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  1. This looks like the Wade Davis scenario for the Royals last season. Davis was a top of the line closer the previous 2 years then had a sub par year compared to the previous 2 years and was out the end of the year with am problems in 2016. They didn't want to pay him the big money with the question marks and moved him with one year left and a similar salary. Davis was traded for young Jorge Solar who was showing signs in Chicago but did not have a position in the outfield for him and no where to play him.
  2. Halliday's plane crashed into the Gulf of Mexico and one person is confirmed dead press conference at 4:30 for more updates.
  3. Mountcastle's Ceiling

    His offense of ceiling would be the guy that currently plays 2nd base for us. Has good hit tool, has solid power and nice frame and doesn't walk much and is aggressive at the plate.
  4. Rays extened qualifying offer to Cobb

    A guy with a known drinking problem going to the Brewers might not be the best place for him.
  5. Castillo declines option

    Ubaldo has one of the worst times to plate so getting 49% is amazing when he had to catch him in those starts. It was like a track meet granted he didn't last long in his starts so that helped.
  6. Rays extened qualifying offer to Cobb

    The Orioles have spent enough money to get good pitchers in the past they have just not made the right decision on who those guys were. Now if you are talking great pitchers or goes getting way overpaid by a team then yes I agree we won't go super long on a contract or pay 20-25 million a year but you can get a good pitcher in the same price range we paid for Ubaldo.
  7. Rays extened qualifying offer to Cobb

    Sabathia Can't move to get a bunt with his knee issues. I doubt he wants to play in a league he has to hit and try and run the bases.
  8. Castillo has til 5 pm today to make a decision so we should know a little bit more about what we have to spend along with some other teams with players with options. On a side note Wieters took his player option.
  9. That is a big move for the Rays offering him and that may keep us away from going after him. I would not give up the pick to get him with similar guys that I don't think get an offer.
  10. The cots numbers include Wellington 7 million and also 13 players and 9 million on guys that will make the minimum. So it is really 50 million to spend on the 14 spots. If we look at players hat for sure will make team. We have 9 spots and 46 million.
  11. MLBTR's FA starter contract projections

    The Red Sox are going to be chances the Dodgers pay roll based on these numbers. They already are at max what is another 50 million.
  12. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    mutual not neutral. I wonder if he will take a year off or just go to another team.
  13. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    The media is saying it was a neutral decision. I wonder if Girardi was just ready to get out of the media frenzy there.
  14. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Almost identical situation for Maddox then Buck and everyone was saying Buck was only manager that would make that idiotic move.
  15. Projected contracts for FA starters

    I am not sure why Lynn is getting less then Gonzo. Lynn is younger and has been better then him over the last 4 or 5 years.