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  1. Fanfest

    I'd say based on the ease of getting the vouchers compared to prior years, it looks to be a less crowded FanFest. Which is perfectly fine by me.
  2. Fanfest

    11:20 @ Station 3 3:20 @ Station 4
  3. Fanfest

    I got both Machado tables.....shocked.
  4. Fanfest

    I'll be going in an attempt to get Manny's autograph before he departs. I'm guessing his 2 sessions will be sold out instantly as they've been previously. After those 2, I guess I'm going after Palmer. I've got a big soccer sized Orioles ball that I've taken the last couple of years, and each of my kids have their own ball (both OD bp home run balls) they started at last year's Fanfest....might wanna get Buck on theirs before he rolls out or moves up....fortunately, I got him on my Fanfest ball back in 2016. Depending how the 2 Manny sessions sell out, I might go in the afternoon this time and do the tour on the way in. Crowds should be thinner. Manny has an afternoon time and both of Palmer's are later. For anyone with kids, there is a room upstairs that players cycle in an out of throughout the day (no voucher necessary). The kids can keep going back through. I think my kids got Rickard's there last year, or just missed him, I can't remember. Mostly the minor league guys...coaches....we didn't happen to catch any, but a few bigger names swung through at times.
  5. Fanfest

    I've gone for the last few years after having never been previously. Took my wife and kids last year (10 and 6) for their first time, and they all enjoyed it. They all want to go back this year, so we'll be there again. If you're expecting them to lay out their organizational blueprint, reveal the income statements, and share their true plan, I think it goes without saying that you'll be disappointed. There may be a few more tense questions this year (and rightfully so), but the same Buck-isms and Dan-isms will be given as responses....just as they have for the past few years and in practically each and every interview they've ever given. Don't we all have their responses memorized by now? If anything.....I see it the other way.....the might be the most interesting year TO go. Also.....based on past experiences, avoid the food. Grab a big breakfast on the way, or be prepared to be starving when you leave. The food there was pretty crummy imo, or at least it was the time or two I tried it (pretty sure I avoided it last year and we stopped on the way). Also, if anyone is taking kids....they have had free kids autograph sessions upstairs and the ballpark tour is worth checking out. Hopefully the weather is not as frigid as it's been.
  6. Fanfest

    Anybody have any idea when they might announce the autograph sessions? They go on sale on the 17th, right? Does anyone remember when they announced the tables last year?
  7. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    I understand that guys get tainted when they've been injured, but I don't necessarily agree with there being "a lot of risk". He hasn't had 3 elbow surgeries. He hasn't had repeated and/or chronic arm issues with his throwing arm/shoulder (like DUFFY). Sure, he needs to build up innings.....but that's not risk, that's time. There's not really any reason that Harvey can't come back just as Bundy did. Possibly quicker considering he's further removed from the TJ than Bundy was. Actually, it might be an easier and more efficient process now that they've gone through similar with building Bundy up. To me, I consider Duffy much more risky. No comparison imo.
  8. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    "As he's worked his way back from Tommy John surgery, Harvey has mostly leaned on his fastball, which topped out at 97 mph and sat 93-96 mph consistently Monday. It was effectively high in the zone in the first inning, but he dotted it on the lower half of the plate as the day went on." 97. 93-96 consistently. In rehab. "It's just exciting, knowing it's my first offseason just to be normal," Harvey said. "I'm not rehabbing, for once. Just being able to relax and go at it and come into spring training normal, having a normal throwing program and normal workout and everything, I don't have restrictions. I don't have to be crazy about taking it easy or this or that. It's just nice knowing it's all good now. Everything's behind me." http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-hunter-harvey-20170904-story.html
  9. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    Here's an article from 2014....right after he was shut down for his elbow in 2014. So it was written after his 2nd season in the organization....in which he's put up most of his MiLB numbers (25/38 starts). Harvey was 19 at the time. https://www.minorleagueball.com/2014/8/13/5998229/orioles-may-have-struck-gold-with-hunter-harvey "In 25 innings split between Rookie Ball and Short Season Aberdeen, Harvey was nothing short of dominant....." "Even more encouraging, the scouting reports have matched the dominant statistics. I haven’t had a chance to see Harvey live this year, but from video and reports from others, his development has gone extremely well. Most significantly, the talk of Harvey having a chance to have a Major League average curveball is gone and in it’s place is discussion of whether Harvey’s curveball is one of the better curveballs in all of the minor leagues..." "His fastball, which was his carrying pitch in the draft, now sits comfortably in the 92-94 MPH range with good command and life. Still not close to being filled out, it is easy to project Harvey adding a few more ticks on the radar gun as he develops." "Harvey is still very young and not close to the Major Leagues, but the Orioles ought to be thrilled with his development thus far.....two present plus pitches that he can throw for strikes, a third pitch that should be roughly Major League average, pitchability, mound presence, and advanced understanding of his craft. In my eyes, Harvey is currently the best high school arm from the 2013 draft.....The Orioles’ picked later in this draft than usual, but they certainly got more than their money’s worth. Baltimore fans no longer talk about just Bundy and Gausman as future rotation cogs, they now talk about a future rotation featuring Bundy, Gausman, and Harvey, and with good reason." Weren't Harvey and Giolito the 1/2 HS arms in that draft? He was throwing 92-94 at 19 with a teenager's frame....19 with 2 plus pitches and developing well. He's had 3 completely unrelated and random injuries (including a fracture from a batted ball - which is just plain bad luck)...and it's not like he's been around forever....Manny similarly had 2 injuries and missed significant time around that same age. Should we have punted him? Harvey's made 38 career MiLB starts. The stuff is still there. I think they'd be complete idiots to trade Harvey for Duffy. I'm guessing everyone is quick to throw his name out because he's been hurt and "outta sight outta mind" I guess. He's got legit potential.
  10. Orioles Pursuing Danny Duffy

    4 years and $60M left for a SP who's topped 150 IP once? Add to that his retirement...his recent DUI....his 2 elbow surgeries....and his "bury me a Royal" comment. I know that ideally they'll pick up a LH SP somewhere at some point, but shew.....is this the guy?
  11. Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    I like having opening day dibs and playoff tix. For me, there's a little value in not having to worry about pricing and buying on stubhub for those. Not a huge amount of value...but a little. Add to that, sounds dumb, but I love the B/C parking. I can get from my seat to the light at 295 in less than 5 minutes. I'd guess it saves us an average of 15-20 minutes getting out vs. parking in F/G/H. As far as the games go, you can trade them in...and pretty much go whenever you want. You have the assigned games, but nothing is "locked in". I'll pay a little more attention to stubhub in 2018. If attendance drops (call it a hunch)......the secondary market will drop (again) also.....I'll weigh my ST cost vs. buying off of stubhub. But honestly, I'm pretty certain I'll keep my ST games for the trade value. I always go to a few Friday and Saturday night games....those are going to be the more expensive games on stubhub. If I lived nearby, I'd go secondary market on weeknights. Actually, who am I kidding, I have kids so weeknights are never an option. If you're on the fence....the absolute best bet would be to buy a cheap 29 game plan, at least in my opinion. If you go to just a few games a year, it pays for itself.....plus you can enjoy the added perks.
  12. Os requesting offers on Machado

    "We still feel like we have a good group of guys who can compete. We've done pretty well against NY and Boston recently, and we're going to keep trying to do well. We have been approached by some teams who have interest in Manny, but we're a better team with Manny than without him, and he helps us to field a more competitive team. We've got some young guys who have potential and can hopefully contribute.....Dylan Bundy blah blah blah.....Kevin Gausman blah blah blah....Hays/Sisco/Harvey's healthy again....blah blah blah. We like our bullpen and have some good pieces there. Looking to next year, we'd ideally like to add some pitching, but we also like some of the minor league nobodies and the AAAA bus riders that we've signed and we hope that if we pile 5 or 7 of them together, we can squeeze out another 30-50 starts and squeak by with a combination of mediocrity and luck." That should about do it.
  13. Season ticket holders......are you renewing?

    Of course I'm renewing. Sounds like I might get a few rows closer to the field if this is a big "flight" year! Lol. I like the game and love to experience it live. Now, my kids are getting into it....which is awesome. We've gone to Fanfest....they've got a collection of autographs and giveaways....they've had players and coaches throw balls to them at games....kids opening day....Boog's Turkey with horseradish, onions, and the orange sauce with a cold Stella. Why on earth would I not renew that? In all seriousness, what did you expect them to do this offseason that they haven't done? You're going to get 2 years for a team you don't root for because they have better benefits? Whaaaaat? Where are your seats?
  14. Mike Friers on the trade market?

    No need to get into birds and referencing people being killed by pitches to the chest by pitching machines. I'm not trying to mislead anyone, just wanting to stick to the context.......MLB pitchers. There are decades and decades of data and thousands and thousands and thousands of hitters who have been up to the plate since 1920, and no one died. That's all. I understand baseballs can be dangerous. I understand a fastball to the head can be very very harmful. I never suggested otherwise. I have no idea why you feel the need to convince me that being bit by a baseball can be harmful. For the umpteenth time, I've never said otherwise. "But your blanket praise of headhunting is indefensible" Uhhh.....what? PLEASE SOME ME WHERE I SAID ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING THAT. In the meantime, please stop putting words in my mouth. You have absolutely no idea know what I've seen, and for you to ASSume, just shows your ignorance. Making statements like "I know you've never" to a complete stranger, is just, well...stupid. Where did I play? What states? How many championship teams was I on? Baseball? Fastpitch? Slow pitch? How many different sanctioned leagues have I played in? What was the name of my All Conference star pitcher roommate in college? Where did I just see Larry Bigbie just last night? You know all that too, right? I mean, you know.....so.... I didn't start this back and forth over headhunting. Go back and start from my first post. I made a statement, and was mocked in the very next post by a moderator. From there, hell yeah I defended (and tried to explain) myself. If you want to carry this discussion further (are you 18+?) feel free to PM me and I'm sure this can be resolved. Why you even got involved in the first place, I have no idea. NO ONE directed any comments at you until you decided to throw in your 0.02. I didn't blast anyone that didn't comment at me first....and even then, who did I "blast"? Go back and read.
  15. More Talk About Tillman

    Mikolas just got 2/$15.5M.