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  1. brooksfrankjim

    Top Five

    Brooksfrankjim sounds better
  2. brooksfrankjim

    Top Five

    Here’s my order. Frank, Jim, Cal, Brooks, Eddie. Palmer lost 4+ seasons to injuries during his prime. Could have easily won another 60 games. I’m an old guy and it kills me when the win stat for pitchers is now out of style. The notion that a starting pitcher w 10 wins should have won the Cy Young award boggles my mind. In many ways I see diminishing the win stat as akin to participation trophies. It takes wins to make the postseason. I get the stats of advanced analytics, but the win still matters.
  3. brooksfrankjim

    How to make baseball more interesting

    If you want to change the rules on pitching changes, tie it to pitch count and not number of batters. Make every starter have 75 pitches. Every reliever 20 or 25. If a pitcher has to leave early because of injury make them stay on disabled list at least 15 days.
  4. I have been and remain a very harsh critic of. Angelos. He killed the golden goose with 14 straight losing seasons, has made horrible decision after horrible decision. That said, I’m not going to smash him over trying to squeeze a World Series at the age of 88. We just need to fix it going forward.
  5. brooksfrankjim

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    Angelos and his sons.
  6. brooksfrankjim

    How Long is the Road to Contention?

    We had 14 years of hell under this management. We then had 5 years where we made the post season 3 times. We have now had 2 more years of hell. There doesn’t seem to be much talent in the farm system. Macphail was here 5 years until he left and We won the next year. We are likely looking at a minimum of four or five years and given our dysfunction it could be more than a decade.
  7. I love Adam Jones. One of my all time favorite Orioles. You don’t bring him back. You allocate those dollars to acquire more international players. Trade for international slots, load up on young players and see who comes through the funnel. This is purely a decision on what is the best use of say $10 million. It would be better to keep it in the bank for the future than to spend it on Adam.
  8. brooksfrankjim

    The Inevitable national outlet Chris Davis article.

    The Davis contract is a sunk cost. I’d push him to work his ass off this offseason and have him come to camp as the DH against righties and force him to earn playing time beyond that. If he doesn’t perform, I try to trade him for a similar awful contract, but if that doesn’t work I cut him.
  9. brooksfrankjim

    Baseball America: What the Scouts Want

    I just want to thank Luke, Tony, and Weams for their efforts. I’m an old guy. Played the game through college and have watched and attended thousands of games through the years.....and I love the fact that I learn from you and your expertise. Thank you.
  10. brooksfrankjim

    Support the Orioles or stop following until they start winning again

    I supported during the drought thru 2011. Will keep supporting now. Love the Orioles. It is that simple.
  11. I think it is going to be very interesting to see what contracts Machado and Harper get this offseason. There are far too many examples of players degrading performance after age 30-32 that I think we are going to see more and more teams willing to extend controllable assets until that age and forego spending on players 32+ unless it is a one year deal.
  12. brooksfrankjim

    The O's crash of 2018. Who's to blame?

    The fish rots from the head. Angelos and his sons dictated the strategy of going for it by allocating nearly all resources to the major league roster. They also implemented the flawed organizational structure. We still have a flawed organization structure and I believe the sooner they sort that out the faster this rebuild can solidify. If DD is the guy, announce it. If Buck is the guy, announce it. If either are not coming back, get it done now. I see the 2018 season as a product of all of the uncertainty in the organization and roster. Fix it now.
  13. brooksfrankjim

    If Andy MacPhail was the O's GM....

    DD didn’t have a Bedard level trade chip.
  14. brooksfrankjim

    Trumbo getting hot

    Even better idea
  15. brooksfrankjim

    Trumbo getting hot

    We have three guys in MancIni, Trumbo, and Davis with only one that has any shot of being part of the future. I’d move Mancini to 1B, until we have a legit prospect play Davis at 3B, and let Trumbo DH until we have a better option. We need to find out if Mancini is part of the future or not. Play him at his best position and let’s find out.