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  1. zkoutdoors

    Davis last night

    I didn't call to cut him (because we know that isn't happening) or claim that one game means a player is horrible. My post was to bring up the point that we have a guy who knows he can't hit a fastball. My comment was on one particular at bat. The first two pitches were identical that he took for strikes. The third one Verlander missed his mark and threw one right down the middle and Davis never even moved. Then he gave the umpire the old "That was a strike?" look. Regardless if you are looking offspeed, if it is 0-2 and one goes right down the pike you at least need to make an attempt. Does Davis think a backwards K isn't as bad as going down swinging?
  2. zkoutdoors

    Davis last night

    Pretty impressive showing by Davis at the leadoff spot last night. Almost a perfect 5-for-5.....striking out. In his last at bat against Verlander he struck out in three pitches, which were all fastballs he watched. The third one was right down the middle of the plate. Not sure I have ever seen a non-pitcher walk to the plate, watch three fastballs and walk back to the dugout without taking the bat off his shoulder. Even Palmer was talking about how he can't catch up to fastballs. Apparently we have the reverse Pedro Cerano. Our highest paid player is at the plate, looking at the pitcher and thinking "Please don't throw me a fastball!"
  3. zkoutdoors

    Opening Day tickets for Season Plan members

    I got an email yesterday that said my season tickets were supposed to arrive today. I had my opening day tickets at 10:02. Best ones I've ever gotten.
  4. zkoutdoors

    Name this pitcher

    My son had fun at Fan Fest and got to meet Trumbo, Britton, Brach, Gausman and eight other players I knew. No idea who this kid was in the pitching cage. He was also in with Jason Garcia and Chris Lee. Need help identifying this guy. Thanks.
  5. zkoutdoors

    Fanfest ,Saturday, January 28th 2017

    Pretty funny you are worried about you and not your 6 year old. Why not let them get the autographs and photos with the players? I take my son every year and it always kills me to see the adults in line acting all crazy.
  6. zkoutdoors

    Great to listen to Brady

    He was hard to listen to in my opinion. He may know what he is talking about, but he didn't do it in a way that was good for TV. Too much dead air on his part. Shows how great Palmer is when he is on MASN.
  7. zkoutdoors

    Trumbo history

    I did not mention his salary in the original post or say we should re-sign him. The reason for my original comment was basically proven by most of the replies that had nothing to do with my original post.
  8. zkoutdoors

    Trumbo history

    RZNJ - If you read my original post, you could see I never said he's going to continue this offensive output for the year or the rest of his career. I said that his career is a lot better than people are giving him credit for and showed the offensive stats to back that up. I've seen the "The past five years have shown us who he is" posts plenty already. Funny that Os fans are looking down on a lifetime .250 hitter who averages just under 30 homers and a 85 RBIs for his career. If he does that this year we should be happy. Like I said, let me know who we have had better over the same time period except Jones. I also didn't say they need to re-sign him. My point was he's been a good player and has been a great player so far this year, but many on here are still complaining about him. Obviously the lineup helps him. You don't think it also helps Manny, Jones and Davis? Playing in Oriole Park in that lineup would keep Trumbo being a valuable player if he is re-signed for the next few years.
  9. zkoutdoors

    Trumbo history

    I've seen plenty of posts about how his hot start isn't an indication of what type of player he is and how there he will regress back to his former self. Are his career stats that bad? In his average full seasons (over 500 ABs) in MLB he is hitting 29 HRs and knocking in 85 runs. His career batting average is .254. What Os outfielder not named Adam Jones has numbers close to that in the last decade? And you can say all you want about his defense, but as an all-around player, he is helping this team tremendously. Take out his HRs, RBIs and timely hits and what would the record be so far this season. I don't need WAR calculations to see he's helped us more than all of our "stars" with the possible except of Manny. I'm not saying we should sign him if the price isn't right, but quit acting like he's not a good player. Sure beats running out De Aza, Snider, Lough, etc...
  10. zkoutdoors

    Holiday 4 Pack

    No way a 4-game pack would get you an opening day ticket. They didn't even guarantee opening day tickets to 13-game plan holders last year.
  11. zkoutdoors

    Autograph Vouchers?

    Like I said a few posts ago.......Friday night they typically RELEASE (announce) the lists. The following morning is when they go on SALE. It has been that way for several years.
  12. zkoutdoors

    Autograph Vouchers?

    I am sure the lists will be released Friday night. That is how it has worked the past few years.
  13. zkoutdoors

    Will YOU Cheer for Matt Wieters Opening Day

    Not his fault he was offered this deal. He was the free agent I wanted back the least from a business standpoint. But he seems to be a good teammate, good guy and is a good (not great) baseball player. I would boo DD if he ran out the bullpen opening day like the rest of the Os. Last offseason was horrible and his moves during the season weren't any better. He's the reason people are mad at Wieters. Hopefully he changes my wind this winter. If our biggest free agent signing is a Snider or Wesley Wright again, I'm going to lose it. I always cheer for guys who I meet and seem like good dudes. Over the past three years my kids have meet about 80% of the players. Those interactions go a long way with how much I cheer for a player. When they met Matt I told my daughter "This is Matt Wieters." She looked at him, looked at me and said "That doesn't look like Matt Wieters to me dad!" He just laughed and said "Who do I look like?" before signing stuff for both of them. He gave the kids a high five and didn't make it seem like it was a pain in the butt to talk to them.
  14. zkoutdoors

    Pedro Alvarez may be a fit

    I'm a Os season ticket holder and rarely miss a game either the stadium and on TV. My dad is a hardcore Phillies fan and watches just about as many of their games. Needless to say, when I'm there, I see a lot of Philly games. From what I've seen and what my dad tells me, Brown is horrible in the outfield. He's also pretty bad at knowing how to play the game. He makes dumb base running, defensive and other mistakes that the average high schooler would not make. If he's priced super low and his bat comes around it is probably a great move, but I wouldn't expect him to be a solid corner outfielder for the next handful of years. I'd love to be wrong. Alvarez would be an upgrade at DH. He isn't very good with the glove either.
  15. zkoutdoors

    Good promo ideas for next year

    I personally like the bobbleheads. My son has a big collection on a shelf in his room. They are running out of descent players to do. They have done the following players in recent years that are/still may be on the team that he has: Jones Machado Wieters Davis Tillman Hardy Pearce The Bird Matusz Potential bobbleheads this year: Britton Gausman Schoop