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  1. Better Win Tomorrow

    How many times have we seen a player like him traded period.
  2. vs. TIGERS, 4/18 (1:10 PM Start)

    Looks like both teams trying to tank this year to get the higher draft pick. Sardinas must not got the memo.
  3. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2018

    He doesn't have much of an option. Pedro never hit lefties, Sisco another lefty who has not hit lefties, Santander seems to be much better from the left side and then you have a weak hitting minor league hitter. So who is he getting benched for. When Trumbo comes back you will start seeing him benched vs lefties.
  4. Passan: Tanking Killing Baseball?

    Another dumb article by Yahoo. Last year in the first 6 games we played 2 vs the Jays and then a weekend series vs the Yanks and a Friday night vs the Red Sox. This year we had a weekend series vs the Twins and then a weekday series against the Jays. The fact that after opening day(which were both about the same in attendce) this year with 2 Twins games and 3 Jays games vs last year 1 vs Jays, 3 vs Yanks and 1 vs Red Sox with 4 of the 5 weekend series shows a difference.
  5. Sisco reminds me of Markakis

    Sisco will start on Saturday. They have night game on Friday and a day game 1:05 Saturday so even if a left starts which I don't think will as Velaquez has started in the rotation and is right handed. Buck will not play Caleb Friday night and Saturday afternoon.
  6. Another move Tuesday?

    You are sending Harvey down to pitch. I would rather he get a start in Bowie then sit out their in the pen.
  7. Another move Tuesday?

    Right now they have a 9 man pen with Wright in it and Harvey up.
  8. Another move Tuesday?

    I still think they add a position player for a game or two. Rickard defense and speed is better then Harvey up to just watch. Then when Trumbo comes back maybe this weekend or early next week he goes back down. Cobb comes up and Cortes gets sent back or they try and make a trade to be able to keep him and send him down(I don't see that likely though). I think he gets sent back.
  9. Trumbo's return imminent

    I expect that is what they do they push back Rasmus as far as they can. We have 12 days so far activate him no earlier then 12 days from now and he can take a 20 day rehab assignment and at that point they know if Santander is playing well enough to stay or add Rasmus or whoever else they may want like Pressley, or Saunders. 4 guys we should be able to find one that can atleast help the team some from the left side.
  10. Rare 1-2-5 DP

    I am trying to figure out how you get a 1-2-5-4-2 triple play. I get the 1-2-5 part and can see the 4 part thowing home, 3rd, 2nd, but who in the heck did the catcher get out to end the inning.
  11. Givens should be the closer

    The bullpen ERA is almost two runs lower then the starters and have thrown more innings then the starters. The starting rotation although improved in the off season still have much bigger question. Is Gausman ever going to put it all together? Was Cashner's season last year a fluke and the numbers show he was lucky last year? How will Cobb look with missing a big chunk of the spring. Who is the 5th starter? The only guy that doesn't have major questions is Bundy. The pen on the other hand has O'day who has been great or solid 5 of the 6 years in Orioles uniform with just that one season injuries hurt him. Brach has been great to good every season for us and in San Diego. Givens has been very good every year for us and Bleier has been great over his career in majors. Castro looked very good last year and I expect him to be good this year as well. The only question mark is the two rule 5 guys and if we can get the rotation pitching better will lessen the burden on them.
  12. Anyone else slowly growing tired with Buck?

    I take very little from the first 5 games. We faced a pretty good team in the Twins and clearly the best team in baseball all while pitching without maybe our best pitcher and starting Tilman and Wright in two games. The Red Sox lead but so far they have played two teams that basically gave up on the season in December and will most likely be the worst two teams in baseball. Their first 8 games are vs those teams so they were going to get out to a quick start. We have not played good in Houston in years and they are the best team in the game now. The offense has looked bad but last night we saw more like I expect not a lot of hits but a couple of homers.
  13. Cuts We Should Be/Could Be Interested In

    His arbitration was 2.3 million not 5 million plus. The Rays are on the hook for 575K so if he is picked up on waivers only have to pay about 1.7 million.
  14. Predict our Opening Day lineup!

    1. Beckham 3B 2. Rasmus RF 3. Manny SS 4. Jones CF 5. Schoop 2B 6. Davis 1B 7. Mancini LF 8. Pedro DH 9. Joseph. Buck usually like to get a lefty near the top of the order so I think he tries to break up all the right handed hitters at the top with Rasmus.
  15. Projected Orioles Opening Day Payroll 2018

    The one listed on the opening post is the one for the salary cap where the one in Cot's is the actual amount paid each year but the deferals are not listed.