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  1. Currently Reading

    Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea: Barbara Demick Story about the lives of multiple defectors who all lived in/around the N. Korea city of Chongjin. Really provides perspective of the hardship of life, what ordinary citizens must do to survive, and the absurd cult of personality that runs the country. Not a long book, about 350 pages, and it's personal story based (the defectors) as opposed to facts based (which can be boring)
  2. Sex abuse of USA female athletes

    Not only is the the guy a disgrace but we should not absolve all of those around him that may have looked the other way or in some other way enabled this behavior for so long - according to the article there many be many of these enablers
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    The O's and many of the fans unfortunately have a hard time separating logic and emotion. Logically, although the O's do play in the AL East, they are really playing against 10(?) other teams for WC position 2 which has nothing to do with the Yanks (If I take it as a given that the Yanks/Sox will win the division with the other taking WC). If trading Manny within the AL, then the Yanks or Sox might not be the worst place for him to go - better that than sending him to a team that will be competition for WC 2 like the Angels, Mariners, Twins, etc. (using these team for example purposes only).
  4. Currently Reading

    American Radical: Inside the World of an Undercover Muslim FBI Agent (by: Tamer Elnoury) An incredible page-turner..did not want to put it down. It walks the reader through Tamer's (agents undercover name) contact with, integration into and eventual arrest and prosecution of a US/Canadian al-Qaeda affiliate. Book came to my attention as Tamer was interviewed on 60-minutes recently as well as some well known podcasts. Very Highly Recommended Read!!!! Only about 350 pages so will not take a long commitment.
  5. Os requesting offers on Machado

    a realignment like this would work if you added two conditions. 1. The divisions must be realigned every year based on the previous years payroll. 2. Eliminate the luxury tax. There would no longer be a need for it as the penalty for having a large payroll would be that you would have to play in a division with the other big payroll teams.
  6. Stanton to the Yankees

    Although would make travel and scheduling more difficult I’ve wondered about having flexible divisions based on the previous years payroll. For the 2018 season the top 5 spending teams from 2017 would be in division $$$, the second five in division $$ and the bottom five in division $. Nothing else changes with all division winners making the playoffs along with 2 WCs. This does not address issues of the current year but given long term contracts it mak3s some attempt at leveling the playing field by having teams with similar payrolls playing more against their peers rather than teams that have unlimited payroll. Under this scenario it may also be possible to eliminate the payroll tax thus incentivizing the high payroll teams to participate
  7. Stanton to the Yankees

    A step or three? That’s like saying the Flintstones technology was only a step or three behind the Jetsons. 😀 (please pardon the snark)
  8. Not sure if it has been already noted but if Raff were to play in just one major league game it would reset his Hall of Fame clock giving him another ten (?) year window with perhaps more lenient voters.
  9. Currently Reading

    Recently read "The Caine Mutiny" by Herman Wouk written in the early fifties. It's been on my reading list for years and finally got around to reading. It is a riveting take on abuse of power, having unqualified people in positions of power and the difficulty of removing such people from said position. ----------------------------------------- From Wikipedia: The Caine Mutiny is a 1951 Pulitzer Prize–winning novel by Herman Wouk. The novel grew out of Wouk's personal experiences aboard a destroyer-minesweeper in the Pacific in World War II and deals with, among other things, the moral and ethical decisions made at sea by the captains of ships. The mutiny of the title is legalistic, not violent, and takes place during Typhoon Cobra, in December 1944. The court-martial that results provides the dramatic climax to the plot.
  10. There are some who have a hard time spelling Hays and Sisco, now we have a Wojciechowsk!!!! Good luck with that (joking of course)
  11. History and Biographies

    Recently finished: King Leopold's Ghost: Details Belgium's colonization of the Congo in the early 1900's and describes the brutality used to strip the land of it's resources and the public relations efforts in Europe that mostly covered up the story. Although just about Belgium and Congo it's a great proxy for all European colonization activities in Africa
  12. Cleveland's Run Differential During The Streak

    It may, but they are still fighting for the best record in the AL and in the majors so there is incentive to continue the streak as far as they can. There is still plenty of time to rest starters and set the rotation for post-season. The goal is to win every game and somehow Cleveland has managed to do that 21 games in a row. BTW the streak has taken place without two of their everyday players and Andrew Miller.
  13. Cleveland's Run Differential During The Streak

    Also.... Of the 180 innings they have played since Aug. 24, they have trailed at the end of just four.
  14. Sorry if already mentioned or posted elsewhere but read today the during Cleveland's 20 game win streak they have outscored their opponents by 102 runs. That's an incredible number over such a small number of games.