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  1. rudyrooster

    This team is soul crushing to watch

    If this team continues on its current trajectory, it'll be a crime not to "blow up" the team before the All-Star break.
  2. rudyrooster

    When do you think Manny will be traded?

    Before the All-Star break. Hopefully.
  3. rudyrooster

    Castro to start Wed!

    I think Castro starting on Wednesday is a moot point. It's gonna be a rainout. Strictly a procedural move on Buck's part.
  4. rudyrooster

    Chicago Sun: Cubs interested in Manny

    Just need to get another team engaged in a bidding war with the Cubs. That's how we gain leverage.
  5. rudyrooster

    Wanna reinvigorate the team/fanbase? Re-sign Manny.

    How many 10/300mm contracts have ever worked out? Trade the bum and get a prospect or two!
  6. It all depends on the extent of the firesale after Memorial Day.
  7. Let me first say that I like Buck. He's a great baseball guy, but someone's head has to roll. Unless this team rips off a win streak very soon Buck might be gone by June 1st.
  8. Ten days ago I was of the mind that Buck's job was safe until at least the All-star break and likely for the entirety of the season. Now I'm not so sure. This team is just "toast"!! I'm talkin' REALLY BAD. Somebody has to take the fall. Most often that person is the Manager. Sad, but that's how it works.
  9. I realize we're still in April, but this team looks "dead in the water". 90 to 100 losses looks achievable.
  10. rudyrooster

    Looks like John Russell happened to Sisco's throws

    Sisco certainly has way more upside at this point than Caleb. Time to pass the baton to Chance.
  11. rudyrooster

    Ken Rosenthal’s Orioles article

    Encouraging--if true. I'd like to see Buck back in some capacity. DD can go pound sand.
  12. rudyrooster

    2019 Oriole Life after Buck

    I don't dislike DD either. Just not sure if Angelos will keep him around after this season. I think Buck controls his future in Baltimore. Not so sure about Duquette.
  13. rudyrooster

    2019 Oriole Life after Buck

    Just guessing that Buck may prefer a year-to-year contract at this stage in his career. I hope he chooses to return and manage the O's in 2019. In Buck I trust. Duquette is another story.
  14. rudyrooster

    The Month of April Challenge

    16-14. I'd be okay with that for April.
  15. rudyrooster

    2018 Orioles Prediction Thread

    Optimistically-92 wins. Realistically-86 wins. Pessimistically-77 wins. Really no idea how this team will perform over the long season. Just hoping for the best. In Buck I trust!