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  1. One thing I have to look up is of the home runs we have surrendered, how many of them have come off the bat of the same person. Not only is the pure number of homers we have surrendered been historically bad, but I swear that we have been burned by the same people over and over again. How many have we given up to Torres, or Sanchez, or everybody in the Twins lineup? Maybe it just feels that way, but we sure love our Oriole killers....always helping them to pad their stats.
  2. I feel like we have a ton of rainouts and rain delays each year. Have to look at the stats to see if we have more than most. Feels that way.
  3. The fact that this is true is amazing, given the talent on last year's team through 40 games versus this year's team. Of course, the Yankees are 24-16 with injuries forcing a lineup of mostly indistinguishable spare parts, so you never know.
  4. I love players who come through on the big stage, and Rutschman certainly did in the CWS. And he certainly has the stats and tools to be No. 1. But I I'll trust our leadership to make the right decision for the organization. I would also love to have a couple of years of trusting that we know exactly what we are doing before I reach the stage of doubting everything we do (which isn't nearly as much fun).
  5. I don't mind it at all. If we don't like it, we should consider not giving up so many homers. Perhaps have some pride and get people out instead. Just a thought. But in the meantime, let's see if they can do 5 again. Maybe Cron can hit all 5 of them.
  6. Impressive to see those three guys go deep against us. Cron has killed us since his Tampa days, Rosario may end up with 10 homers against us just this year (hard to do given how many games against Minnesota), and Cruz has never stopped reminding us how stupid we were after 2014. Maybe they can do it again in the third inning.
  7. This is exactly how I feel. Isn't the goal of sports and being on a team to WIN the game? And to do whatever you possibly can to help your team win? This is not golf and he is not operating on his own island. I don't care about balls off the bat that "should" have been hits. I care about.....actual hits. Situations where hitters reach the base before the ball gets to the glove of the man standing there. Davis' money is locked in. His legacy, sadly, is locked in. If there is nobody on the left side of the infield, why not at least try to put one down?
  8. Had we traded Bundy, he probably would have been better and Gausman would have been worse. I think it is just a case that players benefit from a change of uniform, change of scenery, and going to a workplace with much better morale.
  9. He reminds me of Forrest Gump's shrimping boat after the big storm....except that every time he pulls the net out of the water, there are still no shrimp in it.
  10. I’m not sure whether whoever we get to replace him would actually end up better or worse. I just want them to TRY! Give anyone else a chance. He has proven, over an extremely large sample size, that he is not an effective major league pitcher. How much more evidence is needed?
  11. Don’t you need to get people out in order to eat innings? How many innings has he eaten over his last two outings?
  12. Does Wright have “something” on high level people in this organization? Do people actually fear Arrieta 2.0? There can’t possibly be any other reason for keeping him at this point. He can’t get major league hitters out. He has been awful every year and he is 29. It is okaaaaaaay to give up on a player.
  13. Depends how many fans of the opposing teams show up to our home games. He may get cheered more than booed.
  14. He can't hit anymore at the major league level. Period. It....is....over.....Every at-bat of his is a waste, as it should go to a younger player. He won't even try to bunt, so he is doing absolutely nothing on the offensive end to help the team win. I really don't want to see him come up to the plate again for us, but if the only way to stop this is to have him go hitless for another month or two, then so be it. If he can take the kind of verbal fan abuse and media mockery that he is going to continue to get, then he is a WAY tougher dude than I am.
  15. I agree. I don't care if he is successful or not on another team. I don't want him wearing our uniform anymore. Enough already.
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