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  1. vs. TWINS, 8/20

    they should give all fans in attendance a refund
  2. vs. METS, 8/19

    Aaaaannndddd there goes the momentum with the BB
  3. vs. METS, 8/19

    Now they are all pissed off. They know they choked this one away
  4. vs. METS, 8/19

    Ok another quick inning. We are meant to win this game
  5. vs. METS, 8/19

    Wow quick inning by ubaldo really felt like a little momentum was back on our side. But, alas...
  6. vs. METS, 8/19

    If we lose tonight, this series will be Arizona 2013 all over again. We absolutely cannot beat good teams and there are very few bad teams left on the schedule.
  7. No Buck on postgame?

    Hopefully he was tearing everyone a new one in the locker room
  8. No Buck on postgame?

    Cowardly if you ask me. No wonder he's never lasted more than 4 years anywhere else.
  9. When Judge Reimold starts, we are 10-3

    He's not Mike Trout, but Reimold is a baller. I feel like he brings that mojo when he's in the lineup.
  10. Would someone please explain why he doesn't start more often?
  11. vs. YANKEES, 6/13

    Cmon Chaz
  12. vs. YANKEES, 6/13

    And yet again,starter can't get past the 6th.
  13. vs. YANKEES, 6/13

    If we go up 5-2, this game is over. The pathetic "heart" of the lineup couldn't get one stinking RBI. Now we have lost it.
  14. vs. RED SOX, 4/24

    And here comes the complete game for porcello
  15. vs. RED SOX, 4/24

    Another dark age is upon us