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  1. Me too that was just pitiful... AWFUL UUGGGgg 😝
  2. Givens the leader of the Blow Pen πŸ™„
  3. So like who on here had Means our number 1 pitcher this year. He's been fantastic, can he teach that change up to the rest? πŸ–•
  4. Exactly Elias threw him a bone let him hang around and do what he's supposedly good at.
  5. I don't want to see Cobb again till this dude is 100%
  6. DO it not a real big Givens fan... I think we've seen his best
  7. Gotta love that ear flap hat give away in Minnesota lol
  8. FINALLY and Oriole picher who can get Cruz out
  9. That's outrageously BAD
  10. Ok that's enough of the Cobb home run derby going to watch some hockey
  11. Rickard does not look comfortable in CF
  12. Trade Cobb at deadline man
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