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  1. Best Orioles news I've heard in years. Excellent hire.
  2. gtman55

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    This is the most pathetic front office in all of sports. It's getting to the point that being a fan is downright painful.
  3. gtman55

    The "showdown" is coming

    The real question is won't both teams be trying their best to lose? Both teams are probably hoping to get swept.
  4. gtman55

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    Don't most pitchers always reach their potential after they leave the Orioles?
  5. gtman55

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    I still think this "angst" over what we got for Gausman is a bit much. The guy never lived up to his potential here. He wasn't much more than a tease. Certainly not a true top of the roation guy. And we saved a lot in the deal by dumping O'day's inflated salary. Plus if the international money helps us net Mesa, it's a very good deal. I was a bit underwhelmed with the Schoop return but it's obvious he wasn't part of the rebuild plan.
  6. gtman55

    Grade the Rebuild, Phase I

    If we spend that international money and get some good returns, this might be an A. But honestly, only time will tell. So far, they've done better than expected IMO.
  7. gtman55

    Are You Happy

    I'm feeling good about what the Orioles did. Look folks, we weren't winning with Machado and Schoop and Gausman and Britton so why not get what you can for them? I think we did well. I'd like to see them keep DD but change the manager and coaching staff. I like the idea of us being players in the international market too. For the first time in a long time this organization feels like a bonifide, functional MLB outfit.
  8. gtman55

    Grade the Gausman Deal

    People seem to act like Gausman was Cy Young. A 39-51 career record isn't good no matter how you slice it. Yes, he has skills but I think he also was a bit of a head case and never put it together here. I wish him well but we made the right move. And, if the international money helps you get Mesa, it's a very good B+ deal.
  9. gtman55

    Can we over do the rebuild?

    Gausman has potential but overall he’s been mostly mediocre in his career. You weren’t gonna get Machado like returns. Dumping O'Day's contract and the 2.5 million in international money were part of the deal too. It wasn't just 4 "fringe" prospects. I think they did OK.
  10. Making the moves we needed to make. Feeling good about today's trades.
  11. gtman55

    Can we over do the rebuild?

    I'd much rather watch a new group of baby birds at this point. I like what the O's are doing.
  12. gtman55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    I like SirLoin. It makes a very good burger.😎
  13. gtman55

    An old, familiar feeling

    If DD is given a free hand, I'm OK with him staying. But, along with the needed player personnel changes, I think it’s time for Buck and his coaching staff to say bye bye. Overall though, the past week or so has me feeling better about the Orioles organization than I have in a long time. They're saying and doing the right things and if this keeps up at lot of us are going to feel something missing for a while... optimism.
  14. gtman55

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    Maybe so but this isn't something we would have done in the past. Baby steps... I’m liking this new version of the Orioles front office.