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  1. If we offered Manny for Bogaerts, would they say no?
  2. Not sure either Nats or DD would make the Machado deal, but Estrada and Cobb were the names that jumped out at me. Consistent guys that throw strikes and know how to pitch. Might not even need to dump Trumbo to clear enough salary for those two. Then we keep Manny. Just need to replace JJ. Having a couple solid pitchers to replace Ubaldo and Miley would make a big difference.
  3. ^I think Moustakas for 6 years would be as bad as the Davis deal. I don't trust him to perform in Baltimore with a guaranteed contract. His game reminds me of pre-contract Panda. Aren't the Cardinals out of it? I don't see them giving up the farm, even for Manny.
  4. We are much more likely to lose 100 than to win 81. There is no way on earth we are making the postseason.
  5. Can it be done? Salary coming off the books - Ubaldo $13.5M, Hardy $12M ($14M - $2M buyout), Castillo ($6M) = $31.5M Trade assets w/ current salary - Britton ($11.4M), Brach ($3M - will be due a big raise), Manny ($11.5M), Seth Smith ($7M), Kim ($3.5M), Trumbo ($11.5M), Jones ($17M) - potentially $65M off the books if all are traded Needs: SS, 3B, OF, RP, SP, C How do we fill all our needs while maintaining a level budget?
  6. He certainly hasn't helped, I will give you that.
  7. We are awful. At least I can turn it off now and save three hours of my life.
  8. AJ is also a competitor who wants to win a WS. I could see him approving a trade to the Astros.
  9. Probably LF with Trumbo, Mancini or Rickard. It doesn't matter because the premise of the question is that the season is lost. I guess if you want to start Yaz's clock I wouldn't be opposed.
  10. No it just means Kim gets ABs. Let those guys continue to develop. Especially Mullins. Don't want to start his service clock prematurely.
  11. I would trade Trumbo just for salary relief. We are going to need $$ to either extend Manny or sign a SS. Manny will still have value at this time next year. Would only trade him for a Bregman level prospect.
  12. The Central definitely has some good teams and they are killing us. But we did pretty well against them last year and they haven't changed that much. I believe we won both series against the Indians. The bottom line is our pitching has deteriorated and the offense is mediocre and one dimensional. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Feels like the season is already lost.
  13. I can't remember where, but I saw a DD quote recently that really surprised me. He said something to the effect that Tillman and Gausman were projected to be the #1 and #2 and have not pitched as expected. I understand his point - if those guys perform to their norms, we would be in a much different situation. Still, I interpreted the quote as really throwing them under the bus and blaming the players for his decisions, at least to some extent.
  14. I would go with Bundy. Givens could be a sneaky pick, like Brach last year.
  15. Manny's trade value will increase the more he shows he can play SS, just saying.