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  1. I'd move anyone over 25 (or so) if there was some decent value being offered. Mancini, Givens, Smith, whomever looks like good and draws interest can go. I'm enjoying them this season a lot but they will all be over 30 by the time we're good again.
  2. Is he listed in Seattle's front office?
  3. Frederick is fun to watch this year, which is great since I live there. Comments about Pop and Harvey? Pop's numbers are good but curious about his velocity. Harvey's numbers are awful. I think the A level kids are what Elias was really excited about. Exactly one month until we add Adley, too.
  4. No there's not. Major league hitters will keep crushing that unless his secondaries get much better, which has not been the case.
  5. Kline has the straightest fastball I have ever seen.
  6. Maybe they think some of the Camden homeruns will be flyouts in Seattle.
  7. There are non-prospects and then there is Ryne Ogren. Actually makes me feel better about Jack Zoellner.
  8. @masnRoch - 13 minutes ago #orioles have acquired INF Ryne Ogren from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for RHP Mike Wright. Ogren will be assigned to Class-A Delmarva.
  9. I was a fan of Villar's single as well. Smoked the other way.
  10. Bundy being horrid has put pressure on Bundy. I truly believe he's done as a starter and unless he can bring more velocity in short outings I don't see anything that works out of the pen either. It may be time.
  11. Things are going well with several of our MiLB prospects. Adley Rutschman looks phenomenal. You can get an entire seating section to yourself. My youngest son is excited for May 4th because he loves Star Wars.
  12. If we keep Davis until the end of his contract we may see those numbers again.
  13. Who do we have to convince then?!?!
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