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  1. Is this a report I can get an RSS for?
  2. not so far today on my phone (Android Nexus 5 running lollipop) but it was multiple times daily prior to that. Sent to some facebook looking survey with a pop up of its own. </Russia>
  3. It would be nice to trade him for something that had a repeatable motion. Srsly though, I was hoping to log on this morning to find the issue has been resolved.
  4. The only appropriate response then is for Buck to charge Farrell, or what Frobby says below.
  5. The crowd started the applause. Some Red Sox joined in because of it. You know players on that team were thinking... oh fudge...are we still doing this now with Manny?
  6. It can't really be more if the Manager, or someone on his staff makes the call to do it. The player could be afraid not to in that case. Managers need to know they'll get suspended too, so they can make it clear to the team to not go coconut hunting. Until they are implicated (either for making the call themselves or allowign a staff member to do it for them) the total suspension won't feel adequate.
  7. Full disclosure, this is not Vasquez or Martin, but is essentially what each frame attempt feels like to me...
  8. This is what I'm getting at. At some point, perhaps with some of the less subtle catchers, it should have a negative impact instead of zero impact over the course of a game/season. I actually like the move when selectively used. But seeing a guy like Martin or Vasquez bring 3 out of 4 pitches into the zone gets under my skin. I don't watch other games, so maybe the are worse offenders.
  9. Russell Martin might have competition when it comes to the distance his mitt travels after receiving a pitch in Boston's catcher. Over the course of one season, I'd guess Martin's glove travels 3/4 mile. Should this be a new metric? This, coupled with "strikes that were balls", might actually be interesting, and potentially ID catchers who are more selective at this AND those who abuse the tactic. PS. It's irritating.
  10. From the behind homeplate angle of the ball in flight, it looks as if it changes direction but from the side angle, there's no way. Blue Jay's fans have been working on their arm strenght and aim, but that would be a Reagan era star wars ballistic intercept if they managed to connect with the ball.
  11. Not exactly Jack White's new walk up tune, but what it lacks in intensity it more than makes up for with whimsy and nostalgia. I say give it a try, Trey.
  12. One day...
  13. Unless both Manny and Zach are gonezo by then. Jones, despite the expense, may be one of those costs that come out of the Marketing budget too. I'd love to find a way to acquire a CF that would enable Jones to move to a COF spot right now, but it would take a dynamic player to do that while AJ is our CF now.
  14. Wish we could get the Cubs to give up on Heyward.
  15. I'd consider giving him a QO now it if I were DD if you think there's a good chance he might still have value to a team at the deadline. Perhaps there was interest in Matt this past deadline that gave you hope there might be once again. If that is the case, then it's hedging your bets somewhat to leave that door open.