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  1. Adam Jones Speaking out on Twitter.

    I get where Jones is coming from and love/have loved him as the poster child for the organization. But in the end, you're an employee. What's best for you, might not be what is best for the organization. Nobody owes it to you to consult with you on the decision making process. At some point, a rebuild is required. That's going to suck for some players on the team. Such is life in sports.
  2. Britton Out 6 months per Rosenthal

    Shouldn't have traded him before the beginning of last season.
  3. Os requesting offers on Machado

    This is a pattern with Showalter though. Look at how upset he got when DD traded Jim Johnson.
  4. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Well I did hit with a lot of these, including the mocked Miami pick. Most of them were chalk though. Although most people had FSU being the class of the ACC, and not only did I have Clemson winning the ACC, I had them in the playoffs, and they came through for me. So I'm proud of that pick.
  5. Stanton to the Yankees

    They issue isn't really not signing players to big contracts during this run, it's not trading players when they had peak value, and being willing to trade prospects for minimal returns. We are an organization that constantly needs to have cost controlled players making up our lineup. And it's been a complete organizational failure to keep that stream coming in.
  6. Stanton to the Yankees

    Maybe with the prospects they Yankees saved by taking on Stanton's contract, they would be willing to give us a haul for Machado?
  7. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Looks like Frost to Nebraska is official. Really good hire for them. That's a really tough job because it's extremely difficult to recruit at an elite level since the school has no legit high school football players anywhere close to it. And Frost doesn't have a recruiting reputation, so it remains to be seen how that aspect will work out. But Nebraska has the kind of money where they should be the one eyed man in the horrible Big Ten West land of the blind. They aren't going to recruit at a level to be a national power, but they should recruit at a level better than the rest of the Big Ten West. With a legit coach, that should mean penciling themselves into the Big Ten Title game every year. Basically they should be Wisconsin. A team that doesn't recruit great, and generally loses to the teams that recruit above them, but play so few of those teams, that they win 10+ games every year with their minimal talent.
  8. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Mullen to UF. Gators put all their chips in the Kelly basket and lost. Sucks, but would have been a program changing hire had it worked. I like Mullen. Doesn't have much of a recruiting reputation, but won't need it as much at UF. UF as a program guarantees you a top 15 class. If Mullen hires some recruiters, he can get that into the Top 10. He's always played SEC teams tough with 2* and 3* talent. With 4* talent he should do well. If I'm Miss. State, I'm going after a Southern connected, offensive minded coach. Norvell at Memphis seems like a good hire. I would also think about giving Lane Kiffin a call. He's worked a miracle at FAU. Still young. Elite recruiter, which is needed at a place like Starkville, Miss., and an elite offensive mind.
  9. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    I will say this. By next season, I think we can start to make a determination about whether a "recruiting staff" was the way to go. I remember discussing with a poster how difficult a job it is to recruit in the state. And the administration and Durkin clearly agreed with me. The hired a coach that had more of a recruiting reputation than an Xs and Os reputation. Durkin then hired a lot of young, energetic guys that didn't have much of a reputation in terms of on field production in their respective area. This was a staff built around one thing: locking down the state of Maryland in recruiting. There are some early signs that maybe they went TOO much on the recruiting side. I'm not ready to definitively say that, I'll give them until next season when the talent level should be good enough for decent production. But there is some concern.
  10. Deadspin Piece On The Terps

    They have only been there for 1 full recruiting class. And QB is probably the most difficult position to recruit instant impact guys. You saw that with LSU this year. You saw that with Miami play out on Friday. Danny Etling was a Purdue recruit. How is he starting at LSU, especially with a borderline 5* true freshman backing him up? Well, true freshmen aren't ready to play QB. You need somebody with some experience in the system. How the hell is Malik Rosier starting for Miami? Dude didn't have as single FBS offer coming out of high school besides Miami. Well, the only other QB on the team with any time in the system, also didn't have a single FBS offer coming out of high school. And the 4* true freshman Richt recruited with his first full recruiting class, just isn't ready, because he's a true freshman. It takes a LOT of time to build up depth at QB. It's not like RB or WR where every recruiting class is filled with just add water ready guys if you can land them. And MD is NEVER going to be that type of program that is deep across the board. If that is your expectation, you're going to be disappointed with every coach. MD, at best, is going to be a school that lands seven to 9 4* players a recruiting cycle, and its 2 deep largely consists of those guys with a few 3 stars thrown in. In a year where a high % of those 4* players pan out, they make a run if they can avoid injuries. But the recruiting is never going to be at the level where they just send waves of talent at you.
  11. Auburn Revived

    Amazing what a difference a 5* QB can make.
  12. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Because he was such a good recruiter, and a southern team in what was primarily a northern centric Big East. Strong took advantage of his ties to South Florida to bring in that next tier level of recruits from the area into the Big East. He then took advantage of Miami firing Randy Shannon to land some top tier South Florida recruits (Teddy Bridgewater being the primary example of somebody that decommitted during that recruiting season to jump on board at Lousville). But when you look at the advanced metrics, Lville wasn't actually that good of a team under him. They just had a very easy schedule.
  13. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    He's just such an average to below average coach and CEO of a program. Recruiting is the most important thing, and Strong kills it in recruiting. But he just sets fire to the recruiting classes he gets. And UF fans would riot over Strong.
  14. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Kelly to UCLA. I really think this screws UF. They went all in with Kelly, probably too late to circle back around with Frost if reports of Frost and Nebraska talking for a while now are true. Tenn appears to be narrowing in on Mullen. Maybe UF goes after Willie Taggert? Charlie Strong?
  15. 2017-2018 College Football Predictions

    Wouldn't Frost being so connected to your school and an alum and all of that, be reason for not paying market rate? Meaning it should be easier to land him, since he wants to come to you, so why are you paying him "elite" money? I'm just not paying elite money, until I first call up an elite coach. But that might be where Nebraska is at right now in today's college football. It's a very difficult job. Fan expectations are that it should be an upper tier, blue blood type program. But Nebraska doesn't have the one thing that you need to be that type of program today (a recruiting base). So maybe even for an alum with two years of head coaching experience, you have to pay 5 million. Like those companies in Alaska that have to pay a lot to get anybody to come work on the pipelines, otherwise nobody is coming to Alaska to work in that situation. I'd still be making other phone calls first, but that I guess would make some sense.