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  1. Peter Angelos would save about $4 million. We'd have zero shot of getting a wildcard.
  2. No. We got a lot of of Johnson. We got 101 saves and then didn't have to pay him to be a disaster. Duquette's handling of Johnson should be viewed as one of his biggest accomplishments. Seriously, to know that a guy who had 51 saves a 2.93 ERA wasn't worth squat saved us $10 million that we could use elsewhere. Just like letting Wei-Ye Chen go was a great move as well.
  3. And that's what they are saying about the end of brittons outing tonight .
  4. But it also needs to be pointed out that Britton is way more expensive. Britton makes 11.4 million. Phelps makes 4.6 milion. Now a team desperate for WS like the Dodgers may not care too much but in most deals you have to think about the value/cost ratio.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. The salary implications were a nice add. Great post. The Balimore Sun has a story on the front page of Sports section today about how the Yankees provided us the bullprint of what to do. It is worth noting that it reminds us at the end of the story that the Yankees basically had to do a trade this year to get relief help But the haul the Yankees gave up closely resembled the one they brought in for Chapman — a touted position player (outfielder Blake Rutherford), a major league reliever (Tyler Clippard), plus strong secondary pieces (left-hander Ian Clarkin and outfielder Tito Polo). That lines up with a column from Schmuck saying the Orioles shouldn't totally dismantle the bullpen.
  6. What's wrong with that? You get manny for 1.5 years and a first round pick. Everyone on here acts like we're going to get a ton for Brach/Britton. If we can get an EROD type, I'm for trading them but the White Sox just traded two relievers who are almost as good as Brach and Britton AND Frazier and basically got one guy of value - a former first round pick who is hitting .290 in A ball. Doesn't that trade hurt the Orioles? Seems like the Sox barely got anything and it resets the value of relievers.
  7. Can someone tell me why we are going to get two MLB starters for Brach and Britton when the White Sox just traded two very good relievers and Frazier and only got back a guy who is hitting .290 in A ball
  8. This thread is kind of useless at this point in time. Unless Britton shows he is Zach MF Britton, we aren't going to get a lot for him. I also don't understand why everyone wants a 'total rebuild.' We have most of the team coming back next year. The time for the firesale would be in 12 months if we aren't in playoff contention. However, we do have a lot of bullpen depth. But if Britton can get us some nice prospect(s), I'm find with getting rid of him as I'd rather have an Erod type in our starting rotation for a cheap $$ amount for the next 5 years and the $10 million we'd be spending on Britton next year to use on a starter. If you could have do the Andy Miller trade again, would you do it? I'd rather have EROD since we didn't win the WSeries.
  9. I've been arguing for something like this for a few weeks now. What do they have to lose? Nothing. I would occasionally lead with my big guns. Tampa crushed us a bullpen starter earlier in the year. It seems to me that the logical place the game will be in 15 years is no starters.
  10. If I am another team, I'm not trading for that Britton. Let's see what happens in another week but his sinker isn't nasty like me was last year and he knows it as he threw like four breaking balls.
  11. OK. Can someone tell me why Gausmann, who despite being in the majors hasn't figured out how to throw a fastball down and away to righties, was given the #1 spot out of the break? I know why - no one else - and they thought if he got on fire it would build momentum. But since he sucked, why doesn't Buck make him stay out there? I've never understood why managers go to the bullpen when a guy is sucking. The only reason to do it is so the athlete doesn't get embarrassed and hate the manager but at this point with Gausman who cares. Bleir needs to be moved into the rotation. Move Gausman to the bullpen. Give him one more start and then go radical. I'm still for starting bullpen guys. Imagine if we started, O'Day, Brach, Britton on consecutive games. We'd be guaranteed to not be behind after 2 innings. At least, I wouldn't be turning off Masn before 8 pm. The only reason I didn't do that tonight was the rain delay.
  12. Buck is panicking. I mean he has a higher ops than manny or Trumbo. They aren't asked to bunt .
  13. Yep. And the strike 3 on Tejada on an even more egregious pitch is why we are losing. This team is hard to watch but one thing they still are good at is winning when they get an early lead. The ump has been consistent- consistently bad - calling breaking balls that are 3- inches outside strikes.
  14. Why don't we do something radical in the 2nd half? Get rid of starters and go to an all bullpen starting rotation? Go to six starters with Aquino as Ubaldo is better on extra rest and we don't want Bundy's arm to fall off? Bat Manny 8th or send him down to AAA? Not panicking is why Buck is great but if this continues through the all-star break, we need a BIG change.
  15. Is that true? Then we need to be sellers. Do what the Yankees did last year. Call up some young guys and trade a few bullpen pieces that will be FAs next year. Of course, don't we control Brach and Britton through 2018?