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  1. I think a lot of people had long-term concerns. But more in the sense of "how will this play out when he's in his mid-30s?" but thinking that's a bridge that would be crossed in due time. Even given his Jekyll/Hyde performances year-to-year, he had put up an average of 3.75 WAR per season over the past four years when the extension was made. And 3 WAR the year after. I don't think many people expected it all to cave in this quickly. And since he's not hurt to our knowledge -- at least not physically -- it's even harder to imagine him getting back on track in '18 or beyond. I don't see many outcomes in which this isn't a lead-plated albatross around our necks for the next five years.
  2. Last year Hart looked great, exactly what we needed out of a LOOGY after Brian Matusz. This year, though, he's looked an awful lot like Brian Matusz.
  3. Buck and Hardy deserve some credit

    A small but effective "block" list has made my time here on OH about 75% more enjoyable.
  4. Are we a bad team masquerading as a mediocre one?

    The pitching has been shambolic, and the defense has been below average. Then again, if you had told me at the start of the season that Caleb Joseph and his zero RBI would end up with more fWAR than Davis, Trumbo, Hardy, Rickard, Smith, Kim and Alvarez combined, I certainly wouldn't have believed it.
  5. Assuming we trade Manny, who's our target for 3B?

    Okay... but then who's your target for the now-vacant 2B slot?
  6. Cal Ripken Jr's Streak (22nd Anniversary)

    That's great. And those are the best kind of keepsakes. When I was a kid (and already an Orioles fanatic) my grandparents gave me signed individual photos of Lenn Sakata, Dave Ford and Jim Dwyer. The three had been at some kind of event and signed photos for everyone. I still love those photos primarily because my grandparents took the time to stand in line and get them for me.
  7. Will you be pleased with this season if...

    I have to go with (A), because I predicted before the season that they'd finish around 78-84. They didn't really make the moves along the way to make me feel like this was a year they could really compete with the better clubs, so with a winning record I would be satisfied. Of course I want to see them in the postesason, but I just don't see it (or don't see them advancing beyond a one-game playoff). Too many offensive holes, the rotation is awful and the bullpen is nowhere near the formidable force it once was.
  8. Toronto - trap series

    "Hold On" is just another way of saying "Buckle Up" though, right?
  9. Connolly: Cruzing

    You mean in addition to the 50-game suspension that Cruz already served years ago for admitting that he used PED's? He juiced, he admitted it. He just said he did it to help regain playing weight after an extended stomach bug (surely the MLB equivalent of "the dog ate my homework if ever I heard it).
  10. Will Castillo opt out?

    Right, but the question in the OP was whether the team should try to retain him with an extension or better offer. I agree, they shouldn't. If he picks up the option, fine. But if he doesn't, we can use that $7m elsewhere. Like focusing on young international talent (ha!).
  11. How crazy that the young Boog Powell's first career home run last night was into the flag court right near where his namesake sits.
  12. Serious question: would hypnosis help Chris Davis?

    I think hypnosis is highly subjective but I don't think it could hurt. If all else fails, hypnosis might help us watch Chris Davis hit.
  13. There is nothing clutch about this team

    I would love to think that too. But you know Buck and "his guys". And Beckham is definitely not one of his guys yet. But personally, sure, I would play Beckham's hot bat until it has run its course.
  14. There is nothing clutch about this team

    He said as much here about a week ago. Wouldn't surprise me.
  15. Manny Machado turning the DP

    I love the hushed "ohhh" sound of the opposing team's crowd when he makes those plays. Heard it in KC and Detroit on this trip, and now in Anaheim as well.