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  1. Pretty common for borderline veterans like him. Bourn wants to be in the majors, O's aren't ready to guarantee it. He has to earn the spot but he has an out if he doesn't. Win win.
  2. Biggest improvement is the subtraction of Gallardo. That could be a pretty big improvement, actually.
  3. I thought he would win too. Better case than Caleb Joseph, for sure.
  4. No way Buck will ever bench Davis except maybe the occasional day off.
  5. Not a keeper league? Bundy vs Giolito will be an interesting comp to watch.
  6. I agree but didn't they go with 7 RHP last year? And that included Givens and O'Day with awful splits.
  7. True, but with a .362 OBP and 100 fewer strikeouts than Chris Davis last year. Davis hit 13 more HR than Fielder that year, but Fielder still had a higher OPS and OPS+. And that was coming off five great seasons in a row up to that point. Fielder looked like much more of a sure thing for a bounce back than Davis does right now. Now if Davis hits 20 HR through May, he may become tradeable again...
  8. He already tried that. Didn't work.
  9. I would be happy to trade Chris Davis for a bag of balls. Between Davis, Trumbo, and Mancini, three is a crowd, and Mancini is the only good value. Unfortunately, we would like need to eat something like $100M to do it. The Tigers ate $30M of the Fielder contract, and that was when Fielder was at the top of his game (although they did get an excellent player back). I doubt we get anyone as good as Kinsler, and I doubt we pay as little as $30M.
  10. Rickard was Rule 5 and would have gotten away if not rostered. Their situation was not apples-to-apples. I still believe Alvarez is our best bet to platoon with Smith in RF rather than have Trumbo watch balls go over his head.
  11. I would do Mancini for Granderson.
  12. That is probably a bluff to show that they think Jay Bruce still has value. Brach for Granderson makes too much sense but they are probably trying to offer Bruce.
  13. No. Mancini has been more dominant at the minor league level than Ynoa. Ynoa may have upside but at this point he is Tyler Wilson based on the minor league numbers.
  14. Some of us saw him pitch that game against the Red Sox. He was pretty meh in the second half.
  15. Never went more than 7 innings, though. I fully expect him to put up at least a couple no-no's during his Oriole career.