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  1. InsideCoroner

    Marlins Add Even More Mesa $

    I like the cut of that Eveland fellow’s jib.
  2. InsideCoroner

    Batting Leaders 1983-Present

    I had forgotten how well Eric Davis hit for us in his comeback stint of ‘97 and ‘98. He was never a great fielder, but what an electric player in his prime.
  3. InsideCoroner

    What are you listening to right now?

    Been playing this album a lot lately. They were local to where I lived at the time. The guitarist Selim Lemouchi committed suicide four years ago, he was only 33. But it wasn't depression, it was ritualistic... he was very committed to Satanism and spoke for years about ending his own life someday, but since he was productive and outgoing and the band were having success, you never really thought he would really follow through with it. His sister was the singer of the band, and it just devastated the community near Eindhoven and Tilburg, Holland. So it took me a couple years until I could put the records on again. It still hurts to think about. Some great music, though.
  4. InsideCoroner

    What are you listening to right now?

    I work with these guys a bit. Not sure where you live in Florida, but they're touring with Leprous and Bent Knee and playing Tampa and Orlando next month. I'm kind of jealous of that package, I wish they'd tour Europe with Leprous.
  5. InsideCoroner

    We say goodbye to Buck and Adam

    That really drives me nuts. I know they're not going to show the MASN post-game show or anything like that, nor do I need them to, but really, couldn't they at least show a post-game press conference here and there, even if it's something you can just watch later as an extra?
  6. InsideCoroner

    Will Chris Davis make it to 502 PA?

    For once I agree with Dempsey. He’s had all season to play through it and make any kind of adjustments. Nothing has worked (or nothing was adjusted... it’s hard to say). They can’t go on with this version of Chris Davis. Since they won’t be anything approaching a good team next year, I’d let him get things sorted out and see how he looks in 2019. If he doesn’t show improvement after a couple months, it might be time to go Old Yeller on Crush and just let him go.
  7. InsideCoroner

    Are You Rooting For The Orioles Or Oakland?

    Last night’sline score had to be one of the most unusual I’ve ever seen. 10 runs by Oakland in the 3rd inning, no runs by either team in any other inning.
  8. InsideCoroner

    Tracking Ex Oriole Thread

    I have to think the end result will be somewhere towards the median. His Orioles career was so frustrating because of his flashes of brilliance and dominance (“How about Kevin ******* Gausman!”, in Tommy Hunter speak), followed up by a guy who nibbled far too much, had no secondary pitches working, and then got hammered when he was forced to throw a pitch down the middle.
  9. InsideCoroner

    Managers available

    I think we should lure Cito Gaston out of retirement and keep him on one year deals only until the team show signs of no longer being absolutely terrible, then fire him immediately.
  10. InsideCoroner

    2018 Milwaukee Brewers

    For nearly 2 WAR and 5+ WAR the year before? Sure they will.
  11. InsideCoroner


    If you rebuild it, they will come?
  12. InsideCoroner

    Hurt or Injured?

    That was what I read too, that Buck wanted him to get consistent reps in RF.
  13. InsideCoroner

    Tillman to Texas

    That sounds about right. Most agents and talent managers have sliding scales for the various sources of income. I thought I read once that MLB agents don’t take a commission on a player salary until it’s above the league minimum and they actually negotiate something. Not sure if that still applies, but it would make sense.
  14. InsideCoroner

    The "showdown" is coming

    Have you ever said the words “we need to lose at least two out of three” before in reference to the O’s? I never actively rooted for them to lose until this year. It’s a really weird feeling.
  15. InsideCoroner

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    What I find annoying/troubling is that, under advice from his new team after a loss in his first start for Atlanta, Gausman has ditched his wind-up and is pitching exclusively from the stretch. He says it’s kept him from flying open and allows him better command of his fastball and slider. It’s only three starts since then (all wins, 3 ER in 22 IP), so SSS, but please don’t tell me something that simple might be the answer.