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  1. Looking at their rehab stints they will fit right in.
  2. As bad a loss as I can remember watching.
  3. At least he got on out.
  4. Third hit for Trumbo tonight.
  5. Worst part about this now is we get to watch them lose in extra innings. No way we win this game. But I will keep watching and hoping:)
  6. Gausman pitched 6 innings gave up 8 hits, walked 2 and gave up 5 runs. I am sorry but in my opinion that is bad.
  7. This is a joke
  8. Boy Britton had a rough outing.
  9. Maybe not even a full 6.
  10. But it is pretty sad that with a 7 run lead your starter cant even give you 7 innings.
  11. How bout some love for TRUMBO!
  12. No love for the Trumbo hit?
  13. Dont want to jinx anything but Gausman looks sharp tonight.
  14. un effing believable.
  15. Whew, that pitch was close.