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  1. cmandc

    Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Yeah, it's baffling. Dan does cost cutting moves like selling off international slots and then reversing it with dumb moves like signing these three.
  2. cmandc

    Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Makes you wonder why Dan signed Trumbo to that contract (after he signed Davis long term )? Getting one-dimensional power hitters at low cost shouldn't be an issue in this market.
  3. cmandc

    Tobias Myers

    Thanks Philly, good stuff! Us fans are desperate for young pitching to zip thru the pipeline.
  4. cmandc

    Tobias Myers

    I see a lot of strikeouts, but fewer innings compared to Brenan Hanifee. Is it protecting his arm or just him losing gas later in the innings? Also, can anyone confirm how hard he throws?
  5. cmandc

    Brenan Hanifee

    Brenan seems to be pitching well tonight, but what happened to Tobias Myers? Is he injured or just skipping a start?
  6. cmandc

    Deadline Deal Orioles Mega-Thread

    What did Roch say, any hints on prospects offered?
  7. cmandc

    What's the Aberdeen roster looking like tonight?

    Where is Alexis Torres, he hasn't played yet? He seemed to be one of the bigger names coming into the season. Also, any word on Gray Fenter?