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  1. NashLumber

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    I think they predated REM's song. I think these guys formed at Columbia University a little before that REM song (2nd LP?) was released. This band's name is based on the children's fable.
  2. NashLumber

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    I always thought the song was Earl's doing, something to do with his tomato plants growing at Memorial Stadium, but after seeing the Belanger documentary, Mark's first wife took the credit for it. I like the song "Baltimore" by Five Chinese Brothers (above). Written by a native and OH guy from a long time back, the guy who told me about this place to begin with (Webley Webster aka Tom Meltzer).
  3. NashLumber

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    Written by OH former regular Webley Webster (aka Tom Meltzer), Baltimore native. "Once we won The Series, just going away Once sat on top of the NFL and NBA All that's over now, time's left and closed the door Even I packed up and left the city of Balitmore" By the way, they're playing a reunion show in NYC at the Mercury Lounge on March 31. I get to see Tom a bit, we shared a gig in November, here out past Chapel Hill, NC. https://newyork.carpe-diem.events/calendar/9281704-5-chinese-brothers-at-mercury-lounge/
  4. NashLumber

    Hyde puts his own stamp on spring training

    The lead singer, whatshisname, seems like a nice guy, but his voice and those of all of his imitators became tiresome very fast.
  5. NashLumber

    Who replaces Joe Angel

    Ditto. And maybe have some color commentary from Bob From Parkville and Elkton John. https://1057thefan.radio.com/media/audio-channel/ken-weinman-and-bob-parkville-go-it-air https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154460176851511&id=60216601510&_rdr
  6. NashLumber

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    Some of my favorite Christmas presents in the early 70s were transistor radios. Having music that was portable then seemed like the key to the universe. I built a crystal radio from a kit a few years back. It tickled me to death that the first thing I heard on it was Merle Haggard’s “Working Man Blues” on a tiny AM station. Speaking of static on the radio, when WBAL had the O’s games, I remember driving in my car during the ‘96 playoffs (I had no TV at the time - this was in North Carolina) and making turns on the road based on what gave me the best reception. I could actually get that station faintly about sunset. When WTOP in DC carried the games, reception was even better. I also remember taking walks and getting late afternoon games (albeit static filled) when I was walking on a hill, but not at the bottom of the hill. To this day, I’ll tune in to a static filled AM station when on a long late night drive because some of those Coast to Coast shows are fascinating. And so are just the local homegrown broadcasts as I’m passing through a rural area.
  7. NashLumber

    Rich Dubroff: Joe Angel not returning.

    I have been known to sit and wait in my car before getting out to where I’m going when the grouchy oldtimer Bob calls in to The Fan. He starts out calm and gets worked up by the end of the call in. Classic radio, in my opinion.
  8. NashLumber

    Cartoon Bird now official Logo

    That’s a classy cart you have, Bob. I want one! Here’s my “BohCaster”. Or a “BirdCaster”. The main sticker is the Angry Bird, but I found a small cartoon bird and put it on the head stock.
  9. NashLumber

    Cartoon Bird now official Logo

    Classy cart, I want one! And it’s on better sleds and Jeeps everywhere.
  10. NashLumber

    Roch: Caleb will not be back, "guaranteed"

    Sounds like a villainess in an Austin Powers flick. Like Felicity Shagwell* * A good utility outfielder name.
  11. NashLumber

    Anyone Following Manny?

    That’s right. How’s this: The O’s beat the Tigers in the games Verlander, Price and Scherzer started in the ALDS. You didn’t quote my last sentence in my reply to the poster regarding their bullpen.
  12. NashLumber

    Anyone Following Manny?

    And the O’s beat all 3 in the ‘14 ALDS. The answer to your question was their horrible bullpen .
  13. NashLumber

    Anyone Following Manny?

    And David Price.
  14. NashLumber

    Anyone Following Manny?

    Salsa’s big in NYC. Well, in the 90s.
  15. NashLumber

    Anyone Following Manny?