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  1. Well... I guess thats another name to look at in the future see how it progresses.
  2. Not happy with the Cardinals, not happy with Jones... Maybe he should try and make a MLB PR team?
  3. Well our starters beat their starters right? If you consider Tyler a starter in the lineup he gave up 1 run and if you count Nuno he gave us 1 as well. BoSox starters gave up 7 earned (Erod 4, Kimbrel 2, and Hembree 1). Whereas Verrett and Moran both minor league gues gave up 9.
  4. In high school, we would do that all the time to my friend Bobby.
  5. The defense made some fantastic plays that day.
  6. Yeah thats a fly out to shallow left most days lol.
  7. I remember him pitching against Boston, they were squaring everything up and he had something like a one hitter. A lot of people tooting his horn that day and I kept thinking to myself those hard hit balls will fall soon. Sure enough the next start he got rick sauced.
  8. That's what happens when you throw 6 straight balls and the hitter is guessing dead read.
  9. Moran sure doesnt have very good fielding position.
  10. Not a good start by Lee
  11. Bordy in mid season form with the overly positive Os takes.
  12. Thats a ball Davis usually picks. That being said that throw should have been better. Short arming a throw will leave you short each time.
  13. Lee goes 3-2 on Beckham who gets a softly well place INF single.
  14. First time a game has been televised for quite some time.
  15. Looks like Davis thought he got under it.