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  1. 94 pitches. Wow. Loved what I saw of him in Frederick.
  2. They're the same player but one is a lot younger.
  3. Cashner will go for some nobody aaaand that's about it.
  4. They are clearly concerned that Adley will bust. Damn it.
  5. This is awesome. We'll be signing a ton of guys no one has ever heard of and then arguing about it.
  6. Ripken

    Tyler Skaggs dead.

    My God, that is absolutely awful. 🙏
  7. It's not ridiculous. He's having a nice season offensively but he's a glorified DH.
  8. Nobody good wants to play here and we'd need several such players. Our high level minors are full of guys who are not prospects. After Mancini, Means, and a couple others, the guys in Baltimore are not real major league players. How in the hell was this team supposed to win more than 50 games? What was that plan - spend $800M on Harper, Machado, Keuchel, and Kimbrel? This is how a total rebuild works. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
  9. Ripken

    Trey is hurt

    DSJ coming back just in time. Davis lives on...
  10. Steve Melewski‏Verified account @masnSteve Brandon Hyde said some roster moves are likely coming in Seattle. Dwight Smith Jr. for one but potential pitching moves also.
  11. What else is he gonna do? Talk about the game?
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