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  1. gmelson26

    O's need to a plan for SS this season

    My take is: we're not even remotely looking at winning in 2019, whether it's 110 loses, 100 loses, 95 loses.. they're all the same. You put someone cheap in there, bonus points if they help us get another first overall pick. You want to point JJ Hardy, Schoop, some guy I don't know from A ball, sure. Put Chris Davis, it would at least be morbidly amusing. Bottom line, save some money.. use it on scouting and international acquisition if possible.
  2. Been reading about this sort of thing for many years.. and yet it just hit me that we're probably the only fan base in all of baseball that hand-wrings over the very specific title an exec might be given. Just a small window into the insanity of Baltimore Oriole fandom.
  3. gmelson26

    Will Givens be traded this offseason?

    We'll have to some win some games for him to show much of that..
  4. gmelson26

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    It looks like Wade Miley is going to start game 3 for MIL on Sunday.
  5. gmelson26

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    If Miami was foregone conclusion, why the charades? Just sign with them... Mesa knows only the O's can spend more than Miami, so either VVM wants the most money he can get or it's Miami, and the whole thing today is a weird charade.
  6. gmelson26

    Time to DO IT RIGHT

    Let's say the boys interview candidates, and they've found their GM. This person is someone they are 100% behind.. this is the person to get it done. He/She says I'm in, but no Brady.. he's gotta be out. What do you think they do?
  7. gmelson26

    How to make baseball more interesting

    A salary floor and a salary cap as well as revenue sharing... You wanna know what's really interesting? Turning on a game and feeling as though the team you will take to the grave in you heart has an equal chance of winning against teams that are fairly arrayed against them. You wanna know what's really interesting? Feeling that your team has the shot the following year or maybe the year after that because it's on an even playing field with the rest of it's division. I get it, we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and take a long hard look at Houston 7 years ago.. no excuses. But I suspect Yankee fans, year in and year out, enjoy watching MLB a lot more Oakland fans.
  8. At least that means I won't have to hear his platitudes during the game anymore...
  9. gmelson26

    The Orioles biggest problem is....Baltimore

    I live hours away, so I ask this genuinely: is there much violence that occurs towards fans before or after the games? I've never heard of any, but again I don't really get the local Baltimore news much.
  10. gmelson26

    Who are your Oriole Award Winners? (Nominations)

    MVO: Manny (if they have to be on the team than I will go Jones) LVO: Chris Davis Most Disappointing: Trey Mancini ROTY: Mullins Best Play: Whatever the last out was from yesterday's game (tried to think of a stand out from the games I watched, nothing came to mind)
  11. gmelson26

    What Will Make this Season a Win?

    Angelos sells the team. VVM signs with us. MFY and BOS lose in the playoffs. We sign Raffy to a 1 year deal. = )
  12. gmelson26

    Know Your Orioles

    I say let's see what kind of a manager he is. Age is just a number... and if he wants to save some money and put himself on the roster, shrug.
  13. gmelson26

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    That quote + Chris Pratt's gif had me seriously belly-laughing. Thank you, I needed that after looking at the news for a bit.
  14. gmelson26

    Reminder, doubleheader today

    Huh, that explains why we haven't seen him on the mound this season.
  15. gmelson26

    vs. YANKEES, 9/23

    I'm not able to watch the game.. what happened to Cobb? Did he get injured?