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  1. Orioles, Ravens, Caps, Terps. I'd have no problem dropping the Caps if Baltimore got an NHL team, but that'll never happen. It would be awesome to have an NHL team but I'd settle for NBA.
  2. "He was in line for a save!" Gary is drunk.
  3. I'd prefer a 180.
  4. Came here to say the same thing.
  5. If he doesn't put up a 1.500 OPS, we know he's a bust.
  6. How is a HS pitcher picked 18th overall a lock to be top 50? That makes no sense. And it's not like he dropped because of price. He signed for slot.
  7. Those numbers are a complete embarrassment. He's gotta go.
  8. Lol. Clearly it was tongue in cheek. Relax.
  9. Looking at some names on our box score tonight. Davis, Broxton, Martin, Ortiz, Straily, Rogers. Has there been a worse sextet in recent MLB history? We heard about the Yankees' Core Four for years, and wished that we could have our own group of home grown stars. Step in, The Subpar Six. Here to make sure we get multiple #1 picks to build a Core Four of our own. Let's remember these guys when we're celebrating our World Series win in 2026.
  10. Ace? Doubtful. I'll take a solid third starter.
  11. Ortiz is going to throw the most improbable perfect game in MLB history tonight.
  12. Not sure if this helps or hurts our chances of getting the #1 pick.
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