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  1. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    Joe Buck could ruin the play-by-play of a porn video.
  2. 2017 World Series (Dodgers vs. Astros)

    I wish I could watch. I just cannot stand Joe Buck, he is an idiot with his comments.
  3. A Real Heartbreaker - Tom Petty Dead at 66

    Sadly he passed.
  4. Favorite Netflix Originals

    Thank you. I hooked my sister on it. It was simple, she is fascinated with English history.
  5. Favorite Netflix Originals

    The Crown is excellent. Season 2 starts in December.
  6. Thank You, James Jerry Hardy

    I know he is getting older (aren't we all), but I will miss him.
  7. Ubaldo Jimenez Today, 2017

    I think Buck should tell the starting pitchers they are out there until the end of 7th no matter how much their arm hurts or what the score is.
  8. Ubaldo likes confusing people.
  9. WBC Here, If you like it.

    Adam Jones was robbed!
  10. WBC Here, If you like it.

    Don't know yet
  11. WBC Here, If you like it.

  12. WBC Here, If you like it.

    I am still wait for that giraffe April to have her baby. I have no life. Thankfully, baseball starts soon.
  13. WBC Here, If you like it.