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  1. Stupid. They could have signed me for way less than that.
  2. 14 man pitching staff! Mike Wright can play 3rd right?
  3. I think the offense could be okay... but that pitching staff is going to be brutal unless Bundy gets a bionic arm or something.
  4. We didn't deserve much for Britton. Held on waaay too long. I liked the MM and Schoop trades. That Gaus mess was horrid from the jump though.
  5. Great, now we have to find someone else to be handsome and strikeout 3 times.
  6. Despite a swing that's both too long and too slow, his biggest issue isn't really being late to the ball. He appears to have no mental processing at all. Pure guess hitting, not only at pitch type but possibly location too. To say nothing of a horrid swing path. Based on the evidence we have, which is admittedly less than the team has, he doesn't seem to give a damn either. He will not get better. He will be a negative influence. He needs to go.
  7. Checking in to see if we released him yet... No?
  8. We will not be satisfied until we have 32 middle infielders on the 40-man.
  9. AJ was always going to fall off a cliff. Once his hands stopped being able to bail out his bad plate discipline there wasn't any value left.
  10. I mean, that's worse. The money is gone either way but they'd also be swallowing -3 WAR. I'm not convinced everyone gets that.
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