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  1. Roch's post heavily implies it's Tillman.. which would be fine if we're taking a flyer on him competing for the 5th or 6th spot.. but to your point, it sounds as though he's probably penciled in for the 3 or 4 spot the way Roch is wording it. Ugh.
  2. What if Arrieta falls to the O's?

    Yeah I have to be honest, given the history of them that I've read, I'd be shocked to see him back here.
  3. Here’s a chart that might surprise you

    If would be interesting if they included said pitchers' ERA or something to give us an idea as to the quality vs quantity of the homegrown pitchers. My guess in our case it's less about quality.
  4. Slow Offseason around MLB

    Darvish goes to the Cubs for 126mil/6yr. Pitching should pick up, one would think.
  5. Chris Davis' leash?

    Something in my gut says Davis is going to have a bounce-back year. I think he hits over 35 HRs and a .335 OBP. My dream is he hits like 45 HRs and a .350 OBP, and then we are able to trade him.
  6. Chris Davis' leash?

    I expect Davis to sit every 5th or 6th day.. so that he can start in the rotation.
  7. We're also competing against the Orioles for signings.
  8. Only two more weeks...

    Hey if Satchel Paige can pitch at 59, maybe a 53 Raffy can hit a fastball. Let him be a player/hitting coach.
  9. We play is what's probably the hardest division in baseball. We came in last in our division the previous year. We've done absolutely nothing in the offseason. Our core is basically gone at the end of the year. Our farm system is in the bottom half of the league, arguably the bottom 1/3. MASN deal isn't looking too good for us. And I haven't mentioned the seeming lack of a plan from the FO/ownership. They might end up being completely wrong with the prediction, but can you blame anyone at all for putting out there as probably one of the worse teams in the next few years? PS. I love baseball and cannot wait for the season to start!
  10. Mound Visits - Pitch Clock

    I agree about the broadcast presentation, but they only need to focus on the quality of 1 game a week, and it's viewership is higher. Hard to compete against that really in terms of production quality. Statcast might change some of that though.
  11. ESPN and the O's Face of the Franchise

    Yeah I was going to say, anyone younger than 20 at this point and it's probably AJ or Manny.
  12. ESPN and the O's Face of the Franchise

    I get your point. I wish I had gotten to see Brooks play, but for anyone younger than 45, it's Cal. For someone older than 45? It's probably Brooks, maybe Earl, maybe Cal, Palmer. Personally, I have a picture and HoF jersey signed by Brooks, who I never saw play and nothing signed by Cal. However, it's not really close to me, the face of the O's is Cal. His run at 2131 is the defining moment of baseball for me.
  13. Sun: Brady Defends Commitment

    I get that predictions can be wrong and we've proven that a number of times in recent years. But the actual results are we finished in last place last year and have no basically nothing to address it. You can't claim we're going to beat or might beat expectations when you literally don't know who the majority of your starting rotation is going to be.
  14. Where does Keith Law rate the O's farm system?

    I don't like Law, but he's probably correct about needing to trade Machado to stay competitive.
  15. Who’s our GM & Manager Next Year?

    I like this. I'd be surprised however.