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  1. The Blue Jays have six on that list? After trading half their farm system away? Must be doing something right in player development.
  2. Still, some teams do much better than others. Look past the Superbowl and you'll see a lot of the same teams in the playoffs / conference championship games. Results-wise, MLB has had at least the same level of parity at the NFL.
  3. ...and that has not worked out well in the past.
  4. The Sawx are sitting at .500 - wow The loss of the two Davids is killing them.
  5. "Well done, Wellington!" - Joe Angel
  6. Not that good. Still outperforming pythag by several games.
  7. You have a dominant bullpen, you get a bunch of one-run wins. You have a lousy bullpen, you get a bunch of one-run losses.
  8. I said the Jays would struggle on offense this season. Team OPS+: 86 Qualified hitters for OPS .888 Justin Smoak .854 Kevin Pillar .709 Kendrys Morales .707 Russell Martin (DL) .705 Jose Bautista .672 Darwin Barney .629 Steve Pearce (DL) .595 Devon Travis .577 Ryan Goins Would not have guessed Justin Smoak with the hot start; probably would have him swapped with Devon Travis. Nonetheless, Donaldson nor Tulowitzki have enough PA to qualify.
  9. 1.76 Alex Wilson 1.59 Justin Wilson 1.53 Shane Greene 2.45 Blaine Hardy 0.00 Chad Bell It's really been the rotation (besides Fulmer), K-Rod and Sanchez with the Tigers. In other words, the established names.
  10. Like I said, I think the high score is +0.2 and Davis is in the pack. It's still really too early in the season to sort all of that out. We'll have a better idea after the all star break.
  11. Don't know, but here are the scores of some other notables: 0.2 Paul Goldschmidt 0.2 Joey Votto 0.0 Matt Carpenter -0.0 Mitch Moreland -0.1 Freddie Freeman -0.1 Logan Morrison -0.2 Eric Hosmer -0.2 Anthony Rizzo -0.2 Justin Smoak -0.3 Ryan Zimmerman -0.4 Yuli Gurriel -0.4 Mark Reynolds -0.6 Wil Myers First base gets a fairly bad positional penalty so it's hard to have a positive dWAR as one.
  12. Damien Magnifico's greatest trick.
  13. Chris Davis is suddenly OPSing 892.
  14. Are we sure the game isn't done? No more reviews or anything?
  15. Givens certainly is the #1 goat of this game.