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  1. Your reply means nothing since wins/losses are irrelevant to the article. Of course we all want the O's to win... take a deep breath. It's going to be a long road back to contention.
  2. I remember Chris Tillman starting against the Tigers in the ALDS and striking at the side at OPACY hitting 98-99 for an entire half inning. My favorite Tillman memory for sure.
  3. You just really have no idea how leadership and communication works in a competitive sports environment, let alone a professional one. That's the main problem with your stance. This isn't an office environment. You are the painfully unaware party here. If Chris Davis is too thin-skinned to get called out on his poor effort from his coach, then he needs to be gone ASAP.
  4. You're getting called out for having a garbage take on the situation... nobody challenged you to a fight. Seems to be a pattern, you also claim that Hyde "attacked" Davis by calling him out. You won't find your safe space here.
  5. Most of the big league roster can be described the same way. Why the disdain for a prospect making peanuts under team control?
  6. What's stopping us from having one draft for both International and domestic? This would essentially double the motivation for teams to tank like the O's currently are. It would double the value you potentially get from having the worst record. I don't think there's any chance of that happening
  7. My eyes about rolled completely out of my head at his line to the effect of 'down on their luck cities need a competitive team so that they can place their hopes and dreams on them and escape the reality of their poopy lives'. Condescending drivel. Garbage.
  8. Lazy is really the only appropriate word to describe this article. @Tony-OH has to keep it respectful with Laverro as a member of the media, but he essentially said as much without actually using the word. I mean, let's say the O's get sold today to the best baseball owner we could possibly hope for... does Laverro think that a competent owner would aim to make the team competitive by 2020? Surely that's not the case.
  9. Just google the phrase and it's right there for you.
  10. No clue. Is there any precedent for a team saying "screw it" and going way over to get the guys they want?
  11. There's a hard cap on IFA signings. You think every other team wouldn't throw this guy $6 mil? This is one area where the parity argument doesn't hold much weight. It just happened to be the Yankees this time.
  12. "face of the rebuild" what a silly concept
  13. What in the world was Villar doing? That's may as well be an error charged to him.
  14. 😄😆 There's the comedic relief that I come here for.
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