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  1. Cobb only thread

    Alex Cobb is Keyser Soze.
  2. Cobb only thread

  3. A close-up I got of Joey last year when he was down in AAA.
  4. Ramsus hasn't played since 3/2 (4 straight games)

    He sounds like a good ol’ boy from my hometown. I had never heard him speak before. Had no idea he was so “country”. Colby Rasmus is a name I would not associate with a country boy (unless he was named after cheese). Aubrey Huff? That’s a country name.
  5. What If Tillman Gets Hammered in Spring Training?

    John Doe’s kid. At least he has some talent.
  6. Cashner would only sign with Orioles if he could keep his beard

    I like our guys. The big hairy guys.
  7. Cashier going 4 in first start

  8. NEED one of the Big Three Pitchers Left

    May very well be it, I agree. Maybe to their way of thinking, keeping Manny for pure marquee / attendance draw is their prime concern with him now as opposed to winning when they know they aren’t spending on anything of significance before opening day and are priming for a sale.
  9. Wall to Wall Baseball on Masn

    NashLumber, where your grandfather was a satisfied customer and you will, too.
  10. Cut the Cord

    Hola worked like a charm from the first spring broadcast through late May. But at one point, I was getting prompts from the MLB At Bat app that I viewed it through (iPad and iPhone) that the app requires me to enable my location settings. Then it quit allowing me to view O’s games as they happened (could see them 90 mintues after they ended the way the blackout works). This was on both those devices and then my Apple TV, which had become my main way of watching O’s. I tried 3 different browsers in order to get around the app, but still could not get the games back while still using Hola. So I tried another VPN (unBlockus) and it worked just a few days. Then the old “enable location services” prompt came back. I thought VPNs were supposed to mask that, but it was not 100% as I found out. I researched this for days and days and never found a workaround. I eventually became weary of working the issue and gave up and tried to get a partial refund, but that was a no-go as well. Apple said go through MLB for that and MLB referred me back to Apple. Total run around. So I just ordered up MASN for the rest of the season. And of course, was rewarded with the team bottoming out the rest of the way.
  11. Cut the Cord

    I tried VPNs for the first time last year, Hola and later unBlockus. They only worked until June and then MLB somehow figured out where I really was. So ended up upping my satellite package up the sports tier with MASN again that I’d had for 9 years. I had dropped the sports tier with MASN after the O’s season in ‘16 and was hoping to go the VPN route in ‘17. Wasn’t to be.
  12. Earl of Baltimore song

    Sounds like a lot of gigs I’ve been a part of where it was a matter of the wrong kind of act booked for a show. Once a sixties classic rock band I was in 25 years ago was booked for a biker bar. After one set, they gave us all of our money and told us we were no longer needed for the rest of the night.
  13. Sammy Stewart has passed away

    http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-stewart-obit-0304-story.html ”When he reached rock bottom after dozens of criminal charges, he made no excuse for his behavior. He declined a plea bargain and told the judge that he needed to be locked up, ultimately spending six years and eight months behind bars. He came out determined to turn his life around, only to lose his 34-year-old daughter Alicia – also to cystic fibrosis — in 2016. “I think when she died, that really set him off again,” teammate and current Orioles coach Scott McGregor said. “I don’t know if he ever got back in a groove after that.” News of his death traveled quickly through the Orioles’ alumni community. Teammates exchanged sad phone calls after a team official confirmed Stewart’s passing with his estranged wife, Cherie. Each of those contacted by The Baltimore Sun acknowledged Stewart’s personal shortcomings, but not one felt any need to be judgmental. “He had personal demons because of what went on with his children and the demons of drug addiction,” Hall of Famer and former teammate Jim Palmer said. “All the stuff going on in his life, I can’t imagine how tormented he must have been.””
  14. Earl of Baltimore song

    It’s an upbeat bouncy blues based tune, so no reason not to play it if they were booked for purely entertainment reasons. May have been an attempt to get folks bouncing around a little regardless of the lyrics. I can imagine a kid like my daughter asking, “Who is the Earl of Baltimore?” I’d have been happy to tell her.
  15. Earl of Baltimore song

    Enjoyed that. And my, what a sweet looking Stratocaster.