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  1. Who owns the team again? Lawyers or something? I can’t imagine where he would get away with not showing up to work and not be taken to court. Agree to disagree.
  2. I have a feeling it is not his choice to continue to play. It has more to do with “we will not pay you to sit at home”
  3. And, shockingly, the good ole “ho- hum nothing to see here” response. Curious, what would’ve happened to, say, Chance Sisco, if he reacted the same way? The wealthy have no accountability, imagine that...
  4. I just can’t wait to hear Goodship Lollipop Jim Hunter’s take on all this!!!!!
  5. Please get Bleier off this team. Thanks.
  6. I like this exercise in accountability! Let’s see: 1. I predicted last year that Buck would be managing the Braves this year and sign Adam Jones and would reach the World Series. 2. I thought Colby Rasmus would be a comeback player of the year candidate last year. 3. I thought Ynoa was going to have a Means-like breakout this year. 4. I predicted Bleier to be our All Star this year. 5. I thought we were going to draft someone outside the Top 10 list at 1.1 this year for the sake of signability. Put me on Baseball Tonight, baby!!
  7. Anyone agree that Bundy is a bit similar to Kyle Super Boller? Supposed to be a stud when drafted, shows flashes, but always makes that one critical mistake most games.
  8. Wow, 330 pages to this thread. Is this a OH record? I’m tickled to be a part of it if so.
  9. Watching his press conference, it looks like he’s reading a script. He keeps looking down to his left at the same spot.
  10. As well as Torres...
  11. Sooo, Mancini is our only trade bait?
  12. Like a car wreck, you just can’t look away...
  13. And we give it right back, ugh
  14. How do you know? Are you a scout? What if he takes Adley and he ends up being a huge bust? What would you say then? The draft is an absolute crapshoot. I’d rather stockpile a bunch of really solid guys after taking an underslot at 1.1 than take a guy at 1.1 who pans out, but is the only one who makes it in the whole class.
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