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  1. I'm only in town about one or two weeks a year, but I'm there next week as my grandfather turns 96. So I just bought a ticket for OD, section 330.
  2. That one made me laugh yesterday as well.
  3. Someone somewhere in the Orioles FO must be considering Dana Eveland purely for the sake of nostalgia.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! I'm in town next week and so I just grabbed a seat in section 332. So I'll be there.
  5. Even back when this came out a small group of us would poke fun at the whole "dear diary" aspect of the video (like Devereaux: "Stay fair, stay fair, baby!"), so it's an unmitigated cheese-fest. But what a fun season that was, and I'm very grateful that someone uploaded this entire thing, having lost my VHS tape long ago. I'm watching the whole thing all over again. Thanks for sharing.
  6. That's really sad to hear. I've always had an affinity for the sidearm guys like Frohwirth and Mark Eichhorn.
  7. Do you think fly ball pitchers effectively counter uppercut swings? I think they can. Well, except in Colorado.
  8. Very nice outing by Ynoa. I say Ynoa... Y-Noat? (sorry)
  9. During this latest episode, Kang (who has a tattoo on his leg...of his own face) plowed through metal median poles in a congested area and then fled the scene. Dashcam footage from his own car of the accident can be seen here. When police tracked down the car, he said his friend had been driving the vehicle... until additional CCTV footage clearly showed Kang behind the wheel. The third strike cost him his Korean driver's license; I assume his celebrity alone kept him from doing time. It also cost him a spot on South Korea's WBC team. The Pirates claimed to be unaware of Kang's first two DUI offenses and recently acted surprised when they learned about them. You would think the team President Frank Coonelly would be more up on these things, given Kang's hard-partying reputation in Korea and Coonelly's own DUI.
  10. Is there any news on Tillman? I haven't heard much lately, and he's vital. Especially if Ubaldo and Miley are expected to regularly take the mound. The replacement candidates aren't uniformly bad, but they just seem like a lot of interchangeable cannon fodder to me. I think you might be right about Dan acquiring another arm.
  11. According to this story, the Pirates' Jung Ho Kang has been denied a work visa by US authorities due to his third DUI offense in South Korea. He may now miss a good portion or perhaps all of the 2017 season. There is also mention of Kang also possibly having a DUI in another country (not Korea or the US). Kang received an 8-month suspended jail sentence in Korea for his last offense. No pity here, sorry. It's time for the guy to grow up and stop risking the lives of others.
  12. Yes, but if you take away those seven hits and five runs, he actually pitched a pretty good couple innings.
  13. The Phillies' response is pure unbridled passion: "While we appreciate the support of all of our fans, the reason for choosing one team versus another is a strictly personal reason. We do not try to ‘sell’ fans, rather we allow them the opportunity to choose to follow the Phillies for their own myriad of reasons. Good luck with your choice."
  14. The whole story reminded me of a situation I had some years ago. I was working in a small office, and a good friend of the owner started spending a good amount of time in the workplace. He had been a musician himself prior to doing well with real estate, and I guess he found it interesting to hang around this small, independent record label. And he started getting more involved with the day-to-day operations, something which the boss condoned despite the friend having no official title or job, and not being in the chain of authority. The guy meant well but whenever he made suggestions it caused a lot of confusion among the staff. Was this an official edict? Could it be ignored? Did it need to be discussed in a meeting? Could we tell the boss that his close friend was being a distraction or would he flip out? Those unanswered questions can sow a lot of unrest and unease. (Luckily after some months the guy found a trophy wife who made him take her around the world, and the problem solved itself)
  15. Shameful? Really? Pssst, hey -- it's a game. That's like finding it shameful if Tina Yothers joined the CBS team on Battle Of The Network Stars.