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  1. Is there any hope that he can get better and get back to form? His major league numbers have been so much worse than anything his minors numbers would indicate.
  2. None of the contending teams wanted him. Unfortunately at least one of the best fits for him (Texas) collapsed just before the deadline. I think we could see some interest in the off-season. I would be surprised if he is non tendered. Can anyone think of comparable 3+ WAR players to get non tendered?
  3. He's been a solid 2 WAR guy all season. He's gotten hot enough to maybe hit 3 WAR.
  4. It was nice of Elias to give these guys another year in the organization.
  5. Lol. Meanwhile, this same kid wrote a very different letter to Andrew Cashner, calling him the filthiest names in the book and threatening violence to his mother and children.
  6. Isn't hopefulness about the future? What does our current record, roster, or stats have to do with hope? If they admit we have the #11 farm system we should certainly be at least top 20 in hopefulness for the future.
  7. "We're rooting for you." Red Sox fans would love to have Davis keep trying until the last day of his contract. More K's and automatic outs for their pitchers.
  8. My call up list would not have Trumbo on it. It has been said that someone in the organization said something about it, so he may be on the organization's list. Maybe just to have a retirement party/farewell AB where he gets a standing O from the 10 people still in the stands in September?
  9. True, I would be pretty happy to have Tyler Wilson back.
  10. Low K/low BB guy. Numbers look strikingly similar to Tyler Wilson. I would expect the same production.
  11. +1. Harvey is not the worst offender by any means, but I like our players to have a clean cut look. I also really dislike that the policy was changed essentially to accommodate one player, Cashner, who isn't even that good. If Trout wants a beard and that's what it takes, OK, but not Cashner.
  12. Fortunately, if their active MLB careers don't pan out, they both have bright futures as batting practice pitchers.
  13. .204 June .233 July .286 August At least he is headed in the right direction.
  14. Yeah, Bordick is so bad it's hard to give the crew anything above average overall.
  15. Not so much, Hader is close to a one-pitch pitcher with an outstanding FB. He has a unique arm slot to get rise on his fastball. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/josh-haders-fastball-is-baseballs-most-mysterious-pitch/ Harvey has a traditional over the top delivery and mix of pitches. His FB looked pretty straight to me. I would compare him more to Aroldis Chapman than Hader
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