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  1. He never threw harder than 93-94 from what I can find.
  2. Except in that rare case where you have a guy with Maddux level command.
  3. The Gausman deal wasn't good. But he's not the next Arrieta like a bunch of people were clamoring he was after his hot start post-trade. He's not some guy that was suffering from poor coaching during his tenure in Baltimore. The numbers, projections, and results seem to suggest he is what he is. Basically a number #3 starter. Yes we should have gotten more, and it was salary dump, but it wasn't like we gave away a CY caliber pitcher for peanuts.
  4. John MEANS business tonight
  5. And he still walked 3 batters? They must have really worked him
  6. I'd temper the enthusiasm. Adam always seems to have good 1st half splits throughout his career, particularly March/April in the OPS department.
  7. You're pulse was 2 bpm off from a PEDed up Lance Armstrong? I call total BS
  8. Easy guy to root for. He's always been a gamer and I always liked him as an Oriole. He was an important part of that 2014 team. Happy for the dude.
  9. It could have also been lack of motivation, playing for a team that went into an immediate tailspin. Heck, Manny has already been accused of doggin' it in the postseason! He even admitted in an interview that hustle "isn't my cup of tea". Imagine what a player he could be if he put in more effort. I'm actually glad we aren't going to be the ones to give him an absurd contract.
  10. How about him proclaiming Adrian Beltre the best defensive 3rd baseman he's ever seen. Sorry Brooks.
  11. Analytics allowed Charlie Morton to all of a sudden throw a high 90s fastball in his mid thirties?
  12. I still don't understand how a Verlander's velocity goes back up the last two years. 95+ at age 35 for a starter with his mileage is ridiculous.
  13. Bundy at 94. Where's this coming from?
  14. Ugh yes. I'm having a bad night
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