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  1. JR Oriole

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Manny is 26 years old, and I think it is easy to forget that.....I am fairly sure that I was saying and doing things at 26 that I wouldn't do now at 43. That being said, he is a grown man and it is perfectly okay to call him out on non-professional behavior. Some people just need a little more time and help in order to grow up faster.
  2. JR Oriole

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    What is amazing about Boston is that they won 108 games, knocked out two 100 win teams on the way to the World Series, and have not lost a single road game in the playoffs......clinching both series in the other team's ballpark. And these were not just ordinary 100 win teams. New York and the World Champs. That is very hard to do. LA has the better chance to beat Boston, but I don't see either NL team doing it. Sometimes, it is just your year and I think once again, it is Boston's year.
  3. JR Oriole

    2018 ALCS: Astros vs. Red Sox

    I miscounted.....14 out of 26.
  4. JR Oriole

    2018 ALCS: Astros vs. Red Sox

    We should be used to this......that is now 13 AL pennants in the last 26 playoff seasons won by AL East teams not from Baltimore. So basically every other year, we get to watch a division foe go to the World Series.
  5. I wish we could go back to that honestly. So much information out there to process, it hurts the head! The shift is even worse. I miss being able to see a ball hit off of a bat and knowing immediately it would get out of the infield for a single. Now, I just have to wait and see bc the shortstop may be standing on the first base side ready to field it. Thank goodness there is no shift that can defend a homer.
  6. Very good point. I guess it is yet another area (which includes developing healthy and effective starting pitchers, creating a positive workplace environment in terms of morale, and finding players who are selective at the plate) where we fall woefully short. My goodness it is depressing to support this team. I always feel better watching footage from 1966 - 1983....it isn't ideal to live in the past, but as an Orioles fan, it is certainly a happier place!
  7. I think if anything with analytics, I just want to feel that my team is at least on a level playing field with its competitors. So if our analytics falls short of other teams, I want to get where they are. It is tiresome to hear how far ahead other organizations are than us.....it is bad enough seeing how inferior we are in the standings. As good as analytics are, I am not sure that they make the difference between a Sanchez long fly out and a walk off grand slam. Or the final out, which was so close they needed replay. Strength in analytics may put you in a better competitive position to win, but at the end of the day it often comes down to inches and luck.
  8. It also helped that Soto got injured early in the game. He was the starting catcher for Oakland primarily to help control KC's speed. It always helps when your opponents are injured and you are healthy.
  9. I honestly have no idea how to quantify whether they were more or less prepared than us. I don't know how that is evident from watching the games...at least for me, I couldn't tell. The only things I knew were that they were extremely healthy relative to us, they had a lot of bloop hits including the Gordon 3-run double that somehow didn't go foul or land anywhere near Markakis, and I had the same awful feeling watching his homer in the 10th as I did when Grissom hit the Game 2 homer in 1997.
  10. They struck me as having unbelievable health and good luck honestly. Yes they had speed, great defense, and a dominant bullpen of flamethrowers. But they won all of 89 games, should have only won 84 if you go by Pythagorean, and Ned Yost's extremely questionable pitching moves in the wild card game should have cost them even an appearance in the ALDS had Oakland not choked in the very late innings. O'Day killed us in that series much more than Britton did.
  11. It is hard to say how much better prepared the Royals were than us in 2014. A level playing field would have removed Moustakas, Hosmer, and Perez out of their lineup for 4+ games of that series. Even though only Hosmer hit really well against us in that series (Moose did have a huge homer in Game 1), take those 3 out of the lineup and there is a ripple effect. I am also not sure that superior preparation led to all of the bloop hits they got.
  12. JR Oriole

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Schoop was 0-2 in the last series, and Manny is 1-12 in this series. The 1 hit was a big first inning homer, but otherwise that's been it. I want the Braves to win this series, but it would be good to see Manny hit better. Seeing these guys not deliver in the playoffs brings back bad October memories.
  13. JR Oriole

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Miley pitched well today. Maybe it is just our uniform that makes players worse than they are....
  14. JR Oriole

    October 4, 2016-Two Years Later

    That is exactly right. We didn't exactly light Darvish up, but we did enough to win. I think what helped us also was that Texas team completely collapsed down the stretch. They had a 4 game lead after Game 156 and 6 games later, they had lost the division and became a wild card. That team was shell-shocked and we took advantage.
  15. JR Oriole

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Schoop whiffed with runners on 1st and 3rd and 1 out. Painful.