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  1. Steam pipe explosion on Eutaw St near the Marriott. Lots of streets closed in the area. Be aware if you are on your way to the game. All over the news right now.
  2. Maybe it is just be, but Bordick's refusal to ever use the term "strike out" is highly annoying during the O's TV broadcasts. Maybe walks should now be called "strolls"? I've never heard an umpire call a pitch over the plate "punch 1" Petty stuff I know and more important to get an Orioles win. Just wish Palmer would do more games.
  3. Hall of Famer Larry Doby spent spring training with the O's in 1958 but was traded just before Opening Day.
  4. I have a Monday Night Baseball game on DVD from Memorial Stadium with Reggie playing RF for the Orioles. Might have to upload it to youtube. It's against the Royals very late in the season and the stadium is empty. Reggie hits a double.
  5. I have to respectfully go against that way of thinking. The franchise needs to think and act as a long term winner. I was disappointed when the Orioles were celebrating the division title on Opening Day a few years ago. Think the Yankees would brag about something that insignificant? I get it was something after years of losing but it seemed so small. Act like a champion and accept nothing less. That 7 year burn sounds nice but means nothing without one championship. They don't look built to do it in the next few years, so I'd be fine with getting a king's ransom for Machado and Britton (and others). If they are signable though = do it. Just don't lose them for a draft pick - especially Machado.
  6. Hall of Very Good to me, but if Don Sutton is in, then you can certainly make a case for him.
  7. Get a time machine, do not resign Chris Davis and use that money in a much better way. I never wanted them to resign him anyway, but just concerned that contract is a problem. It isn't the worst, but for what the Orioles got and how they spend (before this season) $16 million is a lot to swallow for what it got in return.
  8. In the end the Chris Davis contract will be in the discussion too.
  9. I hear ya, believe me. I used to be able to just go to games on the spur of the moment. Now with a 10 year old and a mortgage it isn't so easy. The marketing department somehow needs to capture the imagination of the millennial generation. Make Oriole Park the place to be again somehow.
  10. Never said I was blaming the Orioles, just my perspective. As for food, I get off work at 6:15. No time to run to the grocery store on a whim to bring food in. I'd have to eat within those 3 hours. And who said I was drinking at home by myself? I watch the games with my wife. Either way that's none of your business.
  11. I was driving home from work yesterday and came right up Conway St with Oriole Park in front of me. For a minute or two I thought about just going to the game by myself. But I like to sit on the lower level and that was going to be at least $40. Then I figured $15-20 to park so that was $60 right there. Decided to turn up the ramp to I-395 and go home and watch it on TV. I know that sounds bad, but I'm 48 years old and have fought the good fight for a long time. I still go to a few games a year. However last night the greeting of my daughter as I got home from work and a 70" flat screen won out. Plus the beer was cheaper.
  12. Winning franchises talk about championships not non-losing seasons. I understand the sentiment in the post. It's just amazing how low the bar has been set after 15 year in the desert.
  13. They got a lot closer than Lexington Market. How about right outside the stadium? I have no fear of going to the game as well but the rioting was going on right outside and it wasn't peaceful.
  14. Really enjoyed the piece. That's a side of Jim Palmer I've never seen before. :thumbsup1:
  15. The shift did them no favors. Burned twice with Rickard so far over towards Left Center.