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  1. If Mancini starts in AAA, would not Trumbo become full time DH? Would this not contradict the "Trumbo plays RF vs LHP" statement?
  2. I'm not sure why Pagan isn't signed at this point while many worse players have. I guess he is asking for too much.
  3. I'm not surprised. Davis was a three-win player last year, and a 5+ win player in 2015.
  4. The current Oriole regime owes a lot to Seattle, and Texas. The Mariners signed Nelson Cruz too.
  5. Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy take the next step; the Orioles are better. And Tillman needs to stay healthy and productive. I think Toronto is worse and that will also help.
  6. I think he is a better pitcher right now than Wade Miley. yeah I said it.
  7. Yeah, I don't care how good your defense is, you can't stick in the majors if you hit like Gentry has the past two seasons. In 95 PA, Gentry posted a .403 OPS and a 14 OPS+. Fourteen. That is a massive cold streak for a regular hitter and a killer for a bench player. He barely makes it if he posts his 2014 numbers: 258 PA, .608 OPS, 76 OPS+. Basically Ryan Flaherty level offense.
  8. The acquisition of Vidal Nuno effectively shuts the door on this or some other swing-man signing, unless they option him before the season and I don't see that.
  9. His WHIP was more hit-driven than walk-driven, and Seattle's OF defense was poor especially for a large ballpark. The HRs against, however, will be a problem.
  10. Three years of control for Nuno (four?) at a low arbitration salary, for a pitcher that is probably better than Moseley. I'm fine with this.
  11. Long reliever, more like. But he does have a noticeable OPS split. (.799 / .641)
  12. I can dig that. Nuno is an upgrade over TJ and can spot start. Vidal's BB/9 over his four year career: 2.7, 2.6, 2.2, 1.7. This trend I like.
  13. Kind of like Pauly Shore playing Richard III.
  14. That would be another Dan Duquette magic trick.