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  1. I was paying 9.25 a beer last night on domestics. I honestly think the Ravens are cheaper on that now Bud light in a metal bottle.
  2. I know I don't post all that much but good to meet a few of you and place some faces with the names. My family had fun. Would love to do it again.
  3. Just took advantage of this for tomorrow and Hawaiian shirt night. That's a hell of a discount. Sitting in row 13 seats 1, 2, 3. My name is Ed and this is my daughter Kristen. Her first O's game a few years back.. She's a little older now.
  4. I thought a local owner named Peter Angelos would be the savior of the franchise in Baltimore.
  5. I find Brown to be boring. He only talks about the game going on and stats. I like a few stories and anecdotal information, the way Palmer does it. Lots of dead air between Hunter and Brown. Let’s face it these games are boring and I don’t care that the Seattle second baseman takes a 15% longer lead on the bases than the average player and that kind of thing.
  6. Does Rutschman being almost major league ready make a difference? His first few eligible years would be on a really bad team. Would it be better to go with Witt and let him develop over these lean seasons? Not advocating it, just asking.
  7. II played organized rec ball until last year. Finished up at age 50 playing in the Roy Hobbs annual tournament in Florida. My arm just finally gave out.
  8. Enough. I get the thing with Dempsey but if you think a person who played 24 years in the big leagues doesn't know anything and might be able to help is wrong - I really just do not know what to say.
  9. If Harold Baines is in then Al Oliver and his lifetime .303 batting average and 2,743 hits should qualify as well.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I'll miss Buck. Also thanks to the Hangout and all of you for keeping me informed. Lets hope the rebuild goes quick. No Punch Out Bordick for me, but yeah getting him out of the booth might be ok. LOL
  11. I don't care what happens but I can't stand watching games on ESPN and MLB Network when they have the strike zone box on live. (Or as Mike Bordick would say "punch out box") I do like seeing it on a replay like MASN does though.
  12. No team in their right mind would take Davis unless he goes back on the adderall. Maybe if he finally embarrasses himself enough you MIGHT get him to take a buyout but still he is getting paid.
  13. They owe every ticket paying customer their maximum effort as they all make so much more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime.
  14. No problem with Jones back after a trade on a reasonable deal. The youth movement could use a mentor. Just depends on the numbers. He gets moved out of CF for sure though.
  15. You can thank the city government for that and the issues with the police laying down and not arresting people although can't say I blame them. I was born and bred in Highlandtown and lived there most of my life. I moved to the county when my neighborhood became dangerous and no longer recognizable. I still love Baltimore but don't blame people for moving to the county to give their families a better option.
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