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  1. TouchemAll

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    OH I needed way more then that LOL
  2. TouchemAll

    "Buck" naked woman strolling around OPCY?

    LOL Geezz well when your in LAST PLACE you gotta do something to attract a crowd.
  3. TouchemAll

    What would it take to move Davis or Trumbo?

    And arm and a leg comes to mind. CD will be and Oriole till they have had enough, and dump / release him, or the guy preforms a 180 turn around. My guess if the decline continues like this his playing time will be cut back more and more till he gets released or retires. Not much else you can do with the WORST contract in MLB history. Trumbo unless traded (My gut says that may happen in the off season) will play out his contract here and move on. JMHO
  4. TouchemAll

    Why is Caleb’s Joseph Playing?

  5. TouchemAll

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    Yeah ya know that's almost where I am with him too, I've always said the only way I wanted him back is to get him the heck out of CF, watching him out there now is pain full at times.
  6. TouchemAll

    Adam Jones interview on C.C. Sabathia's podcast

    My gut has been saying that he would come back with the O's next year. After reading those comments, my gut has reversed course, he's done as and O, and will either be traded, or leaves via FA.
  7. TouchemAll

    Tillman to Texas

    It's just me, but with that $$ from the O's I am going fishing and come back next Spring LOL CHECK!!
  8. TouchemAll

    Tillman to Texas

    Some guys just don't know when to hang it up. Maybe he has a miracle in there some. Surprised he signed a minor league deal somewhere else. Good luck dude
  9. TouchemAll

    vs. YANKEES, 7/31

    Ugg Thought we were going to get out of that with just one 😑
  10. TouchemAll

    vs. YANKEES, 7/31

    You mean he didn't fold like Gausman
  11. TouchemAll

    Buck Referring to Orioles as “They”

    Quote from Roch before tonight game ? Does not sound like a guy who does not expect to be back? “It’s got to be done,” Showalter said. “We knew it. And I don’t think anybody’s going to apologize for going for it this year. And we saw it wasn’t going to be there and we had to move in a different direction. You’ve got to know who you are and who you’re not and know how you’ve got to do it and have a plan and an attack because you want to move forward, and we are. We’re a better, deeper organization today and we’ll see. Showalter said he’s looking forward to managing this next version of the Orioles. “Oh, without a doubt,” he said. “It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ve done it before.”
  12. TouchemAll

    Are You Happy

    Schoop trade ? I really don't know we shall see. we were NOT going to resign the guy. Gausman LOL anybody on here who though he was going to bring us blue chips is delusional. I am happy we dumped O'Day. If it bring us VV I'll be thrilled with this trade. Now all we got to do is dump Davis LIKE always JMHO
  13. TouchemAll

    Grade the Gausman Deal