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  2. Orioles Have No Plans of Shopping Machado

    Why do people keep saying we'll get nothing of return? Of course we'll get something in return, we'll get Manny on the team which will be worth about 6 WAR. There is no reason to trade him unless you get more than 6 WAR in return (ok maybe a little less as we'll get $13 million to use). I wouldn't trade him at all. We need try to win it all next year. If things are going bad next year, we trade Manny, Britton, Brach, Jones. We'll definitely be able to re-stock the farm system if we are tanking next year with those guys. It amazes me that people think we want to trade a guy who based on his age should be having one of the best seasons of his career.
  3. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    I blame the ump. He threw a perfect pitch on the knees and he blew it and called it a ball.
  4. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    You make an EXCELLENT POINT. Looking at his game by game charts, it's amazing what games he's come up small in. So we start the 2nd half needing to get it going. We start Gausman in game #1 after the break and he wasbad. 1st game after all star break - Bad. Then we win his next 3 starst. But in August, we lost 3 of those 5 starts (but to be fair he pitched great in 1 of those starts against Detroit).But the 2 losses and bad starts were to LAA. Then he only went 3 innings against NYY a few starts ago. But all said, the 2nd half has been fantastic. But up through August, I was like, "How is this guy an ace. He can't even throw a fastball down and away to a righty." If he can do that consistently, he's a great pitcher.
  5. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    No way. Trumbo isn't awful. He led the AL last year. Shields is awful. People on here like to rip Ubaldo (not me, he's my wife's favorite player). If I'm reading Fan graphs right, Ubaldo has been +1.8 WAR player the last two years (1.7 last year, .1 this year), Shields - who is 35 this year - has been -1.5 (-1.1 last year, -.4 this year) so think way worse than Miley/Ubaldo and getting even worse as he's old. Yes, Trumbo is -.9 WAR this year but he was great last year.
  6. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Last night's loss was tough. I couldn't even read the Baltimore Sun this morning as I was thinking we were going to win out and get the WC. I turned into tonight's game late but am happy to see Gausman doing well. But with Pom coming out, can we all admit the need for starters to go long in a game is vastly overrated. This guy is one of the best starters in the game and only pitched 7 innings once all year. All you need is 5 good innings, ok preferably 6. I'm excited about next year. We don't need a position player. We should have 3 good starters which is better than the 1.5 good starters we've had this year (Bundy all year, Gausmann half of it) as I think Castro is going to be more than adequate. One thing I've been thinking about in my day away from the game. The Andrew Miller trade cost us big time in the sense of instead of having a 600k per year starter in ERod, we had to spend $10+ million on a Miley/Ubaldo. You don't need a good 5th starter. Just throw out an average guy for 600k and use that $10 million to get one $20 million pitcher instead of two $10 million pitchers.
  7. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/13

    To the guy saying Buck should be fired. No he should not (Unless you are going to fire him for not using Britton in last year's wild card game). He's a good manager. Kevin Gausman is the reason we aren't going to the playoffs. Can you imagine if he'd pitched like this in the first half.Do you think we wouldn't have won 4 more games? In reality, Gausman isn't the only reason we need a minor miracle to make the playoffs - it's the entire starting pitching. They interviewed a Blue Jays announcer before this series started on the Orioles radio. Jim Hunter was asking all of these stupid questions as to why the Jays weren't better this year. The announcer was having none of it. He said something real simple - the game comes down to starting pitching. Their starters have been awful this year. Ours as well. Now if you argue Buck may have a role in the pitching , then that's another story.
  8. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/13

    When will Austin Hays get a start again? He was just shown on the pre-game show. I said to my wife, "It's a disgrace that guy is up and not playing." My wife who is a huge fan but doesn't follow the minors said, "What position does he play?" I said, "Outfield." She says, "Why doesn't he start and Mancini play first so Davis can sit?" Bingo. The team is cursed from not playing Hays. Baseball Gods are angry. Ever since we called up Hays last Tuesday and didn't play him, we've lost every single game. Baseball Gods were happy Hays was called up (Manny had his walk off that day) but are angry Buck won't play him.
  9. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/12

    You think we'd be able to hit this guy. He's mainly fastballs. He's not a junkballer.
  10. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/12

    How come when Bundy pipes a fastball they hit it to the wall but when Biangini puts fastballs down the middle (Machado with man on) we don't do anything?
  11. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    Can all the DD haters acknowledge what an AMAZING find he got in Castro? He may be our #1 starter next year. Can someone tell me why anyone would release a guy who throws 99 that is optionable? I just don't get it. HE's a top 5 draft pick talent. Were there off the field issues?
  12. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    What was Castro thinking on that play? He was running over there and then let up, why? Who did he think would get the bag or did he think there was no angle for Davis to throw him the ball.
  13. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    We were getting good pitching and a lot of lucky wins. When you score two or three runs, it's normally a loss but not if you only give up 1 or 2. We won six games in the first 3 weeks with 3 runs or less. 6 of our first 11 wins were when we only scored 3 or less. I wonder if we've even had 6 more since.
  14. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    Is there any meta analysis of whether the HP ump actually screws us more than other teams. Ubaldo was NOT getting borderline calls. Yet this ump rings up Mancini on a HUGE ball 4, and then Manny in this inning.
  15. vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/11

    And remember how the Yanks made a run last year when they sold and played their young guns. Same thing with the Rangers after they traded Darvish.