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  1. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Devers is awful defensively. I hope that bites Boston in the playoffs. And years to come
  2. vs. BOSTON AMERICANS, 9/19

    Brach comes up small in a pressure situation again.
  3. vs. RED SOX, 9/18

    There is someone who wouldn't want a future hall of fame pitcher on their team?
  4. With 17 games to play....

    Juiced ball. Change the physics and you don't need as much force to make a long fly.
  5. Sunday Night Baseball (vs. INDIANS, 9/10)

    Baseball is a funny game. A month ago the Dodgers looked like the best team in 20 years. Now they look like the 2017 Phillies. We will see if the Tribe can carry the hot streak into the post season
  6. Sunday Night Baseball (vs. INDIANS, 9/10)

    It's not like we are the only team getting stymied by their pitching. Their ERA in the last 18 games is astounding
  7. Infield moving forward ... anyone else as excited as me?

    It would be quite a feat for Davis to have a better year than 2013. If so, he'd surplant Trout as league MVP
  8. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

  9. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    Manny is getting paid
  10. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    The way he pitched Valencia was just nasty
  11. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    Could we have our ace finally?
  12. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    Haha golfed it out!
  13. vs. MARINERS, 8/29

    Bundy is the real deal
  14. Schoop and Mancini

    If Benintendi is above average he must have great range, because his outfield arm is one of the worst I've seen in awhile. It's like the equivalent of watching a 40-year old Peyton Manning throw wounded ducks, just with half the accuracy.
  15. Schoop and Mancini

    Judge probably still wins ROY, but barring a red hot September, there is no way he wins MVP at this point. He's been awful this 2nd half. He just got benched today by Girardi because of this. Altuve and Trout have been considerably better.