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  1. JR Oriole

    Among the other things I hate about this team...

    I think they should just forfeit the games, because no team with this roster that is actually trying on the field could ever be 19 and freaking 50. The Marlins have a much better record and they have a roster of complete no-names. This team is gutless and pathetic and they lose before they even take the field. So if you aren't going to compete, why bother playing at all?
  2. JR Oriole

    vs. MARLINS, 6/15

    The Orioles should be ranked number one in the state of Maryland in terms of most desirable employer......no matter how awful you are, you will never be fired, traded, or released.
  3. THIS. I don't feel like we deserve this punishment for the crime of signing him to that deal. Win some, lose some I suppose....but this is borderline cruel. I'd be scared to sign anyone to longer than a 1-year contract after this disaster.
  4. He should be willing to clean the toilets of the clubhouse every day for the next 4 1/2 years given that he is being paid a fortune to be a horrible player. I get pride and all and going to the minors definitely hits you there, but I don't know how he has any pride left. He is getting national press for a team that gets zero press other than Machado. If being the biggest contract bust in history doesn't erase all of your ego and pride, I am not sure what would.
  5. The Twins just sent Miguel Sano to Single A. Single A!!! He his hitting .203 with an OPS of .675. Davis: .150 with an OPS of .454....but he gets to stay in the majors. All because of a contract that is a sunk cost anyway.
  6. JR Oriole

    Watch out for the Royals

    Usually about twice during every summer, I get ants in my kitchen. I use this stuff called Terro and it gets rid of them in less than a day. But I am absolutely fascinated with their mass organization and relentless pursuit of food. I respect them for their greatness and how they move in perfect lines across my kitchen counter, undeterred by my angst at them being there or the sight of their dead colleagues when I kill a few because they got to close to my coffee. This is how I feel about Brady. He is the clutchest athlete I have ever seen, and I remember thinking back in 2005 that he was the greatest QB ever. I have a ton of respect for anyone who comes through big in the postseason because that is where the true pressure is....and that dude delivers time and time again despite his age and mileage. But just like the ants in my kitchen, I want Brady to go away for good and never come back. I have had enough of him, and I have had enough of that region of the country winning championships.
  7. JR Oriole

    Watch out for the Royals

    Yes and that has been great. Especially with baseball. The Giants have won 3 titles recently, but the last 3 seasons have been new teams. The Eagles stopped the Patriots, so that was good. And the Caps.....goes without saying. Thank goodness the Penguins didn't win again....sick of them. But Golden State is a real problem.....too much better than everybody else. And they are all young. This could go on for awhile. The NBA is boring now.
  8. Which is absolutely amazing given that some men spend decades managing in the minors just for the chance to manage in the majors. And yet for Brady, manager would be an actual demotion from the position he is currently in. I still would love to know, how exactly did his resume and experience qualify him for whatever the hell job he has now? Or is there a premium value placed on mystical power blips during the 1990s when it comes to interviewing for executive positions? I would also love to know the collective WAR (or any stat you like) of all of the guys that Brady advocated for signing....just to see how well he has done since assuming his "role." We could calculate a ratio: WAR since Brady pushed for signing divided by salary paid to said player.
  9. JR Oriole

    Watch out for the Royals

    I can't say that owners have ruined anything for me in terms of the NFL. I have been a Dolphins fan for over 30 years, so their complete irrelevance since Marino retired has done more damage than any owner. When the Patriots beat the Seahawks and then came back and beat the Falcons, I had reached the tipping point. That team is like the devil and they never go away. I am not sure how or why Tom Brady does not age or get injured like everyone else on this Earth, but I will watch football again when he finally goes away for good. I was glad the Eagles won, but I didn't see a minute of the Super Bowl because I cannot bear to watch the Patriots play. I hate them too much. College football is great, but I am getting sick of Alabama. These dynasties in sports are just not fun....they take too long to go away.
  10. JR Oriole

    Watch out for the Royals

    I am kind of amazed by this. The Chiefs last won the Super Bowl in what, 1970? That is over 2 generations of not only zero titles, but I think zero super bowl appearances. Talk about no currency. And in fact, their playoff record has been nothing but misery for decades. Whether they are favored or not, they just always find ways to lose playoff games. Painful ones. I get that its football, but wow. The Royals should have a much bigger following, even though they were in the toilet for decades as well.
  11. JR Oriole

    Kakes (Markakis) 2nd on OF All Star Voting in NL

    I actually love the shots he is taking. He can feel free to keep doing it. If we praise a team for making moves that work out, there is no harm in being critical of the ones that don't. Maybe he doesn't care if he gets fired.....there have to be better ways to spend your days than announcing for this joke of a team. As for Jon Miller, the voice of my summers, I thought PA firing him was arguably one of his stupidest moves (and that is saying something). I am glad he got to call three World Series championships for the Giants. Announcers are fans too and its great when you get to call your own team winning the title. Of course he did get to call our 83 title. Our last WS appearance....back when Flashdance was a smash hit in the box office.
  12. JR Oriole

    Time to give up on Mike Wright Jr.

    I think his head is a much bigger problem than his arm. He is symbolic of what is wrong with this organization. Yes, he is terrible. But somehow he remains on the roster because there is apparently nobody better to replace him. That is just sad.
  13. JR Oriole

    Watch out for the Royals

    While we certainly stand alone with our ridiculous record of 19-48, has anyone noticed that the Royals are only 2.5 games better? And they just keep losing. I have this awful fear that as we head towards 110+ losses, somehow the Royals will screw us again and end up with an even worse record....securing that number 1 pick. It would be so KC to stick it to us one more time, as if 2014 wasn't bad enough.
  14. JR Oriole

    26 Stranded runners in the last two games.

    Arizona has a lower batting average than us by 2 bps. But, they have 58 more runs in the same number of games. I guess they are just way more clutch than we are...
  15. JR Oriole

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Very true, although really where I was going with this is that this is not an extremely young and inexperienced in the majors sort of team. 19-47 is a record that I would think is more appropriate for a team that is fresh into a complete rebuild...with a lot of very young and recently called up players starting who are overwhelmed by the big leagues. And while those guys you mentioned should not start for a decent team, they are also partially comprised of guys with several years of big league experience who are now horrible. And although it seems a long time ago, Davis IS an established veteran. He has 270 homers, over 1,000 hits, and has 10+ years in the league. There is no way he should be this awful. But that is for another thread!