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  1. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    Do you really think this is the year to do that?
  2. One reason why the Orioles have not improved their rotation

    Man, I have to say the Orioles are so shady for leaking this stuff.
  3. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    Yacobonis has zero starts in his minor league career. I can't imagine he is under consideration. I would at least take a look at Bleier. Do we still have Jayson Aquino in the organization?
  4. You are making my case. Offensively, Manny is not in that league. (Defensively, Harper is not in Manny's). Trout is a complete player. Manny is not in that echelon. Usually the top player at a position is in the great to world-historical range in both offense and defense. Arenado, Bryant, and Donaldson pretty clearly are. Manny is in that second tier of great but flawed players.
  5. I was not arguing against anyone. Just stated my opinion that I am not sold on Manny's offense considering his MLB body of work, with minor league numbers also a consideration, and that is the biggest factor arguing for him as a top 5-10 3B. And also as I said, if anyone argued that Manny is #1, I would not disagree.
  6. Trout and Harper's minor league numbers destroy Manny's at the same age/level. And they have been better hitters in MLB.
  7. O's equivalent to the Gerrit Cole trade?

    I would like to know the Astros package if the O's offered Manny instead of Cole.
  8. I am not sold on his bat. I think it remains to be proven whether 2016 is the aberration and 2017 the norm or vice versa. His minor league numbers would seem to indicate that he is more of an average hitter. Also really irritated by bad habit of turning doubles into singles and making bizarre outs at third base with two out etc. He is quite possibly the best defensive player I have ever seen play the game but I don't think he is a truly complete player on the level of Trout etc, and there are some really good 3Bs in the game right now. Top 10 sounds about right although if someone wanted to argue he is #1 I wouldn't disagree with that either.
  9. Anyone On Here With Close Connections To Ownership?

    I am glad nobody on here has connections with ownership. If I did, I would be telling him to blow the team up and get something back for Manny.
  10. outfield / 1B / S.Smith ? D.Ackley.

    It's reverse psychology. As Ackley's agent, he is trying to drum up fan demand for Ackley. To do that, he needs to act and write like a messageboard fan. His persona is an agent's impression of "authentic" fan behavior. That's how I read it.
  11. outfield / 1B / S.Smith ? D.Ackley.

    I am guessing agent.
  12. Nice interview with Richard Bleier

    He just learned is lesson from Miley and Ubaldo hahaha.
  13. Nice interview with Richard Bleier

    On the positive side, he throws strikes and likely to be less bad than Miley, Tyler Wilson, Mike Wright, Helickson etc. He can't be in the mix with Ynoa, Castro, etc? I'm not saying he should be written into the rotation, but I think he earned a look. Maybe he bombs but it's not worth an experiment?
  14. Nice interview with Richard Bleier

    Can anyone explain why he isn't being talked about as a rotation candidate?
  15. Do you think he is better or worse?