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  1. "face of the rebuild" what a silly concept
  2. What in the world was Villar doing? That's may as well be an error charged to him.
  3. 😄😆 There's the comedic relief that I come here for.
  4. Guys... @atomic is the comedic relief... he's not to be taken seriously.
  5. I'm glad you acknowledge that he's not just picking on the O's here, but it doesn't change the fact that I disagree strongly with the rest of your post regarding outside media being critical. O's fans are very accustomed to a local media that holds the company line. Here's a guy who's peeked behind the curtain and has a different story to tell. I think it would be foolish to dismiss it just because he's not here physically anymore.
  6. That's fine if that's what you believe, but it's not terribly relevant to my post nor the one I replied to. Not really interested in discussing whether Rosenthal is biased or not. Every writer is biased. He's a good journalist
  7. I don't get this mentality when it comes to a sports team. The local media is not willing to be critical of the team. Why don't you want the national media to do their jobs? The Sun certainly isn't going to do it.
  8. There's no chance that Davis gets voted into the All-Star game short of an insane hot streak. Maybe if he was a Kansas City Royal.
  9. Can't help but feel a little sick looking at what the Rays got in return for Archer and comparing what we got for Gausman... damn.
  10. I think Adam has as much credibility as anyone in the MLB when it comes to the topic. I think you'd be foolish to dismiss his thoughts outright.
  11. I don't think the headline was misleading or dishonest. I think it's fair to consider and discuss what role race plays in the rhetoric used to describe minorities in the USA, just as Adam did. He didn't say that Manny is a squeaky clean player, but when asked, he opined that race definitely plays a factor in the rhetoric that gets tossed around. It's not a far-fetched statement to make.
  12. It's a process and there are no shortcuts. There isn't anything Elias can do to make this season more abhorrent than last season. Nothing.
  13. Well, Stubhub and MLB is an official partnership, and there's documented cases of teams selling directly on Stubhub. And there is no doubt a few less-than-astute scalpers out there trying to unload.
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