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  1. Manny: “Thank God I wasn’t traded.”

    The O's hosed this up royally.
  2. Mike Wright’s last shot

    Nor I. And to add insult to injury, he gets shellacked and then gets indignant with the press, insisting he pitched well.
  3. Orioles Acquire Catcher

    Can he pitch?
  4. The closest I have was the fiance, of one of his lawyers, being the nurse during a colonoscopy. She was fine, but out of my league for numerous reasons....
  5. An Airing of Grievances

    Kruger! You couldn't smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe.. I lost my train of thought.
  6. An Airing of Grievances

    I find your belief system fascinating...
  7. Dan Duquette on O's Hot Stove at 6pm, Nov 30th

    Not feeling all warm and fuzzy about Manny and Schoop....
  8. Orioles Interested in Lance Lynn

    True story. Hate it every year.
  9. I heard a kid on the radio today, and assumed it was a minor league call up, but did not hear a name. Now I know. Gotta admit than this has me a bit choked up. Great job O's. Best wishes Jimmy!
  10. Orioles acquire Brallan Perez

    So Dan doesn't like international signings, but we trade an international pick, for an international player. Hmmm.
  11. Well, that moved my needle

    We swept the Royals (the innocuous team of my childhood, who I now despise, because of their pompous, a-hole players, so I'm good.
  12. Miley and Ubaldo's last chance

    No more Miley, Jiminez, Wright, or Wilson, please.
  13. Duquette Undecided about the Deadline

    Not sure how it's even a decision. We have nothing to buy with.