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  1. Connolly: Just swing the damn bat Davis!

    Given that we know he's not going anywhere with that contract, the best we can hope for is that Davis takes a long, hard look at himself this offseason and comes back next spring hungry and determined to turn himself around.
  2. You Don't Finish Last...

    I'm with you. Do I think some guys might have mailed it in a bit as soon as the playoff chances started looking remote? Sure. But I don't think anyone was out there "being selfish" or anything of that nature. They were just cooked. A lot of teams go off the cliff as soon as it's apparent the playoffs are out of the question.
  3. It certainly seems true that the O's can't get pitchers "over the hump," so to speak. Tillman maybe being the only exception? Granted they didn't draft him, but they certainly had a role in his development. And prior to this year, which was injury-plagued and a mess, he was a pitcher any MLB club would have been happy to drop in their rotation. Where that issue is coming from, I'm not sure, because it very much predates even the Showalter/Duquette era in Baltimore.
  4. Jones To Talk With Ownership In Offseason

    Exactly. This is business as usual. There's chain of command, sure, but in a lot of work places it's entirely acceptable for an employee to talk to management above their day-to-day- supervisor. And, beyond that, this isn't like "most" work places. Adam has a manager, sure, but he's a very senior member of the organization.
  5. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    Miley isn't good. He's gotten progressively more hittable as his career has worn on, and this year he completely lost his command. If he's in an O's uniform next year, it's a complete failure on the part of the front office.
  6. Buck Hates Kim

    My apologies. A soon-to-be-30-year old. Hits the mark in Jan. 2018.
  7. Buck Hates Kim

    That's almost assuredly a higher annual contract than Kim would get from an MLB club this offseason.
  8. Buck Hates Kim

    Kim didn't earn a spot in RF. The Orioles were never interested in putting him in RF. They acquired Smith to play that position in a platoon role. Kim was given a very fair chance at being the LFer. He received the third most at bats on the club in ST (59). Behind only Mancini (60) and Chris Johnson (67 - filling in for players in the WBC). Mancini crushed the ball in the spring, just as he crushed the ball during his cup of coffee, and went on to crush the ball early in the season. He took LF fair and square. He is a better baseball player than Hyun-Soo Kim. And younger, and potentially part of the O's future. A 30-year-old who was on the second year of a two year deal was firmly not.
  9. Buck Hates Kim

    Smith was initially acquired to play RF, which they never felt Kim (or Mancini, for that matter) could do. He didn't take any time away from Kim.
  10. Buck Hates Kim

    Aren't you the one that complains DD won't single out guys like Trumbo and Davis?
  11. Buck Hates Kim

    Kim was going to be given a chance this year until Trey Mancini (another guy who the O's had been skeptical about, mind you) walked in and was simply a better baseball player. You can't fault the Orioles for playing Mancini - he's younger, cheaper and under team control for 6 years. They didn't go out and acquire a left-fielder to replace Kim. He simply wasn't good enough to keep the job from the guys in the crowd.
  12. Buck Hates Kim

    It's also relevant to note that sporadic playing time certainly didn't keep Kim from producing good numbers in April/May 2016. Nor did regular playing time keep those numbers from dipping as he became a regular starter in August/September 2016.
  13. Buck Hates Kim

    And he got it. The O's were within their rights to ask him if he'd go down, and he was within his rights to say no. He wasn't promised playing time, a particular number of at bats. And certainly not a starting job. He got his money and his 25-man spot, he was owed nothing more from this organization.
  14. Buck Hates Kim

    I didn't list Smith's games played because I think more experience means more talent. I just wanted to note that he'd proven over a great many games that his numbers were repeatable. He's been a .340 OBP guy for a long, long time at the MLB level. I'm unsure how you can make the claim that Kim is a better baseball player than Mark Trumbo with such certainty, given that Kim hasn't proven anything yet. Your gross assumption that Kim just is the player he was in the first half of 2016 has no statistical support. Larry Bigbie posted very similar numbers (.365 OBP, .821 OPS) in a comparable number of at bats (287) in 2003. Then he fell off the planet.
  15. Buck Hates Kim

    You mean the Seth Smith that has a career .344 OBP over 1200+ games in the Major Leagues? Or the Mark Trumbo that hit 47 homers last year? Though Trumbo has certainly struggled in 2017, both guys entered the year with far, far more impressive resumes than Hyun Soo Kim will ever have. Smith, by the way, has performed just fine in a platoon capacity.