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  1. Fastball usage is at an all time low. https://www.google.com/amp/s/calltothepen.com/2018/06/30/mlb-pitchers-are-shying-away-from-the-fastball/amp/
  2. I believe home runs have more to do with bat speed than pitch speed.
  3. Castro has never been good. He walks nearly as many guys as he Ks. Not sure how a guy that can throw 100 can't strike people out in this era of three true outcomes (or any era really).
  4. The balls have been juiced since 2015.
  5. You understand how it works. Ynoa was on a minor league contract.
  6. Who said that? Third best FIP among bullpens. I've been reading about their "super-bullpen" all year.
  7. This dude has better stuff than prime Zach Britton. The talent disparity between these two pitching staffs is massive. Makes you realize just how terrible guys like Mike Wright and Miguel Castro are.
  8. Who is saying Scott isn't a major league pitcher besides you?
  9. I'll never forget the Cal statue night.
  10. I thought Rickard was supposed to have speed.
  11. Now it's when Mike Trout starts leading the league in WAR.
  12. Now would be a good time for Davis' first hit.
  13. Rickard isn't who I want at the plate right now
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