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  1. I'm glad we have such an unbreakable record. Could one day be matched, but never beaten.
  2. Agreed... a lot of the early strain and bullpen overuse we've seen so far is simply April. The Orioles are far from the only team that have had starting pitchers sputter out of the gate this year and dump a lot of work on the bullpen.
  3. Maybe. Mancini and Villar truly are the only two position players on the 25-man that are truly MLB caliber. The pitching staff is borderline an abomination. Granted, that’s part of rebuilding, which is why I’m not worked up over it. This year (should) be the toughest year of it, because it’ll probably be July or August before we see the young guys that COULD be the beginning of the next core make their debuts. As it stands right now, I think it’s a safe bet that no one on the 25-man roster as of today will be on the 25-man the next time the Orioles end the season with a winning record.
  4. Ankiel wasn't given an option because the Cardinals didn't need to give him one at that stage in his career. Davis is a different scenario. And ultimately, I can't get mad at Chris Davis for not wanting to go be a sideshow in the minor leagues, riding the bus, when the Orioles really should have just released him already and moved on.
  5. Same can be said about Mullins. Except he CAN be sent down to get reps, whereas Jackson has to stay here or be sent back from whence he came. I'd put Cedric in Norfolk.
  6. I don't know precisely where you're going with this, but if my hunch is correct, it's patently unfair. What's happened with Chris Davis is truly astounding to behold. He's essentially forgotten how to hit a baseball. He's the position player version of Rick Ankiel. And no, I don't mean the Ankiel that came back and played outfield. I mean he's completely lost ala Ankiel the pitcher.
  7. Unless he could somehow simultaneously play all first and second base by himself - thus allowing the team a fourth outfielder - while occasionally sneaking over to shortstop, I don't think his glove can really hide that .000 average and enormous K rate...
  8. Agreed. That all said, had they let Davis walked and somehow managed to work out an extension with Machado... and all other decisions the last five years remained the same... We'd still be a team at the very beginning of a rebuild, with a long road to go, and people on here would be debating whether or not we should move Machado to help speed it up/facilitate it.
  9. 5/7 with 4 homers is an OK ratio, I guess.
  10. Lot of factors go into this. Players graduating from other teams' systems. Star prospects getting hurt or failing. Unheralded prospects breaking out. Impossible to say.
  11. I just don't see the sense in putting him on the OD roster. He's coming off an injury plagued mess of a year. Give him at least a couple months down on the farm to get back into a full rhythm.
  12. That half season he gave us in '03 inspired a lot of hope... never really worked out. He and Luis Matos, both, tearing up 2003. Never to be heard from again.
  13. That was a publicity stunt by the Judge that the team played along with. Fans can (and do) get unruly in every single sports city. Dodgers fans and Giants fans have quite literally (and very sadly) developed a habit of occasionally killing each other.
  14. Agreed here. I don't have any ill tidings toward Machado, but I can understand the fans - throughout the league - that do. He's built this house himself.
  15. This is true. Coming here he’d know he’d be able to work through struggles because, honestly, who cares? Pitching against the AL East doesn’t help you rebuild your value much (especially considering that he was mediocre at best with many games against a terrible AL Central last year)... but how much that really matters for Shields is debatable. He’s not early 30’s and trying to rebuild his value for one last multi-year deal. He’s 37 and on his way out. If he were interested, it’d made sense for the O’s... someone does have to account for the innings the staff will throw over 162 games. And if you get lucky, he becomes a minor trade piece.
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