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  1. FlipTheBird

    What kind of team would you build?

    Oh I agree that, to survive in Camden Yards and the AL East, you have to build your offense around power. That doesn't mean you have to abandon OBP - look at the Yankees and Red Sox. They hit home runs AND get on base.
  2. FlipTheBird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    I mean, that's how, right there. It's not like any young international prospect they signed in the next year or two would be an immediate impact player. Of course it's not ideal, but I can't get behind the idea that the Orioles can't even attempt a rebuild without totally changing their ways.
  3. FlipTheBird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    The problem is the Orioles have so many holes that it'd be impossible to re-tool while paying Machado $30 million a season. They aren't the Yankees or the Dodgers - the money just isn't there. Unloading Machado, unloading Britton and Brach, unloading maybe even Schoop... the Orioles could kick-start a rebuild by taking other teams prospects, some of them who came from smart international signings. Is it ideal? Of course not. Nobody likes to lose, and the Orioles have business practices that will serve as a handicap. But there isn't a rational way forward where Manny Machado is on this roster beyond the final day of the 2018 campaign.
  4. FlipTheBird

    What kind of team would you build?

    Don't say things like this, it makes me sad. And I live in Portland now. I'd still hate it.
  5. FlipTheBird

    What kind of team would you build?

    Precisely. Hardy and O'Day had some very strong years in O's colors... They just got old, got busted and lost value, and the organization was unwilling to let them go. It wasn't a case of choosing fundamentals over raw talent. It was a mistake in sentiment.
  6. FlipTheBird

    Manny Machado trade: Five sensible proposals

    Yeah, I know the Braves are excited that they're playing well, but they've been steadfast in committing to building out their future. Can't see them moving key prospects for a few months of Manny Machado. O's are much better off trying to deal him to a team that at least thinks they have a pipedream of retaining him - could eek out a little more value if, say, the Cubs were going to immediately start negotiating a possible extension prior to FA.
  7. FlipTheBird

    Manny Machado trade: Five sensible proposals

    These packages seem to greatly vary in value, at least to me.
  8. FlipTheBird

    What kind of team would you build?

    Well I'm not sacrificing actual performance for fundamental soundness. It's just how I'm selecting my players out of the gate - if they don't deliver, I'd be faster to cut the cord and move on. Hardy and O'Day aren't great examples, as both got hurt, were never the same after they got hurt, and were given endless chances by the team due in large part to sentiment.
  9. FlipTheBird

    What kind of team would you build?

    Taking into account Camden Yards and the AL East in general, I'd lean this way... Pitching - A necessity, obviously as it all starts and ends here. The offense can't score 7-8 runs every night. Offense - I'm not saying kill the defense, but you have to hit to excel in the American League - and Camden Yards has a smaller outfield to begin with, so I don't need insane range from my outfield. Far better than what we've got now, for sure, but I don't need "elite" defenders at all three spots. I'd take a "good" defender with a bat first, every time. Power - I'm a little torn here, as I don't see why speed/OBP runs together, but power is left alone. There are no shortage of power hitters in the league that also get on base. We just don't have any, currently, with the exception of Machado. Still, as others have noted, power is the best way to beat other teams' elite pitching - you need 2-3 base hits to get a run against Justin Verlander, whereas one homer... Rotation - Not to say a bullpen isn't important, but those pieces are usually easier to cherry pick here and there. Having a strong starting rotation takes a lot of pressure off the pen and presumably gets you deeper into games. Having a soft rotation means the bullpen is coming in by the sixth night after night. No matter how good it is, it'll wear down. Fundamental Soundness - The Orioles have lived on raw talent for awhile now, and have typically failed to develop it beyond that. I want a team that does all the little things right.
  10. FlipTheBird

    The secret of Zach Britton's unique dominance

    Yeah, this would suggest mid-June is best case, sometime after the 20th, more realistic. He's going to have to have a stellar 40 days in Baltimore for the team to be able to flip him for anything besides spare parts.
  11. FlipTheBird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    That's not an entirely inaccurate assessment... Baez is indeed a year younger, and excluding last year's breakout campaign from Schoop (at least until he proves it's repeatable), they're very similar offensively.
  12. FlipTheBird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    For sure. And people need to step back and remember that Baez and Machado are the same age, too, as crazy as it sounds given how long Manny has been a contributing member of the O's. That the Cubs might be able/willing to re-sign Manny should be icing on the cake for the O's, as it could keep him out of the AL East.
  13. FlipTheBird

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Maybe not a 5, but a 4, I'd say, at least. Baez had a moderately hot start (and is cooling), and is a nice piece of a team's puzzle. Machado is a bonafide cornerstone. Straight up, there's no comparison.
  14. Exactly. You take the best overall talent and figure it out later. If you wind up with 4-5 legit outfield prospects who all seem on the cusp, you pick the 1-2 you like the least and flip them for infield prospects or SP prospects.
  15. FlipTheBird

    30 Games In May: Will we win 10 or more?

    With the Angels, A's, Phillies, White Sox and Rays (twice) in the mix... I think a close to .500 month is in the cards. This team is not going anywhere, but they're not going to play .286 ball all season, either.