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  1. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    Then don't. It's all subjective and a matter of opinion. I think he has been excellent, at times. This has gotten way off the substance in my original post. It was implied earlier in the thread that he finished 2017 poorly. In my opinion, he didn't. The end.
  2. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    Excellent is subjective, is it not? I said "you could call him excellent", as in one could make the argument. Could one argue that pitching 11 quality starts out of 14 down the stretch is excellent? I think so. Nevermind the fact that more than half of those starts were against LAD (2x), CHC, CLE, BOS, HOU, MN. Post ASB, more than half his ER's were from his 3 bad starts. They all count, I get it.....but he wasn't the bad pitcher that the poster was trying to imply by using a very small and selective 5 start sample. No need to re-read his post. I didn't miss a thing. His September ERA was bad due to the 2 bad starts. That was my point. Dude makes quality starts. That's all I'm saying. Considering his cost, and what we had to endure down the stretch, I think it's pretty clear he'd be an upgrade over most of our rotation. I wouldn't mind one bit having him next year as our 4th or 5th.
  3. Should the Orioles bring back Miguel Gonzalez?

    Ehhh....you're cherrypicking. He had 2 bad back to back starts in September. Aside from that, I think you could call him excellent after the AS break. I'm not saying he's Mike Mussina.....but you went out of your way for that stat. How about his last 3 starts? How about the 5 consecutive starts BEFORE the 2 bad back to back outings? He was very good in literally 8 of his 10 last starts, and you're trying to use the 2 to make your case. Miggy has thrown A LOT of quality starts since the O's let him go. He'll throw well for a few starts, then get hammered.....then he'll throw another few solid starts....then get hammered. I'm not sure how you can possibly look at his finish to the season.......allowing 2 ER or less in 9 out of 14 starts (10 of 14 were quality starts)....and try to paint the picture of him ending the season poorly. He didn't.
  4. Great final game, but.....

    Yeah, we had that conversation also. They are both big Manny fans....and Jones.
  5. Great final game, but.....

    Maybe it's me because I've got 2 young kids who get excited for Orioles games, but I'm disappointed in the lack of players who sign and interact with kids before the game. The crowd was super light....especially early....and Kevin Gausman and I believe Castro were the only Orioles who bothered coming out. Last home game...fan appreciation weekend....they're out of it.....and it was a ghost town. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay players were out warming up, throwing balls into the stands, and I even saw one player playing catch with fans for several minutes. Kevin Gausman was really great to everyone....he chatted, took pictures, and went all the way down the wall. I made sure to thank him for coming out and signing for my kids. Got a great picture of him with them. If those guys could only realize what 5 minutes of signing does for the kids..... Beyond that, the game was awesome. My kids were into it and screaming all the way up until the end, Manny threw us a ball but it fell just under us (we were on first row of club next to press boxes), and the kids were excited to make the jumbo tron. Glad to see the ovation for Hardy and awesome to see him tag one....hopefully not his last here, but it probably was. Funny how one of the concerns on Sisco has been his power, and he's got 2 dingers in limited ab's so far. Great game for action. Tillman was hit HARD....couple of home runs and multiple other hard hit flies. My 6 year old is not happy about "contracts" after I explained to her that this could be JJ's last year here. Also, just a couple days after taking a CPR course for my certification, I witnessed a gentleman either have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest at the gate....he was there with his grown daughter. I hate to say it, but it didn't look good. At any given time.....
  6. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    Thanks for the idea. Hadn't thought of that. I just sent him an email. Does anyone know if I were to give the vouchers away, could someone else walk up and use them? Or does the STH have to be there in person? I think my name is on the vouchers......
  7. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    I guess I was lucky to have had the same guy for 3 years. I've had my current plan now for 4 years, and I had 2 different Sunday plans years ago back in the Mazilli era, but I don't think that counts towards however they figure their seniority (even though my info for that account still pops up when I log in). I just assumed that being a 13 game plan holder, and only having 4 recent years, I was low in the pecking order and not assigned another rep.
  8. Season Tickets - Reps, Exchanges, Vouchers

    Yes...very much so....I've only spoken to the ticket folks 2 or 3 times this year, but each time, although they were technically polite, I definitely detected attitude as if they were being bothered with my basic questions. I guess the reps all come down to chance...like I said, my rep last year was phenomenal....which is probably why he left for what I'm assuming are greener pastures. And I meant the Rays this weekend....not the Sox....stuck in last series I guess.
  9. I have a 13g Sunday plan.....but I exchange several games. Just got off the phone with the Orioles, and I'm sorta irked. First off, I used to have a great ticket rep. Apparently, he left the organization before the start of this season. Earlier in the year, I called to exchange some tickets, and I asked who my new rep would be. I was told that everything could be handled through the regular ticket staff and that I would not be assigned a new rep. I've got 2 tickets for Sunday, but I want to take both of my kids. So...I need 3 tickets. I go online to do the exchange, and see this message: "Due to time constraints as the 2017 regular season nears an end, we are no longer allowing online exchanges for 2017. You still have plenty of ticket options as you may forward to family or friends, post for resale, exchange at the Orioles Box Office, or forward to your personal account representative for exchange (both of the last two options must be done at least 48 hours in advance of the game). Please keep in mind that all money from exchanges must be used for 2017 regular season tickets or tours." With my old agent, I would forward him the tickets and tell him in the notes what I wanted, and he took care of it. I'm a very literal person when it comes to following instructions. This message above says I may "forward to family or friends......or forward to your personal account representative." I don't have a personal account representative, and I didn't want to simply forward to the ticket office email since that was NOT listed as an option (family, friends, personal rep), so I called. And IMMEDIATELY the lady gives me a tone like I'm stupid for calling, and says, "oh, well you know you can just do that online". Well friggin excuse me for not having a personal rep and calling the ticket office to exchange some tickets. Then I told her that from the message on the website, it did not give the option to forward to the ticket office and specifically listed family, friends, personal rep. She blew that off. Whatever. I'm not an idiot. You give me instructions, I follow them, if I'm in a particular situation that's not addressed with the message, if anything is not clear - especially with this being the last day I can forward them - I'm going to call and speak to someone so I'm certain there's no problem with my exchange. If I could exchange to the ticket office, then they should have included that in the otherwise very detailed and specific message. I understand they get a lot of calls, and they probably get annoyed with people, but hey, they took the job. So....anyway, we get past that....and then I mention that I have vouchers. In the past, my ticket rep let me use my voucher balance and I think I mailed them in after the fact. Apparently, this was against policy, or it is now. Vouchers can only be mailed in, or used in person at the box office. Which I think is absolutely stupid, and I can't think of any other reason for that other than they are purposely making the vouchers hard to redeem, so they can squeeze out a few extra bucks. What a stupid stupid system to spend the money printing and mailing vouchers out to people, and they have to mail them back in order to use them. Everything is online....everything is electronic....you can forward games online, exchange games online, but for whatever reason, they insist on the physical back and forth exchange of paper tickets to use any remaining balances. I politely told her how ridiculously inconvenient that was....to have vouchers....a leftover balance that I PAID that still I can't use even when all the information is there electronically. This was somewhat of a spur of the moment decision to take both kids....it's the last friggin game of the season....and I can't use the vouchers that I've paid for because they must be physically turned in? Gimme a break. She said it's a very very common complaint....so.....I guess my question is, why maintain it?? And couldn't they have been a little more lenient considering it's the last game of the season? Nevermind the years and thousands I've spent as a STO....I've already paid them $500+ for next year (I got the playoff package).....but they're holding my own balance hostage. Has anyone else lost their rep? Was it replaced? Also, has anyone else encountered that hard stance with vouchers? Or.....let me guess.....your reps probably let you use the vouchers like mine did last year and I'm basically just getting screwed for having lost my rep? I feel like giving my vouchers to some Red Sox fans....they might as well use them, because apparently the Orioles don't want me using them. EDIT: You know what.....I just remembered this.....I wish I had remembered this when I was on the phone with the ticket lady. A month or so ago, I did an exchange and was due a $70 voucher. I went back in the next day I believe, and bought some other tickets, and the system gave me the option to use the $70 voucher....I guess it hadn't been printed/mailed yet....so they let me apply it. Wouldn't that be in violation of their own policy? But I can't do that for the last game of the year.....when the stadium will probably be mostly empty and 60% full of Red Sox fans.
  10. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    Just sold mine (XL Hawaiian shirt) on Ebay. $200 bucks + free shipping.
  11. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    yup. I've got almost every one from the last few years.......and I've bought several other older ones off of ebay.....the Jim Palmer Earl Weaver one is probably my favorite. Just bought the Delmarva Manny from this year, the Bowie BatManny, and I just bought the 2011 showalter that I had been wanting. There's a decent ebay market for many of them.....sorta suprising what some of them bring.
  12. Bobbleheads/SGAs for trade??

    haha. no thanks. I already have that Tillman.....
  13. In the last few years, my buddy and I have been targeting some of the giveaway games for the Orioles and the minor league teams. We don't go crazy with it, but we go to 10-20 games a year and figured if we're going to go, we might as well go to giveaway games. My kids have gotten into it also, as has his nephew, so it's become a fun thing. Anyway, I've got a few doubles that I'd be willing to trade for other bobbleheads or SGA's. I've got 2 extra Zach Britton's from the O's 7/1 game. I've got an extra Zach Britton from the 6/23 Delmarva Shorebirds game. And I've got an extra Jonathan Schoop handshake bobble (fits together with a Manny that you'd have to get separately) from Delmarva that was from 2016 I think. I thought about posting on ebay, but figured I'd give it a shot here first. I'm not looking to spin a profit, or sell these.....I'd much rather simply trade them for ones I don't have. In particular, I'd like the Buck Showalter from 2011 or 2012 (the one where he's standing by the rail).....but I'd consider any trade/swap. I also have a couple of XL Hawaiin shirts that I've never taken out of the plastic.....but considering what those go for on ebay ($180-$200 each), I'd be an idiot not to sell one.
  14. Could Manny Machado Leave For The Yankees?

    They sold a third to Disney for $1.1B.....and I think ESPN can buy another 1/3. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/09/how-disney-mlb-advanced-media-deal-sets-them-up-for-the-future.html https://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2016/07/05/disneys-investment-in-mlb-advanced-media-spin-off-will-be-a-win-win-for-both-sides/#5385186f4630
  15. Could Manny Machado Leave For The Yankees?

    Could they really swing $60-70M/year for Stanton and Machado? I guess they'd be going all in on Machado sparking the franchise and boo$ting revenues???