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  1. "NOW PITCHING pitching pitching... WILTED wilted wilted... LETTUCE lettuce lettuce..."
  2. He's catching all the breaks that Manny misses I guess
  3. Nah - he's OPSing .910 for July, he's fine.
  4. I'm up for that move.
  5. It's also evidence that there is no one else that can do better than him. Which is really bad. But plausible.
  6. And of course some people blame the HR derby. Hey whatever works.
  7. A raging evening of dancing and cocktails? Wouldn't put too much stock into it.
  8. Needed a breather, missed a four game win streak. Alright then
  9. Called up? Where's Joe Angel?
  10. I keep telling myself, "without Ubaldo, Nelson Cruz doesn't come here". Because the team would forfeit the 1st round pick for Jimenez, but not for Cruz. But yeah, on its own it was a bad, bad signing. IMO, eclipsed by the Gallardo signing. And then both of them eclipsed by the Miley trade. Three terrible SP moves. Which brings us to today.
  11. The color guy has got to be Ben McDonald but I mean the play-by-play guy, not familiar with him.
  12. Ubaldo is like playing the slot machine. You could win big, but usually the casino gets your money.
  13. I have no idea who is announcing this game on the radio. Anyone know?
  14. The Ghost of Jake Arrieta says "hi".
  15. Could not put it better.