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  1. I think I called this one...feeling a bit down right now. What was Buck thinking??
  2. I'm a bit concerned that Tillman is not 100%. His velocity has been down recently and he compensates for that by reducing fastballs. Big question is the 2nd starter brought into that game. Bundy or UJ?
  3. Tonight its not only a matter of when to pull your starter, or when to put in your setup man and closer like it is in a regular season game. Tonight each manager has about 3-4 starters that can be used as well as getting extra innings from a proven reliever. Balancing all this, IMO, will be a crucial factor. I expect very short leashes on the starters and extended innings for proven relievers. Hoping to get at least two innings tonight from Britton. I am glad that Aaron Sanchez pitched 7 innings Sunday and hopefully will not be available. With this said, Buck has a chance to shine tonight! LETS GO O'S!!!!!!
  4. Davey

    Dylan Bundy Thread

  5. Didn't Weaver model underwear also?
  6. Davey

    Is it ok to give up on Miguel Gonzalez?

    I know he had an atrocious spring but did we really have to ditch this guy?? He could easily be our #2 or #3 starter right now. Why didn't we give him a chance to improve his control and velocity the way we gave Gallardo a chance? Gonzo has shown some return to his old form with the WS and his velocity has improved. Sorry for the whining but if the move was made to save $ its a bit frustrating.
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