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  1. Is Lincecum a Hall of Famer?

    If you're going to talk about pitchers with short careers and amazing peaks, then look at Johan Santana. Superior to Lincecum in every way and he's nowhere close.
  2. It probably helped a lot that the Dodgers were in a much tighter race and didn't actually clinch the NL pennant until the last day of the season, a doubleheader in which Drysdale pitched the first game and Koufax pitched the second game. Therefore, Drysdale was pitching on two days' rest in Game 1 and Koufax on three days' rest in Game 2 (this after Koufax had already pitched on two days' rest in that doubleheader!). I'm sure Sandy K. was secretly relieved the Series didn't go to a Game 5.
  3. Ryan Flaherty Appreciation Thread

    The double play he started in the Delmon Young game was as key as the Young double itself. He also homered in the 2012 playoffs in Yankee Stadium, which is more than most of our bats did that series. Good luck, Ryan.
  4. If Mussina gets the HOF nod tonight...

    If Dave Winfield could go in as a Padre, I think anything is possible.
  5. Back-to-back Benitez meltdowns on the countdown! Maybe the brawl he started in Yankee Stadium will be next.
  6. So why aren't we talking about the calls Garcia made the rest of the series when he was in much more meaningful roles in the infield?
  7. I hadn't heard the story about Garcia having gambling debts, but come on. The odds of the right-field umpire being in a position to impact the outcome of a game are a thousand to one. The idea that the gambling underworld would care about having an outfield ump in their pocket is insane to me.
  8. One of my favorite things about August/September 2012 was the series of posts by SteveA, marking every time the Orioles surpassed the win total of one of the 1998-2011 Orioles. It was cathartic, truly like an exorcism. Reliving all of those disastrous seasons made 9/16/2012 all the sweeter.
  9. Immaculate Inning

    Yes. In fact, going into the ninth Mussina had only given up one hit, an infield hit that could have easily been scored an error.
  10. Immaculate Inning

    I was at a game in '97 where Mussina started off the top of the first with eight strikes in a row, but he couldn't seal the deal on the ninth pitch. He ended up striking the side out on eleven pitches.
  11. MLB Oldest player has died - Silent Captain

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_living_Major_League_Baseball_players Looking down this list, the first guy with an Orioles connection is Wally Westlake, who played on the 1955 Orioles. Eddie Robinson is the oldest living coach and he coached the Orioles from 1958-1960.
  12. Right Now, I Hate Baseball.

    I don't totally understand why baseball won't play the World Series on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I assume that it has to do with not wanting to compete with the NFL and college football, but there's still Sunday Night Football and a lot of the premiere college matchups are in prime time as well, so what's the difference?
  13. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    Well, typically when a guy has bad career numbers in a particular park, it's either because the other team's hitters are a bad matchup for him or his game doesn't work for the park's dimensions. Yankees' current lineup is significantly different from the NYY lineups Santana has faced most of his career and the dimensions haven't been a factor so far. His pitching tonight wouldn't work against any team, in any park.
  14. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    Can't blame the short porch for the Didi HR, that's out by plenty in any park.
  15. 2017 Playoffs Thread

    That strikeout sound effect they have is as bad as the sound of a dentist's drill.