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  1. 25 Nuggets

    Adam Jones Trade Expectations

    Teams have interest in Schoop??
  2. 25 Nuggets

    Chasing the Worst Record Ever

    For those playing the name game, here is the list of players with at least 25 PA or BF for the season Position Players (20) Shane Halter Bobby Higginson A.J. Hinch Omar Infante Brandon Inge Danny Klassen Craig Monroe Warren Morris Eric Munson Dean Palmer Craig Paquette Carlos Pena Ben Petrick Cody Ross Alex Sanchez Ramon Santiago Andres Torres Matt Walbeck Kevin Witt Dmitri Young Pitchers (20) Matt Anderson Steve Avery Adam Bernero Jeremy Bonderman Nate Cornejo Eric Eckenstahler Franklin German Gary Knotts Wil Ledezma Shane Loux Mike Maroth Chris Mears Danny Patterson Nate Robertson Fernando Rodney Matt Roney Brian Schmack Steve Sparks Chris Spurling Jamie Walker
  3. 25 Nuggets

    Chasing the Worst Record Ever

    The Orioles are 28-72 after 100 games. They are sitting at a .280 win percentage. Nearly 3 losses for every 1 win. This means they are on pace for a 45-117 season. In the Modern Era, starting in the year 1900, here are the worst records ever: In 1916 the Philadelphia Athletics of Connie Mack put forth a season that still holds up for least wins and worst win percentage (36-117, .235). This was a result of the newly formed Federal League sapping talent from what was recently a dominant ball club, including the famed "million dollar infield". In what is reminiscent of a restricted Free Agent fire sale, Mack would not match the Federal League's offers to many of his best players. The 1916 team still featured Stuffy McInnis (1B), Wally Schang (LF), Amos Strunk (CF) and a 41 year old Nap Lajoie (2B) and put up a respectable 90 OPS+. The pitching however struggled to an awful 73 ERA+ (which in the Dead Ball ERA meant a 3.92 ERA, an ERA that would be 12th in the majors today). They scored 447 runs, and gave up 776 runs, for a Pythagorean W-L exactly the same as their real record (36-117). It took the team nine years before they posted a winning record again in 1925, leading to the second Philly A's dynasty featuring Al Simmons, Mickey Cochrane and Lefty Grove. Fast forward to 1962 and the New York Mets. This expansion franchise's first year gave us the most recorded losses in a season (40-120, .250). It is understandable, especially in a time where the top teams stayed there (Yankees, Dodgers, White Sox, Giants, Twins, Cardinals, Reds). The star of the team was a 35 year old Richie Ashburn, who put up a pretty good season, but the team OPS+ was a meager 82 and so was the team ERA+ (with a stinky looking 5.04 ERA). They scored 617 runs, and gave up 948 runs, and just like the Philadelphia team, their Pythag W-L matched their real W-L record. Also like Philly, the Mets took the better part of a decade before posting a winning record in 1969, and that team that we all know as the "Miracle Mets" beat the Orioles in the World Series. The worst record in a 162 game season belongs to the 2003 Detroit Tigers, finishing 43-119 for a .265 win rate. Considering the circumstances of the other teams, one can certainly make the argument that this is the worst season of all time. They had an OPS+ of 83 and an ERA+ of 81.... very close to matching the '62 Mets. How many players on that team can you name without looking? Seven players on that team had 1.0 or more rWAR. Twenty four (24) players on the team had a negative WAR. The grand total of the entire team was 4 WAR. Four. They scored 591 runs and gave up 928 runs. And they once again matched their Pythag W-L with their real W-L, on the dot. Fortunately for the Tigers, it only took them three years from this miserable season to make it to the World Series in 2006. The Orioles are very close to joining this group. Their team OPS+ is 85. Their team ERA+ is also 85. They've scored 353 runs and given up 516 runs. And yet again, they are matching their Pythag W-L of 28-72. Without their best offensive player by far, Manny Machado, they may sink just that one extra bit to make it to the bottom. The Tigers were the only team of the three mentioned that benefited from a draft the following year - however they picked second because of alternating AL/NL rules. So in 2004, San Diego drafted infielder Matt Bush with the first pick. Then with pick #2, the Tigers drafted... Justin Verlander. One can only hope the Orioles make such a draft pick in 2019.
  4. 25 Nuggets

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 7/22

    Nice loss today boys - pulled it out from the clutches of victory.
  5. 25 Nuggets

    2019 Draft Order Tracker

    negative games behind... LOL
  6. 25 Nuggets

    Finding a market for Valencia

    Philly, Milwaukee and LA... how bout that. All three finalists for Machado. Not much extra scouting work need be done.
  7. 25 Nuggets

    I think we just saw the passing of the torch

    Loin, if you're capable please grab somebody at the warehouse and tell them to sign Victor Victor Mesa.
  8. 25 Nuggets

    Updated Farm System Rankings After Trade

    Charge of the Light Brigade right there. (apologies to Tillman)
  9. 25 Nuggets

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Cleveland gave up Francisco Mejia, one of the top prospects in baseball, for Brad Hand. Britton has nowhere near the control time left that Hand does, but one would think this helps his market a little. Hoping for a back-half Top 100 guy.
  10. 25 Nuggets

    And Manny will wear #8... the pain is REAL!

    If anything it might be a bit of an honor for Cal
  11. I did. I thought they would be stupid enough. I've seen the stupidity before. I am so happy to be wrong.
  12. 25 Nuggets

    Updated Farm System Rankings After Trade

  13. Do it. Sign him and only him with all your INT money and make a statement.
  14. 25 Nuggets

    Updated Farm System Rankings After Trade

    I want to see the team stack a second lineup as good as that one. That way when half of them fail, we'll still have a top tier lineup.
  15. 25 Nuggets

    Updated Farm System Rankings After Trade

    OK how's this S Mullins (CF) R Diaz (RF) R Mancini (1B) R Schoop (3B) R Mountcastle (DH) L Sisco (C) R Hays (RF) R Bannon (2B) whoever plays SS (not in organization) DJ Stewart is 4th OF, occasional DH and LH pinch hitter.