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  1. NashLumber

    Orioles 2018 Promotional Schedule

    Maybe a depiction of a frozen bat would be more appropriate.
  2. NashLumber

    Orioles 2018 Promotional Schedule

    The back side should say “We don’t live in that world. We live in a snowglobe.”
  3. NashLumber

    Orioles 2018 Promotional Schedule

    There’s got to be a “hell freezes over” joke in here somewhere.
  4. NashLumber

    What happened to the ivy that used to grow on the CF backdrop?

    With the amount of swings and misses from O's bats, you'd think the breeze would offset the effects of the sun.
  5. I actually like it a lot. That shade of blue and orange are my two favorite colors. Not seen together that often. Maybe for good reason. But I like it. Cute pic of Buck and his grandkid. Can he/she hit for OBP?
  6. NashLumber

    Happy Father's Day

    I lost my Dad in 2011. He was buried a day before my 50th birthday. Nearly every day I wish he were here to see me happily married (I was a bachelor till 53) and to adore his two new grandaugthers. The woman I married was a widower, her husband dying at age 42. Our girls were 4 and 9 when he died. He was a marvelous bandmate, drummer and bassist. Miraculously, they have taken up both instruments (on their own and with just a little kick start to show them how) and we now have a family rock trio that's now in its 3rd year. We are playing a special Father's Day show today in town at 5pm to celebrate him, my father and my wife's dad who is still with us. It's a big day for us. Wishing all of you a meaningful day with your fathers or memories of your fathers. That’s Lila’s suitcase drum kit (drums inside). Her dad used to play one so I made her one. I posted a YouTube today of a DVD we made for our supporters and fans this weekend. It’s an hour plus highlight compilation of live shows we’re giving the attendees today in appreciation.
  7. NashLumber

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    Make Angelos Great Again. 😯
  8. NashLumber

    Orioles have interviewed Ned Colletti, and others

    I agree. Looks and age are irrelevant to performance. Bring on the big fake hair. The bigger the better.
  9. NashLumber

    Photography at Camden (calling all Moose Milligans)

    I shot all of these with the lowest of the low Nikon cameras (Coolpix) and its built in zoom. You should be fine. Most of these were shot from the upper deck and way out in centerfield, left field seats etc. I didn’t move out of my seat or go in the aisle for anything. Should be totally easy to get good shots with what you have. Btw, that A’s pitcher was their first baseman in a blowout in ‘15. https://flickr.com/photos/88659550@N00/sets/72157657372204076 https://flickr.com/photos/88659550@N00/sets/72157655128947043
  10. NashLumber

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Today was the first time in over two decades where I had to ask myself “Did the Orioles have a game today?” And it took me till 2:20am for it to even come to mind. The thought of them playing and me not being aware or at least checking the score is a big change for me. Shocking, actually. I played a gig but that’s fairly common for a Friday.
  11. That’s a good analysis of how Brady’s loyalty (which seems obvious) got him there and I suppose my question was more rhetorical than not. But I think Angelos clearly missed the boat on Brady’s ability to eye lasting talent and to make reasonable decisions on whom to sign to expensive contracts. To have played the game at a reasonably high level is still not a guarantee of success in management decisions. Similarly, it’s why I think the hiring of someone like Cal, for instance, in some FO capacity may have the plus of some re-instating of The Oriole Way, there’s no guarantee that he’d be a good administrator nor judge of sustained talent. Yet just as Cal at this stage of his life may feels he’s above being a field manager, president of baseball operations, or director of minor league affiliates (or they just don’t interest him), Brady seems to not want a part of the nuts and bolts of a GM job, but wants something, for lack of a better word, “important”. He just seems to crave more of a “say” whatever that may entail. To borrow a Buck phrase, he just doesn’t seem to have a “track record” of success to justify having more “say”. I’d prefer he move on. I don’t see it happening.
  12. Which is frickin’ amazing to me. What has he done to *earn* this? Brady Anderson, a strength, nutrition and conditioning coach / advisor has become this important in his opinions to ownership. Just unreal. If this is the way the world works (the world the Orioles live in), Richie Bancels should have taken over this regime long ago. Seems to me he has perfected sycophancy to an art form.
  13. “The sargent came over, pinned a medal on me Sent me down the hall, said, "You're our boy."” It’s about time someone from The Group W Bench was put in charge.
  14. NashLumber

    Does anybody REALLY care any more?

    Spiritof66, I agree. It’s hard to care, but I do. It’s just that it’s a train wreck right now that I just do not wish to view, especially when it’s on TV. And I can’t be bothered to read Roch, Melweski or Connolly right now. I’ll check here (more often than I said I would a week ago) because I care. And I also have the radio feed on when practical. And some of my favorite O’s related podcasts are on when I’m driving (what happened to Baltimore Sports today with Jabby Burns and Zach Wilt? No new podcasts since late April). I’m just hoping for a rebuild, a strong one. I won’t hold my breath, but new ownership would go a country mile for me. No Brady (useless outside of training and even then I wonder since his role is so ill-defined). Let Buck finish the year and return in some other role than talent evaluation decisions. This is a change for me as I’ve been so disppaonted in his decisions for over a year as they relate to his stubborn ways, but I think he’s earned the right to finish his contract. I couldn’t care either way regarding Duquette, as I think his hands were tied for so much of his tenure, so him coming back with Angelos in the meddling ownership mode (or his sons) is no change. Yes, it’s hard to care. Dylan said it well: Sometimes it gets so hard to careIt can’t be this way ev’rywhereAnd I’m gonna let you passYes, and I’ll go lastThen time will tell who has fellAnd who’s been left behindWhen you go your way and I go mine
  15. NashLumber

    Is Chris Davis turning in the worst season in MLB history?

    Some music humor regarding Davis. Click here if you don’t “get” it.