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  1. TouchemAll

    What should the Orioles do at catcher?

    Draft one with the 1st pick
  2. TouchemAll

    Anyone Following Manny?

    He'll be a MFY before long
  3. Merry Christmas Roy and ALL the O's fans here 👍
  4. TouchemAll

    Teams are asking about Bundy

    Simple only for a good fair return, ya just don't give away good pitching.
  5. TouchemAll


    We shall see its all warm and fuzzy now...
  6. TouchemAll

    Hyde: New O’s Manager

    Yeah more then once too.
  7. TouchemAll

    Will Mike Elias force Chris Davis to mainly be the DH?

    My guess is Davis will be given a chance to see if he can produce, but the leash will be short.
  8. LOL 😄 took cheerleader to prom she was NOT the head cheerleader though... Football was my best sport, only played Basketball my freshman year in college. I did play all three in HS. Honestly I love to fish and after HS I decided I needed a break come each spring so fishing won out . College football is a demanding sport.
  9. Right thru HS three year starter 1st base. Played college football and basketball
  10. TouchemAll

    Do you support rules limiting defensive shifts?

    Hey now, easy on us LH's 😄
  11. TouchemAll

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    Not sure about the Marlins offer but according to ROCH they got outbid by the Ray's. I am not happy about that...
  12. TouchemAll

    Sandy Gaston (Orioles miss out)

    And is anybody surprised that all the O's got is a thanks for the offer but no thanks... 🙄
  13. It was all over when the Marlins traded for more slot $$$
  14. TouchemAll

    The Victor Victor Mesa/Sandy Gaston thread

    When you say it like that roll the dice and get'er done Thanks that sure takes care all my doubts knowing wonder boy Anderson is on the job. Isn't that the same guy who thought we should bring back Tillman?