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  1. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    I don't necessarily think Gentry is playing to win.
  2. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    I'd like to see Santander. I mean, what do we have to lose at this point?
  3. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Asher was up. He was really one bad pitch away, and Davis scorched that ball. Rajai does not hit into too many GIDPs.
  4. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    Solid might be an overstatement. Still gave up 2 runs and 4 BB to a terrible lineup, and could have been much worse but got that double play ball with the bases loaded.
  5. vs. ATHLETICS, 8/21

    How does Smith not even attempt to dive for that ball?
  6. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    #3 in MLB AVG and OPS with runners in scoring position. The offense (ex-Davis) has done its job. Even Trumbo did his part today. It is all about the pitching. Hellickson gave us one good start but has been awful. Gausman has shown signs but can't sustain it. Ubaldo, Miley, and Tillman...all awful. Only Bundy has shown any kind of consistency but ideally he would be our #4, not our #1. If it wasn't for Manny's heroics we would have been swept in a critical series against another .500 team and it is all about the pitching.
  7. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    Manny already has two GG (one platinum) playing a premium defensive position. Eddie could have been the best defensive 1B in history and he would not have half the defensive value of a player like Manny. Eddie's offensive numbers are compelling but Manny is a more complete baseball player. Manny already has 3 years of 6.5+ WAR. (Eddie had zero in his first 6 years). I would take Manny if the question is pure baseball talent. Obviously if the question is cumulative impact then you have to go with Eddie.
  8. vs. ANGELS, 8/19

    This team just can't sustain any momentum. One step forward, two steps back. Gausman is a case in point.
  9. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    So we are just counting Orioles stats? The claim was "five best players who have played for this team". By that standard I would take Manny over Eddie and Mussina right now because peak Manny is a more valuable player than peak Eddie or peak Mussina.
  10. (Almost) All Things Manny Machado....

    I would take Manny over both Eddie and Mussina.
  11. Ongoing Lineup Thread, 2017

    Roch said Davis is still out with "illness". Will be interesting to see who comes out when he is back. I sure would like to see more of Santander.
  12. Santander

    Santander certainly looks like a ballplayer. Then again, so did Jimmy Paredes. But passing the eye test is better than not passing the eye test.
  13. Santander

    Doesn't he have to be on the 25 man to start the year since he lost so much time this year?
  14. Santander

    Only one play but I was impressed with that cash. Good jump, quick to the ball, full extension. Honestly I don't know if any of our other OF's get that except possibly Rickard.
  15. Still got some juice left!