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  1. Let’s go Trey. You’re our only hope.
  2. I think 21/30, somewhat below baseball average.
  3. It was a fun game.
  4. Someone is going to have a lot of writing to do to sum up tonight's Baysox game. 12 runs, and if I'm counting right, 7 triples on 17 hits in the seventh inning.
  5. I jinxed him. Two batters to singles in the 5th.
  6. Through 4 innings with 1 run on a Homer today. Don't believe he's given up any walks. Only three hits.
  7. Wright probably would have thrown to third earlier if he hadn't stopped.
  8. It's stunning how different Bundy looks now. He's barely recognizable in the old pictures of him.
  9. Can we trade the pitchers straight up?
  10. I guess they should have sent the runner.
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