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  1. Plutarch

    Home Page

    Must be operating on the premise that it will be "a cold day in hell when.........." You fill in the blank 😀
  2. Plutarch

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    Would a 500 record for the rest of the year make the FO think that this could be a competitive team next year thus limiting the deals they consummate before the deadlines (Machado and Britton and any other pending FA excluded)? I'd rather have the "No Doubt About It" scenario of the dumpster fire
  3. Plutarch


    From the Glass is Half-Full Office in the Warehouse: "There's no where to go but up", or," it can only get better"
  4. Plutarch

    Chris Davis

    The C. Davis limbo contest....How LOW can you GO?
  5. Plutarch

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    The baseball equivalent of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill for eternity.......a lot of effort with no results
  6. First of all I said "may be off-putting" Players have large egos and tend to think greater or themselves when things are going bad than do this on the outside (aka the fans).
  7. In reality, the monetary cost of releasing CD is only the ML minimum. If you work on the assumption that you are going to have to pay CD whether or not he plays, or is on the team, then the cost to replace him with a prospect from the minors is only the ML minimum. Given CD's numbers this year I'm sure that there are adequate replacements in the minors. The emotional costs can be much greater: 1) The powers that be in the org will have to admit that the entire deal was a disaster - makes them look bad. 2) The embarrassment if CD were picked up by another team and somehow became a productive player again. And for those suggesting that he sit the bench for the next 4.5 years...although a good idea from a purely win/loss perspective it may be off-putting enough to players that they might not want to come to the O's if they know that it is part of the organizations' M.O.
  8. Plutarch

    Shortest Orioles Books, 2018 version

    The 2018 Offseason Guide to Getting Your Fanbase Excited!
  9. When In-Game betting (next iteration of Draftkings and Fanduel) comes to baseball cellular data is not going to cut it. For all those who say it's never going to happen, Adam Silver (NBA commish) is already looking for ways the owners can get a cut (whether betting occur in-arena or not).
  10. Plutarch

    Updates on Hunter Harvey

    In your opinion. Objective is to maximize assets in order to increase odds of winning at some point int he near future. Starting the clock on HH does neither at this point
  11. Plutarch

    Updates on Hunter Harvey

    But HH or no HH the O's aren't winning anything this year so delay the service time clock
  12. Yep...the state song is Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" The state flag is 2 hands on the top of a steering wheel (no head visible)
  13. Having lurked a lot when JTrea and SportsGuy were on the board I was always amazed at how many people would engage with them in hopes of being able to use logic/facts to change their mind(s) when it had to be known that it was an impossible task - it went on for years. Even reading their twisted logic proved to be too much for me...trying to engage them on the board would have probably resulted in a large head shaped hole in one of my walls.
  14. I believe you are correct. LSU had no reason to save his arm and kept throwing (no pun intended) him out there trying to win the CoWS without any regard to his future
  15. It was something like that, but if I correctly recall he was hammered in his final game of the CoWS - his stuff looked terrible and his arm looked tired. Once drafted I think the O's put him into almost immediate action in the minors with the tired arm - probably not a wise career move for a top draft pick, but those were different days.