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  1. TT: Could the Orioles be Prepping to be Sold?

    I'm not saying this as a joke but I wonder about Angelos's condition. He's almost 90, right? Is it possible his health is declining or his mental capacity? Not saying there's anything to it but you certainly never hear anything from him publicly.
  2. I agree and yet here we are. If the FO doesn't believe we can compete and won't spend money on starters why didn't we trade Machado? So few things this team does have any logic to it.
  3. That's been pretty obvious for a long time. We've won recently in spite of Angelos. This organization will always be hamstrung by the restrictions and weirdness that is Peter Angelos's ownership style. I guarantee if you created a Yes or No poll asking if people would like Angelos to sell the team, 99% of members here would vote Yes.
  4. There's a growing sense that Roch only regurgitates what the Orioles tell him to say... lol
  5. Are you happy spring training is starting?

    Go O's! Fingers crossed.
  6. 124 days until pitchers and catchers report

    Best starting pitcher group in AA baseball. Oh wait they play in the big leagues.
  7. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    As bad a Angelos is, we have had some winning ways recently and that's great. But the thing is, without Angelos's meddling, this team could have been so much more. For example, only one person in the world thought Chris Davis was worth 151 million. His name? Peter Angelos. That 151 million would have been better spent on a couple good starters. I mean, we had just signed Trumbo and him and Davis are very similar although Davis is a much better fielder. Now because Angelos's 4 year deal with Ubaldo backfired, we can't sign a large portion of the free agents out there because he won't sign a pitcher to a long term deal. He has something against keeping our international slots and honestly I can't explain the logic. He wanted the moon for Machado but at this point I would have taken some good prospects. I just don't think he in any way knows anything about baseball and yet he dictates all these restrictions to his baseball people. I found an in interesting article called "Dreamcrushers" on Yahoo listing the worst owners in Sports. Of course Angelos is talked about. The article is a couple years old but the little blurb on Angelos is pretty accurate and sad:
  8. I love the Orioles no matter what

    I'll always be an Orioles fan and will root for our players in black and orange. The problem for me is that this owner (and to an extent the GM) have made being a fan very frustrating. It's not just their lack of moves, it's the fact that a ton of the moves they make are ill conceived.
  9. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    DD is just amazing. Is it possible to trade him to Toronto for a player to be named later?
  10. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    True, but I'll tell you what. As much as I loved all the great veteran teams the Orioles have had, I remember the 1989 comeback kids as fondly as the powerhouse '69, '70 and '71 teams. They were great fun to watch. Here was the opening day lineup in 1989: Brady Anderson Phil Bradley Steve Finley Rene Gonzales Cal Ripken, Jr. Dave Schmidt Larry Sheets Mickey Tettleton Jim Traber Craig Worthington Most of those players were anything but stars at the time. But they were fun to root for.
  11. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    I agree 100%. We're not exactly packing the Yard with the team we have now. It would be interesting to take a poll to see if people prefer a young team that is giving it's all versus a team with awful starting pitching, little team speed, poor situational hitting and a bunch of vets with limited upside.
  12. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    Crazy question. We are sure that Angelos is still alive, right? I don't think I've actually seen him speak in years.
  13. Help me understand the Orioles brain trust

    I think he cheats the fans by not doing the right thing for this franchise long term. This idea of "competing" in the AL East this year will probably net us 70 wins. Ouch.
  14. I've been watching Orioles baseball since the early 60's. I guess that doesn't make me an expert but I've seen a lot of good O's teams and bad. This off season has me totally confused. I think most of us will agree that there's a 95% chance that Machado is not signing with us again. And some of us will agree that we should have unloaded Manny for prospects or even traded Britton last year. But we didn't. So, it seems to me that the Orioles front office has decided to go for it this year, versus a rebuild. I don't agree with that plan but it is what it is. But there's a huge problem with that scenario. Our starting pitcher group is horrendous/hideous beyond Bundy and Gausman. And the reality is those two guys would barely be middle of the rotation guys on a good staff. There's no way we can consistently beat a powerhouse team like the Yankees with our starters. Yet, we're basically gonna dumpster dive to fill out the rest of our staff when we need an ace. What good is getting pitchers with a ceiling of 10 or 12 wins? We need someone who can end losing streaks not just inning eaters. I know Angelos blew it on Ubaldo and made a huge mistake with Davis and that money spent plays into it. But the only way we compete is with a good group of starters. If not, I say let's blow it up and go with a group of baby birds and build for the future.