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    Cadyn Grenier 2018

    It reinforces the concept that an organization should not draft based on current needs, but the best player available. It was a mistake to draft a player (who was a reach) based on having a void at SS. He may never make it to the show.
  2. cmandc

    Jean Carmona

    Just to keep things in perspective, it's only rookie ball and both are hitting under 250 AVG right now. A long way to go and the fan base is hoping at least one of our SS prospects emerges.
  3. cmandc

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    Is there any plans to move him up to Aberdeen to finish up the season? Seems advance in small spurts.
  4. cmandc

    Drew Rom

    I have the same questions, did his velocity go up or offerings get better since being drafted. It's hard to tell with guys (in the past) with 88-90 fastball having high strikeout numbers.
  5. cmandc

    Mlb.com new top 30 prospect list

    The rankings for Cadyn Grenier and Blaine Knight are questionable. How can they say both are better than Ryan McKenna and Keegan Akin when both are already in AA and have produced?
  6. cmandc

    Machado Trade Expectations

    I guess social media overhyping this thing - Sadly, looking like Machado staying with the O's (I hope I am wrong). Why can't good things happen to the O's
  7. cmandc

    Machado Trade Expectations

    It makes me wonder - why bother dealing with the Yankees if they plan to offer C level prospects only and drag this out? The longer we wait, other suitors will move on and find alternatives who are cheaper - similar to last year's market. If LA or Milwaukee are offering Barnes or Verdugo plus lower level prospects - let's get it done! Scr*w NY!
  8. cmandc

    Grayson Rodriguez 2018

    How was his control and pitch ability in these few innings? Did he fool many hitters?
  9. cmandc

    Ryan McKenna 2018

    Any word if they plan to bump him to Bowie, he's destroying Single A?
  10. cmandc

    Cubs rumored to have deal (offer) for Manny

    Greg, I enjoyed your minor league / BA posts back in the day. I remember you wrote a book, how did it go?
  11. I think it was discussed (many times) regarding arm strength, it's a skill you either have or not. A throwing program will help with technique, but will not make you a stronger thrower.
  12. cmandc

    Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Yeah, it's baffling. Dan does cost cutting moves like selling off international slots and then reversing it with dumb moves like signing these three.
  13. cmandc

    Pedro Alvarez Appreciation

    Makes you wonder why Dan signed Trumbo to that contract (after he signed Davis long term )? Getting one-dimensional power hitters at low cost shouldn't be an issue in this market.
  14. cmandc

    Tobias Myers

    Thanks Philly, good stuff! Us fans are desperate for young pitching to zip thru the pipeline.
  15. cmandc

    Tobias Myers

    I see a lot of strikeouts, but fewer innings compared to Brenan Hanifee. Is it protecting his arm or just him losing gas later in the innings? Also, can anyone confirm how hard he throws?