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  1. Expansion/Realignment

    Why would the Nationals be playing more competitive teams in the proposed division? The same motley bunch they currently play would be included except for the Mets and they add Pttisburgh, Tampa, Cincy and us. If you have an "eastern" division that has to include the New York teams and Boston.
  2. The announcers really dropped the ball (no pun intended) on what Weiters was complaining about. Watched MLB tonight and there was a lot of discussion on if the ball should have been dead after Weiters got hit. Seems to me it should have been from a common sense perspective. What if that bat had hit him hard enough to knock him out? Not a Nats fan and was actually rooting for the Cubs but the call on the slide at second to break up the double play could have easily been ruled an out.
  3. Braves GM quits amid investigation

    Maybe we can find a job for Rick Pitino also.
  4. Austin Hays

    Also, is he any relation to Willie Mays Hays?
  5. Austin Hays

    I think the answer to this question is no, but would Hays be eligible for the postseason?
  6. test

  7. That was special

    How is it 100? Start with 50 points. Add one point for each out recorded, so three points for every complete inning pitched. 27 Add two points for each inning completed after the fourth. 10 Add one point for each strikeout. 12 Subtract two points for each hit allowed. -2 Subtract four points for each earned run allowed. 0 Subtract two points for each unearned run allowed. 0 Subtract one point for each walk. -2 I get 95 which is what ESPN has. MLB has 100 but i dont think that is right.
  8. Turn Out the Lights

    Keep going guys this could turn into and update of Casey at the bat.
  9. Don Baylor has passed away

    Very sad news. The farm system back in the day was great. Baylor was on a team with Grich and Roger Freed who we traded to the Phillies. Frank was my favorite player ever and when he was traded I couldn't believe it. The only saving grace was that we had Baylor and he was going to be just like Frank. Couple years later Baylor gets traded. Kind of the start of me not liking free agency:)
  10. Heyman: Dodgers interested in Britton

    Didnt read every post in this thread so sorry if this was mentioned. Why would the Dodgers give up a lot for Britton when they have Jansen who is having a year like Britton did last year? I would think they have interest if they can get him cheap coming off the injury.
  11. vs. TWINS, 7/06

    Baseball reference has Hardy with 53 games vs Twins and Jones with 61.
  12. vs. TWINS, 7/06

    Not trying to be debbie downer on here but the sad thing is that most of us know that we are not coming back to win this game. That is one of the more frustrating things about this season. The offense is not even average.
  13. vs. TWINS, 7/06

    Honest question, will we win 70 games?
  14. It's July 2- Internationale!

    So for about 1 million dollars we dont go after one of the top 30 international players? Thats unreal. 1 million should be nothing to a MLB team.
  15. vs. BLUE JAYS, 6/28

    Gibbons should be fired for leaving Stroman in the game to throw a 119 pitches.