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  1. I like to think he will start. I think I found out that I know next to nothing of what is a good future draft pick for the NFL game. I was in favor of RG3 and thought he was the better choice over luck. I thought Cousins was a lucky peak and around as a backup for 1-3 years, and then move on to a starting job elsewhere.
  2. But, I do remember seeing a game that they won one by small ball. Gentry stealing 2nd, taking 3rd on WP or BP, and then SF to score. (If my memory serves correctly) Weather warms up, balls will fly out of the park (Hopefully for the Birds and not the opponents).
  3. Tossing 1 2/3 innings, should dispel the fear that some posters had about his being hurt.
  4. You are a Debbie Downer for sure at times. Yes he has pitched some good games for us, he did manage a 2.6 WAR in 2014. Last year filling in for Tillman, he went 4-1 in Sept and playoff crunch time, one of which was a CG. That was a nice game he tossed against the Reds, 2 hits and going 8 innings. Not even sure, why you brought Bundy into this discussion. Has Ubaldo earned his contract, no, has he been a failure at times, yes, has he been a total disaster, no, at least IMO.
  5. I wonder if it depends if the tickets were truly resold by ticket holder, or ones that the Orioles dumped in hopes of selling tickets?
  6. I cant believe somebody negative rep you for stating your opinion. SMH
  7. You are right, but he has pitched some very good games for us. At this time, I dont see a better option available in the organization and I dont believe DD wants to use whatever remaining payroll left to replace him.
  8. Baring injury, i dont see Joey coming off the DL and onto the parent club. Its a numbers crunch and only so much playing time, and I dont see Mancini or Kim going anywhere. The only option is Gentry and I think he stays over Joey at this point. Again, IMO
  9. Good Move here.
  10. I thought the world of him as a player here at Maryland. I wish the very best, except if Coppin State has to play the Terps.
  11. Adam Jones, how about 7 walks and just 12 Ks!!! Not to mention, hitting well.
  12. Funny video at the 17 second mark, new twist on the "ole hidden ball".
  13. True, old school game was head hunting and I agree, thankfully the old guard is losing ground. Still, look at all the Youtube clips showing MLB fighting, tempers and plucked batters, and the high-view metrics with those clips. People enjoy watching the shenanigans.
  14. I agree Fans want to see tempers flare, like NASCAR and car wrecks.