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  1. For what purpose? Of what value would an expensive bullpen be to us right now? We shouldn't have any money tied into the bullpen. When a guy is at peak value, trade him for haul of prospects. Giving major contracts to bullpen arms should be left to the Yankees, Sox, Dodgers.
  2. Only Hader should have been in the bullpen right now. Miller either should have never been traded for or let walk after that season. Britton should have been traded 2016 when he had two years left on his K and was the best relief pitcher in baseball.
  3. Some teams, based on their payroll, need to be adding larger number of pawns more than other teams. Because they can't afford to spend much money on queens in the free agent market.
  4. Yep. Even in his beast season, Norris was a 2 WAR pitcher. Which is just backend average. We got .5 WAR out of him over the life of the contract, paid 17 million to get that "production," and gave up Hader and picks on top of it. The Norris trade is a microcosm of why we are currently in the situation we are in. Gave up future assets for minimal short term returns. Now that bill has come and we have nothing in the bank to pay it.
  5. Reboulet'sStache

    Orioles: Most inept organization in all of profesional sports?

    Thank god we traded him so we could pay Bud 18 million to give us a total of .5ish WAR over 3 seasons. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23370704/milwaukee-brewers-josh-hader-strikes-eight-batters-22-ip-save
  6. Reboulet'sStache

    Simple question. Have you lost hope?

    Never really had any to be honest. Probably going back to 2014, I thought we weren't making the moves to set us up for the future. So I've kinda expected the last few seasons. It sucks, but when you have been expecting it, it doesn't come as a blow to your fandom. Hopefully the rebuild starts soon.
  7. Reboulet'sStache

    Ole Miss Self-Imposes 1-Year Bowl Ban (2017 Season)

    It's crazy how they already have 15 commits and are holding an .87+ average recruit ranking on 247. Granted, by SEC standards, that's a pretty average recruiting class. But even in the ACC, a southern talent dominated conference, that average basically puts them with VT and UNC as the second tier of the conference. SEC programs get put on probation, and still end up talent wise about as good as any team in another conference. They are just on a completely difference level.
  8. Reboulet'sStache

    Deadline Trades

    Of what value is that to a team in a rebuild? At some point people are going to realize, unless you have a cost controlled team and a farm system constantly bringing you new guys, you trade relievers the second you can for the return. We kept JJ after his 2012 season when he had value, and it hurt us. Refused to trade Britton when he was the best closer in baseball and team control on his K, and it's really hurt us. Didn't trade Brach when he was one of the hottest setup men in baseball with team control, and its hurt us. Always sell high on them when they are at their peak trading value.
  9. Reboulet'sStache

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    Sure, that's why it would go along way towards the rebuild. If Bundy keeps performing like this, and with the control left, you'd have to pay a king's ransom to acquire him.
  10. Reboulet'sStache

    2018 Dylan Bundy

    If we have a fire sale, it's going to be a few seasons before we're good again. Do we keep him for the losing seasons? With his team control, trading him would go a long way towards the rebuild.
  11. Reboulet'sStache

    Why you are feeling so down about the Orioles

    The worst part is that we basically got to this point without doing the thing most do to get to this point (sell and rebuild). We are just bad without the reward for being bad (the picks and acquiring of prospects). I'm not going to just blame on Buck. We didn't sell high on guys (JJ) and seemed to be willing to trade draft picks and prospects for marginal returns. The complaint, at least from a decent amount of us, even during the good years, was that there didn't seem to be any plan for the next step. To continue it. Like they caught something they weren't expecting with the 2012 season and did everything they could to hold onto it and keep it going. And now it's come back to bite them and both Buck and DD deserve blame for that.
  12. I love how pumped Jones was on Twitter about the game/series.
  13. Reboulet'sStache

    Mike Wright is not a major league pitcher.

    Yeah. He's clearly not a starter, but we had enough of a sample size to know that already. But I'd still like to see him in the pen before we just completely give up on him.
  14. Reboulet'sStache

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    It's not as if Davis was putting up these consistent high WAR seasons during his prime and leading up to the signing. Even during his prime years, Davis had two sub 2 WAR seasons. His two seasons before the signing were a 5something WAR, and then a fall to a 3something WAR. Which is a pretty decent fall. Everything about his career screamed, "QO him and then run away as far as you can from him, because it's going to get ugly, quickly."
  15. Reboulet'sStache

    Chris Davis to leadoff?

    Yeah, it really is just shuffling deck chairs on the titanic at this point. Which isn't to be unexpected. The day he was signed I think most honest people knew this how it was going to be, and really quickly into the contract. The question going forward probably this year and really for the rest of his contract isn't: where should he be playing in the lineup? It's going to be: "should he be playing at all?"