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  1. Are There Three Internal SP Candidates

    It's a tall order to fill three rotation spots with our internal candidates, for sure. I think when you look at our internal options, you really have to take a look at the number of innings these guy have been able to do. It's always nerve wracking to know that essentially, even if they had early success, the gas tank could be running on empty pretty early in the year. Consequently, we would still need a fair amount of spot starts and this is all assuming success, if they get rocked constantly we are in a deeper hole because I do believe we are going to see another dip in bullpen reliability. I was definitely interested in seeing Castro potentially stretched out, but that was also when I was under the impression we had Britton from the start. Now, I am afraid to give up that flexibility in the bullpen and even then, 66.1 IP last season and he definitely wasn't the same during that last month of the season so, how much fuel in the tank? Realistically, I think we all keep running into the same wall - the "we are in a really difficult position" wall. I am not sure we can even get to the finish line on internal options so, we are going to have to probably bring in two outside options (Tillman included in that 'outside') and then maybe gamble or patchwork the 5th spot. I'd love for us to bring in a proven commodity, elite style pitcher who has the knowledge and the stuff to mitigate the hitter friendly Camden Yards, but realistically I don't expect us to bring in that type of guy.
  2. One key area of focus of the discussion (I just watched it) was definitely that there is an uncertainty about Manny Machado. They emphasized how bad his numbers were at the beginning of the season and then how good he was in the middle, only to fall off again at the end. And realistically, in terms of the end of the season, I am not going to really evaluate it because I really think the offense checked out because of the pitching. It's a flawed offense, for sure, but I think battling all season and just going through those pitching performances every day wore them down the same way it wore us down. I'm sort of with their evaluation (shredder), but only because I can't say that Machado is going to be GREAT next season. I I think for a lot of us, we feel like (baseball is never guaranteed) we know what Trout is going to do, Donaldson, Bryant, etc. We can hope against it sometimes, but we have an expectation. When it comes to Machado, I don't know. He hit a lot of hard balls at the beginning of last season. Do those fall this season instead of turning it outs? Does he put on a more consistent performance or does he have extended periods of the season where he disappears offensively? If the pitching improves, does he remain more engaged throughout the entire season? I don't know. I think watching him every night and seeing what he can be, it causes your perception to skew upwards (thus the fans putting him #2). But is perception reality? I think as everyone else has said, I can't see $300 million. Also interesting (and I missed the guy's name so someone can hopefully help me out there), the one guy they brought on seemed very negative about Machado wanting to be shortstop. The gist that I took away was he felt Machado needs to make a decision about do you want to be a big, strong, power guy or a shortstop because you can't do both. That was interesting because, of course, I don't spend much time thinking about his physiology because I am too busy trying to mentally channel him into staying at third because I love watching his defense there. Either way, fun discussion and I think at the end of the day, what the show really said about Machado is, we don't really know where he belongs on the list.
  3. Friday the 13th

    I was actually a backer on this project. I only played very briefly after release so, I need to go back to it and give it another shot. Can't say that I was totally satisfied, but it really wasn't the largest development team and then of course, they were pretty aggressive in telling gamers when they were going to bring it to market. I'm glad to hear you at least got some amount of enjoyment out of the game.
  4. I thought this was an interesting read - Peter Schmuck questioning Jim Palmer about the Palmeiro comeback: “I still recall coming out of the clubhouse in early April in 2005 and he needed 78 hits (to get to 3,000) and he’s hitting off the tee,’’ Palmer said. “And I had watched him a little bit in spring training and then at the beginning of the season I’m going, ‘Wow, there’s no bat speed. None.’ And I’m a guy who made his living for a long time judging guys’ bat speeds. “And I’m going, ‘Boy, to get him enough at-bats to get 78 hits, it could be a painful process both for him and the Orioles.’ And it turned out, the next month his bat got a lot quicker. I didn’t know he had tested positive after he pointed at Congress and so on, but at the end of the day, he was losing bat speed in 2005. So, why would you think 12 years later that somehow (that would change)?” I think I'm someone who has forgiven Palmeiro, as I obviously believe he knowingly took PEDs. When I was younger, especially staying up to watch that night in Seattle, I was a lot angrier at him for what I perceived as his trespasses. Now, it's almost sad to see him obsessing over this and not really progressing with his life. Palmeiro has to understand that there really is no fixing what he is done. Baseball history is probably going to forget him or cite him as an example of the steroid era, but ultimately, he has to divorce himself from Rafael Palmeiro the player and get with Rafael Palmeiro the person. He still has baseball knowledge that he can share and he can be around the game. He isn't going to ever remove that shadow over his career, but the only thing worse than that is persistently chasing a ghost. Maybe this is in his head because he more so wants to prove to himself more than it is proving to the world. Most of us have moved on and Palmeiro needs to, as well.
  5. Girardi: "Buck, hold my beer"

    Judging by some of the verbiage in the article, I thought that Girardi had unilaterally dismantled US foreign relations, but it turns out he made some mistakes in a baseball game. Whether or not you agree with the decision to challenge or not, or if you even care, the reality is that Girardi also said in the interview immediately following the game that the primary reason he didn't challenge was they did not have access to the super slow motion capture within 30 seconds and that the angles they had it was too difficult to tell if he had been grazed or not. Obviously, this fueled Girardi's belief that the risk of delaying the game at something he believe was inconclusive was more detrimental to his pitcher. Feel how you want about the decision. I'm pulling for the Indians so, it was a pleasant night for me. However, one thing about these writers is every year they seem to get more brazen and have a "HOW DARE THIS ARROGANT, FOOLISH MAN, SPIT IN OUR FACES AND SPLASH IN HIS OWN IRREVERENCE!" Thank goodness I do irrelevant work like financial planning so, nobody wants to hang me in the streets for failing to review a HBP.
  6. Adam on the Buck/Dan relationship

    He was. His username was Cumberbundy.
  7. Month by Month Split W L RS RA W-L% April 15 8 101 100 .652 May 12 16 128 134 .429 June 12 16 124 186 .429 July 12 14 132 136 .462 August 17 12 175 124 .586 September 7 20 83 155 .259 October 0 1 0 6 .000 Just wanted to put a month to month W-L record alongside this as well.
  8. Richie Bancells is retiring

    I just wish the mustache would have made the full trip as well. Great career and he's been in that position longer than I have been alive so, not seeing him in the dugout or jogging out when Adam fouls a ball off his shin will definitely be a change of pace.
  9. vs. DEVIL RAYS, 9/24

    I guess I understand the whole wanting to start fresh with your own people concept. However, I'm really disappointed about Conine losing his job there. I always really appreciated him during his time with the O's and he is Mr. Marlin.
  10. vs. DEVIL RAYS, 9/24

    I wouldn't mind if J.J. Hardy rode into the sunset after this season. I've done my share of Hardy jokes, especially this year, but he was a great addition to the Orioles these past 7 years and I'm glad we had him.
  11. vs. DEVIL RAYS, 9/24

    Nice. I always like to see some damage being done on Archer, especially early in the game.
  12. vs. DEVIL RAYS, 9/24

    1 Pitch, 1 Run. Already taking the wind out of my sail
  13. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    I've always really liked Gausman and I continue to hope that maybe next year will be the year that he really breaks out. However, I would say that the assertion that he has been excellent since mid-July also isn't that accurate. http://www.espn.com/mlb/player/gamelog/_/id/32667/kevin-gausman He has definitely been better, but he has also come up short in some critical games against wild card contenders. Now, I think more importantly and to your point, he has been the one who is going to put on a brilliant pitching performance. Nights like tonight I think really show why I continue to have so much hope for him year to year. I think the perception of the horse being out of the barn is because this has turned on after the fan base, general fan base, lost hope. The improvement has been there in the second half, with some totally dominant performances, but I think, in the end, I end up understanding where both of you are coming from in your points, rather than one being the complete truth. It's been a mixed bag, but I still really like Gausman.
  14. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    There we go. But seriously, Trumbo's sense of the strike zone is Stevie Wonder-esque.
  15. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    What did you say?