share over a full season.
  4. Definitely not this year, but next year it may make sense to start selectively signing a few placeholder players to 1, 2 or 3-year deals that can be flipped at the deadline should they perform well.
  5. Lowe of the Rays got 6/24 on the nose. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/rays-extend-rookie-brandon-lowe/
  6. Maybe, but I trust that Elias wouldn't let it get to that point if we're in that scenario. I just take issue with what I read as some posters acting as though Davis's presence on the OD roster is a "new" injury, that we wouldn't owe him a large sum regardless. Ultimately I just think the decision to not immediately cut him should be met with more of a shoulder shrug than the reaction I'm seeing. That's all.
  7. You're not wrong. My question is more to the idea of why we should be "afraid" of him being retained. It may not be the right move, but it doesn't result in the team committing more money nor does it automatically mean we lose other players.
  8. Obviously this thread is very tongue-in-cheek... That said, where does he play in our system this year? He played 11 games in rookie ball in 2017, then 47 at the same level in 2018. He was old for the level (not that crazy for a college bat). Does he play 3B at Delmarva? Jomar was the 3B at Frederick last year (does he move to AA?).
  9. It's not quite rookie phenom, Cash Considerations.
  10. All the better for the legend of Cedric the Entertainer to grow
  11. Not bad from a pitch-efficiency perspective, about 14 per.
  12. That's somewhat irrelevant as you cannot escape Davis's salary by releasing him. Perhaps you know this, but your comment seems to imply otherwise.
  13. 53 PA in, his offense actually hasn't been that bad by the looks of it. 11.3% BB rate along with an 11.3% K rate 4/4 on SB attempts .256 ISO BA isn't pretty (.170), but that's with a horrendous BABIP (.132); for comparison he was something like .290-.300 in the minors
  14. Right now, I think the penciled-in 2020 OF (maybe post-ASB) is Diaz-McKenna-Hays as the regulars with Mullins as the 4th OF who pretty much always plays one of the spots against RHP. Stewart is likely a DH/bench bat and starts sometimes in LF against RHP. The first three guys get something like 500 - 600 PA each (occasionally playing in the DH spot), while Mullins gets something like 350 - 400.
  15. Serious question, how would him occupying spot #26 directly hurt the team? People often throw around "sunk cost" around here as a justification for cutting him, but that's sort of opposite of the way the term should be used given the options ahead of us. We aren't spending new money by keeping him on the roster. I completely understand why folks want to cut bait and move on, but I don't quite understand the notion of how him being on the roster at this point (or next year) can be viewed as a "new damage" to the team moving forward. We owe him the money regardless and there's no escaping that. Until he's directly blocking someone who needs to be on the roster and playing every day, I don't see the problem in letting him see if the 2013 vintage is still in there somewhere.
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