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  1. History and Biographies

    Recently finished: King Leopold's Ghost: Details Belgium's colonization of the Congo in the early 1900's and describes the brutality used to strip the land of it's resources and the public relations efforts in Europe that mostly covered up the story. Although just about Belgium and Congo it's a great proxy for all European colonization activities in Africa
  2. Cleveland's Run Differential During The Streak

    It may, but they are still fighting for the best record in the AL and in the majors so there is incentive to continue the streak as far as they can. There is still plenty of time to rest starters and set the rotation for post-season. The goal is to win every game and somehow Cleveland has managed to do that 21 games in a row. BTW the streak has taken place without two of their everyday players and Andrew Miller.
  3. Cleveland's Run Differential During The Streak

    Also.... Of the 180 innings they have played since Aug. 24, they have trailed at the end of just four.
  4. Sorry if already mentioned or posted elsewhere but read today the during Cleveland's 20 game win streak they have outscored their opponents by 102 runs. That's an incredible number over such a small number of games.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Referees are commonly called Refs Umpires are commonly called Umps But Officials are only called Oafs when being criticized
  6. Random Thoughts

    Is Garabez Rosa related to Tabula Rasa?
  7. Currently Reading

    Al Franken: Giant of the Senate It's insightful and humorous (some great stories and anecdotes) . It's a very good read if you're open minded and willing to look past Al's own positions on issues.
  8. Probably will be reduced to 4 on appeal, but interesting nonetheless.
  9. Currently Reading

    Latest books for me: 1) King Leopold's Ghost (story of how and why Belgium colonized Congo) 2) in The Last testament of Bill Bonnano (son of one of the heads of the five NY families)
  10. Currently Reading

    As funny as all of CH's books. I was going to say "absurd and funny" but having gown up in Florida I know that the bar to judge absurd is much lower (or is it higher?) than is most other parts of the country.
  11. New most hated Commercial

    In no particular order: - The ever present Chevy commercials - Burger King with the actual BK King costume (the look on the King's face is weird) - All Dunkin Donuts commercials (America gets the runs on Dunkin') - Taco Bell; Pizza Hut; Dominos, KFC. (Taco Bell should just advertise it's products as the cheapest high colonics on the market) Except for sports, and PBS (no elitism jokes, please) these commercials are why I own a TIVO and skip every commercial on network TV.
  12. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    What we have here is a Pablo Sandoval situation without the ability to eat the remaining contract like Boston did. This illustrates the biggest difference between small and big market teams - the ability to make mistakes without killing the franchise.
  13. Chris Davis Has Cleared Revocable waivers

    Players and coaches force their way out of existing contracts all of the time. Front office people should not be viewed/judged/treated any differently, be that positive or negative.
  14. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    Personally I really don't care where in the order he bats. My statement was meant to covey that many players ego (I have no idea if Davis fits this description) would not be able to reconcile making $23m and batting 8th. For that matter it may also be an ego hit to the manager/front office to have paid that kind of money for someone who by all accounts should be lower in the order - moving the player their confirms the error.
  15. Just tell me why Davis is batting clean up?

    Because you can't pay someone $23m per year to bat 8th