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  1. Rojo13

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    That’s what I’m thinking but Buck probably feels it’s unfair to bring him in in that situation. You I disagree one hundred percent if the goal is to win the game. But at the his point the goal is to keep his confidence up. But hell i would have brought him in .
  2. Rojo13

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/21

    I'd normally agree - just change for change sake - EXCEPT Manny loves Coolbaugh and went out of his way to credit his success this year to getting in a groove with Coolbaugh and following his advice.
  3. Rojo13

    vs. WHITE STOCKINGS, 5/21

    Is Buck trying to lose this game? That's literally what I was thinking. I mean I'll admit I've had to turn some games off this year as when they get behind I can't take it (Understanbly so as I put $400 down pre-season on this team winning at least 73 games and another $200 on some combo of them winning the AL East / World Series - at least I'll make $1,000 if Manny wins the MVP), but the one thing I know is Cashner loses it after about 75 pitches. They showed the stats - he's like .210 first time through the order, .220 second time and then like .350 third time through. He was lucky as hell to get throuhh 5. IN the 5th, the last 4 batters went single, walk, single double and somehow that resulted in 2 outs.As the sixth started, I was in the bathroom. I saw a guy on 2nd and thought, "My god I'd have pulled him before the inning started - at most given him until 1 guy got on but Buck always tries to force an extra inning with the guys struggling - so this has to be his last batter. That guy gets on and they tell me that no one was even up in the bullpen?" Really? I can only imagine what Buck's mindset was. Givens was sick though.
  4. Rojo13

    vs. D-RAYS, 5/11

    What the hell is Buck doing? Pitching Bleir and Brach here with a double header tomorrow? And now pulling bleir after 17 pitches? He pulls the pitcher with the greatest era ever quickly but repeatedly lets Tillman stay out there ?
  5. Rojo13

    vs. ANGELS, 5/01 (Sc0tt-Friendly)

    First four innings and Cobb has 11 groundouts , zero flyouts and one k. Let’s hope that doesn’t result in a jinx homer this inning.
  6. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/23

    Ump screwed us. The first pitch by Miller to Mancini and Jones was a ball but called a strike. I’d like to see Millers stats 1and O versus O and 1.
  7. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/21

    Isn't that way high? It says Bowie is 146 miles from Baltimore? Or am I reading it wrong?
  8. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/21

    The Ump totally missed the strike call when Cisco three he guy out. Should have been 1-2 and ended up 3-1 . But this will be 22 starts in a row without a win. I bet Buck still gives him another. In my opinion, it should be Bleier.
  9. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/21

    I'm listening to the Indians broadcast. Tillman is apparently approaching the major league record for most starts without a win. He's at 21 (I think this might be game 22) and the record is 28. That's what he was talking about last half inning. This half he's talking about Davis' contract and you could hear him muffle a laugh when he said "he got a 7 year deal."
  10. Exactly. We don't need good middle relief or even a good closer at this point. I'm listening to the Indians broadcast. Tillman is apparently approaching the major league record for most starts without a win. He's at 21 (I think this might be game 22) and the record is 28.
  11. Bleier was a starter in the minors. Why not?
  12. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/20

    Are we really going to go an entire 9th inning with neither of the announcers talking about why O'day is pitching and not Brach? No. Palmer just said it's possible that Brach isn't available but Buck wouldn't announce it. The way he said it made me think that Buck told him he wasn't available but told him not to tell anyone.
  13. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/20

    Despite the other game, I like O'day more than Brach, but this is weird. I mean when O"day blew it the other day, he wasn't the closer. It was the 8th inning. And Brach hasn't pitched since Tuesday. O"Day pitched on Wednesday. Is something wrong with Brach?? Pitch#2 was a strike right? Ump, come on.
  14. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/20

    This year and last. Sub 2.00 era last year. I hope he pitches the 9th. He's only got 19 pitches. I want Buck to ride the hot hand. What team was it earlier in the year that had a pitcher get a 3 inning save against us?
  15. Rojo13

    vs. INDIANS, 4/20

    Does anyone besides me realize this is a must-win? I mean every Bundy start should be a mustwin but we have Tillman pitching tmw and then face Kluber on Sunday. 5-17 here we come?