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  1. He'll get 10 more starts.
  2. You think teams care about ERA? 1.73 WHIP and 6.6 K/9. Both terrible. SSS obviously.
  3. An AAAA pitcher for a guy who's pitched like an ace this year? I'm sure the Padres will fall for that one!
  4. I'd prefer to get position players in return. Build around position players like the Cubs. We'll ruin any pitchers we get anyway.
  5. False alarm.
  6. That seems light to me. I think we'd get a better return than that, but I'm not expecting three top 50 prospects + as some seem to be.
  7. I'm not the one who originally used 2014 as the starting point.
  8. A strikeout is a more favorable outcome than a ground ball. Teams are going to pay more for a K guy vs a GB guy. The extra year of control complicates things. I don't think we'd receive a Chapman return if Britton was an upcoming free agent.
  9. The last season of South Park was dreadful but it still gets my vote easily. The first few seasons of Family Guy were funny but it's unwatchable now. I actually like American Dad over Family Guy.
  10. Since 2014: Britton: 5.8 fWAR Chapman: 9 Britton is great but he's not Chapman.
  11. No one neg repped you. It says "guest" down voted you in August 2016. That's been happening a lot since the new board update.
  12. Maybe we'd get Buehler, Calhoun, Heredia. Britton isn't as good as Chapman. I agree that we'd get more because of the extra season but we wouldn't get more next year.
  13. Buehler is 19, Verdugo is 27 and Alvarez is 28. We'd get one of those guys + someone like Heredia. Maybe another C+ prospect thrown in.
  14. True but the odds of all these guys panning out are slim to none. And if we end up having 4 good OF, we can trade one.
  15. Why would Zach Britton fetch a significantly better return than the White Sox just got for Quintana?