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  1. Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Colts, and Baltimore Bullets.
  2. Traded for a case of Philly Steak sandwiches.
  3. Wake me up when September comes.
  4. I would imagine Elias is working the phone lines hard trying to find a trade partner for Villar. If 7ish is his arb number, I suspect he will be non-tendered.
  5. If 7m is the number, then I would non-tender him.
  6. Tough call. He's making 4.8 million this year. Probably seeking 6+ million in arbitration this off-season. I tend to think Elias would prefer to trade him before the deadline if the return is satisfactory. JMO.
  7. rudyrooster

    Toby Welk

    Is he Lawrence's grandson? Just curious.
  8. Sounds like a classic case of "dead arm". Let's hope that's all it is and not an injury.
  9. Is he DH'ing today?
  10. I think he's definitely back on the prospect list. He was a million dollar "bonus baby". TJ surgery set him back, but he's looking good now.
  11. That makes no sense at all. Boo on you!
  12. Fewer OH threads devolving into pissing contests between certain posters.
  13. These are hard times in Birdland. Hard times indeed. Most peculiar momma.
  14. Okay. I understand what you're saying. Point well taken.
  15. Look, I don't live anywhere near Baltimore. Aside from Billy Joel, I would have no interest in any of these acts. BTW, I live in a much less populas area than B-more. Tonight the Steve Miller Band is playing 45 minutes away from my house. Next week it's Peter Frampton. Florida/Georgia Line played last night. It's not that hard to book popular acts.
  16. "If it weren't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all". Roy Clark--"HeeHaw"
  17. Cuellar has been a vastly underrated pitcher since his career ended. He won a Cy Young Award for goodness sakes. He was a great--not good--but great pitcher in his prime years which were thankfully in Baltimore.
  18. Could be late call up in '20. More likely a May call up in '21.
  19. We got our guy--Rutschman. I am pleased. Let the true rebuild begin!!
  20. Just about an hour to go 'til draft. I'm pumped!! I'm really hoping we pick Rutschman. Not sure what my reaction will be if not Rutschman. I really want to trust Elias and Sig.
  21. Could be off the 40-man before the off-season unless he shows quality stuff at Frederick.
  22. As an outsider I'll take you word for it.
  23. I read today that the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has cancelled its summer concert series. As an outsider looking in, it seems all I ever read about the city recently is negative. I love the Orioles, but it seems the city has developed a major image problem.
  24. At this stage in their development Rutschman is by far the better player. He has proven his dominance at the highest level of college ball. Witt Jr. hasn't.
  25. Always a few rumors start flying in that final 24 hours leading up to the draft. Not worried. O's take either Rutschman or Witt. Most likely Rutschman.
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