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  1. Hope he gets in the game instead of an Eddie Gamboa deal.
  2. Somewhere in the Warehouse, the intern for the assistant to Elias is Googling the 26th man rule as we speak.
  3. Aristotelian

    Adam Hall 2019

    Would Ted Williams be a reasonable upside comp?
  4. Featured on MLB.com as Orioles "closer of the future". https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-s-best-prospect-relievers Zach Pop, RHP, Orioles' No. 20 (Double-A Bowie) One of the five prospects acquired from the Dodgers in last summer’s Manny Machado trade, Pop stands out for his plus-plus sinker that he throws in the mid-90s from a lower arm slot. It enables him to induce grounders at an elite rate, as his 65.8 percent ground-ball rate in 2018 was the sixth-best mark among Minor League hurlers (60 IP min.). He pairs his heater with a power slider, and together they make him lethal on right-handed hitters. Through 4 appearances at Bowie, 6.1 IP, 2H, 0 BB, 7K, 0 runs allowed. So far so good.
  5. Agreed, relievers are the most interesting. For slider I would go with O'Day, followed closely by Orosco. Tippy would be close to Olson for curveball.
  6. They will only want him if he is pitching effectively. Right now he is not.
  7. I am not saying he has to have a set role. I would be fine with him pitching to RHB's based on matchups. Just noting he has gotten shelled 3 of 4 times he has been asked for multiple innings. I do think he needs to be babied right now because he doesn't look good at the moment.
  8. Now you are just being difficult. The point is, let him have 10-12 good outings before trying to turn him into Betances. If you disagree, fine.
  9. Good points. Maybe he is capable of multiple inning saves. It doesn't seem like it so far, this year. His spring was pretty terrible too. I'd like to see him reestablish that he can get 3 outs at a time before extending him to 4-6 outs.
  10. I just said more. Starting would be fine. Higher leverage relief would also be fine. He is definitely showing something and we can use help in all areas.
  11. I can't remember the last time I have seen a changeup that good on the Orioles. Looks like he has added some velocity from what was reported on him in the minors, which makes the changeup all the more effective. I was watching Rays feed. On the last batter, the count got to 3-2 and the announcer immediately predicted the change. Great call by Severino there and execution by Means.
  12. Seems like Hyde is just all over the map with his use of Givens. I am fine with picking the closer based on rest and matchups, but if he is going to close, asking him to get more than 3 outs is a lot for a guy who hasn't really been in this role. Every time he has been brought in for multiple innings he has given up runs. If you are going to use him for a couple of high leverage outs, fine, then don't ask him to close the game too. PS: Let's see some more of John Means. Throws strikes and great deception on the changeup. Means and Davis really saved the day for what should have been a gut wrenching dagger to the heart loss.
  13. Way to hang in and get a nice base hit up the middle against a 99 mph guy (although he hit a slider).
  14. Rays announcer called 3-2 change. Impressive!
  15. Martin could draw a walk and get Villar up. That was an easy throw with plenty of time. They should hit that throw 90% of the time.
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