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  1. Your talking a six digit number per year to keep a place like this even with no one living there. Kind of hard to justify no matter how much money you have when you are not living there and want to sell. Taking this into account I actually think it's a stupid move on Jones' part if he's not planning on living there. I'm a sub for one of the few home builders in the area that specializes in multi-million dollar new homes/renovations. Unless its a historic property or horse farm most people who spend this much money on a home want everything customized to their "needs." I just don't see anyone coming in spending what he paid to run a bulldozer through it and build new.
  2. Anziyan

    Any HVAC experts here?

    HVAC contractor here. You already spent the money to have the leak repaired and recharged; my recommendation would be to keep going with it until it needs another major repair. The system is nearing its end life but until it needs another $500+ repair (replacing coils/ compressor) or doesn't hold a refrigerant charge for long there's no point to changing it just because its old. When it is time for it to be replaced I recommend getting quotes from 3 companies and don't bother looking at anything more than a 16 SEER single stage system (the base 14 SEER systems are perfectly fine too). With a few specific brand/ model exceptions the 17+ SEER systems are much more unreliable and the parts are astronomical compared to the lower efficiency systems. If a salesperson gives you the "you and your partner need to be present at the estimate" or "you have to sign now to get the best price" song and dance throw them out of your house.
  3. Anziyan

    Fanfest ,Saturday, January 28th 2017

    I never understood why people were willing to spend so much over face for these vouchers. You can go on eBay and load up Orioles autographs for the price of a resale voucher. Ever stand in one of the lines at this thing? I'm ok with parents and kids, a lot of the single adults come off pretty creepy...
  4. Anziyan

    Calling out the Orioles ticket office

    Call / email your rep ASAP. I was surprised how little I had to choose from granted I was trying to find 4 seats together on the aisle.
  5. Anziyan

    Calling out the Orioles ticket office

    They did manage to update the deposit website at least with the plan schedules and Orange Carpet benefits for 2015. It reads like the 13 Game plans are going to have a few less perks than in the past.
  6. Could only get 2 tickets even though I have 4 seats in my plan, anyone else experience this?
  7. Anziyan

    Opening Day Tix

    I don't believe the Orioles are selling group tickets to opening day this year.
  8. Anziyan

    Oriole Fanfest

    I have an extra voucher for station 2 round 2 (Adam Jones) that I would like to trade for another voucher. Message me if interested.
  9. Anziyan

    Orioles season tickets

    My new rep has been great. Even worked with me while the office was closed for the holidays on purchasing a new plan for my business.
  10. Anziyan

    Season Ticket Prices Going Up

    Anyone else notice that only 29 and 81 plans will get invoices for playoff tickets?
  11. I also got moved from my upper box seats, about eight rows up and 4 sections over. In the big scheme of things though I think the Orioles do a great job of taking care of everyone including 13 game package holders like me. Hell I can't even count how many years I paid the ravens the full amount for playoff tickets that they would only put towards next season's invoice if the games weren't played. The fact that I can call my rep and change my tickets for any non prime game or buy more tickets at the season ticket rate still floors me. I've probably spent 50k between psls and tickets for football and honestly I couldn't even tell you who I would even attempt to call if I had a question about my tickets let alone actually try to make a change with them.