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  1. Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Cortes is just for the bullpen correct? No chance for rotation? He definitely sounds interesting.
  2. Let the Machado bashing begin

    I hope he's traded, but can we not do Schoop at 3rd, Manny SS, and Beckham at second? I don't think Beckham is great at Short and isn't good enough to 'block' Manny, I think he would be excellent at 2nd. Schoop has played some third and can also see him excelling there with a spring there and get better as the year goes on. We all know Manny would be great at short, just too much change? I'm not worried about making Beck mad or moving him off short and honestly think he would be fine with it, same with Schoop. But I also bring little knowledge to the table as far as position change, defensive statistics, and who could play where, but it makes sense in my head!
  3. What is an example package thats realistic that we could get from the Cardinals? Just asking for fun/curiosity, I have no clue.
  4. Winter Meetings 2017

    Gone as in we're not going to sign him back? Or gone as in he is going to be traded soon? Either way I agree for sure just didn't know if you guys we're saying gone this offseason.
  5. Winter Meetings 2017

    Yeah had to be just salary dump possibly making room for Frazier like clap said. We'll see, nice salary relief for them I guess, money really matters to them . But yeah...I saw Jabari Blash and I was like who?...then looked him up and I was still saying...who? When he's somehow an all star against all odds for the Yankees though, I won't be surprised.
  6. Winter Meetings 2017

    For Jabari Blash, odd, more to this probably to come. I guess just salary dump though.
  7. Pees to retire at seasons end

    Get Rex to come back
  8. Cardinals sign Mikolas

    That's exactly what I thought, if this guy got 8 million a year...oh my
  9. Maryland at Illinois

    Yeah this is a deep run type of team with Gary, think South Carolina type last year, except a little more talented and higher seeded to begin with. It would be night and day the difference of the team in November vs. March, under Turgeon its going to be the same.
  10. Schoop Extension Talks

    I agree, I'm not locking up Schoop necessarily to get Manny, but once I did I would at least try to use it. It might not mean even 0.1% of anything to Manny and probably shouldn't. However, and many call me crazy for thinking it, but I think Schoop is our only shot at keeping Manny. I just think the brotherhood/fun/chemistry/in it together type of thing and the fact both will rake in a fortune, might just be our only shot. I give the Orioles almost no shot at all to Manny don't get me wrong but there is just one tiny glimmer of hope and that is Schoop, just my opinion. In reality though, I am not one of those people who believe athletes should take discounts and not leave for the most money and all. That is great to live in a world with sunshine and rainbows but I'm all for players being greedy/taking most money, I know thats what I'd do. There is just something about those two that I think only way we keep both is just them going in it together and choosing to stay on their own, but highly unlikely.
  11. Schoop Extension Talks

    *Failed multi-quote attempt
  12. Schoop Extension Talks

    Lock up schoop and see if he can talk Manny into sticking around and continuing their friendship duo their whole career.
  13. That's the biggest knock, and a big one at that. Hard to disagree with anything you're saying, not really saying that I am. I think you see the program as one that should be a top tier program every year, and while that is definitely possible given the talent in the area, I'm not sure it can be consistently. Obviously we're never going to be Kentucky/Duke/UNC/Kansas, even that next tier I don't see us, but we should be better than we've been since the championship. We should be getting some deeper runs in tourneys here and there. And I guess I just see Turgeon as a better recruiter than Gary, more so than great recruiter overall and that being one of his strengths vs. in-game coaching. On 24/7 we've been ranked 69, 13, 45, 13, 55, 13, and this year 52 (which is odd because Morsell and Fernando seem as good as anyone we've had). Rankings don't mean everything, and honestly not as high as I thought, but some pretty good classes. It would be hard to ever crack top 10, we should be able to pull a top 25 every year, although thats not an easy challenge even given our area. Then the rest is on the players panning out, coaching, development, etc. We have a stud class coming in next year but this one has to develop more and Jackson is likely gone (even though he shouldn't be). We're at a frustrating position.
  14. I agree on a lot of points about Turgeon, he is what he is pretty much know what you're getting. Good recruiter, lack of in-game coaching abilities (although up until this year I actually always thought we were excellent on an offensive possession after any timeout). He is the opposite of Gary so tough to take, Gary was frustrating/lacking in other ways though. Too many turnovers but it's what we do, that goes back before T. Some of that and the free throw shooting can be put on him but I don't agree that all of it does. Cowan basically dribbled the ball off his foot the one late turnover, thats just embarrassing and 100% on him, it happens. Some of it is just the players too coming up small at the end of the game as well and just being sloppy with the ball on their own. I actually think this team is very similar to a lot of Gary's teams but Gary would have this team improving through out the year at a much better rate than Turgeon will, that is the difference between the two. Gary wouldn't have this much talent on the team though. Can't have it all I guess - only a few coaches out there that I think are really good in-game and recruiters. I'm also not a big believer in free throw shooting has much to do with the coach, we missed a lot down the stretch, we practice them a million times as much as anyone I'm sure, players have to make them. I liked Huerter taking the really deep 3 late when we were down, they give you that shot and I hate the quick 2, if you're going to come back you need to make up some ground, too many teams fall in love with the quick 2 but are just prolonging the eventual loss. Huerter played his usual good game, we needed that against Bonaventure would've easily won but you're gonna have your off games. I don't have much thought on the deep lay-up given up, thats on Turgeon. However, I also believe someone was in the wrong spot and the players should know what to do there regardless and they were mistaken. Strategy Conversation: Does anyone agree with Syracuse missing the free throw on purpose up 2 with 0.7 seconds left? You see it a lot and don't get me wrong I understand what they are thinking but I just completely disagree with that and always have. Tons of teams do it and they have coaches a million times smarter than me so I guess its correct it just blows my mind. I'm not claiming to be smarter than any of them. If Huerter hits that miracle full court shot we win. I know that missing the free throw gives us a 'worse shot' but its a prayer either way. We're going to get a full court shot more than likely anyway. I just always think, if they hit a miraculous 3 with less than a second left I at least would like it to take us to OT and not lose the game. I don't know I just always think about it at the end when I see that done and didn't know if others shared the same thought.
  15. You don't need a closer, yet every team chases one and tries to make one, with only a handful each year actually working out.