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  1. Cashner signing

    128 million.
  2. I think he ran out of gas last season, as he had only a handful of inning the previous two years with the injury taking him out both years.
  3. Call the date. Time and player.

    The 121 includes the 14 guys making the minimum. We are at 111.7 with the 11 major league contracts
  4. I think they can make a trade for one but from reports on Mchugh the Astros want some help in bullpen but I doubt that Brach would be who they want and more interested in Givens. If they would take a deal around Brach I think Dan may make a trade.
  5. Would it really make any difference if he said yeah we have discussed it with them. Then you would just here people say yeah right with some low ball offer they won't give either one a good offer and just low ball them.
  6. Slow Offseason around MLB

    That year may have been the turning point in Free agency. Besides Greinke thos guys have been average or awful for the most part. Add in Davis to that list and a few others and you can see why the long term deal is struggling now.
  7. Another approach to a left handed OFer

    I see no reason to start Hays at the start of the season. Keep him down for a month and get the extra year. We are not competing this year with Hays or without him for a month but it may man competing with that extra year.
  8. So Caleb can play first base though he has never really done it and Davis can't play outfield even though he has been above average in his career as an outfielder and actually when he played it as primary position few years ago well above average. If Davis would have been a right fielder the entire time he would have been a decent one in right.
  9. What if Arrieta falls to the O's?

    Jake has a better chance signing with the Giants then the Orioles and that is the Yomiuri Giants of the Japanese league.
  10. Where is the starter market? Where are the O's?

    I think the Dodgers want to sign space and our trying to move a player or two. The problem is teams don't want to help them out unless they attach a top notch prospect with them. That seems to be the underlying reason why the market is cloggged up. Why would a team help out the Dodgers and allow them to get under they luxury enough so they can add Darvish. That also will restart their luxury tax and help them in future years with signing guys. Teams not only are helping them to take on a contract like Kemp but it also gives the Darvish and space in the future. I think teams realize the only way to really be able to compete with the big market teams is to force them to go over luxury tax a few years in a row to get to that 50% mark on signing guys. That way they when they are offering big money to future free agents like Harper Manny and other that 30 million is actually 45 million or that 20 million is really 30 million because of luxury tax rules. Letting the Dodgers or Yanks stay under and add guys now also helps them in the future with their players and future free agency.
  11. Orioles Acquire Catcher

    Susac was a former top 100 prospect after being drafted in 2nd round. He is a high OBP guy in the minors but has been slowed due to injuries last two years. If he is healthy he is a decent backup option.
  12. Slow Offseason around MLB

    I'll wait until the players sign before i make a decision on if they have wised up. If Martinez and Hosmer still get 7 year deals at 25 per year i think the owners haven't learned.
  13. Should we stay close to our computers today?

    The Brewers did a good job by turning in Johnathon Lecroy career season with a month and a year left on his contract into a prospect like Brinson and then moving him as main piece to get a future star in Yelich
  14. Congrats to Jim and Vlad!

    I think people also forget how good Vlad was during his playing days. He could have been a 500 hr guy and 1500 RBI guy with a .300 average if he held on and played into his late 30's. He finished with 449 homers 1496 and .318 lifetime average.
  15. Congrats to Jim and Vlad!

    Thome was one of the most feared hitters in baseball in the late 90's and early 2000s. He hit homers yeah but he had ton of RBI and he took a walk. 13 years in that span with over .390obp.