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  1. The bigger question is who is Laura Trags. I might have to start following her on Twitter you for inside scoop.
  2. bpilktree

    Dean Kremer 2019

    I wonder why only 5 inning and 71 pitches you would think he could have came out for 6th.
  3. I am guessing Shepherd and Eshleman are added to rotation here if Means misses a bit of time. I am starting to think they may not move Cashner or Bundy just because they are running out of starter options.
  4. The pen is his future I think because of injuries keeping him from getting experiences with breaking stuff in minors.
  5. Along with that who would have thought Schoop would have been non tendered after the season and it looking like a good chance Gausman joins him as a non tender guy after this season. I guess he not going to be next Arrietta like some said when he got dealt.
  6. They got what they don’t have is pitching.
  7. bpilktree

    2019 New York Yankees

    Plus Morales who this just got and I thought we had to many DH type guys.
  8. bpilktree

    2019 New York Yankees

    So they have outfield and DH of Judge, Staton, Encarcion, Frazier, Hicks, and Gardner plus Elisbury. This trade makes no sense but I guess when you can just throw money around who cares. Staton 28 million Elsbury 21 million Encarcion 20 million Hicks 10 million Gardner 8 million 89 million to outfield and that is with Judge and Frazier still pre arb.
  9. No one is going to claim him he will pass through so all the team would owe is about 300 k.
  10. This seems like a decent gamble imo to be pick up. Still just 30 and has had success in past wasn’t pitching that bad for Angels then they pushed him 2 innings week ago and had 2 very bad outings after to balloon his ERA. He can’t be worse then guys like Strally and maybe get little hot for two months and can move at deadline. I am sure he clears waivers as salary go high to take on so might be tough to get him as might want to go somewhere else but he could come here and get an opportunity to bounce back some.
  11. Harvey yes. Hall no he has all the pitches to be a starter and should be a good one unless he has injuries. Hall has the best pure stuff in the organization at this time.
  12. Ortiz and Rodgers have Era’s over a touchdown in AAA and you think it is the major league pitching coaches fault. Strally got released by one of worst teams in baseball and you want to blame Brocail. None of those three have any business in the majors this season if we had any depth they would be cut. I still can’t gigure out why Ramirez got released and those three didn’t. Not that I think he is a nugget but he atleast wasn’t embarrassing in AAA and the majors.
  13. They didn't give the Phillies any money though they gave them an opportunity to spend the Phillies money. I don't understand why people act like we gave them the money. How many scouts can we hire for 1m down in the Caribbean and Latin America with 1m extra dollars. Not spending it now may give them an extra scout or two that finds that diamond in the rough other teams missed and the connection to him that they wouldn't have had if they didn't have to money to hire those extra scouts. I could have bought a boat in the begining of the year that I didn't really like but instead i waited and talked to the guy that works in the Marina and talks to many boat owners around the area and said i would give him some money if he found what I was looking for. Now I have a boat I actually want and it cost the same amount.
  14. Walk off homers watching the ball is the only time today's generation isn't offended and the old school generation actually is offended.
  15. I am going to go out on limb he stood and watched it a long time. The camera couldn’t even find him he hadn’t even got to 1st yet.
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