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  1. This is exactly what I was worried about. Several games just good enough to give the FO doubts about selling and thinking, "Well, maybe with one more Gerardo Parra type corner outfielder, we might have a shot at this crazy thing...!" Don't get me wrong, I love winning. I just don't sense it's the start of a sustained .600-ball type wave that carries through the second half.
  2. You don't trade starters to turn this season around, though, you trade them to turn your future seasons around. I'm fine with cutting bait on '17 and trying to restock the farm system with some genuine prospects before we lose some of our top talent to free agency.
  3. What a great story.
  4. Machado is a game changer, and would still fetch a princely sum in prospects. Even if he plays exactly the same for the rest of the year as he has up until now, he would still be worth 4 WAR, or about $30 million.
  5. If I were Being Buck Showalter, I would never make any trade that would bolster the Yankees' prospects of winning the World Series.
  6. Ol' Pedro is fairly adroit at catching the ball over there at third. He just needs to feed the ball off to J.J. and let him make the throws for him.
  7. According to this article, an MRI is scheduled for later today. Worst case, he could be out for a couple months. Here's hoping it's not as bad as it sounds.
  8. 4.76 ERA for us, 4.74 for Detroit, 4.73 for Minnesota. NYY leads the league with a 3.60 ERA. 228 walks, KC is second with 219. Hitting wise, we're 12th in the league in OPS with a .726 mark, a full hundred points behind the Yanks (.827). 13th in walks in the AL, 4th in strikeouts.
  9. If a collapse is what it takes to move Manny (and/or Zach) before the break this year, I'm all for it. But something tells me they won't deal either one, at least until it's far too late and we wind up getting back whatever the July 2018 equivalent of Gerardo Parra and Scott Feldman are. (Which might be Gerardo Parra and Scott Feldman) If they can net some blue chip prospects, I am fine with their dealing one or both.
  10. May the words "and Edwin Jackson coming in to this one-run game" never be spoken again unless it's for another team.
  11. Coming off the two previous walk-off wins, last night's game was proof that there is no tangible thing as momentum. You knew going in that it wasn't going to be pretty defensively with replacements at CF, 1B, 3B and catcher (and below-average fielders everywhere but at short). I just didn't expect them to make Joe Ross look like Walter "Big Train" Johnson out there.
  12. That was an incredibly heads-up play, one that a lot of players would overlook in the rush of watching the flight of a potential walk-off homer. When the players mobbed the field after Trumbo's single, you could hear one of them shouting to AJ, "What a baserunner, what a baserunner!"
  13. Very nice to hear. Especially since a number of those guys could just as easily send a check for $5,000 or so in lieu of showing up.
  14. For those who didn't see Asher's start, perhaps the most impressive thing was that he caused many of Boston's best hitters to get very weak contact. More pop-ups and weak grounders than I recall seeing in quite a while, mixed with harmless fly balls. Only Panda's opposite field homer was a mistake. Even Betts' double was softly hit. Little to no at 'em balls or where great defense bailed him out. I don't even think the D had one tough chance.