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  1. Good for you, enjoy Florida, as OFFNY would say, you BASTARD! I was supposed to be down there, this spring, but my traveling partner (Son) had a work commitment and couldn't swap it off.
  2. I too prefer Janish over Ryan at SS, glove wise. Dang, we might be missing 3/4 of our regular starting lineup, if Hardy hits the DL.
  3. That 3 week period of the WBC is going to hurt, and I guess thats why so many bodies at AAA, this season. We also need somebody to play 2nd.
  4. OOPs, sorry. Im in the minority, but I am find with Ryan at 3rd for a month or so, and hopefully not extended period.
  5. I am just fine with Davis and his GG defense at first
  6. Buck mentioned last year, when pressed about options at SS, he talked about Davis being fine at third, if it was a game emergency, and they would make a roster adjustment after the game, if necessary. The thing with back problems, and Im an expert, they don't always act the same way, once hurt, its always there, and there is usually no warning for a flareup. I think thats way Janish was kept at AAA for the past 2 seasons.
  7. Which is why, if I was Buck, Davis stays firmly on first for a majority of the games.
  8. I must be in the minority, I remember Flaherty at third, is probably his best position, and he might be fine for a spell, if Hardy can't go. But, when Manny and Shoop is away, that could hurt.
  9. Good point. So I guess the simple thing, is, I was wrong.
  10. Thanks, I couldn't remember his name. Wasn't the difference, just 530K between winning bid and losing bid. I know to you and I, thats a big chuck of change. But, with the 160+ million dollar payroll, nothing more than a cup of coffee.
  11. and yet, another day goes by, and we are still talking about him?
  12. Did I read correctly, the Orioles wasn't even bothering to send their "Ace" to the meeting?
  13. I dont think the Orioles fought too hard for their side, just my gut and opinion.
  14. Even if he had lost, he would still have won in the long run, and it would have still been a decent pay raise.
  15. I think Buck gets more out of his people, than others managers would. 5 years of winnings, and with just one HOF stud, and some good players and a host of others.