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  1. Why move him 3B if he’s an elite defensive SS?
  2. ArtVanDelay

    Chris Davis

    How much money would we have to eat if we sent CD to the White Sox along with our entire farm system in exchange for a hot dog
  3. ArtVanDelay

    Straight talk: Buck is not coming back for a rebuild

    Buck shouldn’t be here for a rebuild.
  4. ArtVanDelay

    TT: Orioles Games of Thrones and the Way Forward

    Great article Tony. Buck looks really bad here.
  5. ArtVanDelay

    Who's most to blame for this mess?

    Didn’t they win the World Series 4 out of 5 years after firing him? I don’t think they made a mistake.
  6. ArtVanDelay

    The Orioles have the worst record in MLB

    I’d rather win 60 games than 75.
  7. ArtVanDelay

    2018 Draft Predictions

    Why? This draft has been awesome.
  8. ArtVanDelay

    2018 Draft Predictions

    Lamar Jackson!!! Woooo
  9. ArtVanDelay

    2018 Draft Predictions

    DJ Moore or Mason Rudolph.
  10. ArtVanDelay

    Manny's defense at SS

    Jeter was one of the worst defensive SS of all time.
  11. ArtVanDelay

    Manny's defense at SS

    From what I understand, it’s difficult for a SS to have a negative dWAR because of the positional adjustment. You have to be really bad to not finish with a plus dWAR.
  12. ArtVanDelay

    Positive vibes only thread

    We aren’t mathematically elimainated yet.
  13. ArtVanDelay

    vs. RED SOX, 4/14

    I sat in section 62 row 2 the other night for $8 apiece.
  14. ArtVanDelay

    vs. RED SOX, 4/14

    I was told that Cobb would be 10 games better than Ubaldo and then neg repped for suggesting otherwise. This doesn’t look 10 games better.
  15. ArtVanDelay

    vs. RED SOX, 4/13

    Wth is Palmer talking about? ”He tagged him but he didn’t sustain the tag.”