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  1. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Trumbo for James Shields would you do it would the Sox do it. Trumbo owed 26 million over two years and Shield 21 million next and 2 million buy out.
  2. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    So what pitcher can we swap bad contracts for and hope he can turn it around.
  3. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    Hays and Beckham could be a fun 1-2 punch next year some actual speed at to of order.
  4. .500+ record, or no. 13 overall draft pick?

    The Yankees missed out on Mike Trout buy just a few picks when the Angels went out and took him at the 25 spot. The Yankees would have taken him at 28 if he fell those 4 more spots.
  5. With 17 games to play....

    4 years 52 million-60million.
  6. With 17 games to play....

    Chen was also healthy and pitched a lot more then Cobb has over the years. Chen was coming off back to back 31 start seasons. He had an average of 29 starts over his 4 years in MLB and over 30 3 of the 4 years. He has never thrown over 27 games before this season. Being durable is getting you extra years and money especially with so may pitching injuries today.
  7. Turn Out the Lights

    The deal for Britton was not good enough to make the move. A deal headlined around Colin Moran is not a deal he should have made so getting upset about that has no point. He also was not going to trade his record breaking reliever in the off season so again getting mad there has no point. No GM is going to trade their closer in that situation.
  8. Sunday Night Baseball (vs. INDIANS, 9/10)

    Right now I feel it is up to Timmy, Manny and Schoop and after that the rest of guys will do nothing.
  9. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Ok time to start our run to the playoffs. The Mariners win today that will mean 5 teams with 71 losses and 2 back in loss column going into our game.
  10. I think Cashner is a good pickup but he is pitching well and may get more money then he should get with weak free agent class. Cashner looks good today against the Yanks.
  11. I don't want Vargas he has been god awful the last 3 months. July era 7.23 August era 7.18. and 32 in September. He is 35 next year and someone will overpay because he left handed.
  12. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Gausman seems very similar to another high end prospect that is also 26 this season and everyone is waiting for them to blossom into the ace or top of the rotation staff. The question is will they make that step or will they just show glimpses of it. That guy is Julio Teheran. Both work in the mid 90's but can dial it up to the high 90s. Gausman a little more velocity then Julio. Neither has much movement on the fastball which causes more solid contact then you would expect and not much swing and miss. Kevin's split change and Teherans straight change are their swing and miss pitch but have to use that with the fastball to have it work the best. Julio and Kevin have both not been able to establish that third pitch with any consistency which makes it hard for them to succeed if they don't have the great command of the two plus pitches they have.
  13. Will you be pleased with this season if...

    I am satisfied now already. I started following the Orioles about 95. So I had to go through 14 years of seeing a team that by the middle of June was out of it and the June draft was a highlight and the hopes of a team that was in contention next year. Now I can actually watch an entire season and still have hopes of a playoff series and even though slime a chance to win it all.
  14. My kingdom for the Joe Angel HR call

    I just like watching the reaction of the fans. The two guys in the front behind the plate told it all. The guy in the Orioles shirt jumps up and the guy in the Yankee shirt is looking at the phone then looks up and you can just see in his face he knows it is gone.
  15. The Wildcard Race

    The Twins have a very easy schedule down the stretch but the Angels have a brutal schedule down the stretch. 6 vs Mariners, 6 vs Astros, 3 vs the Indians, 3 vs Rangers and 4 vs White Sox. The Indians are hot which may help us down the stretch by putting pressure on the Astros to not rest their starters for home field advantage. A month ago I thought that they would coast into the home field but now they have to keep playing well or may lose it.