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  1. I think I agree but I got lost in all those words.
  2. Gotta say, I disagreed putting the winning run on base in that situation. But I guess that's why I don't manage in the the majors. Buck does, and I trust him. Go Os!!!
  3. chriscarter926

    vs. RAYS, 8/19

    Brob could have left his glove at home tonight, it seems.
  4. chriscarter926

    Freddy Garcia Today, 2013

    I'm still confused that Garcia was taken out after the 6th. My first assumption was that he was injured. He had 50 pitches through five innings -- 66 pitches through six innings. Three hits (two homers, I know) but why would you yank him??? That's probably the most efficient start we've had all year. I dunno, I'm still confused. Can someone explain the reasoning behind taking Garcia out of the game after 66 pitches?