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  1. How many Rule 5 eligible players will the O's protect?

    Don't know anything about Rifaela's defense but his bat looked to be coming on last year. Maybe a stretch for another team to carry but I would not want to lose him. He would be our version of Santander.
  2. Miguel. I would like to see Tillman in the organization on a minor league deal but he has to prove that he is in shape and healthy. $2M in my opinion would commit him to a rotation slot for the first couple months and we played that game with him enough last year. I would pay $4M to never see Miley in an Oriole uniform ever again.
  3. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Would you do Hunter Harvey for Duffy?
  4. In order of most likely to least likely: 2, 1, 6, 5, 3, 4. I think we could be pretty good with 2, 1, 6, and a little bit of 5 to go with some halfway decent pitching. I am hoping we get rid of Trumbo. Honestly we should trade Manny. Getting nothing but a draft pick would be a travesty. In which case, the rest of these questions are moot.
  5. Offseason Trade Ideas thread

    Trumbo to anyone for a bag of balls. Other team gets DH capable of 30-40 HR, Orioles get salary relief and improve defense by attrition with Mancini sliding to DH.
  6. Chris Tillman Needs To Get Right

    I would be OK with Norfolk where he can't do any damage.
  7. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    I would be OK with this. Yu is likely out of our price range. Honestly there are not a lot of difference makers on the market. I think Mig would be a good value and upgrade over Ubaldo/Tillman/Miley.
  8. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Except that Girardi should know that if it's close, the MLB office ALWAYS rules for the Yankees.
  9. Could starter Miles Mikolas help the O's?

    He might be as good as Ondrusek. Sign him up! 2.17 ERA, 1.084 WHIP, 8.2 K/9 in Japan.
  10. Roch has been told the O's need 4 more starters

    I really liked Lynn when I first looked at this FA class, but his numbers this year really aren't that great. 4.82 FIP, career high 3.8 BB/9 and career low 7.4 K/9. I haven't watched him in a long time but I would be worried we would be buying at the wrong time. Unfortunately there is no Price/Scherzer on the market, not that we could afford anyone like that.
  11. Roch has been told the O's need 4 more starters

    I think Ynoa is already counted in one of the 4 that we have on hand (needing 8). Gausman, Bundy, Ynoa, Castro. Do we have anyone else?
  12. What will $40-50M get you?

    I see none of the above in our future.
  13. What will $40-50M get you?

    Extend Manny.
  14. Should Dan and Buck Continue on a One Year Contract?

    If you think the Buck-Dan relationship has some tension, I think Buck-Peter would be a disaster.
  15. Some final CERA numbers

    Joseph should be Gausman's personal catcher until proven otherwise. I wonder how much the staff could be fixed just be getting rid of Castillo.