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  1. Sucks we passed on Rece Hinds. Hope the kid and the FO prove me wrong.
  2. I pray there is a clause voiding his mf'ing contract if he starts the year 0-37.
  3. I pray he retires from embarrassment if he has another sub .200 year.
  4. This is an age-old debate but it pisses me off that Davis is crippling the team with his salary. As hard as it's going to be the league needs to work to adopt the NFL salary structure. No player should be guaranteed a full salary, especially being that they're a depreciating asset. Guarantee the first few years and the rest should be on a "prove it" basis.
  5. Not a poster, but a frequent reader. Still here through thick and thin. Let's go O's!
  6. Not sure if this was hypothesized but if by some miracle a team was willing to take Davis in the Machado deal and not give us any prospects in return, would you do it?
  7. Makes sense now. I was wondering why he wasn't part of the celebration for Segura's HR.
  8. His value keeps growing. Another HR!
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