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  1. We're going for it now. Fine. I'll be fine moving on from Jones and Brach next year and maybe we get lucky and DOD and Trumbo go elsewhere, too. Davis is just here. Manny and Britton will be the bad separations... but so be it. At least we get a pick for Manny and we'll get a ton of money back for hopefully another impact FA.
  2. Just put $500 on the OVER for 72 wins. I hope he passes the physical. Keep any Rule5 with promise over Wright. I'd bet he passes through waivers.
  3. I just... watching Davis... it's awful. And we signed him forever.
  4. Cobb only thread

    Poor Dan. I've been critical but I do think he's wanted to make moves that would have helped and he just isn't allowed. John Angelos is on Twitter. Maybe we can all send him 10 million "Sign Cobb" tweets.
  5. Cobb only thread

    Your 2018 Baltimore Orioles!
  6. I've seen a lot of Reyes. Not all that impressed.
  7. Trumbo out 3-4 weeks

    Just to be safe we should transfer Trumbo, Tillman, and Davis to the 180 day DL.
  8. It's almost like, a better team would draw more fans.
  9. Castro moves into the lead for the 5th starter

    He pitches like an Oriole.
  10. TT: Looking at the 25-man roster battles

    There's no room for Flash on this team unless he's better than Tillman... which does seem possible.
  11. We sign Cobb for 3/42 yet? No? I'll keep checking...
  12. He lost some velocity for one. They all break eventually. The sharp decline of Jordan Zimmermann
  13. Sure seems like we were interested in Zimmerman and Shark. Davis does have a winning record on the bump though.
  14. He might make Ubaldo's 6.81 look good. Then, when Tillman hits the DL, we sign Ubaldo. It's the circle of life. We sure making "going for it" look stupid.
  15. That, and punish themselves by ignoring the international player market.