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  1. With 17 games to play....

    Could next year's rotation possibly be worse than this year? Scary thought
  2. Someone should just lock the thread already.
  3. TT: Is this really the worst season of your fandom?

    That's a pretty good summary. I get the feeling that this team won about as many games as it can, and that there is room for improvement for next season with certain bad contracts ending. Maybe that's the key - hope for next season.
  4. What's up with Jones' glove

    I don't really think he's be any less banged up, but that's me.
  5. What's up with Jones' glove

    It's tough when you see things that need to happen like moving Jones to RF well ahead of time, and you know there's nothing you can do about it.
  6. Turn Out the Lights

    I believe you are correct. Things were looking up after the winning streak, but the team could not sustain it.
  7. @ INDIANS, 9/09

    Well, it was a nice run... but then the team ran into the Yankees and Indians.
  8. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Enjoy Terror did that? Wow, we have an internet celebrity!! Neat! As an aside, Mark Reynolds has to be one of the most photogenic Orioles ever. I miss him in that regard.
  9. In the end, I will remember him fondly as an Oriole, and I think the nation will most often remember him as an Oriole too.
  10. Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Mr. Angelos not only had a hand in resigning Trumbo, but also Davis, in my opinion. I don't think Duquette left to his own devices would have done either contract. As far as Alvarez goes -- I think the organization treated him well, considering. They gave him a minor league gig and a chance to learn OF defense. They really didn't have to do that -- OF is the best / deepest position on the farm aside from maybe relief pitching. Consider last year's NL Home Run king, Chris Carter. Signs a small deal with the Yankees and flames out anyway. He went from 41 HR to on the street in less than a year. Guys that do nothing but hit HRs are no longer a valuable commodity. Which is probably more of an indictment on the Trumbo contract than the treatment of Alvarez. [EDIT] before I even finish typing Frobby counters my last point, lol. Davis has more value than the others because he can play 1B at a high level. I dunno about Trumbo.
  11. Kevin Gausman 2017

    He must be tipping his pitches. The Yanks are using the YES Network to figure him out.
  12. Kevin Gausman 2017

    Damn you Kevin Gausman. He's got to learn how to pitch the Yankees if he wants to take the next step. He gets 3-4 starts against them every year.
  13. Sign him.

    I think he's got a big ego too. I think quite a bit of players as good as he is have a big ego. Kinda goes with the territory. You could even say it helps their competitive advantage.
  14. The Wildcard Race

    Yeah but the Twinkies, Halos, Rangers and Rays are all 6-4. Must keep winning.
  15. Austin Hays

    I'm good with a Hays/Smith platoon on the other side of Mancini and Rickard on the bench taking Gentry's backup CF role.