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  1. BamaOsFan

    Vote for McKenna! AFL All-Star

    Good to see some positive news for the Orioles. He deserves the nod too. Congratulations Ryan.
  2. BamaOsFan

    Why (and When) did You Become an Oriole Fan ???

    Born and raised in North Alabama and became an avid Orioles fan because of television. The supreme success of the Orioles in the late 60s and 70's put them on the tube constantly. As a young sports fanatic I played everything available and watched everything related. Saturday baseball became Orioles baseball. Never forget seeing the a depiction of the Oriole Bird crying up behind Walter Cronkite when they lost the World Series in 69. Then the joys of beating the Reds in 70, then the letdown to the Pirates in 71. Still the Orioles were the team to hate for others because of their success. Been a diehard ever since. Been to Baltimore 6 or 7 times to OPCY and Memorial Stadium and annually head to Sarasota every spring. Looking forward to 2019.
  3. BamaOsFan

    What Will Make this Season a Win?

    Really hard to come up anything as it has been one dreadful season. With Adam leaving and probably Buck headed out, that doesn't help. Would like to see a good young, aggressive, smart Head of Baseball Operation person be give free reign to rebuild the Orioles.
  4. Always felt Buck was a very good manager, but the Orioles need to move on to someone who can relate to younger players and someone we can build with. I look forward some new coaches. Players whom have had potential here and then prospered elsewhere have been far to many.
  5. BamaOsFan

    An Early Look at the 2019 Draft

    ... who are the most likely candidates?
  6. BamaOsFan

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    At least there was some "quality" entertainment demonstrated in the park.
  7. BamaOsFan

    Coaching Staff

    I look at it like it's a lack of respect for the fans (whom deserve better) and a total lack of accountability on the coaches who are responsible for the player's performances. Why should anyone pay good money to watch a team where the organization seemingly does not care?
  8. BamaOsFan

    Bucks recent comments

    We can only hope he re-evaluates his hitting & pitching coaches if he stays. Changes are needed.
  9. BamaOsFan

    50 games left - call the record

    53-109 2nd pick.
  10. BamaOsFan

    Can we over do the rebuild?

    If they were going to try and extend Schoop you would have thought they would have at least approach him to gauge his interest. He's stated multiple times that they never have.
  11. BamaOsFan


    Not very impressed with him either. Both need to be replaced.
  12. BamaOsFan

    Rebuild: Keep One

    Schoop. Extend him. Build with him.
  13. BamaOsFan

    Predictions for 2018 Season

    Hard to argue. There will be a surprise team along the way. Bama Clemson Ohio state Surprise team
  14. BamaOsFan


    ... and yet we do nothing to try and improve. Coolbaugh should have been history months ago.