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  1. So I was looking at our lineup...

    Ditto. I guess it's just the recentness of the contracts and what's left on them which made my mind go there, too.
  2. What can we expect/hope for from Wade Miley?

    Gutsy. Need to step up. Glad he did. And I loved his "That was an effing rocket. A rocket" comment in the dugout after Schoop's line drive HR.
  3. I don't think there any MLB games during the eclipse today, but there are a few in the Minor Leagues. Anyone else seeing day games today? I'm going to see the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Game time is 1:13pm. They give out free eclipse glasses to the first 2500 fans. I'm taking my oldest daughter. I'll try to share some pics this evening.
  4. Get Rid Of The Rubber Warning Track - NOW

    Since it's kind of hard to accomplish without luck basically, I think they should make it a ground rule triple. At the very least, that would solve where the runners should be placed
  5. 8/19/2017, Replica Camden Yards Night

    Totally agree. Any O's jersey with that loop on the O have always been my favorites. It looked best, imho, when there was no underline, though.
  6. Tillman is Back

    I think the market will dictate the money and the years with interest from other teams next year, but I'd take a chance on him for a (very) cheap one year deal with hopes he figures it out in spring. I don't trust him in the rotation for the rest of this year, just spot starts to give Bundy and others rest. But if he was fudging about not being hurt, it could be that the offseason rest and a productive spring will have him in a better place as a pitcher. I have trouble believing he's washed up already.
  7. Turn Out the Lights

    To employ another metaphor, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But unfortunately, the light is getting smaller and smaller.
  8. Do you REALLY think we can go on a run?

    Even if they do go on a run, it'll almost surely be followed by a modest losing streak or win one / lose one or win one / lose two combo ad nauseum. Very rare for this team to have all cynliders in sync.
  9. Get Rid Of The Rubber Warning Track - NOW

    Yeah, I think it's similar to stuff that bricks are made of. Crushed baked red clay. The Durham Bulls warning track is made of the same stuff. They have "families throw on the field" days and I've been out there a few times. Maybe they should rename it "Dads with warning track power" days.
  10. Just an expression. I don't suspect Tom Davis is getting anyone hot and bothered, though I really like the man.
  11. If I didn't know any better, Rick Dempsey has a boner.
  12. Ok, raise your hand if you thought "we've got this" after those first five HRs that Hellickson gave up ... Not me.
  13. We lost MASN on the satellite an inning ago. Big rain here. Glad we got it back in time to see and hear that!
  14. To my wife, "Manny don't try for a 6 run homer." So he went for four. I'll gladly take that.