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  1. bpilktree

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    The only way the Dodgers win the trade is if they win the World Series if not they just traded some prospects for a rental that didn’t help them win it.
  2. bpilktree

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    I’d bring him back if he isn’t let Beckham walk and then pay Schoop 8 million. Villarreal at SS Schoop at third Mountcastle at 2nd.
  3. bpilktree

    Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

    All international players go in the draft in the NBA which is nothing like what happens in baseball.
  4. bpilktree

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Britton should still be on roster.
  5. bpilktree

    Top Manager Candidates

    Vizquel won the Carolina League manager of the year and led Winston Salem to first and second half titles in the league. I haven’t seen his name mentioned much but he is younger guy on rise imo. Let’s beat the other teams to him.
  6. bpilktree

    Top Manager Candidates

    I’d like to see a guy like Omar Vizquel. He interviewed for managers job in Detroit but got passed over with not having manager experience. He then went down in the White Sox system and managed in the minors last season getting him some experience. He would be a guy like Cora imo. A younger guy well known in the Latin community and seems like a manager type very good baseball iQ that outplayed his talent level.
  7. bpilktree

    Time to Follow the Rays SP Theory

    The As went with the idea to start a bullpen guy in the Wild Card game and he gave up two runs in the first inning and set the tone for the entire game.
  8. bpilktree

    An Off-Day is so Much Easier to Stomach......

    Always better to have a bunch off days after a win.
  9. bpilktree

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    Most of these lists favor teams that have a major impact player compared to death. Even if you look at the Years were we were ranked high in prospect rankings we had some top guys but our overall depth was terrible behind those few guys. Now we have very solid depth but not the impact prospect if we can add two or three top guys we will sky rocket quickly up the prospect list. Similar to the White Sox did. They were bottom farm few years ago but added Jimenez and Kopech and flew up the rankings.
  10. bpilktree

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    True but they still got little for guys with lots of control and not a ton of money on their contracts except for Stanton. Ozuna had the same smount of team control as Schoop and cost about the same. They traded him with 2 years left in the off season and got less then we got for Schoop and Ozuna had a better year then a Schoop. Trading has a lot to do with timing. The Yankees like usual got lucky and when they were looking to trade had the Cubs and Indians both in contention and also a team that hasn’t won a championship in years. They also had top farm systems at the time when wanting to make a trade. This year if you look who has the best farm systems besides the Braves the teams in contention have weak farms.
  11. bpilktree

    BR: O's farm system 18th; list of 10 prospects

    The Marlins traded Stanton, Yellich and Ozuna and Dee Gordon and are still ranked 27th best far. All those guys were younger with years of control and they got little to anything show. At least we traded our guys with little control past this year for guys in our top 10.
  12. bpilktree

    Who’s in your MiL top 20?

    This is my top 20. 1. Hays. I believe he was hurt most the beginning of year. 2. Hall 3. Diaz 4. Mountcastle 5. Aiken 6. Rodriguez 7. Kreamer 8. Ortiz 9. Tate 10. Lowther 11. Mckenna 12. Henifee 13. Adam Hall 14. Encarcion 15. Carroll 16. Knight 17. Carmona 18. Baumann 19. Pop 20. Wells
  13. bpilktree

    Trey Mancini is going to trend up

    What is the average for a 1st baseman with power in the American league anymore. Only 2 guys in the American League that have qualified as a 1st baseman have OPS over .800 Abreu at .821 and Smoak at at .813. .
  14. bpilktree

    Mullins and Stewart aren't getting any younger

    Why spend extra money on a season like this. If you start cutting players you have to still pay them. Then you have to pay those guy's the extra money on top of that as a major league contract. the service time issue is always a thing to think about for guys like Stewart that may go up and down at some point. 30-50 games may make them super 2 at some point.
  15. bpilktree

    (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    I still believe he ends up in Cleveland. The Indians have taken a shot the last few years but now are reaching their window with their bullpen options about to hit free agency. I think Peter would ok a trade with them over any other team in the AL because it will give them a chance to knock out the Yanks or Sox in playoffs which Angelos would love. Machado to Indians for Bieber, Chang, Jones, and another low level pitcher would be a fair trade imo. It keeps the Indians with their top two guys but gives the Orioles some starting pitching and infield help on the left side of the infield.