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  1. It's an organizational approach more than anything. The Dodgers, Sox, Yankees, they are all exceptions to a degree. But most teams need to constantly be restocking the farm. That's the life blood of every club. If you aren't willing to get involved in the international market. If you aren't willing to sell high on guys that could be replaced, even when you are competitive, if you are trading relief pitchers and draft picks to the Dodgers so they will eat the pitcher's salary, if you're giving up picks to sign middle of the road pitchers, then yes, trading prospects is mortgaging the future.
  2. Reboulet'sStache

    Tillman DFA

    Could you imagine if we would have extended him a few seasons ago when that was the hot topic on this board? We'd have Tillman and Davis on the books for the future. There would be no hope for the future.
  3. Reboulet'sStache

    Britton Trade Expectations

    I think that was Billy Beane's strategy to acquiring Jim Johnson.
  4. It's a solid return. It's just disappointing compared to what we would have gotten had we traded him when we should have (two years ago or at least this past off season.)
  5. Reboulet'sStache

    Who do you value the most going forward?

    Trade them all. None will be here by the time we are ready to make our next run. In fact, keeping them actually increases the time it will take for us to make our next run by denying us the jolt to the farm system. This needs to be a a complete wrecking ball rebuild. Trade anything and everything.
  6. Reboulet'sStache


    He'd already be traded.
  7. I can't bring myself to hate on Davis or any of them. This was to be expected. Hating on Davis or Cobb or any of these guys for struggling, would be like getting upset at a turtle for walking slowly. I'm more upset at management, Buck, and the fan base that called for such signings and moves.
  8. Reboulet'sStache

    Should We Trade Cashner?

    Yes. Trade all of them.
  9. Reboulet'sStache

    Is Yankee/Red Sox Hegemony coming to an end?

    It's crazy how well some of these major market teams have been run the last few years. They all acted like the 90's Billy Beane, except with a huge checkbook to fill in the missing pieces when they were ready.
  10. Reboulet'sStache

    New Manny Updates from Heyman

    A fish rots from the head.
  11. Reboulet'sStache

    Jim Palmer just threw Chris Davis under the bus

    Yep. It would be like putting me out there and saying, "Don't blame Buck. His job is to produce." Buck and DD's job was to see this coming. It's not like it was difficult. Plenty of posters on this board were advocating we run away from Davis as fast as we can once his K was done. Instead they locked him up. They don't get to say, "Davis should be playing like a player he's not."
  12. Reboulet'sStache

    Should the O's look to trade Jones and Schoop to the Angels?

    There isn't anybody we shouldn't be looking to move if the return is right.
  13. Reboulet'sStache

    Josh Hader...Anyone remember him?

    For what purpose? Of what value would an expensive bullpen be to us right now? We shouldn't have any money tied into the bullpen. When a guy is at peak value, trade him for haul of prospects. Giving major contracts to bullpen arms should be left to the Yankees, Sox, Dodgers.
  14. Reboulet'sStache

    Josh Hader...Anyone remember him?

    Only Hader should have been in the bullpen right now. Miller either should have never been traded for or let walk after that season. Britton should have been traded 2016 when he had two years left on his K and was the best relief pitcher in baseball.
  15. Reboulet'sStache

    Josh Hader...Anyone remember him?

    Some teams, based on their payroll, need to be adding larger number of pawns more than other teams. Because they can't afford to spend much money on queens in the free agent market.