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  1. Moshagge3

    Random Thought Thread

    This one really sticks in my craw 22 years later:
  2. Moshagge3

    Baseball...has a problem.

    You see why that's misleading, right? If ESPN schedules a Sunday Night Dodgers game before the season starts, there's a 20% chance, at most, that Kershaw will be playing in the game. Unless he's hurt, there is a 100% chance Tom Brady is playing when they schedule a Patriots game.
  3. Moshagge3

    Baseball...has a problem.

    When it comes to marketing the stars, you can't compare MLB to the NBA, or soccer, or NFL quarterbacks. If you watch a Cavs game, LeBron is on your screen almost the entire time, and if he's on the bench, the camera is constantly cutting to him as the announcers speculate about when the Cavs can get him back in the game. An NFL quarterback touches the ball on every offensive play. However, I can theoretically watch an hour of Angels baseball without seeing or hearing about Mike Trout. That's why it was always so dumb when sportswriters and broadcasters would try to compare Derek Jeter's role in the Yankees' success to Jordan or Brady. A better test would probably be to see if people could recognize team logos, rather than name individuals. I'm sure nobody in New York has trouble recognizing a Yankees or Mets hat.
  4. Moshagge3

    Has there ever been a player at Davis level

    I really hate how Davis keeps jawing with the umpire on strike three calls that are obviously correct. Come on man, take responsibility. It's not the umpire's fault you're hitting .171.
  5. Moshagge3

    Welp, Are We Officially Worried About Brach?

    He pitched the 7th inning on Sunday and got hit hard for two runs. He was great as a setup man in the first half of 2016, if that's what you mean, but his stuff isn't going to be successful long-term in any role right now.
  6. Moshagge3

    Welp, Are We Officially Worried About Brach?

    I don't know why people always attribute struggles to mental issues. Take Daniel Cabrera. He had great stuff but he was wild. For that reason, everyone on this board kept saying "it's all between his ears." Why can't he be a perfectly well-adjusted guy who is wild because control is a skill that he doesn't happen to possess? Brad Brach lives in the mid 90's, has command issues that seem to have gotten worse, and is okay at mixing speeds. All in all, a guy that can have some runs of success when the BABIP fairies are out but is pretty vulnerable in the long term. Sucks that we held on to him for so long while his stock was high, but that's what he is. His blowing saves has nothing to do with mental issues and fear of the ninth inning (wasn't even a save situation last night), and everything to do with his stuff.
  7. Moshagge3

    154? Or Less?

    I don't oppose a return to 154 games in principle, but I'm worried that we'll get another round of playoffs in return. That would be a disaster for the game, IMO.
  8. Moshagge3

    vs. INDIANS, 4/23

    Miller gets another absurd strike one call. What a joke.
  9. Moshagge3

    vs. INDIANS, 4/23

    A questionable strike one call doomed Mancini.
  10. Moshagge3

    vs. INDIANS, 4/23

    LOL, I like how it was never done between 1929 and 1953 and it was done seven times last year. Modern baseball.
  11. The Orioles could have the MVP (Machado) and the Cy Young (Bundy) and still finish in last. That can't have ever happened before.
  12. They can contact their parole officers the old-fashioned way.
  13. Good thing "too many people" won't be a problem at OPACY this year.
  14. Moshagge3

    Anderson vs. Jones

    It always bothered me that Elaine still appears to be rooting for the Yankees. She is clapping when the Yankee fans clap and she makes a disappointed face when an Oriole gets a hit.
  15. Born in March of '83. So technically they have won the Series in my lifetime. Technically.