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  1. If this losing streak keeps up, I'm calling Father Damian Karras.
  2. Asher has replaced him in the rotation.
  3. Are you really bringing up Paul Janish and his two whole plate appearances this year in your defense of Hardy? You can also mention that Hardy has more homers this year than David Ortiz. The answer, in short, is that only one player in this whole discussion is below replacement level for the year (hint: it's not Caleb...or even Janish).
  4. We won one out of three in 2015, so we're 1-5. Yeah, last year was the record 52 punch-outs (to quote Bordick) over the three games, and Valbuena homered in every game. Ugh. That's one of those series so painful that I only like to think of it under hypnotherapy.
  5. Agreed, he was very young and may far better now. Although I just suspect it would take a while. But I agree with you that his range at second has not been what I had hoped. He makes a few great plays, but my mental image of Schoop is that of Jeter -- going after a lot of balls that just seem to get past him. His limited mobility and arm would play great at third. But I reckon he would be loathe to start training at third as long as his best friend is still wearing orange.
  6. I had also wondered if he had some vision problems over the last two years, but ruled that out. If his vision was off, I figured he could never pick throws out of the dirt like he does.
  7. One of my favorite songs out of the Oi! scene.
  8. I don't disagree that he could become a serviceable third baseman. But I do differ on the opinion that a couple months of ST and he'd be fine at third. Unless we're talking Mark Reynolds fine.
  9. His ABs lately are among the worst I've seen from him in a few years. Missing pitches by a foot or more, first-pitch swinging at pitches off the plate in situations where we're down one run, nonchalanting some balls in the field... just things where you wonder if he's really locked in, or if something (not the contract, but something in his life perhaps) is keeping his head out of the game. All pure and utter speculation, but what's a message board for if not to speculate?
  10. I saw the MLB games. SSS, but it was enough to say that the suggestion we simply slide Schoop over to third isn't simple at all. His footwork was particularly bad, a major issue which it can reasonably be assumed hasn't gotten much better from three years spent away from that position.
  11. Schoop is awful at third. On a Jimmy Paredes level. He is definitely not headed to the left side of the infield anytime soon.
  12. I thought Temple Of The Dog was maybe his best overall vocal performance. Definitely the most soulful, especially on tracks like "Say Hello To Heaven" and "Four Walled World". Such a great album. I heard they were discussing doing a second album recently, I would have liked to have heard that. I'm glad I got to see Soundgarden a number of times on the "Badmotorfinger" era, both opening (for Guns N Roses and on the Lollapalooza tour) and a couple headline shows in Pennsylvania. His voice and presence will be missed.
  13. I like the idea but having Tillman, Gausman and Miley each getting through five full in their next starts is by no means a sure thing. They won't release Ubaldo yet, I think they'll stash him in the pen as injury protection (and an innings sponge) unless they make a deal for another starter.
  14. I thought the same thing for a while, but most guess hitters who guess wrong normally flail badly at that pitch. So I'm really not sure anymore whether it's pure guess hitting or he just has a real problem with pitch recognition. The first two times he struck out looking I wasn't bothered, but with two runners on, down by 2 in the 8th inning, I was really hoping he would at least swing the bat in the general direction of at least one of those three strikes. Nope. But hey, he's got 250 more home runs than me, so what the heck do I know.
  15. First off, I love and support the site. But I don't think the sentence above is entirely accurate. If that were the case, I would get hijacked visiting other sites on my phone. But it only happens on OH, and only (as I mentioned in the appropriate thread) when I am phsyically in the USA. Maybe it's the Internet provider I use there, but I genuinely don't believe it's malware on my phone when I am on a lot of other sites while visiting the US that have similar network ads without any kind of pop-up or hijacking incidents.