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  1. Moshagge3

    The Kevin Gausman appreciation thread

    Against the Mets that's pretty bad.
  2. The O's have had a bigger role than just about anyone in keeping the Yankees in second place. Their fans must be beside themselves.
  3. Hard to take this team seriously when T.J. McFarland is pitching critical innings for them.
  4. Moshagge3

    vs. YANKEES, 7/11

    Everyone's been on base now except Gregorius. Lovely.
  5. Moshagge3

    vs. YANKEES, 7/11

    I thought Bundy was going to be a Cy Young contender after his first few starts. Woof.
  6. Moshagge3

    vs. YANKEES, 7/11

    According to Gameday, "ball 2" was literally right down the middle. ???
  7. This wretched season has produced at least two surefire MASN Classics; this game and the Sunday win in the Bronx.
  8. Moshagge3

    Who’s your 2018 back-up team?

    I honestly wouldn't mind seeing the Astros repeat. They're an entertaining team top to bottom and I have many friends from Houston. Also, whatever team Adam Jones winds up on would be an automatic favorite of mine. As I've said before, I want to like the Braves but the Tomahawk Chop is just awful and the deeper the Braves go the more I have to hear it. Top priority of course is Anyone But the Yankees or Red Sox.
  9. Moshagge3

    The Nick Markakis 2,000th hit countdown thread

    I want to root for Atlanta because of Nick and sticking it to the Nationals, but then I tune in and see fans doing the Tomahawk Chop and I'm like, nah.
  10. I'm tired as hell today, but staying up was 100% worth it. BUT the Gary Thorne call was highly unsatisfactory. I could tell that ball was crushed but Gary called it like a routine fly out until the last second. Now, it was way too late to listen to the post-game highlights on the radio. I thought maybe MLB.com would make it one of those "Must C" highlights that includes both the TV call and the radio call, but no such luck. (The Red Sox walkoff on a bloop hit is Must C, because, you know, Boston.) I am dying to know how Joe Angel called it. Does anybody know where I can find it without an MLB.TV subscription or happen to have it and can upload it?
  11. If that's the case, then it means that the Orioles could literally win out for the rest of the year and not win the division. Depressing.
  12. Why should there be accountability for Araujo? There's none for anyone else on this team.
  13. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    OK, seriously, where the hell is Manny.
  14. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Quite an ugly batting line on Schoop.
  15. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    I don't think Buck knows what city he's in at this point.
  16. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Silly Buck thinks this offense can actually provide him with a lead and a save situation at some point. I, on the other hand, question if they will score another run this year.
  17. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Very excited that a worn out horse is next year's closer.
  18. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Damn, sac fly. Don't you wish we had a reliever that rarely gives up fly balls?
  19. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Is this going to be another year where we "showcase" Britton for the trade deadline by hiding him on the bench and hoping GMs think it's 2016?
  20. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    If only we had someone hitting .312/.380/.571 on the bench.
  21. Moshagge3

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Here comes the Chris Davis walkoff!!!
  22. Moshagge3

    vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/07

    Is it possible Buck just wanted to get Chris Davis more at-bats?
  23. Moshagge3

    Chris Davis

    Can't wait until Colby Rasmus comes back and takes a roster spot. Then there will be two of 'em!
  24. Moshagge3

    Random Thought Thread

    This one really sticks in my craw 22 years later:
  25. Moshagge3

    Baseball...has a problem.

    You see why that's misleading, right? If ESPN schedules a Sunday Night Dodgers game before the season starts, there's a 20% chance, at most, that Kershaw will be playing in the game. Unless he's hurt, there is a 100% chance Tom Brady is playing when they schedule a Patriots game.