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  1. 25 Nuggets

    Harper to Phillies reported

    I want to know why Dallas Keuchel isn't signed yet.
  2. 25 Nuggets

    Austin Hays

    Hays was a hot name not long ago... now it seems like he's being forgotten. Prospect ratings can be volatile from year to year.
  3. 25 Nuggets

    Manny signs with Padres

    This certainly works for me. Machado out of the American League for some time. Machado NOT in a Yankee Uniform. And a deal that won't infuriate the MLBPA.
  4. 25 Nuggets

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    The media narrative is being driven by the agent, so...
  5. 25 Nuggets

    Question: Is that Ryan Mountcastle at first base?

    I know sticking him at first may hurt his WAR or whatever with the positional adjustment, but I'm still happy to see this. Instead of Davis and Trumbo there should be Mancini and Mountcastle.
  6. 25 Nuggets

    Anyone Following Manny? (Signs with San Diego)

    Front loading the contract might actually get the player to sign there as well. More immediate money being more attractive.
  7. 25 Nuggets

    Spring Training Observations and Photos/Video Thread

    I can already tell Chris Davis is going to be my least favorite story line of the season. I don't care about him anymore; he's a sunk cost
  8. 25 Nuggets

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    We'd get to hear everything we ever wanted to know about Gene Woodling
  9. 25 Nuggets

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    I would love to hear Terry Ford call an actual game while intoxicated
  10. 25 Nuggets

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    Pearl Jam is Rachmaninoff compared to mumble rap #PeterGabriel
  11. 25 Nuggets

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    Open tryouts - if anyone can make the upcoming month sound interesting they earn the job (why not follow the team and bring in somebody younger -- just sayin)
  12. 25 Nuggets

    Happy birthday to our Weams

    Happy Orbit weams!
  13. 25 Nuggets

    Clay Davenport projects Orioles at 62-100

    This team as constructed could lose 120 games.
  14. 25 Nuggets

    Formula for Success

    I think the "too much talent" thing doesn't correlate strongly with baseball. Reason being, there is no play clock, and very little sharing of the baseball. You have the pitcher, and you have the man at the plate facing him one at a time. It's a series of one-on-one battles, not entirely, but essentially. Being synergistic is what I would say is the key intangible. Particularly the relationship between the pitcher(s) and catcher(s). To a lesser extent, defenders knowing who to catch a ball, base runners on 2B communicating with the batter, etc. So what a successful baseball team usually looks like, I think, is a team with a high aggregate of talent. They may not have the best player in baseball, but they have very few holes on the team. The 2nd best at 1B, the fifth best at 2B, the ninth best SS, the sixth best 3B and so on.
  15. 25 Nuggets

    Frank Robinson has passed

    Frank Robinson is 83 years old. Holy crap. Brooksie pulled through recently; sounds like Frank's a fighter too.