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  1. I would move Peralta for Chacin. He is actually a guy I could see DD go after. He won't cost too much and would be an upgrade for Ubaldo.
  2. I would have traded Peralta for Jaime Garcia which seems about what the Twins gave up to get him.
  3. We have 9 more vs the Rays.
  4. I don't thing the sell off of the bullpen will take years to rebound from. They can move Britton Brach Castillo, and Smith and still compete next year if they do it right. Next year we will still have a very good core in Manny, Schoop, Mancini, Davis Trumbo, Bundy and Gausman. They can resign Tilman if they like and still have a solid 3 starters. If they can get one starter that is major league ready in the Britton or Brach deals that would allow us to sign just 1 starter to have a possible solid 5 man rotation. We are 3 games out of wild card now manly because of Ubaldo and Tilman struggles. If you can replace Ubaldo with an average starter and Tilman looks more like he has last few starts that would be a huge bump up.
  5. I think you missed the schedule up some. We play 7 of the last 9 games of the year vs the Rays. We have 9 games with them left.
  6. These next two games pretty much define our season we have two big games and have to send out Miley and Ubaldo(not sure why if you think you are in it how can you start him but we will). Right now Johnny G is not getting anytime and he wont pinch hit for anyone with Tejada swinging a hot bat. I would make the next two games like a playoff game and put 8 men in the pen because of the up coming off day. Today we use Miley, Castro Hart and whoever we bring up if we are behind if they have the lead you go with the top guys minus Brach who i think will get rest. Ubaldo's start is a start with a leash about two base runners long. You can have Givens for two innings, Oday and Brach for another 3 innings and Britton for 1. That gives us 6 innings to cover for Ubaldo if he can give us just 3 innings. I would have Janish on taxi squad in case an injury occurs today or if you just want to send down the pitcher tomorrow. If we have an injury in middle infield today, Manny would go to short and Davis can go to third for an emergency.
  7. Garcia goes to Twins. I would have taken the trade for us to get him for what it cost. Twins 22nd prospect.
  8. I am going to hate watching him make plays like that against us.
  9. Oaks in his minor league career in 400 innings has only given up 9 homers and 71 walks. He makes people put it in play and mostly on the ground. At the very least he could be a nice bullpen arm if he can't start.
  10. Cory Kluber came back as a lottery ticket for Jake Westbrook. If he pitches well next start I think a team may take a gamble on him. I would take a guy like Oaks out of the Dodger system for him. I know Oaks isn't highly regarded but the guy gets people out and does not walk people 18 walks in 84 innings.
  11. The double play has killed us today 4 in 6 innings.
  12. I still think the Astros need a starter more The a reliever. McCullers has struggled lately and Kuechal has been on DL. They have Peacock and Fiars but they are not guys you want facing the big boys in the playoffs imo.
  13. That would s the big thing it is not just if your team gets a guy it is also if it keeps the other team getting him. I bet the Tiger GM regrets everyday not adding a piece to sweeten the deal. If you don't give up a piece and let him go to another team and then he joins a team you play in the postseason and he is the main guy to knock you out you will be regretting it everyday.
  14. Martes Fisher Moran would work for me.
  15. I know one thing their bullpen not pitching well today. Tampa blew lead in 9th as well.