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  1. If Pink Floyd ever gives a concert in Chihuahua, Sonora or Baja California they should not sing "Another Brick in the Wall"
  2. If Tom Petty ever gives a concert in Syria, Yemen or the Sudan he should not sing "You don't have to live like a refugee..."
  3. Not sure it's analogous but look at some of the most successful franchises in other sports like the Patriots. Their M.O. has always been that it's better to trade away a player one year too early that one too late. They have refused to pay for overpriced and potentially close to over the hill talent be it other teams free agents or their own. They will often trade away those whom many consider to be integral pieces during the middle of the season. Another example has been the San Antonio Spurs who have built around a core and have moved players in and out depending on need. Again another team that has not, for the most part, thrown big money at other teams free agents. Both of these teams, online the O's at times, do not bid against themselves for talent that will have a questionable team impact - see Davis.
  4. While I agree with this point I'll note that the thread in question initially started off as posting J. Angelos' very relevant thoughts/response to the situation and then quickly descended into a name calling contest between people of differing political viewpoints. The catalyst for the quick demise of the very important opening post appears to have been that either 1) The amount of hatred had escalated in the past few months or, 2) The willingness of people to share their long dormant feelings of hatred has increased. Either way, the Jones issue is one that all minorities face in all states and cities (it's not just Boston) and it's something that should be able to be debated within the context of baseball without people viewing any point with which they do not agree as an assault on their beliefs/feelings. That said, I am very happy that politics has no place on the OH and I appreciate the moderators efforts to enforce the rule of decency (no personal insults or foul language)
  5. 90 Years Old - the master of improvised insult humor Was always great in the "Roasts"
  6. Bad day for music. I consider Johnny B Goode to be the definition of the Rock n Roll era. James Cotton was one of the most amazing harp players of all time. Not only play solo but also with Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf and other greats. Both will be sorely missed
  7. Bigger counties (militaries) vs smaller countries (militaries) then yes, but they still must be in close proximity to each other. Harder for Britain to reclaim the Faukland Islands from Argentina (recall that Argentina invaded the islands which were/are under British rule) today than it was 30+ years ago. These days GB might just say that it's not worth the trouble to send an army half way around the world for some islands (keeping the Brits who live on the island safe is something else)
  8. Don't think that an overseas invasion of a large country (population and land mass) is realistic. The major problem is that it would be impossible to keep the build up of troops a secret given satellite observation. If the same technology had existed at the time of DDay (or Pearl Harbor for that matter) the intended country of invasion would be able to see it coming days/weeks/months in advance and be able to counter it. That does not apply to situations like the Koreas where there are 1m man armies within a few miles of each other - that's why the army of the south is always on high alert.
  9. The court never reversed the decision! Fear and ignorance of people who look different is an interesting phenomenon; note that there were no Germans or Italians on the East Coast rounded up and put into camps.
  10. Sorry...title should read 2/19/17
  11. IMO one of the two worst Supreme Court Decisions ever (right there with Dred Scott - please don't bring up Bush v Gore as it's way off topic). Korematsu v. United States validated the US government Executive Order 9066 which called for the internment of 100,000+ US citizens of Japanese descent even though there was no proof that they posed a threat to the country. The decision has never been overturned!!! Just a face to make it real, George Takei (Star Trek) spent several years in a camp as a child.
  12. Cleveland KC; St Louis; Texas, Cincinnati (too hot and too humid) - BTW Miami gets a pass on this as it's a great place to live when you have money) Oakland (only because of the stadium); Tampa also falls into this stadium only area Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis (I might as well just rule out the entire midwest)
  13. Intellectual Property has value in every industry and there is no legal difference if it occurs in Baseball, Computer Chips, Cars, or anything else. 4 years and a felony record is not over the top. Question is, is this guy the scapegoat for others in upper management, i.e. who else knew and when did they know it? Cards should be stripped of all players in the affected drafts ( with the Astros able to claim those that they had targeted) as well as losing ALL picks (not a 2nd rounder and a comp pick) for at least this draft and maybe one more. MLB should have sent a strong message here but failed once again to do anything about a situation that society in general has labeled an criminal.
  14. Possibly too little punishment for the Cards. Astros should have been allowed to claim the top 2 Cardinal players from the drafts that were compromised rather than the picks going forward (or given the Astros the choice of the two options)