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  1. thatbearflies

    How did they get this bad?

    I've said it before, there needs to be a section of this forum where the profanity flood gates can open. This is a piece of news that reinforces that feeling. With all the negativity every day, I thought "Ok, I will at least wait to see what hopefully exciting, young talents we can acquire in some big profile trades" so I'm given something to look forward to. And yet, I get Hanley Ramirez rumors who makes no sense from a roster perspective and plus....I just don't like Hanley.
  2. thatbearflies

    How did they get this bad?

    I just don't know if I can keep doing this. ☠️
  3. thatbearflies

    It's a rocking cover Friday!

  4. thatbearflies

    vs. NATIONALS, 5/29

    Doolittle reacting like he just struck out Mike Trout or something. You took down Gentry and Susac. A lesser board than this one would reply, "Who?"
  5. thatbearflies

    So what songs and albums changed your life?

    This is just one of the tracks, but the entire 'The Downward Spiral' album was an important album for me: Next, I'll show some love to 1996's Aenima from Tool. It's not for everyone, but I loved this album. Finally, one song I always loved growing up "Have You Ever Seen The Rain." This song always seemed to be more than the sum of its parts, for me. There were so many albums, songs and lyrics that I could put on here. I'm excluding quite a bit, but oh well, it's a glimpse of ourselves, right? Not a complete biography through other people's work.
  6. thatbearflies

    Worst team in MLB

    I've been watching pretty much every game for years so, this isn't my stop to get off the bus. If it gets bad, maybe I'll watch something else but I still lurk in the game threads (pockets full of little green up arrows to pass out) and follow on AtBat. I still love baseball so I'm going to be watching the O's no matter what and when our season ends, I'll watch all the playoff games. After that, onto the board to read everyone's theories about all the moves we inevitably don't make. Just before I die, I need to see a world series win for the O's.
  7. thatbearflies

    Random Thought Thread

    It was a reference to not having great, career Oriole type of players to look back on...but yes, I have heard of Machado, briefly - who will also not likely be a long time Oriole. 😓
  8. thatbearflies

    Baseball...has a problem.

    I would consider them Top 100. I was referring to a few of the others, though not a knock on their skill level either. I regret not being more specific.
  9. thatbearflies

    Random Thought Thread

    Due to my age, I've never really gotten to experience a truly great Oriole. By the time I was old enough to watch intelligently, Ripken was a veteran with a bad back who missed games and often struggled. I only got to see a few seasons of Mussina before he was off to pinstripes. The best Orioles baseball that I've really gotten to experience is a Brian Roberts, Erik Bedard, Melvin Mora type of player. So, my random thought is about how I am that guy who didn't see a movie, but nods and smiles when you all talk about players like Brooks.
  10. thatbearflies

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Even if it is not with Coolbaugh, I would expect Davis to put in an immense amount of work over the offseason. If not, it totally shatters this narrative perpetuated by Showalter that his struggles are eating him alive. You simply can't be that devastated by it if you did nothing to improve the situation, try new things, tweak the stance, etc. Ultimately, this is all hearsay at the moment so, I am not going to get riled up until more information comes out about what exactly he did to improve over this offseason. The results from this season speak for itself, but I need more to condemn him as a lazy liar instead of just an incompetent hitter incapable of making adjustments and evolving.
  11. thatbearflies

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    Dante had 9 circles of hell. We passed Greed (5) when he signed the contract. I think we are on Fraud (8) now and approaching Treachery (9), where I assume he will cost a lot of people their jobs.
  12. thatbearflies

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    I put on Planet Earth II because watching animals battle for survival in desolate climates is more uplifting than this.
  13. thatbearflies

    vs. WHITE SOX, 5/23

    You heard Davis. Just wait until the weather warms up. We don't even hit first gear until 100 degrees 🔥
  14. thatbearflies

    Baseball...has a problem.

    I'm willing to admit I didn't know who a lot of these people were. I think it definitely shows the global presence of a lot of the other sports in comparison to baseball. You can even see how under represented NFL players were in comparison with how popular they are here. Honestly, if you all asked me to name one cricket player or swimmer not named Michael Phelps, you would have stumped me. I knew some of the tennis players on the list, but I never thought of them as famous, especially top 100 famous. I live in a nice baseball bubble and I definitely don't need ESPN polluting my air.