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  1. I see the Indians have the reached the magic number 5. Will we ever allow less than 5 runs in a game again?
  2. Funny, I didnt hear that but I just checked that stat a couple of minutes ago. This will be game 16 giving up 5 or more.
  3. True, my bad. The original post used batting average as one of the metrics to show how bad we are playing. I mistakenly thought you were the original poster. And before you get all carried away with criticizing me for not remembering who the original poster was who does "Genty" play for. Are those wRC+ numbers for the year or the last 30 games. That was the time frame in the original post. I am not an advanced metric guy. You get past war and I am pretty much clueless, though I do know what wRC+ represents.
  4. Funny that he used batting average in his original post to show how poorly we are hitting.
  5. Manny "struggles" and Hardy is a "hole" yet they have similar numbers. And if you went from where you thought they would/could be Hardy is closer to that than Manny. Manny is an absolute zero right now when his team needs him the most.
  6. This is obviously Buck's fault also. He gave him to much rest:)
  7. They may be the worst but not the most overrated.
  8. There was a football coach that said our tackling was bad but we made up for it by not blocking anybody, or something like that. For us, our pitching is bad but we make up for it by not hitting.
  9. I have 4 tickets to the Cubs game 7/16 for sale. They are in section 212, rows 7 and 8 seats 1 and 2 in each row. The tickets are $84.00 willing to sell for $50.00 each. The tickets were emailed so I assume I can forward the email so you can print the tickets.
  10. I think that McDowell should be fired. I don't know that this is his fault but every pitcher we have is doing worse except Bundy.
  11. Ubaldo is a better option at this point.
  12. Thanks!
  13. A homer here would get my attention back on the game.
  14. The last episode aired in April sometime. I think there were only like 12 13 episodes. Not sure what the future plans are for the show.
  15. Agree, this season did start slow but by the end I was into it and sad it was over until next year.