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  1. Nice move. My sister took her two boys to that game. After they endured the three-hour rain delay, it was announced on the PA that remaining fans could sit wherever they wanted. Then the kids ran the bases after the game with no waiting line.
  2. At least they didn’t introduce the Disabled Hitters List, sponsored by DHL. It could be worse.
  3. Really nice outing. He’s been impressive this year, especially on a pitching staff that give up 5-1/2 runs a game.
  4. The only sports whose matches can be guaranteed within a limited time (like three hours) are those on clocks. I love baseball precisely because there’s no clocks, no timers, no idea at all when each game might be done. It could get rained out in the 6th, it could go 14. You just never know.
  5. That’s my thinking. I want them to play hard and to see some development on the youngest guys, but I don’t necessarily need to see them win many games right now. The difference between the #1 pick and #4 pick next year is a potential long term game changer. Whether Ynoa starts are stays in the bullpen this year, or things like that, makes zero difference.
  6. In town to see my family this week, and had one free evening so I bought tickets for the game earlier tonight. Part of the visit was to see my grandfather as he’s 98 (great guy, built the house he still lives in with his own hands 70 years ago, served in the Navy in WW2), and he coincidentally just went into the final stretch of hospice care when I got here. Which is a good thing, he’s done all he needs to do in this life and I’m glad I’m here for it. As a brief respite, my uncle and I went to the game and shelled out for first row seats in Section 24. And although I wasn’t really in the mood, the game itself was fun — words I seldom uttered during games last year. Means pitched a great game, I’m glad they held the lead so he could get the win. Some timely hits, some hustle, some good defense, some iffy relief pitching working out of a lot of trouble. Sparse crowd, as expected (10,500 announced but it looked like less). And the new safety netting didn’t bother me as much as I expected. But I just liked watching some young guys with few expectations giving their best and working/reacting as a team. They’re still going to lose a ton of games, but I find this team eminently more watchable and less frustrating than what preceded it.
  7. Does anyone know if Davis is using a lighter bat? Just curious as he looks thinner this year and his bat speed looked down in the past year or two, so if he’s turning faster with the same piece of lumber that’s impressive. Either way I like what I’m seeing.
  8. Isn’t there also the issue of using the trademarked “O’s” logo without consent?
  9. Is that a reference to Kim? I was at that OD game, and was annoyed that fans were booing him.
  10. The Hall should give Mussina one of those holographic images for his cap where from the left side you see the Orioles logo and from the right it becomes New York. Problem solved.
  11. It’s ridiculous that a 75% vote is required of about 400 BBWAA members to get into the Hall, but then 75% of the whopping 16 voters on the Today’s Game Era Committee will achieve the same result. As they did with Baines and Lee Smith. But by that token, it’s equally ridiculous that I would even get worked up about who gets elected to the Hall anymore than I would care who gains entrance to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, or wins a Peoples’ Choice Award.
  12. Ah, update — his name is Bill Ballou (which is ironically like “ballot” but finished incorrectly), and he said after fellow writers appealed to him, he’s voting for Rivera... along with Manny Ramirez, Halladay, Clemens and Bonds. Some interesting choices, but... Halladay? Why not write in Thurman Munson while you’re at it.
  13. A writer for the Worcester Telegraph left his ballot blank as he said that saves are the “lowest-hanging fruit on the game’s statistical tree” (ha) but he decided not to mail it in. I’m not sure how much more of a passive protest you could put up than that, except maybe voting for Rivera but pressing very lightly with your pen.
  14. I think if Manny makes the Hall, he’ll probably wear the cap of whoever gave him the biggest deal in his career. So... not Baltimore. I agree with Tony that barring Manny and maybe (but quite possibly not) Mussina, the next HOFs wearing Orioles garb aren’t beknownst to us yet.
  15. He watches pitches in the zone Then whiffs on pitches poorly thrown He watches, whiffs then sadly sits (The other team don’t need their mitts!) A question to be asked of Boras Did you know his bat was porous? One has to think, with all these losses Of mariners and albatrosses
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