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  1. Guess the Braves didn't get the memo.
  2. I know it is much easier to get AA batters out on underwhelming stuff, but Wells, outside the K numbers is just dominating and is a year younger for the league. There's got to be something there right?
  3. So like once in the 35 year history did the lowest seed even make the finals. And the lowest seed to ever win was a 6th, once. I guess my point is that in the NFL and MLB, wild card teams go on to win the championship quite frequently in comparison. I think by having so many teams in the playoffs that essentially have no chance, it makes the first round relatively pointless.
  4. NBA playoffs is pretty awful too. I mean what's the point of having the first round? When is the last time one of the lowest seeded teams even made the NBA finals? I know none have ever won.
  5. Adam "Pacman" Jones of the Bengals? Not particularly the best role model.
  6. Collectively 91 career between the two. Sign me up. Although we better start GrayRod on a steady diet of fried food and milkshakes right now.
  7. You remind me of the Philly fans during the '10-12' seasons. "Every 5th day is a Halladay"
  8. I had thought the same for Trumbo. But then we got the unfortunate news about rehab assignments the other week.
  9. Could you imagine roided up Sosa, McGwire, and Bonds playing today? 500 feet HRs would be routine.
  10. Our version of Mark Buehrle? I can only hope he has even a fraction of his success.
  11. He never threw harder than 93-94 from what I can find.
  12. Except in that rare case where you have a guy with Maddux level command.
  13. The Gausman deal wasn't good. But he's not the next Arrieta like a bunch of people were clamoring he was after his hot start post-trade. He's not some guy that was suffering from poor coaching during his tenure in Baltimore. The numbers, projections, and results seem to suggest he is what he is. Basically a number #3 starter. Yes we should have gotten more, and it was salary dump, but it wasn't like we gave away a CY caliber pitcher for peanuts.
  14. John MEANS business tonight
  15. And he still walked 3 batters? They must have really worked him
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