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  1. scbalt52

    Adam Jones Clears Waivers

    My score mobile app just mentioned the Yankees, and that we contacted them about him after he cleared waivers.
  2. scbalt52

    Our Guys Have Been Horrible For Other Teams.

    Encarnacion has been pretty good so far.
  3. scbalt52

    Orioles IFA Signings Thread

    Guess we signed no one
  4. scbalt52

    Who will be promoted?

    I didn't think Jones would take it well at all but he seemed reasonable about a month ago in this article: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-adam-jones-mullins-future-20180710-story.html
  5. Ding, Ding, Ding!
  6. scbalt52

    Renato Núñez

    I like him, I've been intrigued by him following him in the minors lately.
  7. scbalt52

    FINALLY....it's time. Thurs Aug 2nd vs Bears

    I couldn't believe that this is an additional pre-season game, not our week 1 game. Ugh, the last thing we need is more pre-season.
  8. Pitchers Hitters I keep these charts pretty updated on guys who I think are worth following, and just added the guys we have added in trades recently if you want to see how they stack up
  9. scbalt52

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    I would say that Schoop can play both SS and 3B adequately but thats just my opinion.
  10. scbalt52

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    Stop tweeting Carroll is in the building boys, tell us what we got from the Braves!!
  11. scbalt52

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    Glasnow, Meadows, Hayes for Archer potentially. Wow, can't wait for gausman reveal.
  12. scbalt52

    Tuesday's (7/31/18) Trade Deadline

    Camden Depot just mentioned it but yes let us all remember to watch for non-verified twitter accounts with deals in the final hour. They seem to get us every year.