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  1. I'm cool with that. It was going to be him, Jones, Hosmer or Crawford. A'ight, peace / out
  2. Joe Torre IS old. My TV just shut off for maintenance! did Jones get MVP?
  3. Alright, that was fun! Now looking forward to seeing Jonesy and Givens back in an Oriole uniform.
  4. Yep. Actually the Orioles were the first team to sign him as a free agent, so he's kind of a cousin to those two.
  5. Was an Oriole farmhand for half a season, remember that? Since Oakland purchased him, he's been 16-12, 2.75 ERA, 140 ERA+, 1.0 flat WHIP.
  6. Wow, I just realized Adrian Beltre is probably going to get to 3000 hits this season! Don't mock me, the announcers are talking about cosplaying.
  7. Except without Joe Girardi whining about something every visit.
  8. It's tomorrow now. Do you know where yesterday went?
  9. I was saying this kinda feels like Canada Men's Hockey winning the gold in 2002. Not quite as dramatic or as long a dry spell.
  10. Ian Kinsler is one of the more underrated players of his generation, IMO. He is on a HOF track by statistics but he'll be another one of those "didn't feel like a HOF" compiler players. Look no further than his predecessor, Lou Whitaker.
  11. I have never seen a swing with as much raw power as Giancarlo Stanton. Not even Barry Bonds. When he swings and misses I can feel it from my seat. ...and of course it's a lil base hit, haha
  12. So I gotta ask... why all the bleached hair on Puerto Rico's team?
  13. Huh. Interesting. Hosmer HBP