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  1. InsideCoroner

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    He watches pitches in the zone Then whiffs on pitches poorly thrown He watches, whiffs then sadly sits (The other team don’t need their mitts!) A question to be asked of Boras Did you know his bat was porous? One has to think, with all these losses Of mariners and albatrosses
  2. InsideCoroner

    Anyone Following Manny?

    But honest question, will you still be a Manny fan if he plays for the Yanks for the next ten or so years, barring opt-outs? I had hoped he would stay in the NL, but that seems increasingly unlikely.
  3. I've never seen a big guy so frightened of a padded fence. I sometimes wonder if he got attacked by a pack of rabid walls as a kid in California.
  4. InsideCoroner

    Will Dickerson or Kirby Be Brought Back?

    I know it's not likely either will be back, and I understand why, but I'll kind of miss not seeing Kirby out by first base.
  5. InsideCoroner

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    If the problem with Davis is mental more than anything mechanical (and the jury is out on that), I tend to think the rebuild might be exactly what he needs. It takes a lot of pressure off his shoulders if we’re not even remotely expected to be competitive. Maybe he can loosen up and not overthink everything. You’re going to lose 100 games. Just enjoy playing baseball.
  6. I played my senior year in high school in rural PA, then didn’t play for the longest time aside from softball games, until I moved to Holland about 8 years ago. Unlike in Germany where I had been living, baseball is known by the Dutch, and especially popular with the people from Curacao and Aruba (both are Dutch colonies, so people from there have automatic Dutch citizenship). I joined an all-ages uniformed team, third division (along with two friends), and played 2B for a season. We took it seriously but were pretty bad, although it was also a lot of fun. I then moved back to Germany and would love to find a casual league, but you don’t even see any fields over here. It’s 98% soccer, 1% basketball and 1% handball (yeah...handball).
  7. InsideCoroner

    What was the most exciting offseason move to you?

    That deal excited me too when it happened. Oof. ——- "I don't know much about the American League but I understand [Memorial Stadium]is a good hitter's park and that it's easier to hit home runs in the American League," Davis said. Finley was the key player in the trade for the Astros, who plan to make him their regular center fielder. A left-handed hitter, Finley hit .256 and stole 22 bases in 142 games for the Orioles. Harnisch was 11-11 with a 4.34 earned-run average, and Schilling was 1-2 with three saves and a 2.54 ERA in 35 games. ——- Baltimore Evening Sun article, January 11th, 1991
  8. InsideCoroner

    Update: Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph Non-tendered

    Wear it proudly on “Your Favorite Ex-Oriole Promo Shirt Night”, where I’ll break out my Hyun-Soon Kim shirt amidst a sea of Hakuna Machado and Nate McLouth “Wanted: Base Bandit” tees.
  9. InsideCoroner

    What Can the O's Do to Put Butts in Seats in 2019?

    Kids Run The Front Office nights.
  10. InsideCoroner

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Agreed, he really helped them when they needed it most. A lot of Dodgers fans seem to think they were bound to make the postseason one way or another but bound to lose once they got there. Personally I wish Milwaukee had made it through instead of LA.
  11. InsideCoroner

    Ex-Orioles in the postseason

    Really happy for Steve Pearce. He deserved his moment (and a ring). I’m visiting Los Angeles right now, and even before the Series started or his “Johnny Hustle” comment, it was amazing how quickly Machado wore out his welcome here. I talked to a bunch of fans here (my Orioles cap starts a ton of conversations) who almost all said they loved him for the first few months but they saw him loaf or just act like a jerk enough times that he just fell out of favor. And they were especially disgusted with his attitude in the postseason. The bar I was at for game 3 were screaming bloody murder at him when he only got a single out of the ball he hit off the left field wall. A few people commented to me, “You guys sure got the better end of that trade.”
  12. I like the cut of that Eveland fellow’s jib.
  13. InsideCoroner

    Batting Leaders 1983-Present

    I had forgotten how well Eric Davis hit for us in his comeback stint of ‘97 and ‘98. He was never a great fielder, but what an electric player in his prime.
  14. InsideCoroner

    What are you listening to right now?

    Been playing this album a lot lately. They were local to where I lived at the time. The guitarist Selim Lemouchi committed suicide four years ago, he was only 33. But it wasn't depression, it was ritualistic... he was very committed to Satanism and spoke for years about ending his own life someday, but since he was productive and outgoing and the band were having success, you never really thought he would really follow through with it. His sister was the singer of the band, and it just devastated the community near Eindhoven and Tilburg, Holland. So it took me a couple years until I could put the records on again. It still hurts to think about. Some great music, though.
  15. InsideCoroner

    What are you listening to right now?

    I work with these guys a bit. Not sure where you live in Florida, but they're touring with Leprous and Bent Knee and playing Tampa and Orlando next month. I'm kind of jealous of that package, I wish they'd tour Europe with Leprous.