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  1. REGGIE JACKSON'S Lost Season

    Video footage. I have the entire game but this clip was on youtube. Reggie Jackson with the Orioles
  2. Astros Should Give Orioles What They Want for Britton

    Obviously the Astros didn't need Britton.
  3. Will the Orioles resign Jeremy Hellickson?

    I can't imagine how Tillman feels right now. What an awful season to have in a walk year. He probably thought he'd be cashing in. Now who knows what happens to him.
  4. Ben McDonald

    Get Ben to replace Mike "in the zone" Bordick and his "punch outs".
  5. We get Tim Beckham...and its a good pick up

    Rays fans not happy with this deal at least. https://www.draysbay.com/2017/7/31/16071860/mlb-trade-deadline-tampa-bay-rays-trade-tim-beckham-to-the-baltimore-orioles
  6. Lee May

    If you played baseball at anytime in Baltimore in the mid 70's there is no doubt you have shaken the bat at the plate the way he did. Rest in Peace "Big Bopper".
  7. Tillman. You know this has to be killing him in a contract year. This season is costing him millions.
  8. Kevin Gausman 2017

    I agree with this. He doesn't have a commanding presence on the mound. Looks lost. Also doesn't change speeds very well. He has a good arm and that seems to be about it.
  9. Is Gausman a bust?

    Gausman doesn't change speeds well and almost everyone throws 90+ these days. Just a geek with an arm so far. Not a commanding presence and might be better in the pen.
  10. vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/29

    I wouldn't either. He did his job and let it build some confidence for him maybe.
  11. vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/29

    According to Mike Bordick there have only been "punch outs" He still refuses to say the word strike for some reason.

    Steam pipe explosion on Eutaw St near the Marriott. Lots of streets closed in the area. Be aware if you are on your way to the game. All over the news right now.
  13. Mike Bordick and "punch outs"

    Maybe it is just be, but Bordick's refusal to ever use the term "strike out" is highly annoying during the O's TV broadcasts. Maybe walks should now be called "strolls"? I've never heard an umpire call a pitch over the plate "punch 1" Petty stuff I know and more important to get an Orioles win. Just wish Palmer would do more games.
  14. They Were Orioles?

    Hall of Famer Larry Doby spent spring training with the O's in 1958 but was traded just before Opening Day.
  15. REGGIE JACKSON'S Lost Season

    I have a Monday Night Baseball game on DVD from Memorial Stadium with Reggie playing RF for the Orioles. Might have to upload it to youtube. It's against the Royals very late in the season and the stadium is empty. Reggie hits a double.