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  1. rudyrooster

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    This is potentially shocking!
  2. rudyrooster

    Orioles - Victor Victor Mesa

    Agreed. It would be huge if true. I'll believe it when it happens.
  3. rudyrooster

    The Orioles Should Trade Gausman at the Deadline

    Appreciate your thoughts, but think you are asking too much in return. Maybe I'm wrong.
  4. rudyrooster

    Two sagging; one surging

    I just don't see Schoop long-term with the O's. What with the FanDay fiasco this past off-season and now his best buddy traded to another team. He's so close to free agency and I expect he will test those waters.
  5. rudyrooster

    Who's next to be traded?

    I'm only for trading Gausman if we get back a top 100 prospect and a couple more high upside prospects. Git 'er done!
  6. rudyrooster

    Adam Jones Trade Expectations

    Curious as to what type of return O's could get for AJ. My guess is a single middling prospect.
  7. rudyrooster

    Your Oriole Closer Ranking List

    Where's the love for B.J. Ryan? Dude was pretty filthy for a short time. Signed big contract with Toronto and was never quite the same.
  8. rudyrooster

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Tate has never thrown more than 82 innings in any of his minor league seasons.
  9. rudyrooster

    Britton Trade Expectations

    Stop making sense! You're ruining this thread!!
  10. rudyrooster

    The Athletic: Buck Showalter's Job No Longer Secure

    I get the feeling from a few things Buck has said that he would like to have the chance at one more Rebuild before he hangs up his cleats.
  11. rudyrooster

    Machado to the Dodgers, 5-1 deal

    Very sound reasoning. A solid return for the Orioles.
  12. rudyrooster

    Machado Trade Expectations

    7 offers on the table? Take the best offer and get this over with!!!
  13. rudyrooster

    Free agent market what if?

    I suspect that Manny will get 25-30mm per year, but he might not get the 10 years.
  14. rudyrooster

    Pat Connaughton

    O's hold his rights thru at least 2021 I believe. Yes he had a power arm coming out of college.