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  1. rudyrooster

    Sign Grandy for RF & Flip in July?

    I'd like to see Mullins and Stewart as outfield starters to begin the season. They're at that age where it's time to poop or get off the pot.
  2. Perhaps Brice is seen as a prime candidate for the "secret sauce" for pitchers that Elias has vaguely mentioned.
  3. rudyrooster

    Teams are asking about Bundy

    If the O's can get a couple of decent prospects right now for Bundy, they should probably pull the trigger. I am concerned of his injury history.
  4. rudyrooster

    Adam Jones to Queens?

    I kinda fear that unless AJ is willing to take a drastic pay-cut, he may find himself on the "outside looking in" when spring training arrives.
  5. rudyrooster

    Mesa Brothers Declared Free Agents By MLB

    Hmmm. An interesting development.
  6. rudyrooster

    2019 Winter Meetings

  7. rudyrooster

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    So much "hand wringing" and "gnashing of teeth". I love O's Hangout!!
  8. rudyrooster

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    I don't like all this shifting. It's changed the game. Something needs to be done. Now "get off my lawn"!!
  9. rudyrooster

    Update: Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph Non-tendered

    That's foolishness.
  10. rudyrooster

    Update: Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph Non-tendered

    I like that attitude!
  11. rudyrooster

    Update: Tim Beckham and Caleb Joseph Non-tendered

    If the O's are looking for an experienced, low cost catcher--might I recommend James McCann. He was just non-tendered by the Tigers. Above league average at throwing out would-be base stealers and has some pop in his bat.
  12. rudyrooster

    Austin Hays = George Springer?

    I would like to think the Orioles will take their best (most productive) players north following Spring Training. "Service time" be damned.
  13. rudyrooster

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Orioles need to make this signing happen.
  14. rudyrooster

    DJ Stewart and Carroll are called up

    I realize I'm probably in the minority here, but I like Stewart. He has a bulldog approach to the game. Something this team sorely needs now and in the future.