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  1. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    Just sold mine (XL Hawaiian shirt) on Ebay. $200 bucks + free shipping.
  2. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    yup. I've got almost every one from the last few years.......and I've bought several other older ones off of ebay.....the Jim Palmer Earl Weaver one is probably my favorite. Just bought the Delmarva Manny from this year, the Bowie BatManny, and I just bought the 2011 showalter that I had been wanting. There's a decent ebay market for many of them.....sorta suprising what some of them bring.
  3. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    haha. no thanks. I already have that Tillman.....
  4. In the last few years, my buddy and I have been targeting some of the giveaway games for the Orioles and the minor league teams. We don't go crazy with it, but we go to 10-20 games a year and figured if we're going to go, we might as well go to giveaway games. My kids have gotten into it also, as has his nephew, so it's become a fun thing. Anyway, I've got a few doubles that I'd be willing to trade for other bobbleheads or SGA's. I've got 2 extra Zach Britton's from the O's 7/1 game. I've got an extra Zach Britton from the 6/23 Delmarva Shorebirds game. And I've got an extra Jonathan Schoop handshake bobble (fits together with a Manny that you'd have to get separately) from Delmarva that was from 2016 I think. I thought about posting on ebay, but figured I'd give it a shot here first. I'm not looking to spin a profit, or sell these.....I'd much rather simply trade them for ones I don't have. In particular, I'd like the Buck Showalter from 2011 or 2012 (the one where he's standing by the rail).....but I'd consider any trade/swap. I also have a couple of XL Hawaiin shirts that I've never taken out of the plastic.....but considering what those go for on ebay ($180-$200 each), I'd be an idiot not to sell one.
  5. Could Manny Machado Leave For The Yankees?

    They sold a third to Disney for $1.1B.....and I think ESPN can buy another 1/3. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/09/how-disney-mlb-advanced-media-deal-sets-them-up-for-the-future.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2016/07/05/disneys-investment-in-mlb-advanced-media-spin-off-will-be-a-win-win-for-both-sides/#5385186f4630
  6. Could Manny Machado Leave For The Yankees?

    Could they really swing $60-70M/year for Stanton and Machado? I guess they'd be going all in on Machado sparking the franchise and boo$ting revenues???
  7. ESPN 10 team roto league. Drafts tonight at 9. League Name = ACTIVE Owners Only As of right now, I think there are 6 spots open.....league is open to the public.
  8. Opening Day: Who is going?

    Keep checking. I looked earlier this morning....nothing available - not even a single.....then 2 minutes later it offered me 2 tickets in section 74.
  9. Opening Day: Who is going?

    I'll be there....3rd straight year. Section 40. And yes, as someone else mentioned, some tickets have opened up. I looked earlier this morning, and they weren't open.....then now, went back and some restricted view singles were available. Actually....take that back. I just checked again, and it gave me 2 tickets in section 276...restricted view (foul pole I'm guessing?). So yeah, they're there and popped up some time today.
  10. Issues with Brady?

    I can understand a player being skeptical of a front office guy with a locker in the clubhouse. I can also understand another playing not minding it. Different people react to things differently....I don't think that necessarily makes anyone right or wrong. I guess my concern is that environment being created in the first place. If it may be an issue.....then why allow it? Why give Brady that extra benefit? For crying out loud, they don't have room somewhere to get Brady an office? I guess I just can't wrap my head around him having a locker.....makes zero sense to me.
  11. Issues with Brady?

    Ehhh.....a front office guy with a locker in the locker room??? Even if he was just there occasionally.......that really doesn't make any sense to me. I honestly don't have an opinion about Brady one way or the other. But.....just considering his unusual role (being a "floater") and things like having his own locker....I can understand why he might make some players and some coaches uncomfortable. As far as the Chiti/Wallace deal....that seems like the perfect example of a negative effect of having a "floater" around who many people aren't certain of. Did Chiti/Wallace overreact? Maybe.....or maybe Brady was overstepping his poorly defined authority. That's the kind of stuff that happens when there aren't effective controls in place and/or roles are misunderstood. How do you handle someone who doesn't seem to have a job description and works directly for the owner?
  12. I was there for his MLB debut vs. the Angels...I'll never forget that game....I vividly remember him hitting 97 in the 7th. I think he had a no-no through 3 or 4....I don't remember any walks....7 innings.....6-8 k's.
  13. Joey Rickard

    sure, I don't disagree with them both falling in the "belove average" range. I was initially responding to someone who said Rickard was "bad" and I asked the question, was he bad - which I'd think would be poor at 75 or below - or was he simply "below" average, as Schoop was last year. He brought up the stat (which works within that scale), I was simply asking him to clarify "bad".
  14. Joey Rickard

    below average, and between "below average" and "average". In the same range as Schoop, right? If the numbers fall in ranges, they are in the same range, are they not? 11% apart. Ratings wRC wRC+ Excellent 105 160 Great 90 140 Above Average 75 115 Average 65 100 Below Average 60 80 Poor 50 75 Awful 40 60
  15. Joey Rickard

    I never made the general statement or argument "age doesn't matter" as you are trying to imply. You're either twisting my words, or you're completely misinterpreting them. I was specifically referring to Rickard when I said "I don't care about his age". He's 25. Is that too old to improve? Is he washed up? No room for progression? Rickard 86 wRC+ last year....ok...is that really bad, or is it simply between average and below average? Wouldn't bad (poor) be 75 or below? You referenced the stat......don't make up your own scale for the rating. Rickard fell into the same part of the scale as Schoop last year, right? Therefore, Schoop was bad too, right?