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  1. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    In your opinion. Objective is to maximize assets in order to increase odds of winning at some point int he near future. Starting the clock on HH does neither at this point
  2. Updates on Hunter Harvey

    But HH or no HH the O's aren't winning anything this year so delay the service time clock
  3. Yep...the state song is Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" The state flag is 2 hands on the top of a steering wheel (no head visible)
  4. Having lurked a lot when JTrea and SportsGuy were on the board I was always amazed at how many people would engage with them in hopes of being able to use logic/facts to change their mind(s) when it had to be known that it was an impossible task - it went on for years. Even reading their twisted logic proved to be too much for me...trying to engage them on the board would have probably resulted in a large head shaped hole in one of my walls.
  5. I believe you are correct. LSU had no reason to save his arm and kept throwing (no pun intended) him out there trying to win the CoWS without any regard to his future
  6. It was something like that, but if I correctly recall he was hammered in his final game of the CoWS - his stuff looked terrible and his arm looked tired. Once drafted I think the O's put him into almost immediate action in the minors with the tired arm - probably not a wise career move for a top draft pick, but those were different days.
  7. Your level of apathy level for the 2018 season

    To paraphrase the TV show Frasier: At Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the Tunneling Electron Microscope. Now, this microscope is so powerful that by firing electrons you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building blocks of our universe. If I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn't be able to locate my interest in the 2018 Orioles.
  8. In all sports there always seem to be owners who seemingly do not understand how to build organizations and teams that consistently perform (aka win). Is PA similar in this lack of understanding to people like, Ted Stepien (Cleveland Cavs owner who traded away about 10 years worth on #1 picks for terrible players), or Donald Sterling (his bigotry not withstanding), or the elder Bidwell (St. Louis and AZ Cardinals), or Danny Snyder or countless others who for the most part languish (although many of these teams will have brief upticks in performance) because they just don't get it?
  9. It's possible but not probable. Even though much of the AL may be weak, the O's are still going to have to face higher quality opponents (Yanks, Sox, Jays and yes even the Rays) more than the Seattle or Minnesota, etc.
  10. 10, and the lessons of life

    Was hoping this was something about the Bo Derek, Dudley Moore movie - now there were some life lessons
  11. Chris Davis' leash?

    One thing that managers/GMs/Owners are not very good at realizing is that the players salary is a sunk cost - the team is going to pay the same amount (taking performance bonuses out of the equation) no matter the output/productivity of the player. Thus in a perfect world the decision to sit player making $20m (?) per year is solely based upon trying to win a game or set of games) and is not an admission by management on there organizational capabilities (Ego). Trying to win should come before trying to prove ones self correct.
  12. Chief Wahoo removed from Indians Uniform

    Paul. First of all I fully agree with your posts and reasoning (and have done so several times over the past few years when this topic has arisen with the OH) BTW note by avatar . One of the troubles with the polls cited by those in favor of the status quo is the definition of who qualifies as a Native American and who is being polled...if you're 50-100% native and you live on an underserved reservation you are more likely to be against the name than someone who claims native heritage (with 5% native blood) while having blond hair and blue eyes and living what most would consider a middle class life. Second, much of the reason that NA have not been able to eliminate all of the symbols is that they have a low level of economic and political leverage to force the issue. Over the years, both economics and politics have been used to get rid of Sambo and the Frito Bandito both of whom were just as bad and used for commercial purposes. Natives just don't have the power to overturn this without the help of other groups who will back them up. I want to note that Jim Thome has stated that there is to be no Chief Wahoo images or references on his Hall of Fame plaque (he said it was the right thing to do). Finally, The same people on this board make the same arguments in favor of these symbols every time this subject is raised (this comes to close to politics and IMHO should be off limits on the OH). Non-sensical equivalents at will be tossed back at you (Notre Dame, PETA and animals, etc) trying to justify their position once their foundation of "tradition" and "PC" cruel under the weight of other fabulous traditions that are no longer part of our society e.g. slavery, public lynchings, etc. Like most of the country today, this is a tribalism (no pun intended) issue and you will talk yourself blue in the face trying to change anyones mind in a message board
  13. Currently Reading

    Just finished GhettoSide. From Publishers Weekly... Provides a deep dive into the lives of homicides in the inner city (in this case Watts), the detectives who investigate/solve the crimes, the families of the victims and the social trends and events that lead to the lifestyles that cause these circumstances. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This absorbing first book from journalist Leovy traces the investigation and prosecution of a 2007 murder in South Los Angeles, registering along the way a powerful argument about race and our criminal justice system. Eighteen-year-old Bryant Tennelle was "just another black man down." His shooting death inspired neither press attention nor vigorous police action until, that is, his case was handed to Police Detective John Skaggs, the central figure in Leovy's narrative. By following the relentless Skaggs, fleshing out all his quirks, and rendering the perpetrators, survivors, and witnesses of the murder vividly, Leovy spins a good yarn and illustrates how, by her lights, black-on-black homicide should be dealt with (but too seldom is). The state fails "to catch and punish even a bare majority of murderers" in urban black enclaves, and the result is "street justice" informal legal systems, replete with their own laws and codes and punishments. Gang violence, in Leovy's account, is thus not a cause of lawlessness; rather, it is "a whole system of interactions determined by the absence of law." Like most ghettoside cases, the Tennelle case was eminently solvable merely awaiting a determined investigator to whom the lives of black men were valuable, their murders something to be answered for. Readers may come for Leovy's detective story; they will stay for her lucid social critique.
  14. Should we stay close to our computers today?

    Forget the van, I think that anyone expecting something big may be a graduate of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters bus trip.
  15. Random Thoughts

    On the new Fios commercials, that kid looks too much like a 12-year old version of Al Franken. Kind of freaks me out.