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  1. Rock solid outing by my man Nuno.
  2. who knows if he could've got out of it with the ball correctly called foul.
  3. And taking more walks, and playing deeper in CF... it's amazing!
  4. Can she drink it without using her hands though?
  5. Soon as they dropped "devil" from their name, with God's blessing they won 90 games or more five of their next six years... starting with their first and only World Series appearance.
  6. I admit, I am loving the bad PR that the Red Sox (and their media) are getting from this. And I like Pedroia's integrous stance. Also, it seems Ed Rodriguez really didn't want to go after Machado, being a former colleague and all.
  7. Assuming the option does not vest, and I think that's a reasonable assumption at this point -- what is the team going to do at SS? Finally move Manny over, for one season? Play Paul Janish there full time?
  8. Sure you can... you can ask for the best! 1st place or nothing! (didn't say it was reasonable)
  9. LOL yeah - this year would be this third. I'll stand by my "reincarnation of Mickey Mantle, without injuries" statement... Trout almost has as many stolen bases as Mantle in his career, already! And Mantle was known for stealing a few in his day.
  10. I don't think Manny is ever going to hit consistently like Trout or Harper. career OPS+ 117 Machado 141 Harper 170 Trout ...but that's not the point of why he is so valuable. It's his combination of offense and defense. BTW neither Machado nor Harper are even close to Trout in overall value. No one in the history of baseball matches Trout in value through age 24. Mickey Mantle comes close and that is the only guy I can think of off the top of my head to compare Trout to. They are very similar players. Maybe Trout can be what Mantle could have been without his injury problems.
  11. Hmmm... I wonder if the Boston media called for the pitch? Can MLB suspend them? That would be cool.
  12. I'll never forget that he was the guy who dressed down David Ortiz in the dugout after Ortiz killed the phone.
  13. Will wonders never cease
  14. 5-0-1 after winning the first two games vs the Red Sox.
  15. Yes, I'd say mission accomplished at this point regardless of tomorrow's outcome.