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  1. I don't care how many of the outs were hit hard. They were outs. A hard-hit double play ball is still double play ball. They left 9 men on tonight. The Rays left 4. The Rays won.
  2. They had 15 runners on base tonight and scored 4 runs. It was not a good start by Miley at all, but let's not act like the bats did their job.
  3. Just hacking, per the norm. Tough to watch these guys sometimes.
  4. Yeah, I think Hall gets swapped out for Scott.
  5. Well of course they should be reluctant. I wouldn't want to trade one of those guys, either. But they know they'll have to pay to play.
  6. Agreed. If the Dodgers won't consider Buehler or Verdugo, you tell them to go pound sand.
  7. I'm not discounting Mancini's performance in LF. But in a perfect world, one of our more natural young outfielders takes over that role and he goes to one of his true homes - 1B or DH.
  8. It's a good trade for CWS. It only seems like the Yanks got Frazier and co. for "nothing" because they didn't have to give up one of their elite prospects to do it. The perks of having a good system...
  9. The Yankees gave up more than you're suggesting. They're also eating ~15.5 million or so in cash - the remainder owed to Frazier this year and Robertson over the life of his contract. Whether or not Todd Frazier will be a "quality player" for them (as a rental, even) remains to be seen. He's hitting .207 on the year, and hasn't shown life in July.
  10. Given that his proposed scenario means flipping Britton, Brach and O'Day, I'd hope the starting rotation would look a little better.
  11. Do we really want to go out of our way to acquire a 24-year-old DH? Especially since we already have a 25-year-old that's really best suited at... DH.
  12. I do, too. But I want guys that are more proven. Guys that have excelled at AA and AAA already.
  13. It'd be a lot of question marks that could go either way. And guys like Yacabonis and Crichton aren't "in the wings," they're retreads that would probably bring replacement-level value at best.
  14. It says the Dodgers don't want to trade Verdugo or Buehler. Not that they've patently refused to. And, sure, there are other teams with appealing names. The Astros. The Rays. The Cubs are probably in the conversation, though I'm not sure they've got the assets.
  15. This is patently incorrect. Does trading Machado right now net you the most value? Of course. But to say he'll have little value this offseason - with the entirety of 2018 ahead of him - and NO value next July... is just wrong.