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  1. I’m so glad he made it!
  2. MVP Show Tomorrow Night - 3 Ravens Competing

    JT won!!!!
  3. I just heard that Justin Tucker, Brandon Williams, and Alex Collins will be competing on the Most Valuable Performer show on CBS at 8 pm tomorrow.
  4. Unrest in Patriot Clubhouse and sidelines

    Ugh! To the SB again.
  5. Pagano is the Ravens 1st choice for DC per Mike Preston

    I love Pagano and hope he gets it!
  6. 2017 Week 17: Ravens vs Bungles

    I had a bad feeling we would lose and the teams we needed to lose would win. Happy New Year!
  7. 2017 Week 16: Ravens vs Indy

    That was a nail biter thank goodness we got the win!
  8. Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    Yes we already did renew with the playoff package so we should not owe much more if anything.
  9. 2017 Week 13: Ravens v Lions

    Sorry about Jimmy. At least we won.
  10. 2017 Week 12:. Ravens v Texans

    Go Ravens!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving! I do not post very often but I love reading everyone else’s especially during games.
  12. 2017 Week 11: Ravens @ Packers

    Go Ravens! I usually like GB although I obviously could not route for them today and just want to say what a class act Aaron Rogers is. He was on the sidelines giving pointers to the backup QB and even shook hands with our players afterwards.
  13. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    Unfortunately the Dodgers won.
  14. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    Unfortunately the Dodgers won.
  15. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    Boo! Not a good baseball day for us. At least the Ravens won and Steelers lost.