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  1. BohKnowsBmore

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    One of the great ironies of life (baseball life, at least) is that the computer that wrote Moneyball actually loves him as a player.
  2. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop locks in early pay-day for future earnings

    You would probably get way more than that if you bought in 2008 as I'm sure (without checking) even the highest quality credits were trading at a discount, leading to strong yields.
  3. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop locks in early pay-day for future earnings

    Doubtful since he's a party to said deal. I can't imagine any reasonable court that would think they know what's a good contract better than the player and his agent, particularly when they are still the primary beneficiary from it's rewards (despite the part owed to Fantex).
  4. BohKnowsBmore


    I was ecstatic, considering the Orioles had been terrible for the vast majority of my life.
  5. BohKnowsBmore


    Moneyball was all about player evaluation. Figuring out players that were undervalued by the market (re: their contribution to wins) and exploiting that inefficiency.
  6. BohKnowsBmore

    Third baseman for the coming season

    Who do you want/foresee as the O's 3rd baseman to start the 2019 season? Renato Nunez started 56 games for the Birds in 2018 and performed decently, slashing .275/.336/.445/.781 with solid (albeit unspectacular) defense at the hot corner (resulting in 1.2 rWAR). He's arb eligible in 2021. Free agent alternatives include (in order from Spotrac😞 Josh Donaldson (33), Adrian Beltre (40), Eduardo Escobar (30), Trevor Plouffe (33), Will Middlebrooks (30), Mark Reynolds (35), Ryan Flaherty (32), Pablo Sandoval (32), Chris Nelson (33), Andy LaRoche (35), Conor Gillaspie (31) Additionally, the Os could look to promote someone internally from the farm. I personally don't want Mountcastle to be brought up too early if he's considered the LT answer at 3B. I've mentioned before, I think based on what I have read that one of the worst aspects of our development in the dark years--particularly with "the Calvary"--was the lack of pressure to perform in order to be promoted to the Show. I don't want any of our MLB spots to be given to our best prospects by default, even while we are losing. For me, this leaves the decision as Nunez vs. a FA. Nunex would save money and potentially has room to grow into something more (he's only 25 IIRC). Alternatively, a guy like Donaldson or Beltre could feasibly represent a tradable asset at the deadline. Ultimately I think we end up going with Nunez with some AAAA guy like Corban Joseph getting a handful of at bats, then Mountcastle comes up after the ASB. Interested to hear the OH's collective thoughts, though.
  7. BohKnowsBmore

    Could the Cubs end up with both Manny and Harper?

    Baez played most of his games at 2B. He also provides super felxibility. And to your question, yes. Maybe you could argue it's close or that Baez wins defensively (specific to SS), but Manny's bat is better and comes with a much more sustainable approach. Even in this massive breakout season for Baez, he slashed .290/.326/.554/.881 (126 OPS+) vs. Manny's .297/.367/.538/.905 (146+). They're the same age and Manny's career OPS is close to 50 points higher.
  8. BohKnowsBmore

    Could the Cubs end up with both Manny and Harper?

    I do acknowledge that Heyward opting out is unlikely (hence "outside chance"). This would also be accompanied by them dealing Russel. Lester makes 27.5 in 2018, but that tapers down to 20 and 10 in the ensuing seasons. Tax threshold seems like they would possibly have room given the above. http://m.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/competitive-balance-tax Probably not happening, but it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  9. Rumors of Harper ending up with the Cubs have been frequent, given his friendship with Bryant. Less has been made of Manny's chances of winding up there. With the resources the Cubs have, the outside chance of Jason Heyward opting out, a few expensive contracts coming off the books and the potential for them to deal Addison Russell following his DV suspension, there is an outside chance that the Cubs could go into 2019 with both Machado and Harper.
  10. BohKnowsBmore

    How to make baseball more interesting

    I am the same. I'm in no rush to get these things over with. While I may be a select group (die-hard fans vs. general population), I sometimes get the vibe that we hear so much about this topic because sportswriters want their jobs to be easier/quicker.
  11. BohKnowsBmore

    Buck and Dan's home run strategy did not help the O's

    This is pure hindsight... Yes, they should have known that the guy who had a 7.71 ERA and 1.837 WHIP in 2017 would rebound in 2018. Also, Cashner and Ross are basically the same from a WAR perspective (0.6 vs. 0.7 rWAR; 0.5 vs. 1.0 fWAR).
  12. BohKnowsBmore

    Buck and Dan's home run strategy did not help the O's

    Many people don't understand, or fail to grasp, that moneyball wasn't really about OBP. It's about undervalued skillsets and assets. By the the early 2010s, OBP was well-priced and well-compensated. Things like power and defense were relatively cheap w/r/t how they contributed to winning.
  13. BohKnowsBmore

    Buck and Dan's home run strategy did not help the O's

    Well said. Our HR heavy strategy has been mocked frequently (both here and in the baseball world), yet it seems that the league as a whole has gravitated toward selling out for more homers.
  14. BohKnowsBmore

    How to make baseball more interesting

    One question I have... People keep bringing up increasing strikeouts as a reason that the game isn't as interesting, but people simultaneously love strikeout pitchers, typically preferring to watch them over groundball heavy guys. Kind of hard to square that circle.