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  1. gtman55

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    So Davis will be our DH? Great. A DH that can't hit. Fantastic.
  2. gtman55

    Baltimore Sun: Angelos Story

    As a lifelong O's fan, this is just pathetic. We once were a frachise that everyone else wanted to be. Now, dysfunctional barely describes this sad sack organization. If it wasn't so awful it would almost be comical. I don't think anything changes until the Angelos family sells the team.
  3. I guess a lot of you guys just don't see it. Davis like Tillman is a Buck guy so he keeps putting him out there in the heart of the lineup. It doesn't matter that it's detrimental to the club. Just like the year Kim played well but Buck hardly played him. Or using Ubaldo in the playoffs while Britton sat on his hands. Or leaving pitchers in too long or pulling them too quick. I'm not saying Buck is a terrible manager. He does seem to know how to motivate players. By all accounts he's a good guy. I just think this organization needs a refresh from top to bottom.
  4. gtman55

    Sorry this loss is squarely on Buck

    True about the flawed roster but we also have a flawed manager who kinda looks burnt out if you ask me.
  5. gtman55

    Buck losing the Clubhouse?

    I don't know is he's lost the clubhouse be he lost me as a fan of his last year. His act has worn very thin. His stubbornness and the way he handles some of the pitching moves drives me nuts.
  6. gtman55

    Joseph Optioned to Norfolk (Booo!)

    Look folks, Joseph is not an everyday catcher. I was shocked when he started the season as our #1. He can't hit and has been very poor throwing runners out this year. I'm looking forward to see what Susac has.
  7. gtman55

    David Hess 2018

    I think we found our #5 starter. Great job after a shaky start. Please Buck... no more Tillman. We're beggin' ya.
  8. gtman55

    2018 Chris Tillman

    I get that the Orioles are a bad team. But Tillman is by far the worst pitcher on our bad team. He's no longer able to get out major league hitters consistently. So, why is he in the rotation? He's had a nice career with the O's but it's clear he's done.
  9. gtman55

    Dick Bleier, your new favorite reliever

    This guy is a beast.
  10. gtman55

    vs. ROYALS, 5/09

  11. gtman55

    vs. ROYALS, 5/09

    We got this.
  12. gtman55

    vs. ROYALS, 5/09

    Maybe this will jump start Davis and the team. Either way, it feels good to see us with a lead after last night's fiasco.
  13. gtman55

    vs. ROYALS, 5/09

    Wow. The Orioles look like an actual MLB club tonight. Maybe Tony's article lit a fire...😀
  14. Couldn't agree with you more. No doubt Brady is a great guy but I don't want him as our top decision maker moving forward.
  15. gtman55

    O'Day to the DL

    http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-darren-oday-tanner-scott-20180509-story.html I guess we're still working our way to rock bottom...