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  1. ArtVanDelay

    PECOTA projections are out

    I'm surprised to see the Mets projected for 89 wins. And 82 for the Cubs.
  2. ArtVanDelay

    A trade for Harbaugh....possible? Per Schecter

    Which Smith?
  3. ArtVanDelay

    Born in Maryland

    Is there a state that has a more impressive list of MLB players than this: Babe Ruth Lefty Grove Jimmie Foxx Al Kaline Cal Ripken Jr. Home Run Baker Steve Lombardozzi
  4. ArtVanDelay

    Lamar Jackson named starting QB (Flacco will be backup)

    Atomic is the Skip Bayless of this board.
  5. Wouldn't that be like a 5 WAR player? Let's temper our expectations here a bit.
  6. ArtVanDelay

    2019 Winter Meetings

    Is that you Bobby? 😛
  7. ArtVanDelay

    2019 Winter Meetings

    There's a lot of coaches who are respected around MLB. I'm not saying Dickerson is bad but Hyde probably wants to bring in his guys.
  8. ArtVanDelay

    2019 Winter Meetings

    I don't understand the obsession with Dickerson. There has to be 1000 Bobby Dickerson's out there.
  9. I played 2 years of community college ball. Played CF. Had some power and speed but hit below the Mendoza line.
  10. What was Brooks doing up in Perry County?
  11. ArtVanDelay

    Week 14 @ Kansas City

    Ravens 24-23
  12. You are a douchebag. Happy Holidays.

  13. ArtVanDelay

    Off-Season Trades

    That seems like a really light return for Paxton.
  14. ArtVanDelay

    Rating the O's executive candidates

    Colletti would be a terrible hire so I'm assuming that's who we end up with. I agree that Elias is the top choice.
  15. ArtVanDelay

    Offseason Trade Candidate - Dylan Bundy

    Bundy isn't worth Urias alone.