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  1. How about The Who’s “Substitute” as a promo: You think we look pretty good together Let’s play someone who can flash the leather I’m a substitute for another guy I’m not that tall, I’m 5’9” The simple thing’s the way, it’s not complicated I look pretty young, but I’m underrated, yeah Substitute, Diaz for Jones Substitute Trumbo’s achy bones Mountcastle, Stewart, Bannon, Hays Mullins’ here to lead the way
  2. NashLumber

    Mullins is with the Orioles! (edited)

    You’re the smartest man not in baseball.
  3. NashLumber

    You're in charge: What would you do with Chris Davis?

    Give him half of ‘19 and bring out the guillotine if he’s the same old Davis. I’ve also floated the idea of the payout being offered as shares in the team. Admitted I haven’t thought that part through as much as I could have. May be worthy of a discussion. Until then, he’s a ...
  4. NashLumber

    Bundy is Broken

    Bundy a year ago today vs. Mariners. Complete game one-hitter. 12K, 2 BB. 116 pitches. I think the one hit was a bunt in the 4th or 5th inning. The runs were all via HR by guys now gone. Schoop (29th), Machado (30th), and Castillo (15th). They were still in the WC race at this point, a game out of the 2nd spot by winning this one, if memory serves (was reminded by a FB “Memories” post I had). O’s were in 3rd place, 8 games out. 67-65. The bottom fell out shortly after. https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BAL/BAL201708290.shtml
  5. NashLumber

    Ode to the Orioles - A Collaborative Poem

    I don’t know but I’ve been told Buck lost the clubhouse, his message was old
  6. NashLumber

    The "showdown" is coming

    Say man, they tell me you think you're pretty goodDon't you know you're in my neighborhoodThey tell me you're pretty fast on your feetSo I want you to meet me at the dance hallOn Market Street, you hearThere's gonna be a showdown
  7. NashLumber

    vs. YANKEES, 8/26 (Sunday Night Baseball)

    Been tuned in for a few innings. I haven’t watched an ESPN baseball broadcast this year. Do they have the gain (volume) cranked or enhanced for the pop of the mitt and crack of the bat? Sounds like something I’ve heard enhanced in recording studios I’ve been in for canned baseball sounds in any number of recordings I’ve listened to. Would not surprise me if the sound is triggered to some kind of digital enhancement. ie, it sounds a little fake.
  8. NashLumber

    The "showdown" is coming

  9. NashLumber

    The "showdown" is coming

    Jeep on losing?
  10. NashLumber

    Happy Birthday bobmc, and Cal Ripken, Jr.

    Best birthday wishes to BobMc aka “The Slider”
  11. NashLumber

    vs. METS, 8/15

    I have the kind who yells "I got it!" Every time a Met hits one our way in the OF.
  12. NashLumber

    vs. METS, 8/15

    Met fan below me to Adam: " You should have gone to Philly!" Me: "If you leave now, YOU can be in Philly by 10!"
  13. NashLumber

    vs. METS, 8/15

    Warms my heart. https://imgur.com/a/f0wrG
  14. NashLumber

    vs. METS, 8/15

    Drove up for the game. Wife has a conference in DC. May be my last chance to see Jones as an Orioles in person.
  15. NashLumber

    Wins Leader By Season

    Good points. And harkening back to earlier comments on Mussina having more noteworthy seasons regarding awards and in voting for such awards, it seems heavily tilted to his Baltimore years. Though he was in the postseason 7 straight years with the Yankees, he wasn’t as consistent of a vote getter from the “baseball minds” who decide such things (see far right column) in his NY years.