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  1. bpilktree

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Patrick Corban got a six year deal for about 1.5 million less a year then Manny Machado. If we offered that people would be bashing us all over media for a token lowball offer.
  2. I absolutely hate Free agency in baseball anymore they drag this out longer and longer each year. Last year it was because the teams wanted to get under the caps or were saving money for this year where they could all spend freely. I haven't been following it as much as I used to because I know the Orioles won't be doing much but as a fan of a team and organizations they have to fix this. You have NFL and NBA that is a short period and a barrage of signings with the top players. MLB and players drag it for ever and leave the organizations in limbo and also hurts ticket sales. Teams start selling season packages and yet we have lots of guys still not signed. I wouldn't want to be a sales rep trying to sell plans for a team like Washington the White Sox just to name a few. Yes we are checking to see if you want to continue you season package this is what we are doing to improve the team and can't even let the fans know who their top players are going to be.
  3. bpilktree

    Interesting FAs

    I never said he would hit .330 again i said he is the guy that interest me. He has put up numbers before is young and has some serious talent. He hits the ball hard a lot which gets high a high exit velocity so you get more hits on the ground. He won't cost a ton in the 4-6 million range which is worth the gamble we could use another bat from the right side and with Trumbo still iffy for being ready to start the season he is a guy that can play there. His fielding isn't great but he had to play in Chicago which has huge alleys and makes it harder for him because of his range. Camden is much smaller in right field which will help him there some. He has killed lefties the last few years which is another plus to teams in contention and something teams look for at the deadline. .322/.379/.486/.859. I could easily see him put up .275/.330/.470/.800 line and .315/.375/.475/.850 line vs lefties.
  4. bpilktree

    Interesting FAs

    Karns or Pomeranz are two pitchers thaty would make some sense as a year deal. Both are young but have had some injuries which hurts them in free agency but could be guys to if healthy bounce back and help out for half the season and then be moved at the break. Avisail Garia is the guy that interest me the most. The talent is there and he is stll just 27 years of age but had a down year dealing with some injures but again was just 26/27 last year. In 2017 he was great and could be a guy if he comes back healthy in Camden could put up big numbers again. In 2017 he hit .330/.380/.506/.886 with 19 homers in 130 games. Id' offer him 1 year 5 million with a vesting option if he gets 400 at bats for another year and 7 million. He has the best chance because of his age to put up a big year and then you either move him if the deal comes up or keep him til the offseason at a decent contract that could be moved next off season.
  5. bpilktree

    Nick Markakis

    THere will be lot cheaper options then Nick and ones that will have more upside and bring back a higher return. THe only way it makes sense is if it is under 6 million.
  6. bpilktree

    Mlbtraderumors Orioles Offseason Outlook

    I agree they need to add another starter and someone like Pomeranz on a year year deal at $6 million or 2 years and $11 million seems like a solid low cost move with some upside to move if he is healthy. I would stay with what we have in the pen and outfield unless a very last signing for under $3 million a year. The infield I would like to see what Martin has but i also like D.J. Lemeihu from Colorado as an option. I usually hate Colorado guys but he has some impressive numbers that you don’t hear much about and they were talking about on MLB Network that he has some of the highest exit velocity number in the game. They talked how his launch angle is what hurts him from getting to that power. A 2 year deal for 16 million seems like a good gamble. You can then move Villar to short or look to move him in spring for some prospects.
  7. bpilktree

    Former Oriole Nelson Cruz Twins agree

    If only Cruz wasn’t so awful for a huge chunk of the season at the end. He put up three awful months in a row with ops of .646, .671, .725. He finished with a good last month but with that drop for the last 100 or so games total their had to be worries with his age. If only Dan had a crystal ball to see the future. Remember the Orioles were an average team the first half of that season even with Cruz performing as he struggled down the stretch they actually played better ball and pulled away.
  8. bpilktree

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

    Three page list on top prospects and somehow we got discussion on Hoes and a meth lab. I guess those two kinda go together. 😄
  9. It’s not like they were going to do much this offseason. They were not going to sign anyone or make any trades. I don’t think they were that far behind and they haven’t really been at rocket speed since.
  10. bpilktree

    Rank the #1 Draft Disappointments

    I went with Matusz because he was a college pitcher was in many eyes one of the most polished pitchers in the draft and was nearly major league ready at the time many thought. I think high school picks are more upside but a lot more unpredictable and can flame out when they face higher level competition. They also seem to be more injury risk. When drafting I don't really look at what a guy has done until maybe AA because that is where you see who really has what it takes and are not just guys getting by on pure talent. If you pitch well there then that is where I start getting excited. Brian did that and it was at a time we really needed a true TOR pitcher which i thought he could be for some years. He came up and looked good at one point at the end of the year with fastball change and a good curve. Then all the sudden the changeup disappeared with no warning or injury and things starting going downhill and forced him to the pen. He had a good year or two there when we were good but never really returned to rotation or his early success.
  11. bpilktree

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    How do they get better. Davis although he declined some on defense is still a better defender. That move has no effect to Trumbo if one Is DH one is 1st. He still has to play right field. They only way we can get better is trading Trumbo but that prob takes least til deadline.
  12. bpilktree

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    Because they may have a guy they would like to sign but don't have any money to do it. Just because one team sees a guy that they like that doesn't mean they are smarter then other. Why did some teams that have roster space pass on this draft while teams after them selected a player. Why do teams in the NFL draft trade their picks when another team trades up to get a guy. There is just as good a chance that Elias liked both Martin and Jackson and just liked Martin a little better but liked Jackson and had knowlege that a team coming up shortly would take him so he decided to move up to get him.
  13. bpilktree

    Waste of International Bounty. New GM. Discuss.

    If they did't want to spend it they could have just not spent it and it would not have cost them a penny. Instead they used it to pay 50k to a guy they wanted in the rule 5 draft. So they really spent money if they keep him compared to doing nothing and just letting the choice to spend the money expire.
  14. bpilktree

    I STILL Love Adam Jones

    Apparently Fake News.
  15. bpilktree

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    My guess is Elias showed Boras some analytical numbers that prove in fact when you leave the bat on your shoulder and do not swing, you do in fact have a 0% chance to actually get a base hit.