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  1. What OH Poster wanted Molina here on the Orioles, back when we was talking MW replacements? I don't remember, but i know his name came up a few times. Glad he isn't here. HAHAHA
  2. Good point, anything is possible, I guess. Given the WBC, has really thrown a wrench into typical planning.
  3. IMO, they let one go, I dont see them keeping 3 catchers at AAA. IMO
  4. I agree and I never have got how so many posters could be so critical of the man. Granted he wasn't the switch hitting Johnny Bench as advertised, but MW had a good run here.
  5. I thought that was the trend around the league, normally pitching coaches don't stick around long term.
  6. Good point, not like Rosenthal doesn't have his own aggenda when it comes to the Orioles.
  7. I dont understand Wallace taking shots, he wanted a reduce role and he was offered that here, and went closer to home, and Dom followed, because they are good friend.
  8. Not really, just another prospect in a long line of others before him, that was good enough to do well in AAA, but just didnt have good enough stuff for the majors.
  9. 93 he only caught 3 games. He had already been playing 3rd and LF, while with the Brewers, heck, he even pulled 3 innings @ SS as a 23 year.
  10. His WAR for 96, 97 & 99 shows that he did improve. He would not have played 19 years in the bigs, he if he had stayed at catcher.
  11. BJ Surhoff is another catcher who made the move to the COF.
  12. I thought the deal with Caleb, was, they didnt trust his defense so he bounced around, and somebody high up in the Oriole FO reminded them, that the minors was there to develop players, and they worked hard on his defense and he worked hard on improving, knowing that he would not play for Buck unless he did.
  13. Good point. maybe not underrated, but out-shadowed by his teammates and was lucky to find himself on that strong Orioles team of the late 60s and into the 70s.
  14. It was a crossover song that charted multiple charts. One could argue that it wasn't pure country, but I don't believe you could argue that its not country at all. IMO " Springfield won over audiences stateside with her Southern-inspired album, Dusty In Memphis. Her song “Son of a Preacher Man” bridged the gap between country charm and smooth R&B to become a chart-topping hit. "