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  1. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    What is “should” in this context? Needed Experience or the principles of the service time system.
  2. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    That is a valid opinion. While it exists, though, i would prefer a pragmatic approach (or at least consideration) by the FO.
  3. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    Specifically focusing on Mullins misses the point somewhat. If it’s one guy, and a lesser one at that, sure. Whatever. I’m more musing about the notion that Mullins AND Diaz AND Mointcastle AND other prospects should all be up now. That just seems destructive.
  4. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    I think it’s worth differentiating between “playing service games” and needlessly burning service time for no real reason. These guys could take their lumps at the ML level next year (And sept of this year) AND have that extra year.
  5. BohKnowsBmore

    Schoop, Service Time, and a Lesson on our Young Guys

    While this may be true, it’s not mutually exclusive with my point above. We can both be more forward thinking about locking up talent early AND avoid needlessly burning controllable years in losing seasons. The latter could even enable the former.
  6. Jonathan Schoop broke camp with the 2014 Orioles and was a fixture of the team until he was dealt away to the Brewers earlier today. While I was opposed to bringing him up at the time due to service time considerations and his youth, I understood the decision if the team thought he gave them the best shot at 2B. The O's had been in the playoffs in 2012 and had looked like a better club in several ways during the 2013 season (despite missing the playoffs). While the team ended up in the playoffs that year (their strongest season during this past window), it came at the expense of Schoop reaching FA following the 2019 season, rather than the 2020 season. While I'm not here to second guess that decision, I think it's instructive to current decision-making. I hear a lot of calls in the local media and from fans to bring up guys like Mullins and others now (or very soon). That seems like lunacy. While I don't necessarily think service time considerations should trump all else, I don't really see the benefit of having guys like Mullins, Mountcastle or Diaz come up at any point other than as September call-ups. 2018 is already a wasted season (maybe the #1 overall pick). 2019 will likely be a lost cause as well w/r/t the standings. Why needlessly burn years of service, which would largely be counterproductive? Wouldn't it make more sense, by far, to bring these guys up a few weeks into 2019 at the earliest?
  7. BohKnowsBmore

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    Is there any indication at this point as to whether the top of the 2019 draft is relatively strong?
  8. BohKnowsBmore

    Ryan Mountcastle 2018

    Arm strength itself was not Tebow's real issue. Was more his delivery and release. He could put mustard on balls.
  9. BohKnowsBmore

    Yusniel Diaz 2018

    What's the ideal alignment of him, Mullins and Hays? LF: Hays CF: Mullins RF: Diaz
  10. BohKnowsBmore

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    When do you think he's at the big club in 2019? Start at AAA then up the moment they have an opening? Barring any FA, I think the rotation will be Bundy - Gausman - Cobb - Cashner - Ramirez (Hess is the 6th guy now, I guess). Let him play for the remainder of the year once he makes it up with no cap and also get the clock going a bit later?
  11. BohKnowsBmore

    How do you rate the return on the Britton trade?

    I really like Tate. Former #4 overall pick. He was a top-100 prospect going into 2016. He fell off a little bit ranking-wise, but is having a nice year in 2018 at AA. 82.2 IP; 8.17 K/9; 2.72 BB/9; 3.38 ERA; 3.75 FIP; 3.71 xFIP; 1.113 WHIP.
  12. BohKnowsBmore

    Dan's 3 year Plan

    Looking at 2020, here's what it looks like we have slated for the ML roster (bats only): C - Chance Cisco, Austin Wynns 1B/DH - Chris Davis, Trey Mancini 2B - Ryan Mountcastle? SS - Tim Beckham Jr. 3B - Rylan Bannon OF - Yusniel Diaz, Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins, DJ Stewart Others - Adam Hall (SS), Ryan McKenna (OF), Jomar Reyes (CIF) I think if we deal Schoop and/or Gausman, we could really benefit from bringing in some SS prospects to fill out the future of our 2B/SS/3B positions.
  13. BohKnowsBmore

    Dan's 3 year Plan

    Completely agreed.
  14. BohKnowsBmore

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I wonder if we can get something from Colorado or Cleveland for him if we eat some of the salary...
  15. BohKnowsBmore

    Machado Trade Expectations

    10% walk rate and double-digit steals aren't particularly Oriole-like 😄 Maybe he develops into a solid utility player (he's logged innings at 2B, SS, 3B and CF in the minors).