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  1. Dr. Unk

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    Beat me too it. Bob blowing up would be classic.
  2. Dr. Unk

    Frank WAS here... This one comes from my heart

    I also heard it on the Fan tonight. Awesome tribute.
  3. 0 last year, maybe 1 this year. My daughter got married at OPCY, so there was that.
  4. Dr. Unk

    The Better Than You Remember Thread

    Yes, that pretty much nailed it on the head.
  5. Dr. Unk

    The Better Than You Remember Thread

    I wasn't very enamored with Reggie Jackson when he was here, but when I looked up his stats, they weren't what I remembered.
  6. Dr. Unk

    Jack Reinheimer- interesting target (claimed)

    Reinheimer, 26, was a fifth-round pick of the Mariners in 2013 out of East Carolina University who appeared in 21 games with the Mets last summer and went 5-for-30 with five walks and nine strikeouts. He was 0-for-5 with three strikeouts in two games with the Diamondbacks in 2017. Flaherty 2.0.
  7. They are really the only hotdog I care for.
  8. Dr. Unk

    Congratulations, Moose!

    But.... Have a feeling it will be the MFY.
  9. Dr. Unk

    Orioles Entertainment?

    Didn't say they were. Pointing out that everything after AJFA was mostly garbage.
  10. Dr. Unk

    Orioles Entertainment?

    Yes, because everything since has sucked.