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  1. I still think Penn State football should've gotten the death penalty. It was pretty gross seeing them in the Rose Bowl game in January.
  2. Red Sox 103-59 Orioles 90-72 Rays 86-76 Yankees 80-82 Blue Jays 0-162
  3. Some people enjoy watching baseball.
  4. America! The bald eagle statue is awesome.
  5. 3 outs away.
  6. Lol, Carlin was so great.
  7. Angel Pagan, the most paradoxical name in baseball.
  8. Angel Pagan single. No-hitter broken up.
  9. lol "Boy I got fooled big time, didn't I?" I thought it was a grand slam, too.
  10. 7-0!
  11. Not while the no-hitter is still going.
  12. 6-0 USA