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  1. Per Roch, Fry back to Norfolk, Joey coming back tomorrow. That would leave us with 11 pitchers. I have to think Gentry or Mancini is gone but maybe they keep the shuttle going with Aquino, Nuno, or Asher going back down after they pitch. Note: The Orioles have optioned left-hander Paul Fry to Triple-A Norfolk, presumably to create a roster spot Friday for outfielder Joey Rickard. Fry warmed up tonight but didn’t pitch.
  2. I forget what they were talking about but I liked when he teased Palmer last night "Well, you're from Beverly Hills..."
  3. I think it was more about the guy on third than Schoop. They were going for the win and did not want to concede the tying run. That said, you could get out of it with a double play, so I would have thought the middle guys would be at double play depth.
  4. I would maybe even expect a little bump due to the situational strategy dictating more "play for one run" moves such as sacrifice bunts, putting in pinch runner, etc.
  5. If he is healthy, he is ready. These guys are professional baseball players. Most of the extended rehabs are for guys that you don't necessarily want back on the roster right away but I think Rickard gives us something vs LHP.
  6. Amazing, only two sac flies. How does that compare to the usual % of runs scored by sac fly?
  7. I remember in 2015 about this time I posted about AJ's apparent change in approach. At that time, he had a bunch of walks and had really elevated is pitches per AB. Then he quickly reverted to same old Adam. I do like his approach so far this year and would love for him to sustain it, but I am not terribly optimistic. I do think batting him leadoff or #2 does put him in more of a table-setting mode.
  8. The guy is in his 30's and already has bum hamstrings. That is great that he drew a 4-pitch walk but let's not get carried away. I would rather extend Kim if anyone, as he drew a much tougher walk last night but is also younger and healthier than Smith. Better yet, let's groom Hays and Mullins and build an outfield that can catch the ball.
  9. Yes, not even close on any of them. The ump was awful but did not decide the game.
  10. Wow!!!!!!!!
  11. Amazing what happens when you get baserunners
  12. The Firestone Special sac fly
  13. No, he is available. Just being grumpy and sarcastic.
  14. Jeez, if only we had Gentry available.
  15. A leadoff baserunner!