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  1. scbalt52

    Aberdeen Roster

    Any guys to follow on here other than Carmona, Neustrom, 2 Rodriguez pitchers, and the 2019 draft picks?
  2. scbalt52

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Planning on some MLB innings?
  3. I think he looks a little like Mac from Super Troopers and for that reason I like the move.
  4. I see GrayRod sticking once he makes it to the MLB, for sure. Especially if he is successful, could see it being a nickname nationally for him. I like it.
  5. Yeah I really go into every season just wanting to make the dance. But yeah, this season I should say I would accept being a 5-6 seed at worst. I don't think this is a top 10 team like some experts are throwing out early but should be pretty solid. Similar to last year, which was a fine year. I'd like to be better and move on from Turgeon but it is what it is.
  6. No doubt, he isn't an NBA player. Still wouldn't have shocked me if he went. Its a coin flip whether we really wanted/needed him but hoping he has a big final year, he's capable. As far as 5th, now that shocked me. I just hope we're a ranked team for more than half of the year and make the dance.
  7. Cowan back as well. This post nba deadline ranking by CBS has us 5th. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/college-basketball-rankings-top-25-NBA-Draft-Duke-Michigan-State-132446804/
  8. We also have an interesting secondary tier of pitching prospects where we could snag a few good ones: Michael Baumann, Drew Rom, Ofelky Peralta, Alex Wells, Bruce Zimmerman, & Cameron Bishop
  9. Sedlock really impressed me. First inning he gave up a hard double down the line, then later in the inning gave up a little bloop that scored the run. Was a shame that it dropped in. After that, he hardly gave up anything. Unfortunately, the stadium radar gun wasn't working/off so I don't have a clue how hard he was throwing, but it looked pretty hard and that batters were having trouble catching up to it and were off balance. Seemed to have good command. I meant to walk over to one of the scouts behind home plate gunning him to see the velocity but I never did. He looked great.
  10. I'm far from having any scouting abilities but I am going to the Keys game today and looking forward to seeing how Sedlock does. I'll post my thoughts here.
  11. Not only more than Davis, leading the MLB. Love it, Harper is incredibly overrated watched him enough on MASN on nights Orioles don't play.
  12. I try to keep this sheet updated too, sorted by ERA: Orioles Minor League Pitchers
  13. https://247sports.com/college/maryland/Article/Chol-Marial-Commits-to-Maryland-Basketball-Terps-Land-Big-Recruit-131618197/ Once was rated the #1 Center in next year's class. Sounds like potentially a great late grab.
  14. scbalt52

    Bowie Baysox 2019

    This is a sad team. When you look at the roster there are a lot of our top prospects on the team too. But they are really struggling to win.
  15. Ugh that's how I feel about our whole bullpen
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