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  1. I have been to Orioles and Nationals games many times. The rest on this list are the teams that we have visited on various trips over the last 10 years: Pirates, Phillies, Blue Jays, Marlins, Rays, Mariners, Cards, Red Sox, Indians, Tigers, Astros, Padres, and Angels.
  2. Who is your most hated team?

    In no particular order the Yankees, Red Sox, Royals, and Jays.
  3. Opening Day tickets for Season Plan members

    We got OD tickets this morning and will be in section 262. We like to splurge and do CL in case we want to go inside if it is too cold or rainy/snowy. We got the e-mail yesterday about our 13 game plan tickets being shipped and received them today.
  4. Thanks guys for mentioning it! I just checked and got the e-mail about our Bronze package being shipped.
  5. Playoff tickets

    Had to wait until I got home from work and then experienced computer issues but was finally able to purchase them just now.We like to do club level for the playoffs and was able to get section 280 with 2 seats on the aisle.
  6. Playoff tickets

    We are the Bronze plan and our day is this Fri 8/26.
  7. vs. ASTROS, 8/21

    I am at the game and overheard someone being told by a staff member that the game won't be until this evening at 7:05 pm. Unfortunately we can't stay so are exchanging our tickets.
  8. Flaherty down for Gausman

    Very dumb. Nolan or Alvarez should have gone not him.
  9. vs. RAYS, 4/10

    Please TB leave Pearce with us and take Alvarez.
  10. vs. RAYS, 4/10

    Whenever I hear his name I think of that or odor eaters.
  11. It's here! It's Opening Day!

    Happy Opening Day! I will be there as well. Hope we have a great game and not too long of a rain delay.
  12. I got the e-mail yesterday and they arrived today.
  13. Same with us. I am having my husband do it as he will be at home and where I work we can only access internet sites related to the job. They have a block on anything else. I hope he doesn't experience any problems.
  14. Who are you LEAST favorite Orioles?

    Albert Belle Jay Gibbons Delmon Young because of his prejudices
  15. Clubhouse Chemistry

    I know what you mean. Look at what happened with the Nats adding Papelbon. Hopefully the new guys are a great fit personality wise. There are too many things I love about the team/ players but especially wanted mention the Thank You Fans videos that have been shown near the end of the season. I don't know if other teams do anything like that. I also like the player inspired shirts as giveaways and how the team included the fans in the celebration when we won the AL East. I also love the pet calendar. I enjoy seeing Jonesy pie players. I know other teams do chocolate sauce or Gatorade, etc but there is just something about the players being asked what flavor.