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  1. Santander in the AZ fall League

    Good. Like him. Wish we weren't blocking these young hitters with old, bad ones.
  2. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    That Cabrera contract is probably the only one in the league I wouldn't trade Davis for. At least, it's the only one that comes to mind. It's horrid, from the franchise that gave Fielder an astoundingly stupid contract.
  3. They gotta move Trumbo for a #5 starter contract. I'd bat Davis 9th... if I batted him at all. Unbelievable waste of resources with massive pitching needs and Manny expiring. Franchise crippling contract, and most knew that before it was ever signed.
  4. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    If he's coming to be the #5, then, sure.
  5. Getting rid of Chris Davis

    I've been saying Zimmerman for a while... but even that I don't think Detroit does, unless they really like Davis as an OF or 3B and think he can find his swing.
  6. That's almost as long as the list of mistakes he's made.
  7. Build your 2018 Team

  8. It's great, except... we need starting pitchers and we can't play two of those kids with the Davis and Trumbo contracts stinking up the joint. Some smart trading is the answer but Dan is not the guy I want doing that.
  9. Austin Hays

    I like Stewart. I saw a lot of him in Frederick. I don't believe he'll be ready for the O's in '18.
  10. Austin Hays

    After the first four, I'm not real interested in seeing any of them in the O's outfield next year.
  11. Dan blames the starters. Hmmm, I wonder who assembled this horrid staff...
  12. I Cannot Believe The Way This Team Has Folded.

    I can believe it. We aren't that good. Rotation is awful.
  13. Buck's TTTP Obsession.

    TTP is about 19th on the list of problems our starters have.
  14. Chris Davis. ...but I think we shock the world and give Manny a 10/300 with 5 year out.