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  1. Need a bloop double.
  2. Was that a strike?
  3. And a sac fly for Roy.
  4. Something wrong with that photo or is the left side of his face slightly higher than the right?
  5. Facial fracture. On the DL.
  6. It was earlier this season. Didn't come directly off the bat into the head though.
  7. Think so. He walked off to the club house. They said just stitches. I think it caught the bill of the helmet and his temple, so the helmet absorbed some of the force.
  8. Not surprised. Looked ugly.
  9. Was that Machado trying to barehand Schoop's foul ball?
  10. Good memories.
  11. Hope they hadn't spent it yet.
  12. Shattered bat hit the catcher in the head.
  13. Giving up 3+ runs in the first inning tends to cut down on the opportunities for blowing 3+ run leads.
  14. I can't say that I blame them too much. The weather this weekend stunk. It was hot and humid with heat indexes of around 100 and a threat of rain throughout the game. Not good weather to draw in fans.
  15. I am. Three rows off the field at home plate. Definitely looked to be bleeding. Didn't look as bad as the guy last night. Knocked his helmet off, so it didn't hit him as squarely.