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  1. Cobb, so he can be traded. Trumbo, so he can be traded. Cashner, so he can be traded. Davis, because watching him suck is the most painful thing I have experienced as an O's fan. Harvey, because his prospect stock would explode.
  2. Aristotelian

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    Did he fail the physical?
  3. Aristotelian

    A few roster thoughts

    Lol, good one.
  4. Aristotelian

    A few roster thoughts

    Lol, way too early to be thinking about the roster, especially in the midst of a rebuild. I would really like to see Mancini not in LF. He should be platoon with Davis at 1B and DH vs LHP. If we can't get anything for Trumbo, why not just release him and use the roster space to evaluate more players and play some guys who can help the pitchers? Even if he puts up 20 HR in the first half, what does he realistically bring back? Nobody is going to give up an elite prospect for a rental of Trumbo who cannot play defense and is low OBP/high K. I guess Valera may be the best option at 2B. I believe he has one option left so he could be swapped out if he doesn't produce. I think our 2B/SS may come from the Rule 5, either Martin or Jackson. We'll see. Villar at SS also makes sense to build his trade value. I think Sisco has to get another chance at C. Could DH some if Trumbo is gone. What about DJ Stewart in RF? With Mullins in CF and Rickard in LF, it's not a great defensive OF but better than we've had, and I don't really care about service time for any of those three. Let Hays play his way onto to the team later in the year. I don't see much to get excited about in Rio. I would think he is more of an insurance plan with Nunez the presumptive starter.
  5. Aristotelian

    New manager

    I would like to see the Orioles hire somebody who brings some diversity to the Orioles and MLB. I don't really know anything about the candidates but they all appear qualified. If they all did well in the interview, I will go with Grifol.
  6. Aristotelian

    A look back: top 10 prospects from 2011

    Just for fun, I looked up Astros top 20 from 2011. Pretty funny. They had no A guys at the time. Just a bunch of B and C level guys like Altuve, JD Martinez, Villar, Keuchel, and Foltenwicz. https://www.minorleagueball.com/2010/12/28/1900512/houston-astros-top-20-prospects-for-2011
  7. Aristotelian

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Luke, how would you compare JVM to Flaherty? The profile seems very similar. The C on your list is very intriguing. I wonder why he isn't more highly regarded. .300/.800 hitting C who can throw? Based on your description, Elvis sounds really good! "Blown away" and "MLB quality stuff" are pretty strong words.
  8. Aristotelian

    Harold Baines.....Lee Smith in Hall of Fame

    The competition wasn't tough. They only had to beat out George Steinbrenner and Lou Pinella. Never heard of this Today's Game Committee until now. Happy for Baines, though.
  9. Exactly. Everyone with nothing to prove was traded at the deadline. Everyone else is damaged goods in some way. Villar is possibly the only one I can think of that may be at peak value now.
  10. I think he could try to build Givens value as a closer. I think he will try to fix Bundy before eventually trading him. Villar will almost certainly be traded but I don't see any reason to rush since he is not blocking anyone and we need an infield.
  11. Aristotelian

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    Absolutely not. Positioning is part of the game. It is up to the hitters to beat the defense. I do not think the rules should be manipulated to increase offense. If you want offense, go back to the steroid era and stop testing. Or place a limit on how hard pitchers can throw. Where does it end?
  12. Aristotelian

    Machado Trade Revisited. What If...

    I mean, maybe that Cardinals package is better, but there is no cant-miss Kris Bryant/Bryce Harper #1 type of prospect in the package. Kelley was their #3 prospect vs Diaz was top 5 for L.A. I don't love the return for Manny but I don't hate it either.
  13. Aristotelian

    Luke’s 2018 Rule 5 Draft Preference List

    Wright has been pretty terrible as a reliever too. 1.50+ WHIP, .800+ OPS in either role. He is just not very good. I think he was a victim of his success. He had that great start in his debut, and ever since we just can't quit the guy, no matter how bad he is.
  14. Aristotelian

    Where would Richie Martin fit on the O's top 30?

    Here is another list from the Royals writer who had reviewed the pitchers. Drew Jackson and Richie Martin are at the top of the list. Kean Wong (brother of Kolten) and Drew Ward are also interesting. https://www.royalsreview.com/2018/12/6/18117335/rule-5-draft-candidates-the-position-players