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  1. BamaOsFan

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    At least there was some "quality" entertainment demonstrated in the park.
  2. BamaOsFan

    Coaching Staff

    I look at it like it's a lack of respect for the fans (whom deserve better) and a total lack of accountability on the coaches who are responsible for the player's performances. Why should anyone pay good money to watch a team where the organization seemingly does not care?
  3. BamaOsFan

    Bucks recent comments

    We can only hope he re-evaluates his hitting & pitching coaches if he stays. Changes are needed.
  4. BamaOsFan

    50 games left - call the record

    53-109 2nd pick.
  5. BamaOsFan

    Can we over do the rebuild?

    If they were going to try and extend Schoop you would have thought they would have at least approach him to gauge his interest. He's stated multiple times that they never have.
  6. BamaOsFan


    Not very impressed with him either. Both need to be replaced.
  7. BamaOsFan

    Rebuild: Keep One

    Schoop. Extend him. Build with him.
  8. BamaOsFan

    Predictions for 2018 Season

    Hard to argue. There will be a surprise team along the way. Bama Clemson Ohio state Surprise team
  9. BamaOsFan


    ... and yet we do nothing to try and improve. Coolbaugh should have been history months ago.
  10. BamaOsFan

    Mike Wright, Jr. as a starter

    I was down in Sarasota on his last start and hoping to see a new Mike Wright. Did not see that in the least. He consistently fell behind batters and was hit hard giving up 8 hits in 4 innings, which included a balk with runners on 1st & 2nd and moved them into scoring position. The next batter gets a triple which basically did him & the Orioles in. He once again seemed to lose his composure a bit in a tight situation. We've all seen it before and was hoping for a different result this time around. We need to come up with a better option IMO.
  11. Ole Miss IMO got off pretty light in the long run. The post season ban for the 2018 season will hurt, but to lose only 3 additional scholarships is pretty light for what they were accused. What floors me is the head of the enforcement committee said that he was flabbergasted that they actually found instances that Ole Miss continued to break numerous rules even knowing they were under investigation.
  12. BamaOsFan

    2017 N.C.A.A. Championship Game

    Everyone tries to use the line that you'll ride the bench if you sign with Alabama. I think that Championship game proved all that to be a bunch of bull. Four true freshman on the field on that last play alone. Roll Tide!
  13. BamaOsFan

    Spring Training - Official 2018 Thread

    Down on March 10-17. All home games and at least on the road for Bradenton on the 12th.
  14. BamaOsFan

    Roch has been told the O's need 4 more starters

    Hard to buy into the theory that it's just bad mechanics. If it truly is ... says very little for McDowell and Mills ability to coach him through it.
  15. BamaOsFan

    Oriole talk radio

    Are there any good Oriole talk radio (shows) stations that stream their content? Looking for some Oriole "entertainment" at work. :-) Thanks!