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  1. Ryan Grant is next

    Great job, if we swap Crabtree for Grant it makes me feel a lot better. Grant didn't fail anything we're just cashing in on a new opportunity.
  2. Orioles to offer free UD seats ALL season to kids

    Great move, it does seem like it is only for the month of April though. I hope they extend it throughout the season and include all games or most. This is what baseball needs, numbers in the seats and especially kids. Cost for a family of four to attend sports is always a big topic and this helps that.
  3. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    What are some projections from you all for what these guys are going to get at this point? I'm not worried about with who, just strictly number curiosity. Arrieta, Lynn, and Cobb. I know no one knows for sure. I'll play since I'm asking. Arrieta - 5/110 Lynn & Cobb - 4/68 You guys know a lot more than I do and keep up with it more, I'm interested to hear some number projections. I'm sure there are a lot of guesses through out this thread and others but I wasn't going to sift through them right now.
  4. Does anyone really think we will take away at bats from Davis, if healthy, at any point this season? I don't. I mean I'm not against it at all but I just don't see them doing it. Maybe if he is hitting sub-.200 through the first 3 months..maybe.
  5. Opening Day Lineup

    My exact, pessimistic thoughts. Get burned by him twice and make it even worse than it already is. And usually I'm optimistic if anything, but sometimes you just know what is about to happen. Sure he could come back and be incredible and it's this great story, sounds great anyway...too great.
  6. vs. D-RAYS, 2/23 (Spring Training)

    I was trying as well, they don't really allow streaming online of MLB games, only with MLB radio's subscription. It's funny how it is easier finding a 'work-around' to find an online stream of a game than it is finding the radio feed, you'd think it would be the opposite.
  7. vs. D-RAYS, 2/23 (Spring Training)

    If anyone wants to give some kind of end of inning recap, I'd enjoy reading highlights at work every once in a while. No worries if not.
  8. Opening Day Lineup

    I'd hate it
  9. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    Cool, 1/28.26M for Lynn and lets ride
  10. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    I don't see how anyone can complain about this. I can see other things that could cause me to complain, but not yet. If this means we're done, then I'm not completely happy. If this means even if he is struggling badly come June/July and we're still keeping him in the rotation, then I'll be complaining. I don't think that will be the case. 3 million is nothing, now to us commoners yes it is a ton, but in sports that's nothing. We could cut him now and give him the 3 million and it really wouldn't hurt us much at all really. Miles Mikolas (who?) got 2/15.5, he's 29 and hasn't pitched in the bigs in 3 years, but he's pitched very well in Japan and apparently worth almost 8 a year. If Tillman earns his 10 million at least he had a good year. If he sucks he should be cut before June even rolls around, and we won't be crying about 3 million lost that much. This is a nice low risk, high reward move, IMO. Even if that high reward has a very small chance of coming through.
  11. Tillman back. Are we happy?

    3 million guaranteed won't keep him around too long if he's struggling again early in the season, not a bad move, IMO. Could work out really well, could be a lost cause but doesn't hurt us much.
  12. Worse contract-Hosmer or Davis

    I actually don't think the Hosmer deal is that bad. I think he'll have a solid 5 years where he's worth it, then be a salary dump to the yankees to be an expensive platoon player for his last 3 years and one of those years he will be miraculously great and hit .400 avg+ against us that year. Sounds about right anyway.
  13. Orioles Spring Training: 10 Things To Watch

    I'm interested in everything but I almost look forward to seeing where the young guys start out more than anything once they are assigned. Who will start in Frederick vs Bowie vs Norfolk etc. I love checking box scores every morning from down on the farm and trying to follow our minor league guys, I've come to enjoy it just as much as following/watching the Orioles at this point. And in no way do I mean that as a dig toward the MLB team or anything, I bleed baseball.