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  1. Gentry is on a minor league deal. Couldn't he be sent straight to Norfolk, no DFA, then called up if Tavarez doesn't pan out?
  2. Trade him to the Cubs. I am sure Madden could turn him into something useful and make himself look like a genius in the process.
  3. If Santander needs TJ or some kind of surgery that keeps him out for the year, would we get to keep him with his clock reset next year?
  4. No, I think he made an unintentionally racist remark, or at least a remark that could be perceived as unintentionally racist. As the top professional in charge of the organization, he should not be putting himself or the club in that position, whether intentional or not.
  5. That is a very ugly remark. Just foolish of DD to make a comment like that to the national media. I have never heard of a GM calling out another team's player like that, and the implicit racial dimension does not look good at all. Now DD will have to issue a statement to clarify, and it will go on and on.
  6. That is exactly what I am imagining. Of course there will have to be some reality to the injuries, and I am sure other players will be involved, but there is some gamesmanship to it. I do think DD will find a way to keep players that we want and any nick that Adam Jones might be expected to play through will land either of these guys on the DL with the longest possible rehab "just in case".
  7. You keep him there until Tavarez or someone tweaks something (but especially Tavarez). Potentially we could just keep alternating the two all season long, then carry them both when rosters expand. Those shoulder injuries tend to nag.
  8. In 2014 after we signed Ubaldo and he was terrible, the Orioles establishment just said he was working on his mechanics, he is a warm weather pitcher, etc. We all know how that turned out.
  9. Lots of good names but the good ones will stay on their teams. (I don't see the Orioles Designating Bundy any time soon). See who is designated for assignment when rosters are finalized, then things could get interesting.
  10. 2 for 3 with a HR and no errors today. Anyone see him play the field?
  11. Trumbo hit 47 last year. I am confused by these numbers.
  12. Good post. I would add Drake has gone from being the favorite for the 6th spot to heading for DFA despite being out of options. Big decision there if he is not in the top 7.
  13. It is possible that Gentry has played his way onto the team. I would love to see Trumbo as everyday DH and a RH bat instead of Santander or Tavarez does that. I still doubt he starts much against RHP simply because we don't need him to. We have Kim and Smith.
  14. OK, but Smith is not going to be our DH vs LHP either. The question is what do we do against RHP. If Rickard plays every day, it has to come at the expense of Kim or Smith, but I don't see a strong reason to prefer Smith.
  15. My lineup has Trumbo in the OF against LHP. If Rickard plays every day, he could play LF instead of Kim or RF instead of Smith. I don't see why the presumption is he would necessarily replace Kim, although he might.