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  1. Lol, we would need to lose a couple more to establish a new bottom.
  2. Which corner OF on our roster is Yaz better than? I agree he would be an upgrade over Davis, Richie, and Rio.
  3. You guys are right I forgot about Beckham. He was capable of the occasional spectacular play, he just botched the routine plays. I never regarded him as a true SS, but I acknowledge he played the position briefly.
  4. Thanks, I thought it was a bold call. The road to .300 starts here!
  5. When he was playing SS for us, he could not make that play IMO.
  6. Got any of him making those plays for us? I just remember catchable balls making it through the middle. And I still say he wouldn't have gotten to that ball today. Manny does have a heck of an arm though.
  7. Been waiting to see that from him all year. I can't remember the last time we have had a SS who could make that play.
  8. It appears those Fangraphs value numbers are not inflation adjusted for the older ones so you have to do some back of napkin math to compare to the newer ones. Appears to me that the Mussina deal blows them all out of the water, followed probably by Tejada and Jones.
  9. Nobody is complaining, just asking if it can possibly get worse and how much. The OP was actually calling the bottom, i.e. speculating that it gets better from here. You can disagree or ignore but please do not mischaracterize.
  10. I was thinking W/L% for this season but feel free to propose another metric and call the bottom.
  11. The intention was a prediction thread, which the OH does all the time. I am calling bottom. If you think it gets worse, how bad will it get?
  12. Certainly we all expected us to be bad, and bad teams go through periods where they look even worse. I did expect Cobb to bounce back (he had a solid second half 2018) and the bullpen to be at least OK. I think most of the models had us preseason with about 55-57 wins (around 35% W/L), which is plenty terrible without being Historically Bad. A roster with all replacement level players should be at least as good as that, and yet we have at least a few guys (Mancini, Severino, Means, Villar, Alberto) producing at positive WAR levels. If we could just get the rest of the guys to produce 0 WAR we should be well ahead of our current pace. (Unfortunately we have a bunch of guys producing negative WAR). Call me an optimist, but I say we are going to win tonight and go on to win .300. Big picture, we have already passed the bottom as an organization by virtue of hiring Elias and reducing ownership control of baseball ops (international money, etc). No front office "Game of Thrones" dramas going on as far as I know.
  13. Last night was our 10th loss in a row, and 15th loss of the last 16. Winning % down to .276 puts us on track to finish even worse than last year and in the top 10 all time worst MLB seasons in the modern era. Last night was particularly frustrating, as we blew a 3 run lead, go down 10-3, then come back only to fall one run short against a sub-.500 SEA team. This after a frustrating game in which Bundy was staked a small lead but the offense missed opportunities to pad and Bundy and the bullpen fell apart in the 6th. After signs of life, Davis is back to his under .300 SLG. The bullpen top to bottom has been absolutely atrocious despite guys with some MLB success. Are we really this bad? I say this is the bottom. We are bad but not this bad. Means would be a huge story if this wasn't a lost season (let's hope he is OK). Bundy is looking at least decent. Severino has been very productive (I still say he deserves an All Star reserve spot). I say Cashner gets us a win tonight and our winning % will not drop below .276 again this season.
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