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  1. I'm out. Done with this team for now.
  2. I don't understand Turgeon's thought process sometimes. Play the hot hand. I believe we'll be tied with Minnesota if we lose this game.
  3. Has Nickens seen the floor since hitting those threes?
  4. Bender and Dodd are getting abused.
  5. Calhoun is awful. Might have to watch this one on mute.
  6. The pick is only for losing Osemele. The picks we would've gotten for Upshaw and Schaub were cancelled out by signing Watson and Weddle. You didn't think we were going to get a 3rd rounder for Osemele? He was probably the best FA signing last offseason. He's easily a top 5 lineman. Wish we could've found a way to keep him but I'll feel better if we get a good player with the pick.
  7. Makes no sense. It's the first thing I look at. It's widely considered the most important thing for a minor leaguer to be able to translate to the bigs.
  8. Ynoa struck out 4.5 per 9 in AAA and was sold for cash considerations. What makes you think he has a high ceiling?
  9. I always enjoy reading his posts. Mainly because I normally agree with them. We always need more pessimists. Btw, I think his self-imposed ban is up already. I believe I saw a post from him yesterday or the day before.
  10. I may have been a little harsh towards Jackson. He is a good rebounder. He's my favorite player on the team when he's playing well. He's long, athletic, good shooter. Probably will be the best pro on the team. He just needs to be more consistent. I guess he is a freshman though...
  11. Making the tournament isn't good enough for Maryland. As Tony said, Maryland should be a powerhouse every year. We have so much talent in the DMV area, one of the best atmosphere's in the country for home games, if not the best. The Under Armour connection. We should have one of the 10 most talented rosters in the country almost every year. I don't think we'll be at that level next year. 2018 should be a special recruiting class for the Terps. Moses Brown, Jalen Smith (from Mt. St. Joe's), Prentiss Hubb are some names to watch out for. I believe we'll have 4 open scholarships. The 2018-2019 season may be the year we start putting it all together, if the current freshman are still here. That'll be their junior years. If Turgeon blows that opportunity, it'll be time to look elsewhere. I don't hate Turge, but that'll be his 8th year here. He needs to make a deep tourney run soon.
  12. I don't think it's bad at all. Everything is basically in the same spot. It's the same thing with a new look. The only differences I've really noticed are that the player news is under the batting stats now instead of above it, and I don't see the elo meter anymore. Oh, and it's great on mobile now. You used to have to go to the full site to see a lot of stats, including WAR.
  13. Wish I could take credit but it was mdbdotcom.
  14. Age is a pretty important factor to throw out.
  15. I wouldn't say a .756 OPS for an 18 year old SS in A+ or a .789 OPS for a 19 year old in AA is struggling. Actually I combined his 18 year old stats. He did struggle a little in Frederick.