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  1. I have only watched a little today but was thinking Brian Roberts.
  2. I stepped out of the room for a few moments. What happened that he was ejected?
  3. We need to be back on the road immediately. We can’t seem to win at home.
  4. Somehow I had a feeling it would be the usual O’s bases loaded no outs and can’t score.
  5. I got that e-mail yesterday and felt much better.
  6. Has anyone gotten a package with our tickets and other things yet?
  7. It figures that a Yankee would be the first player to get 100%.
  8. I wanted a great Ravens season after what we went through with the O’s but they are just as frustrating and hard to watch.
  9. I also missed that we 1 hit them.
  10. This is weird that the O’s are looking pretty good so far but the Ravens look terrible.
  11. At least he didn’t make an error.
  12. At least it was Trout being interviewed instead of one of the Yankees or Red Sox
  13. Ugh! Of course Judge would have to hit a HR.
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