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  1. Who was your favorite Orioles non-superstar?

    I dont know if anybody was better at watching each pitch selection and anticipated where he should be on the field, in accordance with the hitter at the plate was. We didnt have HTS or MASN, so to be honest, I didn't see the Blade as much as I saw Rip play over the years. So you rank Blade better, fine, but like was pointed out, Fourth in dWar vs 2nd in dWar does point him in the same league.
  2. Trade Target: Joakim Soria

    Horse Hockey, You are the team's closer, your job is to save the game and allow your team to victory. They won 85 games that season, he saved over half of them. Yes, a couple of less blown saves would have been nice, and might have help the team to a better record.
  3. Dylan Bundy 2017

    Keith Law is entitled to his opinion, but IMO, he is pure rubbish. Buck cant win for losing, he pulls the pitcher before he gets to 6 innings, he has a quick hook.
  4. Trade Target: Joakim Soria

    Yes, and the math is 84.75% which is league average for MLB. I am tired of JJ slammed for 9 BS. It happens, you dont want it to, but it does. You have to look at the overall body of work.
  5. Kim - A setup to fail

    Nor have I. Seams he is always in the midst congratulating them, and usually with a really big grin, he is like a happy go lucky guy all the time.
  6. Trade Target: Joakim Soria

    You do realize that JJ also had 50 saves that season?
  7. Gary did win the big one. and they gave him lots of love for rebuilding the program and with his success, pumped a lot of money back into Terp sports world. Maryland is always going to have a harder time recruiting against the party schools, free cars, etc.
  8. Boswell is extremely well respected writer, sad to see your tainted glasses dont allow you to see that. Funny that College Park is extremely close to DC, but you chose to ignore that tidbit. I would love to see evidence that MW could have stayed here. Nothing wrong with opinions, we all have them. But, you write it as fact and I do not believe it correct. For years, the Washington Post covered the Orioles, better than the Sun did, but heck, thats just an opinion.
  9. Not unlike the Caps, great seasons and playoff failures.
  10. Roy, thanks for sharing and I totally agree. To hell with the haters, you can't please some the people all the time. I wish Matt best wishes and lots of success except for when he plays the Birds.
  11. Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    Only if we can send them down and they never ever return.
  12. Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    New Orleans might like to talk with you about worse swamp.
  13. Nats flagship station takes low blow at O's fans

    Not to mention, the Parkway actually connects the two stadiums. I was plain "Rick" on sunspot, and when I started on OH, Orioles Rick was already taken, which is strange, I never see it ever used, so I went with my 2nd choice, Redskins Rick, not realizing at the time, how many Raven Fans were here.
  14. Why worry?

    I guess I am more upset that the Capitals got bounced out of the playoffs, for another season, so this loss was just the sour icing on a terrible night. I think the perspective here, the other side, is still paid to play and they are not going to just lay down and concede the game away.
  15. Why worry?

    Every loss sucks. I hated the game they lost against the Stankees when up and the score was 11-4.