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  1. Os requesting offers on Machado

    You are making a supposition, you dont have actual knowledge. I saw Montgomery's name bantered about on here. He's a back end guy at this point in his career. He would be a three for us but he is a back end guy for the Cubs. So they could be asking for back end guys. My initial question was what was the best offer? Do you "know" that?
  2. Os requesting offers on Machado

    But, you dont know. Its almost a no win situation for the front office. Trade him for to little you made a mistake. Dont trade him you made a mistake. Dont get me wrong I am not defending the front office. But the outcries from people on here are a bit over the top. If we knew what was offered and turned down then we can get the pitch forks and torches out or we could say thank goodness. But not knowing how can you crucify them? That is the collective "you" not you in particular.
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    What was the best offer we had?
  4. Roch: Bundy Likes Working with the Spitter

    I thought he was working on a spitball.
  5. talked to Palmer today....

    I always liked the classic Palmer line about Earl. Palmer said the only thing Earl knew about pitching was that he couldn't hit it.
  6. Except for last year we have been contenders Manny's whole career. You could argue that we started out last year thinking we were contenders before things went south. It's not often that a playoff contending team trades one of their best players. If you think we should have traded him before last season that is fine. And as for locking him up years ago when should we have done that? After 2012 was to early, he hurt his leg after 2013, he hurt his other leg half way through 2014. There were injury concerns with him at that point. In hindsight the risk would have been worth it but at the time who knew? In 2015 he has a great year and 300 million dollar contract was already being talked about. The O's just cant afford to pay one player 30 million a year. I personally dont think Manny is worth that much but that doesnt mean squat.
  7. What else is he going to say? I hate playing here and cant wait to leave? He may well love playing here but if he doesnt he is not going to come out and say it.
  8. Peter Angelos - Man of Principles

    Or a one legged person in an a$$ kicking contest.
  9. Cardinals sign Mikolas

    Never mind
  10. Expansion/Realignment

    Why would the Nationals be playing more competitive teams in the proposed division? The same motley bunch they currently play would be included except for the Mets and they add Pttisburgh, Tampa, Cincy and us. If you have an "eastern" division that has to include the New York teams and Boston.
  11. The announcers really dropped the ball (no pun intended) on what Weiters was complaining about. Watched MLB tonight and there was a lot of discussion on if the ball should have been dead after Weiters got hit. Seems to me it should have been from a common sense perspective. What if that bat had hit him hard enough to knock him out? Not a Nats fan and was actually rooting for the Cubs but the call on the slide at second to break up the double play could have easily been ruled an out.
  12. Braves GM quits amid investigation

    Maybe we can find a job for Rick Pitino also.
  13. Austin Hays

    Also, is he any relation to Willie Mays Hays?
  14. Austin Hays

    I think the answer to this question is no, but would Hays be eligible for the postseason?
  15. test