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  1. Brandon Hyde is going to be our Bo Porter. I kind of feel sorry for the guy - but not really because he gets to be a freaking MLB manager for a while. In any case, he's not here to win games.
  2. Machado's career OPS is 816 and he's playing his home games in PETCO park. I don't think it's much of a slump. At some point people are going to realize he's not a great hitter.
  3. I agree; however with a young rebuilding team he has the opporunity to play poorly... for a while. The good news is, last 14 days he's hitting .240/.321/.480 for a 801 OPS. If he can continue something close to that for the rest of the month it'll look like he's turning things around.
  4. Directly, Mike Trout lasted to pick 25 because of the teams drafting picks 1-24. I doubt that all of them were scared away because of Billy Rowell.
  5. I nominate this for post of the month.
  6. Hopefully he stays hitting well enough to be an attractive trade piece at the deadline. Sell when the stock is high.
  7. As usual, I listened to the game on MLB.com Gameday Audio. And yes, through the ninth inning this time.
  8. He nearly single-handedly won the game tonight
  9. I was about to say the same thing - it was still a laugher
  10. Not to mention somebody out there said "worst crop of starting pitcher prospects in 30 years". If it's that bad, draft from strength.
  11. Where did this guy's bat come from?
  12. This. We also want Sisco to establish himself as a ML catcher prior to the 2021 season so he can be a valuable trade piece with years of control left. Or, maybe both players are featured on the team. Who knows? First thing's first.
  13. when's the presser when's the presser???
  14. So to recap so far: A 6'2" switch hitting catcher that may or may not see his time at C limited A 6'3" lefty SS probably moving to 3B A 6'3" lefty CF probably moving to C-OF I'm noticing a trend.
  15. Stowers is Luke's #53 prospect, lefty OF
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