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  1. We need to hope Britton can come back from his injury and have a few good few outings to show he is healthy. We could get a mammoth haul for him.
  2. Also, while I am in favor of selling this year, I did not feel this way in previous years. In 2013 and 2015 we still had a great bullpen and ok starting pitching. This year we simply don't. Can someone explain to me a scenario where we have a decent bullpen and starting pitching the rest of the year without giving up the farm?
  3. I posted in another thread last night that the starting pitching is too inconsistent for us to contend. We need to sell. It's unfortunate that our two most valuable assets (Machado and Britton) aren't worth as much as they were this time a year ago. As others have pointed out, we have a ton of assets we could move and we could completely revamp for farm system with trades.
  4. I really hope the team acknowledges the situation and sells at this point. We simply do not have the pitching staff to contend. We need multiple pieces in both the starting rotation and bullpen and we cannot get those pieces without giving our entire farm system up. If we bite the bullet and sell now, we could contend in a few years. If we don't sell, we could be looking at another 1998-2012 stretch. I hope I'm wrong and the team can turn it around, but you can't win games without pitching.
  5. is now saying a 15% chance of rain each hour. I just snagged amazing seats a few rows behind home-plate for my date tonight. I'll take the weather discount!
  6. Why do Toronto fans cheer at every fly ball? Are they that bad at judging pop ups lol?
  7. What happened to the umpire? I missed it.
  8. Well, our ST travel team line up looks better than most team's A line up.
  9. Thank you, Weams! I wish the Orioles website would make that clearer!
  10. Will the Orioles now scan mobile tickets on android phones? I just bought tickets for today's game and it told me to access them on the MLB app. I downloaded the app and it brings up the tickets with the barcode. Can I use this for entry? In year's past they wouldn't let you and I hate wasting ink for the tickets. Sorry to start a thread but I couldn't find anything in search results.
  11. Manny is great and I would love for him to be an Oriole forever but the Yankees have been cutting costs the last few years and are going to make a big splash at sometime soon. My guess is Manny will be one of their big signings. Also, let's say we do resign Manny, I would be really apprehension about signing someone with Manny's medical history. I know he's been fine the last few years but I can't help but think his knees are still ticking time bombs. If we sign Manny to 30 million a year and he has a couple major injuries, it would be devastating to the team.
  12. How many years now have we all hoped for a Bundy and Gausman 1-2 punch? If we get even close to that this year I will be a happy fan.
  13. The Gallardo trade doesn't look the best now.
  14. Don't play Schoop every single day. I love Buck, but I think his biggest fault is not giving the position players enough rest.
  15. That website makes my eyes bleed. In all seriousness, I don't think this is anything to worry about. This happens to me at least once or twice a year and you feel fine after sleeping normally the next night.