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  1. BamaOsFan

    Mike Wright, Jr. as a starter

    I was down in Sarasota on his last start and hoping to see a new Mike Wright. Did not see that in the least. He consistently fell behind batters and was hit hard giving up 8 hits in 4 innings, which included a balk with runners on 1st & 2nd and moved them into scoring position. The next batter gets a triple which basically did him & the Orioles in. He once again seemed to lose his composure a bit in a tight situation. We've all seen it before and was hoping for a different result this time around. We need to come up with a better option IMO.
  2. Ole Miss IMO got off pretty light in the long run. The post season ban for the 2018 season will hurt, but to lose only 3 additional scholarships is pretty light for what they were accused. What floors me is the head of the enforcement committee said that he was flabbergasted that they actually found instances that Ole Miss continued to break numerous rules even knowing they were under investigation.
  3. BamaOsFan

    2017 N.C.A.A. Championship Game

    Everyone tries to use the line that you'll ride the bench if you sign with Alabama. I think that Championship game proved all that to be a bunch of bull. Four true freshman on the field on that last play alone. Roll Tide!
  4. BamaOsFan

    Spring Training - Official 2018 Thread

    Down on March 10-17. All home games and at least on the road for Bradenton on the 12th.
  5. BamaOsFan

    Roch has been told the O's need 4 more starters

    Hard to buy into the theory that it's just bad mechanics. If it truly is ... says very little for McDowell and Mills ability to coach him through it.
  6. BamaOsFan

    Oriole talk radio

    Are there any good Oriole talk radio (shows) stations that stream their content? Looking for some Oriole "entertainment" at work. :-) Thanks!
  7. BamaOsFan

    Im heading to Sarasota on Thursday

    Will be there starting Sunday against the Tigers and through next week. Sunday's game is sold out by the way, with just a few standing room only tickets for sale.
  8. BamaOsFan

    Spring Training!

    As far as I know, the general public is not allowed in or around the Orioles complex behind the right field area once spring training games begin. You can easily walk down and observe the bullpen area in right field area and watch the pitchers warm up. As far as Ed Smith, the stadium is beautiful and there is plenty to walk around and see. The concourse has many pictures and plaques and other memorabilia for fans to enjoy. If you are into collecting, there is usually a silent auction on the lower 3rd base side with some very nice items to bid on. I'd recommend a trip to the public beach on Siesta Key. It is a fantastic beach and large area for enjoying the breeze and sand. There are also some good restaurants in the Siesta Key village area close by. Also, a trip to Armand's Circle is a nice drive, as you drive by the marina and the waterways into Sarasota. Armand's is an upscale shopping area with some good restaurants as well. I hope you enjoy your trip and if you have any other questions I'll be glad to help if I can.
  9. BamaOsFan

    Nationals to sign Matt Wieters

    Am I correct that we get a draft choice with this move? Hate to see Matt go, but it's probably the best move for all involved.
  10. BamaOsFan

    Brand New Website

    Nice & fast.
  11. BamaOsFan

    First Trip to Spring Training

    We stay on Siesta Key. Great beaches. The water is pretty cold in March, but you can get in for a bit as long as the wind is not blowing (which is mostly during the day). Siesta key has quite a few restaurants, shops and clubs. A place we have found that has very good food and prices is Kacey's Seafood @ 4904 Fruitville Rd. Not far from the stadium. It's in a strip mall and doesn't look like much, but it was recommended by more than a couple locals. Highly recommended. http://www.kaceysseafood.com/ Another recommended one is Columbia on Armands Circle. http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/Menus-By-Location/Locations/St-Armands-Circle Downtown on (Main Street) has Barnacle Bill's (seafood), Mattison's City Grille and others. All good. Not an expert but have been down 4 or 5 times since the O's have called Sarasota home. It's a great area. The stadium is awesome, people are nice and the weather is beautiful. What more can you ask for?
  12. Not a great deal of interest it seems, but he could be a good addition to the back end of our rotation.
  13. http://m.mlb.com/news/article/213991052/orioles-adam-jones-hired-by-san-diego-gulls/
  14. BamaOsFan

    Error on the pitcher?

    Had the pitcher not bobbled and then drop the ball, there would have been plenty of time to make a better throw to the catcher. E1. By Jones going did it keep the pitcher from trying for a DP? Not sure as he bobbled it anyway. I'd never give Manny a decent first pitch.
  15. BamaOsFan

    How long does Rickard bat 9th?

    Batting lead-off and playing CF tonight 4/7/2016