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  1. pwhite

    New Manny Updates from Heyman

    It must be hard to negotiate in good faith and make a true best offer when there's only a 50% chance a deal would be allowed.
  2. pwhite


    I've posted similar things before, but at what point do we really start to worry about long-term attendance problems? Sometimes I worry that allowing the Nationals in D.C. may have caused the death of the franchise.
  3. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone wrong so far. There isn't any reason they can't scrape back to .500. It's still super early. I just hope we are either in contention or way out of contention. I don't want us to be middle of the road at the trade deadline and make another Davies for Parra type move.
  4. pwhite

    Orioles announce new Theme Nights at the Park

    LGBT night is divisive? As someone under the age of 30, I think i can safely say the majority of people my age are fully in support of our LGBT friends and family. Sure, maybe some older generations may feel slightly uncomfortable, but go ahead and let them feel uncomfortable if they can't handle equal rights for all.
  5. pwhite

    O's in the Rotten Apple 4/5/18

    Why does this game start at 6:30? Seems odd.
  6. Roch reported the net present value is 47 million when you factor in the deferred money. This definitely makes the contract sound pretty good.
  7. pwhite

    Cobb only thread

    This is getting crazy at this point. Any team that signs him isn't going to get him for the first month of the season essentially. I don't know if his camp is waiting for a team to have a devastating injury and get desperate or waiting until past the deadline where you lose a comp pick.
  8. pwhite

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    If they give us the best package we have to do the trade. The Yankees are probably going to sign him anyway so I don't really see why one extra year of him being a Yankee matters. Plus, we will get some of their good prospects in return so it's really a 2-way street.
  9. pwhite

    Os requesting offers on Machado

    Sorry, if this has been asked but I don't want to search through 95 pages. How does the 72 hour window work? If we trade Manny the team gets 72 hours to work out an extension and if they don't the trade doesn't go through?
  10. pwhite

    Sign him.

    I still think it's too risky to sign him to a long term deal. He has surgically repaired knees and I just don't trust that he can stay healthy ten years of playing.
  11. pwhite

    Prediction for The Last 40 Games

    I'm not sure what our record will be, but the only number that really matters is we are 2 games back. If we get even a little hot, we can take the second wild card. No one in the AL seems to want that second spot.
  12. pwhite

    The Wildcard Race

    As much as that series lost stung, if we can sweep the As we are right back in the thick of things. Hopefully we can sweep an AAAA team.
  13. pwhite

    Will you be disappointed of we don't trade Britton?

    You can't help but wonder if the trade deadline was tomorrow if tonight would have changed things.
  14. I was surprised to not see a thread on this pick-up. Am I missing something here? For giving up international money (something we don't use anyway) this seems like a solid pick-up. None of his stats look too bad and he's only 23. Thoughts? https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=ramire000yef
  15. pwhite

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    I wonder how this all effects Brach? If we don't deal Britton until right around the deadline would there be time to deal Brach?