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  1. Jensen to Bucs 4 year 42 million (22 guaranteed)

    Jensen is actually a really good player. Easily one of the best centers in the league. Not sure what you guys are talking about. PFF loves the guy.
  2. Cashner signing

    Cashner sucks but he’s better than what we have and the contract isn’t terrible, I suppose.
  3. Chris Davis' leash?

    How does defense keep a 1B in the lineup? He’s not a SS. Your 1B has to hit.
  4. Ozzie stepping down after 2018

  5. Os requesting offers on Machado

    I had a good laugh at the “Montgomery is no better than Nestor Cortes” part.
  6. Os requesting offers on Machado

    Harper, sure. No one is in the same conversation as Trout.
  7. Gausman changing his number to honor Roy Halladay

    Didn’t we retire 32 for Jay Gibbons?
  8. Early 2018 predictions/expectations

    10 out of 10 for us.
  9. Manny for Torres straight up?

    20% seems way too high. I’d put it at 1% or less.
  10. Manny for Torres straight up?

    How is that better than getting Torres?
  11. Rule 5 Target(s) - A pair of Twins

    Can’t he be put on the 60 day DL?
  12. Orioles Sign Ryan O'Rourke

    Well this thread is a dumpster fire.
  13. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    Lol We’re down to the 5th string QB. Not many teams would have success at that point. He’s putting together a second straight good recruiting class. Progress is being made. Durkin is doing a good job.