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  1. Mendoza Line

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    Adam has always made centerfield look graceful. Five+ years ago, he would quickly glide towards the ball to make some gappers look routine. Nowadays he slowly glides to make routine fly balls into base hits. He still looks good doing it though.
  2. I think if we go on a modest 50 game winning streak, we've got a shot at the division
  3. They tried, but the Marlins did their best O's impression. Strike out, failure to tag on a sac fly, strike out
  4. 2018 Orioles. Just try to find a way to lose
  5. Yeah that hung up there. Adam gave up on it as soon as it was hit
  6. Marlins crew just showed the infamous Williams intentional walk to Might. I remember that embarrassment
  7. Jace with the power surge today. A HR and a double in the same game?!
  8. I think it is a bit overlooked, but outside that bad stretch, Bundy has been quite an innings eater this year
  9. There's something pretty about watching a called looking strike three curveball bend in on the corner
  10. Mendoza Line

    An Excellent Pitching Match-up

    Astros have 3 starters in the top 10 of the AL this year. We will see if they'll playoff appearance will duplicate.
  11. We've got some pitchers with decent WAR
  12. Mendoza Line

    Time to give up on Mike Wright Jr.

    It was past time a year ago. Doesn't seem to have the mental makeup to execute at this level. That said, he could be another Arrieta. Which means he will be awesome for the next team that he goes to. Just won't be the O's.
  13. Mendoza Line

    vs. RED SOX, 6/11

    Not the first time they've done that this season, and certainly won't be the last