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  1. Aristotelian

    What happened to Jesus Sucre?

    Seems harsh to clean out the guy's locker. Not his fault. Maybe this is going to take some time to resolve.
  2. Aristotelian

    Ten for 10 years

    If I could pick one it would be Acuna. I would have Tatis Jr and Robles on my list. I don't think I would touch a pitcher for a ten year timeframe. They are more like NFL running backs.
  3. Aristotelian

    Frank Robinson has passed

    I'm fine, I'm fine. Just got something in my eye here, a little dust or something.
  4. Aristotelian

    Over/under: Dylan Bundy wins 12 games?

    I don't remember him pitching on extra rest at all. Admittedly, I stopped watching the team in July.
  5. Aristotelian

    Over/under: Dylan Bundy wins 12 games?

    I wonder if Elias will look at Bundy's numbers with extra rest vs five man rotation. I would love to see what he could do with extra rest through a whole season. Keep Cashner and Cobb on normal rest and spot start the other guys with Bundy pitching every sixth day. I would take the over if they did this.
  6. Aristotelian

    Tony's take on the roster

    I think infield is the most interesting position. It's clearly on the GM's mind. Reinheimer is a possibility too and some people have mentioned Wilkerson as having a shot. The problem is, I believe we would lose any of Jackson, Martin, Alberto, and Reinheimer, that aren't kept. I do feel that Jackson and Martin have the highest upside and would prefer not to lose them if possible.
  7. Aristotelian

    A real battle shaping up at O's Shortstop

    I don't think we're going to see too much of Wilkerson with so many Rule 5 guys. Maybe after Villar is traded.
  8. Aristotelian

    A real battle shaping up at O's Shortstop

    I think Jackson has a real shot. I liked him slightly ahead of Martin, although I can't remember why. Cannon arm.
  9. Aristotelian

    The Better Than You Remember Thread

    Mickey Tettleton 4.4 WAR (in only 411 AB's!) in 1989. I did not really see him as the centerpiece of the team but he led the team in OPS that year. Jimmy Key from the '97 team. Mussina will be remembered as the ace, but Key's ERA was only a few ticks below. 4.6 WAR.
  10. Aristotelian

    Jack Reinheimer- interesting target (claimed)

    Totally agree. 3B is even a stretch for our system. One thing the last few years have taught me is that four DH/1Bs is way, way too many.
  11. Aristotelian

    Jack Reinheimer- interesting target (claimed)

    Wow, nice call! Somebody won DFA Bingo!
  12. Aristotelian

    Fangraphs: Top 32

    Doh, I just posted on that. Thanks for the correction.
  13. Aristotelian

    Fangraphs: Top 32

    To be honest, that is about what I would have expected. It's tough to fix a whole organization based on a couple of rental trades. The biggest surprise for me is seeing Harvey so low. I did not realize he is out of options, which really hurts his future with the O's. Akin, Lowther, and Kremer are all higher than MLB.com. I am inclined to agree with those.
  14. Aristotelian

    # 19 Chris Davis 2019

    Very disappointing that he would blame the shift. The correct answer is, "Teams are allowed to shift, I need to adjust." Teams shift against every player in the league but only one guy hit .168 with 192 K's.
  15. Aristotelian

    Who is filling out the lineup?

    LOL, you don't see Kraftwerk references on baseball forums every day. I am good with the Robots if they don't slot Davis above 7.