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  1. Oh for sure, I'm not chalking it as an automatic loss just because they're ranked. Just going to be a tough game, but we can do it. Would be a HUGE win and tone setter for the season. And yeah I've always thought that too. It seems like we deal with it more than usual, so what are we doing that causes this? But maybe just bad luck, who knows.
  2. Just watching his inconsistent throws last year/this preseason. Even in college he had a career 57% completion percentage, which isn't good. And in the ACC which is Power 5 but especially during those years, put plenty of weak opponents on the field against you. His rushing is what led him to be an elite college football player. It is what he's going to need in the NFL too but its much harder to succeed doing that at this level. I'm not one of those saying he needs to stop running and focus on throwing, he needs to run to succeed that is what he's best at. I'm rooting for the guy, and he doesn't have to be the greatest passer in the league to succeed by any means, but he has a lot of room for improvement. He CAN hit all the throws. I don't question his arm strength. But his decision making, motion, and inconsistency worry me. He also has to hold on to the football. I am interested this year to see what he can do for sure though. Like I said, I am rooting for the guy. I like him honestly, I think it would be very fun if he can improve and become a solid QB in this league. I just don't think it is going to work out for us unfortunately and thought it was a poor pick.
  3. I don't think anyone out there doubts Lamar's excitement, athleticism, big play ability. He's a fun guy to watch. I really am rooting for him. But I am one of the most negative people about him. I don't think he'll be in the league in 3 years unless he moves to some type of slot WR possibly. I'd love to be wrong and have been many times though. Just don't see him consistently being able to throw the ball or other teams not being able to halt the offense once it is limited by that and known.
  4. I think that game is crucial to the whole year. But who knows how accurate the pre-season polls turn out to be. If we win that game, I could see us going on a nice, exciting run. But a loss there and I think it dramatically reduces attendance, excitement, etc.
  5. Syracuse is going to be pretty good this year I think, I see that as a loss. But would be a huge early win. Unfortunately we are slated to play the following ranked teams: Ohio State (5), Michigan (7), Penn State (15), Michigan State (18), Syracuse (22), and Nebraska (24). Minnesota could be decent too. Going to be tough, but I agree I am intrigued by the team this year.
  6. I see Mount coming up next year and putting up Machado-like numbers offensively the next 5 years. I think his bat could be that good maybe better. I wasn't too high on him until this year. I'm not too worried about his walk rate or defense really.
  7. scbalt52

    Keegan Akin 2019

    Wait until next year or do you guys think Akin could be called up to finish the year with the O's?
  8. scbalt52

    Zac Lowther

    Yeah wow, that is pretty good.
  9. I assume there hasn't been any video of Davis' defensive plays leading up to this? I missed the game so didn't see any of the lazy plays. I have no problem with Hyde going after him if he was dogging it. It is what he should do. Would be fine with a straight release today it is time.
  10. Yeah this is where I'm at. I do think he has to learn where the players fit better and didn't know just from not being here (example Givens is a set up man). But when I think I don't like his bullpen management...I look at the bullpen and just laugh because there really is no management of this bullpen to improve it the slightest.
  11. For those of you that like and know how to deep dive in baseball reference...if you feel like looking up how many teams have had 2 sub-.200 hitters with at least 300 AB's in a season I would be curious. Martin and Davis are likely to reach those marks. Wouldn't think it has happened much if ever.
  12. That would be a fun group to follow
  13. They can rent Chris Davis for nothing as far as I'm concerned.
  14. I don't think it is too early to give up on him and obviously the GCL coach agrees
  15. Thanks I think its pretty accurate, but no guarantees! I'm sure there are a few mis-types and missed games in there somewhere. I try to cross check it now and again. I know the "Level" that the players are at aren't all correct as some have recently been promoted and I haven't updated it.
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