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  1. It was.....but the Os were not scoring again on that night. Totally lost at the plate and as the game went on, they got worse. Do they do O-Swing % stats by the game? I remember thinking we were clueless offensively after the 6th inning.
  2. The Tigers are about to be what, 3-25 in their last 28 home games? Who the hell does that? We may need a "worst team of all time" thread for them soon.
  3. I am really not sure if this loss record will ever be broken. It is incredibly hard to lose that many in a season. The best chance was those 03 Tigers at 38-118 with 6 to go....but they seemed to will themselves to finish 5-1 just so they wouldn't get to 120. If the common thought is even a bad team wins 54 games in a season, to get to 121 losses they have to finish with just 41 wins. Maybe that doesn't seem implausible when you consider that we lost 115 last year, but adding 6 more losses an already ridiculous loss total seems like a very tall order.
  4. Every once in awhile, I think about how analytics have somewhat robbed us of our ability to appreciate and enjoy a player. We have been dissecting all of Mancini's flaws as opposed to just appreciating the fact that he has given us a very good season so far in spite of being on the most unwatchable, pathetic team in baseball. I can only imagine how critical we might have been of the individual players on the 1983 Orioles had we had the analytics we do today. Surely we would have trashed Ayala, Dwyer, Roenicke, Brother Lo, Landrum, Shelby, Ford, Nolan, Sakata, Dauer, etc.....picked them to pieces over all of the things they were not. Thankfully, we didn't have that then and so we can just remember them as players who came through in big moments for us throughout the season and brought us a championship.
  5. I am completely convinced. And this has been going on for awhile. Paul O'Neill was a good hitter in Cincinnati....he became a .300 hitter for New York. Scott Brosius was a decent player in Oakland....he became impossible to get out in big situations throughout his Yankee career. Tino Martinez was a good hitter in Seattle. He became a super clutch player for the Yankees. Aaron Small was ridiculous. So was Shawn Chacon. Luke Voit is laughable....dude would be terrible if he was on any other team. Same with Urshela. Gregorius.....was he anything in Arizona? I don't remember. I don't think failure or giving anything less than your absolute best is acceptable in New York. They have high expectations and you better deliver, and so I think they get players "A game" much more often than not. Whereas in Baltimore, especially last season, I think we got a lot less than their A games from our players and I think it was too accepted.
  6. I don't think a major league baseball team should be playing .275 ball (which I think they actually have since September of 2017), but I am not as concerned about the major league team this year....although the morale has to be absolutely awful. What I want to see is the talent at the A and AA level emerge starting next year. The annual narrative that our farm system is bad needs to stop beginning in 2020.
  7. I can definitely buy this if it is a case that our pitchers are great throughout the minors and then once they get to Camden Yards, they flop. I guess the real gauge is how do our pitchers compare in the minor leagues versus other organizations. Do other teams seem to have more strong pitching prospects in their minors than we do? I honestly don't know. Of course, our guys are awful on the road also.
  8. I remain very perplexed as to why we have such a hard time developing the ones we do have.
  9. As an accountant, I love data and number crunching. But at a very high level, this product is absolutely terrible. A rebuilding team plays .400 ball, not .275 ball. You should at least have hope that your team can play spoiler in some way. Knowing your team is going to get destroyed every night is simply not entertaining and the fact that every night involves at least 2 pitchers who get obliterated is ridiculous. Why the hell can't any of these guys pitch? Is it just because they wear our jersey and not Tampa's or Atlanta's? So I do think there have to be ways to create some goodwill with the fanbase...you have to give people hope in some way. The loyalists on this board will never waiver, and that is great. But this is not the Electoral College where only small subsets of the population actually matter. They need to get buy-in from a much larger base that this is a product that is still worth supporting.
  10. It is a skill that few other teams can consistently match.
  11. "Give that fan a contract.....FOR REAL" night might get more people out to the Yard.
  12. The 2003 Tigers were amazing. 18-61 through 79 games....we are actually 4 ahead of them. And they got to 38-118, before blowing history and ending the season on a 5-1 tear. Of course, they were in the World Series 3 years later and lost to a very inferior St. Louis team. But nevertheless, that turnaround was impressive.
  13. Since $5 is greater than the $0 you get from not selling a ticket, I agree with you. Not to mention those people may actually buy things when they are there.
  14. This is spot on. The product on the field is absolutely awful. The fact that we have any fans that attend games is something of a miracle. But it was less than 5 years ago that Camden Yards sounded like an airport runway during the Delmon Double. So I think we can get back to where we were. But people have to have hope, and right now going to the game to watch your favorite team get destroyed every night regardless of the opponent is just a bad investment of time and money. Not only does it happen almost every night, but you KNOW it is going to happen beforehand. What are they, 9-29 at home? That isn't just awful....that is historically awful. I don't expect these guys to be better than any other teams out there, but winning 1 out of every 3 games should not be too high of a bar. And given how the fundamentals of baseball are no different at the high school level than at the major league level, these guys should not be making the kind of dumb mental mistakes they are making.
  15. I totally agree with this. I am not interested in seeing AL East teams 76 times a year (or 47% of our games). Even in the NFL, you only get your division opponents 6 our of 16 games (38% - rounded). If I didn't know any better, I would swear this move from 12-13 games a year up to the current model was solely to ensure the Yankees and Red Sox could play 19 times and be on national television 19 times. You shouldn't need almost half of your games to prove that you are the best team in your division.
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